anecdote of geyimin

    Written by GE Yimin

Ge Yimin 's Six volume memoirs

7 2024


Volume 1 the age of innocence of Ge Shenyi's anecdotes(january1969 – July 1990)

Volume 2 Ge Shenyi's anecdotes: rivers and lakes years(june1989 – July 1990)

Volume 3: Ge Shenyi's hearsay: flying over the madhouse(december1990 – present)

Volume 4 Ge Shen and his women(august1990 – present)

Volume 5 Ge Shenyi's network career(March2001 – present)

Volume 6 Ge Shenyi Hearsay: the road to becoming a God(april2001 – present)

Volume 1 the age of innocence of Ge Shenyi's anecdotes(january1969 – July 1990)

Chapter I

(1) , boy

1. Dazuoding village, Jurong, Jiangsu Province, on the night of January 31, 1969, the coldest day, 12 degrees below zero, was full of snow, and the snow was high. When my mother was pregnant with me, I was horizontal in my stomach and adjusted for three months. That day, Grandma had gone to bed. She thought that she must not have children tonight. It was too cold to sleep. My mother had just slept and had a stomachache. My father called for grandma. She was going to have a baby. He dared to invite the midwife. It was a baby. That is, one foot came out first. After a long time of tossing and turning, my foot was frozen purple. Everyone present thought it was useless and dared not tell my mother. Before 11 o'clock at night, he finally gave birth to a boy, Ge Yimin God.

2. At that time, there was a big family, including a grandfather, a wife, a grandfather, a grandmother, a father, a mother, a sister-in-law, an uncle and a brother. Two years later, there was a brother. He was born a landlord.

3. There is a slogan on the wall: "down with Japanese imperialism".

4. 1974-75, kindergarten. I can sing and perform. I can perform in the people's Liberation Army. I also perform in the outer village. There are a large audience of farmers. Others say to my mother that I perform well.

5. He was quiet and motionless. He once stood half a day before the blackboard of Uncle village primary school and was made fun of as a nerd.

6. When I was 3 years old, I wanted to find the elixir of immortality from the cactus or some herb. When I saw the cactus in the house, I wondered whether it would be immortality after eating it. In the back of the house or in the vegetable field, I wondered if there was any herb or vegetable that I ate to be immortality.

This is the origin of nerves.

7. At the age of 3, I drank the urine of a 7-year-old girl. I don't know why. My neighbor, 7-year-old Mengmeng, had a pee in front of my house. It happened to be in a broken bowl. I waited for her to leave and took it up.

8. When I was in kindergarten, I stole a knife from a primary school student with Zhu Dehong. Twice, I said I picked it up. My grandfather didn't believe it.

9. Because the home is the main part of the land, in the old days, Grandpa burned the Kangxi dictionary in the stove, fearing that people would copy the home to the dictionary.

10. When I was young, everyone was poor. An old lady (Gaoying) had a sour rice and couldn't bear to throw it away. She washed it with boiling water several times before eating it.

(2) , Dingcun primary school

1. 1975-80, I started listening to the Hong Kong good friend evangelical channel in primary school. I felt warm and liked it. The program impressed me deeply is desert spring. The result has been ranked in the top spear.

2. I changed my grade one transcript from 60 to 80 and 70 to 90. My brother, father and grandfather teased me, but they didn't blame me.

3. Participate in the math contest of the whole county.

4. I began to like some girls.

5. During the winter vacation in grade one, my mother asked me to ask teacher wuchaofeng for some old newspapers. I sat at the door of the classroom for a long time after school and couldn't open my mouth. Later, my brother asked for them and the teacher gave them to me. Afraid of dealing with teachers (leaders), which has affected us so far.

6. In summer, I could hardly sleep at school. I pretended to sleep. Once, I lied on a bench and pretended to sleep. Mr. Wu nailed a poster and took it off. The stapler fell off my head. The teacher said I was sorry. I pretended not to hear it and continued to pretend to sleep.

7. I don't understand that I have to repay money borrowed from relatives.

8. I was envious of Mr. Wu when I saw him taking a bus.

9. Obliterate the words "reward" in the book awarded by teacher caoyuangen. I said it was painted by someone else and said a name. The teacher asked XURUI. He said there was no such person, so I was slapped by the teacher.

10. Join the red soldier and put on the red scarf.

11. At the primary school students' meeting criticizing Deng Xiaoping, Lang sang a small poem, the content of which is no longer remembered. He only remembered that the end was "criticism and criticism and criticism", which seemed to be written by me, my brother and my grandfather. I read with my head askew. My classmates called me askew.

12. At the neighbor XURUI's house, he found that there was no light bulb under the wire. He said that the wire had electricity. I don't believe it. He stood on the wooden bench and touched the wire with his hand. He was immediately electrified, as if his arm had been vigorously opened.

13. I don't want others to take the initiative to be nice to me. Once when the whole family had lunch, my grandmother put a piece of meat in my bowl. I immediately grabbed it and threw it on the ground. It was very inhumane.

14. When my grandfather died of a cerebral hemorrhage, he stopped in the house. I saw that his mouth had been venting. I didn't cry. My mother scolded me for being inhuman.

15. Once when I came home from school, my grandfather and my mother disputed a poem: "when I sleep in spring, I don't know the dawn. I hear birds everywhere; when the wind and rain come at night, I know how many flowers fall." Or: "the night sleep (Yimin) is not aware of the dawn, everywhere I hear the singing birds; the sound of wind and rain in spring, I know how many flowers fall."

16. There was a school math contest. I had a problem that the teacher corrected. I should be the first. Grandpa wanted to go to the school to find a teacher.

17. When I take a nap in summer, sometimes when I am on duty, I touch my classmates' eyelashes with a pencil. Blinking means that my classmates are not asleep.

18. At the end of one afternoon nap, a classmate made a prank by watering my desk and saying that I urinated. The teacher believed me and asked me.

19. Grandpa was touched by a tractor. The other party gave me a lot of tomatoes. He let me eat them, but I didn't eat them. He was surprised and said that they weren't poison.

20. I am afraid of herding cattle and riding on their backs. When the cattle enter the river and reach the opposite bank, they are afraid that they will not be able to pull back. The cattle will go back by themselves.

21. XURUI, caoweimin and I, fishing for fish, we distribute them fairly. Unlike adults, we wrote a composition.

22. Because he was dissatisfied with Cao Weimin, he tore Cao Weimin's book at recess.

23. Jurong County math contest, I went to the county seat to take the bus. I felt very comfortable. I felt the pleasure of speed and stole the compasses of tongshe.

24. My brother and I were at the door, burning a fire in the flowing water cave. My uncle asked us to talk, but I didn't.

25. Grandma said, "making money begets you" (GE Yimin). In my memory, at home, beside the water tank, there was a girl who looked like her cousin Caohui.

26. Gao Xiao, took 20 cents from his classmates.

27. Zhouxingbin said that the teacher looked at the soup served by others, while Mr. Wen said that he would serve Ge Yimin's broth and your vegetable soup.

One arrangement, move three, and then turn it around. After class, I immediately went up and did it right.

28. Taking a nap at the same table, brother Tai Juan, has a bunch of waste keys. I have touched them for a long time, but others are pretending to sleep. I want to steal his waste keys.

29. In primary school, I had inexplicable lumbago and leg pain and could not walk. Others went to the fields to call my mother for acupuncture. I remember moving home slowly from the forest farm.

30. In summer, my grandfather took me to see the Milky way, which is full of stars. The Milky way is a drum in the middle and small ellipses on both sides. It is very beautiful and bright. An ellipse is solid.

31. Once my aunt was sleeping at my house. A table tennis ball I was playing was on the bed. The next morning, she said she was separated from her waist.

32. Once, Grandpa chatted at the door of Xiazi's house and said, "good people don't live long, bad people live for thousands of years." an old lady said how can bad people live for thousands of years? Grandpa said no. if you mention bad people, he will live for thousands of years.

33. Sitting on Grandpa's lap, he gave me a fruit candy. I crushed it and ate it. It was sweeter.

34. Dad, a novice fisherman, caught the largest Grasscarp. Old Jichun asked him to sell him some.

35. The first time I fished, I caught a big white fish in Jiejia mountain. I was afraid and asked my brother to come down.

Once when I was fishing in the pond in the village, I caught a lot of big Grasscarp, as if someone had put them in the pond.

36. XURUI, a fellow villager, whose father was a commune doctor, left a microscope after his death. One night, we took blood from our ears and looked at it under a microscope. Of course, we could see nothing but a blood pattern.

37. I was brave when I was young. On summer nights, I flashed a flashlight and scratched a toad. I heard that supply and marketing cooperatives sell money.

38. China's political leadership should also liberate all mankind and all politicians. On the way from primary school, I told my classmates that the Soviet Union was strong militarily, but its economy was not as good as that of the United States.

39. I can't avoid dog shit now, but I picked it up as fertilizer when I was young. That is, before school in the morning, I took a dustpan and fire tongs to look for dog shit in the village.

40. In high school and elementary school, the teacher led the students to shout slogans: "make up your mind, fear no sacrifice, overcome all difficulties and strive for victory."

See the four basic principles written in white lime on the wall far away from the school.

41. After the smashing of the gang of four, we always wrote at the beginning: "this year is the" first "year of the smashing of the gang of four. The situation in all walks of life across the country is very good..."

42. As there was mud in the rural house when I was young, I had never seen a mop before. When I read the textbook Lei Feng mopped the floor on the train, I couldn't understand it. I thought it was a moving plank.

43. In the primary school, several people came to my home and said to me that they saw a person from the village who looked very much like me.

44. In the fifth grade of primary school, the teacher posted a "Do a Good Job List" beside the blackboard in the classroom, with everyone's name on it and many spaces behind it. Anyone who did a good deed would draw a grid, but the students did it carelessly. When they saw others do it, they also drew a grid.

45. In the first grade, I write one word and one line. Normally, I write line by line. I write the first line, write on the left, and then write on the last line. Then I write on the right, forming a box. Then I fill in the box. Wu Nv, who received her homework, said, "There are many patterns.".

46. The students said that there was an old man named Yang. He had three bowls of porridge with one soybean. The first bowl was gargle, the second half and the third half.

47. On the eve of New Year's Day, my mother gave me a salty chicken leg when I came home from school. I ate it on a small stool at the door. It was delicious.

48. My mother told me that because my family is a landlord, every holiday or something, the poor and lower middle peasants' cadres would take care of it early in the evening: "It's good to sleep."

49. When Hua Guofeng is on the stage, Mao photos and Hua photos are hung in the middle hall of his home.

50. In primary school, several teachers from other schools sat behind to listen. We stood up, and they also stood up. A girl and I couldn't help laughing. Afterwards, we were slapped by Mr. Wu.

51. During the tomb sweeping, the teachers and students lined up to bow. I wanted to laugh too, and resisted.

52. At school, Chen Lan brought a water chestnut. Everyone asked her for it. I asked for three, and she gave me three. After I finished eating, I asked for three. She said you said you would not give me any more.

53. Only the poorest children can eat oranges, because everyone has no fruit to eat, but the poorest households in need come to condole and bring some fruit.

54. The village doctor said "mouse stick" when he had tonsillitis. At school, Mr. Wu asked what happened to his face? I said "mouse stick". The students laughed.

55. Grandfather was ill. One morning, my brother and I urinated in a bowl and gave him a drink, that is, childish urine. I found that the urine was yellow and I thought it was white.

56. Grandpa ate a lot of eggshells from neighboring villages. That is to say, he collected the eggshells from neighboring villages and ate them after grinding. He couldn't afford to eat eggs.

57. Farmers seldom eat eggs. They usually sell them to the town supply and marketing cooperatives and then buy salt and soy sauce.

58. When making steamed bread in summer, you can't afford sugar. Saccharin is a chemical, which increases the sweetness.

59. At Grandma's house, I saw a quotation of Chairman Mao in red leather, and the inscription "Lin Biao" below the preface was smeared, as if it were a veteran.

60. I was poor at that time. My cousin Xiao Mushroom came to my house as a guest. My grandmother (her grandmother) finished cooking and poured oil, and she licked the top of the oil bottle.

61. In the fourth grade, the desks were made of mud.

62. Paper hitting the students in the front seat is to fold the paper at the end of the pencil, hit the students in the front seat, and then pretend to write. Teacher Cao saw it outside the window.

63. My father, grandfather and great grandfather let our three brothers recite ancient poetry and prose, which is always my best. My father has a handwritten copy, which lets us recite ancient prose.

64. When we were in primary school, we were thirsty. During the break, we went to someone's water tank and drank raw water with a ladle, but not many times.

Chapter II

(3) , Dazhuo junior high school

1. I found that people always like to ask me the way.

2. I was short-sighted because I was lying reading novels during the summer vacation of the first day of junior high school, but I didn't wear glasses. The blackboard of the second day and the third day of junior high school was useless to me, but my grades were still among the top spears. I hid in the toilet for a long time.

3. To participate in the county composition contest, I wrote the title "Twelfth National Congress, Lighthouse". After eating steamed stuffed buns in the restaurant, I went to wash chopsticks. Mr. sunzhaopin was surprised. He said that I washed them before eating to clean them. He also told others that at last my mother knew.

4. I was deliberately hit on the head by the school women's volleyball team.

5. He wrote a diary about the students' cooking at school. In order to find their own lunch boxes, they took and opened others' lunch boxes. The end was: "this is the poison of the gang of four." He was praised by the blackboard newspaper.

6. He joined the Communist Youth League at the end of the period.

7. A little crush on girls.

8. He was caught cheating in the English exam. Mr. Sun said he would tear Ma Su off. That is, I wrote a piece of paper and put it in the pad book. The teacher handed out the paper. Somehow, I flipped through the pad book. When I reached it, English was 0, and the total score ranked seventh in the class.

9. Grandma asked me to write to my aunt in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province. She said that I did. She said that my aunt didn't understand human physics. I didn't think it was physics in physics class. It was written as "human feelings don't care". Later, my father changed.

10. Gexiaoya said to my father that the teacher said that if all the students were like GE Yimin, they would have a good result. When my father and I talked, the moonlight was bright on the village road at night.

11. Teacher chenmingfang punished me for standing, and I cried at the door. He said if you wouldn't let me pass, he rode by my village.

12. Mr. Sun asked me to sweep the floor with the tip of the broom, but I dropped the big broom and swept it with a stick.

13. He told Zhang Qiaojun that the skin at the joint of his arm didn't hurt. He pressed me with a pencil. Because the position was a little off the side, I said that I could bear the pain and cry out. He laughed.

14. I never let my brother or my brother do the water in the field.

15. Once after school, it was dark. My parents and grandma were at home. I walked to the door and suddenly knelt down to my family.

16. One summer evening, we were enjoying the cool. I saw a star in the East, like the sun. It was round and big and red. I thought it was the sun, but at night, it could only be the moon. Aunt Zhang yingzi was present.

Aunt Zhang yingzi took Zhu Qing and slept at my house.

17. At noon, I went to the store before school. An old woman came to buy Jingguo. The salesperson asked how much to buy? She said 1 liang. The salesperson said to plug the teeth. He still gave it to her.

18. One day after school, I don't know why it was late. It was getting dark. A girl c walked in front of me. We were the only two on the way. I was in the dark.

19. When I was in junior high school, I gave myself a pseudonym: yuwenxiu (show of cosmic Literature) and Mr. Zhongtu, who had the desire to create literature. I don't know where many couplets come from. I have created many couplets.

For example:

From mountain to city, from city to valley, from valley to river, from river to sea

From the sun to the cloud from the cloud to the wind from the wind to the wall from the wall to the rat

The day is bright enough to carry the moral responsibility

Di Boke wrote articles for

Recalling the days when sang Yudan bowed at night and Lao Ji said his ambition, things suddenly went away early

When we look back, we should be ashamed of ourselves every day. Even though we have learned to be successful, we want to report the late spring sunshine

Make the most of the world's customers

Read all over the world

The scenery of Lijiang River is green with green bamboo, clear water and green mountains

Guizhou poets' essays and poems reflect China

There is water everywhere in the world

This article is a bosom friend

In the air, the sun shines on the mulberry and Yudan days

I'm ashamed of my reputation

He also wrote some creations, such as:

Happy meeting

The cock crows and the guest knocks,

Master wakes up,

Turn over and get out of bed. Open the door and look out.

What do you have?

Cold and windy

Drill sleeves, shame!

This is known only when you recall the dream.

Biography of Mr. Zhongtu

Mr. Huayang people are quiet and quiet. They don't have a lot of ambition. They are eager to study. They are poor and have nothing to do. However, since their studies, they have won every taste and are competitive. Self is the first Every time something happens, it is always unforgettable, and those who face it have long forgotten it Whenever you admire the moon in the wind, you will feel that everything in the world, what you see, know, make friends with, and love, will be abandoned once you have passed. Only your ears can hear the wind of sound, and your eyes can see the beautiful moon, which is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. Alas for Zhongtu, he has accomplished nothing and won no fame. How can he look at him? The wind is blowing for thousands of miles, and the heart of the night is at the end of mid autumn.

20. We call "ice cream" "incense". One day I went to the shop and said I would buy incense, but the salesperson said I would buy stink:)

21. One summer after school, when I got home, my grandma gave me an ice stick, which was put in a thermos and left for me. Another time, my mother worked in the town with the production team. After school, Ge Shuangqing's mother bought him an ice lolly. My mother wanted to buy it for me, but I refused and left.

22. Once after school, my grandma gave me a rice ball, which was very delicious. Grandma can also make gluten with flour.

23. After studying in the evening, everyone in my family slept. I used an electric bulb to perm my hair, but of course it didn't work.

24. I suffered from insomnia during the high school entrance examination, and tortured myself to sleep.

25. One afternoon, on the way to school, I went to the town toilet for convenience. The wall was broken and I squatted beside the wall to see the alternative PG. It was a mother (aunt) and a woman. Later, a man came in and said, "Why squat there?"

26. When the villagers met for hours, they would always ask, "Have you eaten?" to greet them. Huang Ming, a neighbor in particular, always said this, even if it was far away from the restaurant.

Chapter III

(4) , Jurong high school

1. I dreamed that I had defeated the Antichrist -- the European countries, which were contacted or captured by GE Yimin, were pushed back and forth on the map like a ground puzzle, and finally all belonged to ge Yimin.

2. In 1985 (sophomore year of senior high school), he was determined to unify the world in five steps: Peking University, going abroad, Nobel Prize in literature, associations and unifying the world. He was 16 years old.

3. Passing by a small Christian Church, I felt very sacred.

4. Senior two really fell in love with Xu Qian at first sight. This is my first real love, first love, just a secret love.

5. The middle-term examination of senior one ranked first in the county, and the school made a long report.

6. Senior 2 wrote many literary works in various genres, such as Fu on the Great Wall, and contributed to the Chinese daily, Mr. liwenru.

7. My grades are still among the top spears. Both teachers and students say that I am the material of the Chinese Department of Nanjing University.

8. Since childhood, I have not contacted and talked with girls, and regarded girls as an alternative.

9. Participate in the history contest of the whole county. The question was basically answered by me.

10. He worked with his classmates to publish several issues of the literary blackboard newspaper stream.

11. The school won the second place in the knowledge contest. There was a question about the origin of the 38 ° north latitude line between the DPRK and the ROK. I decisively chose the 38 ° north latitude line, because if it wasn't, I wouldn't have this option.

12. There was an algebra problem. I was the only one in two classes (a science class and a liberal arts class) who did it right. I was in the liberal arts class.

13. He created a couplet for Fu: "at sunrise, all things in Shandong are warm and warm, and the grass and hair moon has been shining around the world since heaven." it was posted on the blackboard newspaper of the class. Zhangqinghe, an English teacher, said it was strong.

14. On one occasion, after a history test paper from other places was completed, teacher jiyanggen took my test paper as the standard answer and checked the answer with the students in class. Occasionally, if I was wrong, I also read it. Some students pointed out.

15. At the party, Tan Derong said goodbye in English in three stages, which became simpler and simpler: (1) good bye; (2) Bye (3) bb

16. As the first in the county in the mid-term examination of senior one, teacher Mei, the head teacher, asked me to go to the podium and introduce my learning methods to the students.

17. In the physics class of senior three (not in the college entrance examination), the teacher called me by name and said that it was not the wrong question. I wanted to see the materials of Nantah university that other teachers said.

18. Before the college entrance examination, my eyesight was tested. I was short-sighted. Mawenxiang and I agreed. If we left, he said Diao Daosheng, and right, he said Li Erqiao... I can't see clearly. Listen to him. I turn my hand in the direction.

19. My literary works and diaries are placed under my desk. One day, I saw on the blackboard in the back of the classroom that my classmates had written my couplet "Mao and Zhou". I didn't show it to my classmates, which proved that my classmates saw my writing book. And diaries. I like Xu Qian. She subscribes newspapers for her companions twice,

Have my classmates read my diary and know that I like Xu Qian.

20. In the summer of 1986, before I went to college, I went shopping in Jurong City. In several stores, I was the only one, a beautiful salesperson, about 30 years old. All of them were black short skirts. Sitting in the counter, I pretended to look at the goods and went nearby to have a look at the big white legs. It was very tempting.

21. Insomnia during the college entrance examination. I didn't sleep well for two out of three nights, tormenting myself to sleep.

22. Once at noon, at the stairway of the teaching building, I thought that I might miss this period of high school in the future, and I thought it would be wonderful. But now I want to go quickly, because I am tired of studying.

Chapter IV

Geyimin high school diary


I tried to get things done, but it was an ordinary day, quietly passed away, silent and traceless But the ancients thought that "one day passes and one day gains", which is sad. I wonder if it is possible? On September 5 (1984), teacher fan wanted to keep a diary, so he thought he had lost something

I have kept a diary and learned to choose a auspicious day (National Day), but it never ends

If you find anything today, you must make up your mind Can you insist? Do not wipe eyes

"Keep the continuous time", I thought

So I began to know

19840905 diary

Before the evening self-study, I was sending a book to class 2, lihongtao. I was looking at the back door. Suddenly, I felt that someone had patted my right arm. Suddenly, I turned back and saw that it was XURUI. I was delighted. So I held hands, smiled and asked her if she would go back In fact, I knew he would go back So we went to my class and talked about our former classmates. Now we are in all directions. What do you think Speaking of his shoes, a slipper cut from sandals, but there is a big hole in the instep. I said who wanted to breathe (he said it was someone else's), so he laughed and said with joy that I looked good. I listened to dark music, didn't I? A long lost friend? At this time, the light was on, and he left. Then I suddenly felt that I had lost something. I was empty, so I took out my books and read them!

19840906 diary

At noon, there was a lot of crowding. When I came to the door of the experimental building, I felt a voice calling me. Looking around, I thought I might call someone else, but the voice clearly made me ring Seeing that it was Xie Xuejun in the building, he remembered that he wanted to borrow a dream of Red Mansions from him. He was very happy to go forward and have dinner as usual, so he asked him, "Sanzi, do you have a dream of Red Mansions?" "Want to see it?" It was smart. I said, "my sister borrowed it. Maybe my father doesn't allow it." "You said so and so teacher see", "teacher has not yet?" He smiled and I knew it was prevarication: "nonsense, how could the teacher have?" I'm afraid it's broken. "I'm alone." he didn't speak and smiled. I don't see any hope. I'm afraid of trouble. At this time, when the meal was over, they went to wash each other's pots. When he came to the dormitory, he told Tai Chenghua that I would watch a dream of Red Mansions. You are a good three sons. If you don't borrow them, you will return them.

19840907 diary

Today, just after the evening self-study, there was a sudden power failure, so there was a commotion. The students went out of the classroom one after another. At this time, the cries of people, people shout, the sound of desks and stools being knocked, filled the building, and I also went out of the classroom. Looking from the railing, the lights of Jurong City were all off, only the lights of the fertilizer plant in the distance were flashing, and the moon was surprisingly good (the 12th day of the lunar calendar), making the ground very bright. The students went downstairs and made fun of each other. After a while, many people walked around the playground and the parallel bars were full of people. I was admiring the moon. The moon was surrounded by white clouds on three sides and was moving slowly. However, the clouds away from the moon were like huge scales, shining brightly. In the moon, I could clearly see the shadow of trees, which were round and bright, flashing a little red light, like a small sun. At this time, when the wind blew, I suddenly remembered a sentence: "the sound came from the ear, the color came from the eye, and the use of it was inexhaustible." "The bright moon and clear wind are priceless, and there are ancient couples among famous poets," he said At this time, Qin Bin and Li Erqiao, who had just transferred from Dazhu Middle School, came, So we talked about Zhuo Zhonghe and Huang Zhong. Qin said "living on both sides of Hongcheng", but I was silent. After talking for a long time, I said, "how many teachers and classmates do you have to meet from primary school to university?" they both praised Qin bin. Qin bin talked about his favorite teachers. I asked me, but there was no one. I was surprised.

At nearly 9 o'clock, a call came, so he entered the classroom for self-study.

19840908 diary

Yesterday, when the self-study period expired, I had a conversation with Tai Chenghua after going to bed. The light went out, so the dormitory calmed down. I turned around and was ready to go to sleep. But I suddenly thought of Chen Gang (Xu Qian), so my sleepiness disappeared. When I first met you. At the beginning of school, I like to meet new friends. When I saw him, his hair grew a little and his ears were covered. But when they shook their heads, they could see that the ear skin was white and tender, wearing a white shirt and a moderate figure. As soon as he turned back, I was intoxicated. His face was like a picture, and his hair was as big as a mirror. The white and tender face is round and square, without beard, with white lips and red lips. It has a beautiful nose and sky carving. Its eyes contain autumn, and its red eyebrows are patched. From the side, it can be seen that his white teeth are all present when he talks. It is gorgeous and charming. There is only an old saying to describe it: "his eyes contain autumn water, and his eyes are alive, and his heart is connected." Walking is free and easy. So I made friends with him, never forgetting when we saw him, and thinking like crazy. He likes every move and every dress. Day and night, I think, so I just don't sleep. I live with him and develop my career together. And then it really shouldn't be, only sigh one thing. I don't know when to sleep. After a while, I woke up again. Because the mosquito was biting badly, I put down the tent and thought of him again. I scolded him secretly. It was already light and I tried to sleep for a while. The next morning, I woke up weak and told him when I met him.

Chapter V

19840909 diary

Today is Sunday. I listened to the radio with Chen Bin this morning. In the afternoon, I played table tennis with Qin bin. At first, I didn't get used to it, and then I got better. He knew he could compete with him. After playing for a long time, he was sweating and his back was wet. Me too, I think. After that, I wrote my composition. After a while, Xu Rui came. I was very happy. I immediately put down my pen and went out. I forgot to put away my book, and even regretted being read on the way. He just came home. I asked him to bring his clothes (for money). He told me that my mother wanted me to go back on the national day. He put his clothes on my bed and took out a bag with three pieces of moon cakes. My heart was warm. He gave me three yuan, one of which was made up of several hairs. I was nervous and wanted to buy pants at home. At this time, I could not help blaming him. What can I do to repay this? "Go back," I thought. How nice it is to grow up early and earn money for your parents! I look forward to that day.

19840910 diary

Before the self-study this evening, Chen Bin and I went to class. Upstairs, we saw several people pulling a dead tree dug up with ropes. They were shaking and falling. Chen Bin said, "this is called pulling down". I have an exciting and interesting word. Pulling down was originally a daily term. It refers to a reproach that he could not start because the other party didn't respond. However, he cleverly used it here. He pulled the tree down with ropes and pulled it down, I praised him. He held his head up quietly, and his pride came out of his face.

19840911 diary

In the third class this afternoon, teacher Fei asked several students of our "Chinese interest group" to go to the Chinese group for a meeting. We went there and looked through the things. I especially found a pile of sugar on his desk. It was very comfortable. After a while, teacher fan came. He asked us to sit down. Teacher Fei was there. First of all, he said that we should organize and be led by teacher Fei. Then he asked us to write an article about the national day and strive for the newspaper. I thought: I was about to have a try, so I conceived it.

19840912 diary

This morning, the school resumed the daily exercises between classes, so we all lined up on the playground. The school leaders, head teachers and PE teachers all came out. Some shouted and some Ran East and West. We moved around. I suddenly remembered Teacher Wang's words: "all the ghosts and ghosts jumped out." So he told Li Erqiao to laugh together. After a while, our class teacher came. He looked up high, and we said: cadres who are more cadres than cadres came, and burst into laughter. They lined up and dispersed. During the self-study, the head teacher asked me to write an article to the blackboard newspaper, and said that many teachers said my benefits, but I was at a loss. What benefits did I have to be told by what teacher? Since there are many, I will never be a teacher. I can't find the answer. But I still thank them for not forgetting me.

19840913 diary

At noon, we all came to the class. Soon, under the leadership of the head teacher, we went downstairs to move the gravel. Li Erqiao and I found two Jibo movers and claimed to be the first and second teams. After a while, I found that the teacher Xie Dingcheng asked a person for directions, so I went up and shouted "Xie teacher" and "looking for Sanzi?" "Hmm", so I went upstairs to have a look. No, I took him to the dormitory. On the way, he told me that when they went to school in the county, the classroom was our current dormitory. Soon I found Sanzi, and I went to work again.

19840914 diary

When we were doing morning exercises, we just lined up. A tractor was climbing a small post. Several times it didn't get on the post. Several workers were pushing it hard, but the teachers who taught students all day stood by one by one. Later, several more workers came to push it on. I see. Maybe some young teachers want to push, but due to the face of the school leaders, I hope it is possible.

Chapter VI

19840915 diary

In the afternoon, I took a bath with Tai Chenghua, and then decided to watch a movie. When I got to the cinema, I was already on the stage, so I went to the trade union, where I saw some old people playing chess, and then I saw kangleqi. I felt bored. Tai Chenghua went to play ball. I saw a move, and the car was never able to sink. Only then did I know that I was nearly cheated and had a good move. Later, he went to his friend's house to read Zola's novel. When he returned to school, he watched the TV "female slaves" and went to bed.

19840916 diary

This Sunday, I washed my clothes in the morning and listened to Chen Bin playing the harmonica in the afternoon. It was very beautiful, so I planned to learn to play. Because I can't sing, but I like songs very much. I envy Chen Bin, and I feel incompetent.

19840917 diary

This afternoon, the class meeting was held to select cadres. The teacher mentioned some temporary cadres and some good students. Later, he said that my teacher reflected that I was good and that my study was OK. I didn't hope. So they chose several students in groups. Someone mentioned me, but I blocked them. They wouldn't let me. They wrote about seven male students. I said I should write about a female student, so I took the paper, crossed me out and wrote about a female student (stipulated seven). They could not help blaming me. I think it would be a shame if a group had me. Later, in the statistics of the four groups, there were three groups with me. I was delighted. Except for the four groups with Tan Derong, the rest were all three groups. Later, by a show of hands, there were 41 people in the class, but 36 people voted me as the second. I didn't expect that my classmates would believe me, and I was surprised to find that Xu Qian also gave me a lift, so proud. The teacher said that the teacher in grade one of high school responded well to me. After the class committee meeting, the head teacher said that the teachers' response was good. Later, when Chen Bin and I went back to the dormitory, we met the head teacher. He stopped me and said that the teacher had a good response in the past. It was unexpected that there was so much warmth besides the warmth of my parents. Can I keep it? I don't know. I don't feel it!

19840918 diary

After having lunch with Chen Bin and Li Erqiao this afternoon, I went to the third floor of the experimental building for dinner. When I got to the corridor on the third floor, I fell down a piece of rice and thought I was unlucky. After eating for a while, suddenly Zhang Daoping came up with a meal. I was inspired and thought of hitting him with a meal. He quickly picked up the rice and took it to the railings. He happened to be under the railings, so he threw it down. It happened that he was hitting his head. We laughed to ourselves, hid ourselves, and called him when we saw him. He turned around, but didn't see us. (later, he said that he hadn't found it at that time, and it was Li Erqiao who told him), so the three of us laughed.

19840919 diary

When I got up this morning, I did a lot of cleaning and did not do morning exercises. I cleaned the window and said it was for the inspection. In the afternoon, the head teacher posted a temporary schedule. The original 6.30 morning reading was changed to 7.00, and the original 9.30 self-study was changed to 8.55. I said it was for inspection. I tried to say, "tell the inspection team about this." (on the surface, the teacher asked us to report to the inspection team truthfully), "this can't be said," he said. Cough, cheating? Cheating yourself?

19840920 diary

Today, in physical education class, we played volleyball before class (my first time on the court). When we played, I unexpectedly received several balls abnormally and deducted four or five balls in a row, which won the praise of the onlookers. It turns out that I still have talent in this regard? In physical education class, we went to play ball. This time, we didn't have a good time. Because the field was large, we only served on both sides, and there was little fierce competition. When we were going to leave the court, I successfully served several balls and won several points in a row. We won 3:2 in the first three games, and 7:9 in the last game. At this time, class was over, and we left. It turned out that I could play volleyball. I think.

19840921 diary

After finishing their homework at noon, Chen Bin and Chen Bin took volleyball to play and played ball games. Then they went to the court with Li Qiaoquan and played a game. The Taoist student also came. So they started to fight with each other on one side. Naturally, they had to shout loudly. At this time, a teacher said keep your voice down and people slept. We kept a low voice for a while. At this time, many students came one after another, so we officially played. It was not very easy. I served and scored a point. It was already 10:12. The other party also scored because of the service. At this time, Mr. Wu of physical education came and wanted to receive the ball. He said that it would affect people's sleep. We had no choice but to have a pity.

19840922 diary

Today, during the break exercise, Mr. Wu said on the radio that we should line up for each class when we go in and out of the field during the break exercise on the 24th. We thought it was a lot of trouble, because we usually broke up in a crowd. Mr. Wu said that as long as we persisted for one day, because the inspection team came that day, he said that we were disciplined. Thanks to what he said: show it. It is said that in order to maintain the reputation of "key middle schools" and "make small moves", I think.

Chapter VII

19840923 diary*

Today is Sunday. I was listening to crosstalk in the morning when Li Hongtao shouted. I looked at him, but there was a man behind him. Looking forward, it was my mother. So I was so happy that I went forward and called "Mom". She twisted a bag in one hand and told me, "go, buy you clothes." I was not allowed. She said she had come on purpose, so I went with her, walked through the department store, walked through the vegetable market, and came to the clothing store. She asked me to choose. There were two women, one was 30 years old, and the other was about 20 years old. I first chose a pair of pants, blue or black, for more than 11 yuan, I'm very satisfied. These pants are quite popular. After I bought it, she asked me to buy a coat. I just didn't allow it, so she forced me. I didn't know what it was like. I said I was grateful. It wasn't enough. She was my mother, so I knew it was maternal love. The salesperson picked one for me. It was too liberating. This pocket and that line were said to be suitable for young people. I didn't like it very much. My mother asked me to try it on, so I wore it. She said it was more elegant. I said no, so I picked again. At that time, I saw a light yellow coat, which was a suit style, and said yes. My mother thought it was acceptable to wear it, so she paid me 18 yuan. On the way, my mother said she would buy me a watch. I quickly said No. She knew the time at school. She said that my little uncle had a watch, but the case was broken. I didn't say anything. She said that my sweater was well knit. It was cute and thick. I said I would go back on the national day. When I got to the dormitory for a while, she left. I took her to the station. After I bought a ticket at the station, I left. As soon as I went out, she caught up with me and told me to study hard and pay attention to my health. I promised one by one and left.

My mother came with thirty yuan and love for me. My mother left with clothes and love for my son. What can I give my mother? Thank you? Nonsense! She is my mother. Do you repay her? Yes, what will you do in return? Grow up and make money? Of course it is necessary, but it is too tacky. Can the love between mother and son be measured by money? So I thought of learning, right! Study well, start a career, become a family, honor our ancestors, and make people know my family and my mother. Mother, do you know?

19840924 diary

Today, I was wearing new clothes, so sun Guanghai said; "Straight", long Xuezhong grabbed me and looked at it for a while. Lihongtao said, "I don't know you. I can only tell when you call me." taichenghua said, "I've gone on a blind date." Wang Feng said, "it's nothing to say when I see my suit." so I thought of crying. You know, it's the sweat of my parents. I felt like a real man when I wore it. One morning, my good friend didn't come. I was very disappointed. How I wanted her to know. When I saw her in the afternoon, she wasn't surprised. As usual, she didn't even look at it, let alone appreciate it. I suffered a great injustice. Alas, how can I become vulgar? What about my study? What about my career? I was shocked by my ancient prose, Tang poetry and Song poetry, and almost went wrong. "You should learn more." I don't know who was shocked, so I woke up, found the ancient poetry, and smiled happily.

19840925 diary

At noon, I had dinner with Chen Bin. Chen Bin suddenly said he wanted to go to the movies, so I said I would go too. He asked aloud with a little pride, "really?" I told him yes, so I had dinner with him. When I got to the cinema, there was a rush. I bought two tickets and a dime more for melon seeds, so I started watching the movie. It was the story of transporting tigers made in the Soviet Union. It was very interesting, and we laughed. Later, I found that the movie was not good. Although Chen Bin had been laughing, I lost my smile. After watching it, I went back to the classroom and just had class.

19840926 diary

Before the evening self-study, Chen Bin wanted to take a walk with me, so he walked around the playground, then went to the toilet, where he met XURUI. XURUI said, "I saw you pee here for the first time." Chen Bin said, "it's not the first time in fact" (I went there once in the afternoon). I also said, "I've just been here." when I thought about it, I said, "he said he'd seen it for the first time." XURUI nodded and I said, "it's the first time I've seen you." XURUI nodded.

Chapter VIII

19840927 diary

Today, the school included the film "catch the enemy at the bottom of the sea" and the film "comrades, you should be vigilant". After watching it, I was very surprised that there are so many enemy agents in the motherland that doesn't want peace. I also deplored that some Chinese are acting as agents and providing intelligence for foreign countries (the Soviet Union) on Chinese soil. Are they just for money? I don't know. I admire the public security soldiers, the people's Liberation Army and the militia fighting with them. How I want to say: "I thank you!"

19840928 diary

After lunch, I went to the door of the experimental building. Zhaojiankang invited me upstairs to eat. I didn't want to. Then Xiong Wenbin pulled me. I went up with them. After a meal, Wang Feng came up and talked back about me. Wang Feng said I couldn't sing. Xiong Wenbin also attached. Zhaojiankang said I was a publicity committee member. Wang Feng said, "is he still a publicity committee member?" Xiongwenbin said, "not necessarily. As long as you can organize, you don't have to be able to sing." Wang Feng said, "he can't be a publicity committee member. I directly look down upon him." The words were so incisive that I said, "are you a publicity committee member? If you are not, don't satirize others." It suddenly occurred to me to punish him, so I said, "are you a cadre? You must not be. I directly despise you." He was speechless, because I was a cadre (study committee member). I think this is to treat people in their own way. In spite of this, I also thought of Chen Bin. He aroused my enthusiasm for singing. He sang with me every day, especially in the next night's self-study. He sang with me back to the dormitory. I call this our happy hour. Chen Bin, how I want to sing with you.

19840929 diary

This afternoon, the school started the National Day holiday for three days. I am going to go back tomorrow because I have something to do. When we went to the gymnasium with biqingyuan in the evening, the streets were ablaze with lights, sometimes colorful lights, sometimes huge lanterns, and sometimes large slogans came into our eyes. All of a sudden, the world seemed to be much more spacious, making people forget the night. I went to the gymnasium, but I didn't have tickets. I was not allowed to enter. After wandering for a while, I suddenly met Qin bin. He also had no tickets, so biqingyuan left. Qin bin and I didn't get in after several times. After a while, we said that we would get in if there were tickets, so we got in several people with tickets. After a while, a middle-aged woman called a police officer and said, "Xiao Zhang, these two are from the factory." so two women emerged. The police put them in. We knew they had no tickets. At this time, another woman wanted to enter, so the police stopped her to ask for a ticket. The woman said that the man behind her called in (the middle-aged woman with magical powers), so the police asked, "who called you?" It turned out that they had not forgotten that they were two, so the woman was stopped outside the door. Soon another policeman and a woman went in with a child in their arms, and there was no ticket. People pushed forward as usual, and the child's shoes were on the ground, so the policeman was extremely vicious (was it too much?) He pushed the child in front with his arms. People pushed forward again, and the police still stopped to ask for tickets. At this time, Qin bin suddenly said, "do those people have tickets?" A policeman said: "who, you can drag." "OK, I know him." so Qin bin pushed towards the door. At this time, another policeman suddenly pushed Qin bin. Qin bin fell down, his feet stopped at the door, and people fell into the field. The policeman shouted in a low voice: "look at you squeezing.". So I went up to Qin bin and blamed him for not doing it (in fact, I was full of peifo, and I wanted to do it too), so we left. Qin Bin said, "I have to go to a public security school when I grow up. I will take care of them in the future.". We entered the trade union, played ball games and broke up. I watched TV at school. On the way, I suddenly felt that the light was brighter.

19840930 diary

Get up early in the morning and get up. XURUI shouted outside the door, so I went to the station with him and bought tickets to go home. When I got home, my brother asked and I promised. Later, grandma came out of the room and saw her father cooking breakfast. Later, her mother also got up. My father met me and said that the clothes were very good. After a while, he began to eat a few pots of pancakes. Later, they told me that the timber had been sold to my aunt's house, so I felt that I had failed. At first, I guessed that Taiwan had paid or sold pigs. Now I know that it was the money to sell timber. During the summer vacation, I said that I would sell timber. That would be a little money. Now I really sold it, "the mountains and rivers are exhausted", I think. The wood is going to make furniture for us. Of course, I don't want furniture, but it's the great intention of my parents. I can't do it myself.

19841001 diary

Today is the national day. After listening to the "military parade and Mass Parade" on the radio in the morning, I didn't realize that I was new. As soon as I was excited, I was intoxicated and dissolved in it. In the evening, after watching the TV "fireworks party", "military parade" and "Mass Parade", it was even more refreshing. The fireworks broke up one after another for a long time. The reviewed troops were very powerful and neat. The farmers around said, "they are the same as the gaiwa" (referring to the big felt hat), and one said, "they are even better than the wa." When Deng Xiaoping reviewed the troops, he said, "Hello, comrades!" "Hard work, comrades!" The soldiers shouted in unison, "Hello, chief!" "Serve the people!" It can shake the world. During the mass parade, the first team even issued a slogan: "Hello, Xiaoping". In short, this is the first time I have watched it on TV, and it is unforgettable. I am a citizen of the people's Republic of China, so I am proud.

Chapter IX

19841002 diary

After lunch, I went to my uncle's house with my mother and got a watch at his house. My mother-in-law said that she would control the time for me. He also blamed my family for not selling wood and said that he could go to her house to borrow money. Mother told her not to, because she borrowed a lot, her family also wanted money to build buildings. I am very grateful. I just hope I will grow up soon.

19841003 diary

After lunch, Chen Bin asked me to go to the classroom. I suddenly remembered that biqingyuan had a new badminton racket, so Chen Bin and I borrowed it from biqingyuan. The racket belonged to Wang Fei, so we played it for a while. We were not used to it. Of course, it was still hot. After a while, Wang Fei came and asked for a racket. Chen Bin said, "I didn't take it." "Puppy take". I said nothing because I took it. He said to Chen Bin, "I've been through it for you." When he went to XURUI's place to drink boiled water, he poured a lot of water to others and talked about it for a while. Chen Bin just praised XURUI's dormitory for its good conditions. After drinking the water, he felt warmer and went to the classroom.

19841004 diary

After dinner in the morning, they went to eat with Chen Bin. After a while, sunguanghai came and talked about it. At this time, an old man poked his head out of the room and went in again. So sunguanghai asked me if I still remember the last time? I said I remember. The old man was very slippery. Maybe the old man heard something and went out and said, "what are you laughing at?" I said, "I'm talking about you," he said, "I have a son. What can I talk about? I graduated from high school and didn't have a diploma. In the electromechanical Bureau, I rely on backstage hard work." I listened inexplicably and agreed: "the backstage is the trump card, and the diploma is only the silver medal." He said: "no diploma is not enough, only thanks to the backstage hard." Sun Guanghai asked him how many sons he had. He said, "I have more sons, and I have four." So we all suddenly understood that we laughed, causing many diners to laugh. In the laughter, he was bored and left. After a while, I explained: "he said there were many sons, maybe seven or eight. He gave birth to four. Then the others were not born to him, but to others." So even the people who understood earlier laughed with the people who just understood. Of course, sunguanghai and Chen Bin laughed the most. The old man was too thoughtless to speak, and I caught him laughing.

19841005 diary

In the third class this afternoon, our class held its first cultural and recreational activity. After we sat down in the class, Hong Xin, the Secretary of the League branch, went to the podium and said that the cultural and recreational committee would preside over it. Then, the cultural and recreational committee went up and said, "this is the first time. After the history exam, you should relax." That's very impressive. Jiminjue asked her to sing, and she was very willing to sing "dry wine sells nothing", which was very pleasant to listen to, so we applauded warmly. Later, the League branch secretary sang two songs, which were OK. Chen Bin and Qin bin sang a chorus. Finally, the League branch secretary said, "please have a study committee member." I was shocked. I didn't know what it was like. I argued in the applause. Of course, no one could hear me. I asked my colleague biqingyuan to go up. Biqingyuan refused, so I got settled, and then I left. How I want to sing, but what about my voice?

19841006 diary

In today's composition class, teacher Fei read two compositions written in grade one of senior high school, I feel the beauty of my hometown when I return home. They are very good. They are characterized by the quotation of ancient poems, the good sentences in Wang Bo's preface to King Teng's pavilion, and TaoYuanming's good sentences. After reading them, the teacher asked us to study and read more classics. At this time, I found that there were still students reading these. I remembered my ancient prose, Tang poetry, Song Ci, and made a secret determination. During the break, the teacher talked to some of our writing group classmates. He said that after evaluation, he decided to send my "a paradise" and guanwenfeng's "talking about the county before the National Day" and an article by Liu Hui to the newspaper, but it was delayed. I felt a burst of pride. The teacher said that my article was obviously fictitious, but the idea was novel and rough. I acquiesced, but I was not discouraged. I would like to thank teacher Fei for overcoming it in the future. After that, I decided to run a tabloid newspaper. I was very proud.

In the evening, I saw a film, the Soviet Union's "red sail", which was very good, especially the prince's words: "miracles are created by ourselves." I really appreciate it. I came back to watch "female slaves" on TV.

19841007 diary

I played badminton all afternoon this afternoon. From 11:30 to 5:30, my feet were extremely sour. As long as I drank water, my feet would not sweat. But I was very satisfied with playing badminton so happily for the first time.

19841008 diary

At noon today, I washed my clothes. Somehow, during this period, I was very afraid of washing my clothes. I haven't washed my pants for a week. What's more, I didn't wash a pair of socks. Later, a pair of socks got dirtier, so I had to put on the dirty socks to be washed again. After a while, the clothes were washed, and I relaxed a lot. It turns out that it is not difficult to do anything by yourself, but we must do it.

Tonight, I filled in the date of birth on my study card. I remembered that I was born in 1969 after the new year's day in 1969, but not after the Spring Festival (December 14). I should have been born in 1969 (according to the Gregorian calendar). But I used to be born in 1968 according to the lunar calendar, so I changed my mind. In this way, I was one year younger, becoming 16 years old (for monkeys, nominal years old) and 17 years old for monkeys. I went to school at the age of seven. Grandma told me that the day I was born was the coldest day of the year. It was twelve degrees below zero. Before going to bed, grandma thought, "don't give birth tonight," but later my father went to call her. "Born at the coldest time of the year," I will always remember.

19841009 diary

This afternoon, the school packed the movie Li Bing. My ticket was very good. No. 2, row 2, upstairs. Of course, my mood was higher when I watched the movie. The film is very successful, especially the lines are very good: "in an extraordinary place, in an extraordinary time, you need an extraordinary person." "It's not difficult to be an official. It's difficult to be an official. He can't be an official. He can only do things." "Where is the wife? Where is the son?"

Chapter X

19841010 diary

In the afternoon self-study class, Secretary Yao suddenly came to our class. He announced that our class would offer science and chemistry courses. Then he analyzed the benefits of learning to us. Finally, he said that I would not take the college entrance examination. I was relieved. To be honest, I still wanted to learn. After that, we applauded warmly. He motioned not to, and left.

19841011 diary

This afternoon, we went to the workers' Cultural Palace to see the changes of Jurong on the 35th anniversary of the national day. When I arrived at the trade union, I waited for a while because there was a visitor inside. After reading the messages, some of them belong to Taiwan. They say that they are moved by the changes in Jurong across the country. After a while, I went to the third floor to see photography and calligraphy. The calligraphy is very good, including cursive, running and regular script. Because I don't know much about it, I can't say any good comments. I just praise it. Some of them are poems of the Tang Dynasty, such as "leaving the ancient Grassland" (Bai Juyi), or words of Chairman Mao, or "rejuvenating China". There is also a poem written by the author himself. Unfortunately, it is impossible to write down without a pen. It is about change. There are two clay sculptures: "Nu" and "Wang", which are the faces of a young man. I looked at them closely, but I didn't see them well, because they were not alive. There are also several traditional Chinese paintings. I know that I have poor appreciation ability and do not know right or wrong. Those photos are fascinating. There are National Day fireworks and dragon dances, especially the pictures of rural life. There are professional households, some are raising fish, some are raising chickens and geese, and a centenarian combs her granddaughter's hair. There are Maoshan mountain going into the forest. I don't feel my world is shallow and my hometown is backward. Then I went downstairs to have a look.

A male commentator led us to the Jurong map. He said that Jurong looks like a bear (a very elephant), with a bear head in the north, two bear feet in the West and a tail in the south. Jurong has a history of about 2000 years since Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, and has discovered cultural relics 5000 years ago, with a population of 560000. He also said: "you live in this land and strive for its better construction." With our tacit consent, we visited the forest, poultry, industry and other projects under the guidance of commentators. Jurong dump trucks were exported to foreign countries. Clothing from garment factories entered the markets of Japan and the United States. Badminton is also popular in Denmark, Britain and other countries. It is a ball for international competitions. We can't help feeling proud. Looking at the beautiful scenes, I just think it has nothing to do with me. But when I saw the teaching building in Jurong County, I changed my mind. The original place where people live day and night is also so beautiful, but I didn't find it, or it's in the picture. It's "it's difficult to live up to the reputation". We didn't leave for a long time.

19841012 diary

At noon, I went to play basketball with biqingyuan. After playing for a while on the basketball court of the school of advanced studies, Wang Qun suddenly went to school by bike. I don't know if he saw me (I consciously didn't). She got out of the car, gave it to someone else, and went to school. I was confused for a while, and I really hoped that she could see it. But after a long time, I didn't see her, and it rained a little. After playing for a while, I went to our middle school to play. What a disappointment. After school in the afternoon, I played ball with Tang Bing (Chairman of the student union), a senior three student in senior high school. His skills were similar to mine, and he was also very suitable. I played many good balls, even I was surprised. After playing for a long time, Wang Fei came. He took out his new ball and played for a while. He wanted to replace me. Can I? At this time, the women's volleyball team came to play, and I hoped Xu Qian could see me. Maybe it was that way (sure). I played very hard. Later, Tang Bing said he would not play, so I went to play.

19841013 diary

At noon, when several of us handed in the photos, Ji minjue suddenly laughed. After a while, fengqingrong said that he saw my appearance (I don't know whether it was the drawing line or... I hope the former), but they were all ghosts and ugly. Am I right? I don't know, man, although I don't know how I am, I don't know in the mirror, even in the photos. I can't help but be surprised.

In the evening, I took a bath with Tai Chenghua and had a self-study meeting. Suddenly, there was a power failure in the building, so I went to watch the TV "old no new biography", which made us laugh. Tai Chenghua's smile is also very funny. When I went to bed at night, the whole dormitory said (ridiculed) that Da Hongwei was very good, but I had no intention to argue about it, and was silent.

19841014 diary

I got up very late this morning (because I slept late yesterday) and didn't have breakfast (the next Sunday). I looked in the mirror alone in the dormitory. After a while, the voice of a middle-aged man and a girl came to my ears. After listening carefully, I knew it was looking for someone. They were distinguishing by the sheets on the bed. The girl was also smart. After a while, she found something. That's it. The middle-aged man saw me and asked, "where's Chen Bin?" I told him that it was Chen Bin's bed and said, "he is in class. I'll call him." I glanced at the girl earlier. The girl's figure was OK. She seemed to have a hazy beauty. Unfortunately, I didn't see it clearly. I hurried to call Chen Bin. When Chen Bin came, I went to my own bed. After a while, they left and asked if Chen Bin was his sister. Chen Bin said yes. I suddenly found myself short of something. It turned out that I was short of a sister.

19841015 diary

This morning, I got up late. After doing exercises, I went to fetch rice. I didn't call Chen Bin (he was in class) as usual. When I went to the canteen, the line was long. I had to line up and move forward slowly. When it was my turn to call, Chen bin suddenly called me and gave me a two liang meal ticket and a two Fen vegetable ticket. Knowing that I was making steamed bread for him as usual, I was not allowed to say "I have", but he left. Am I really going to do it for him? I have four liang of meal tickets in my hand. They are my twos and twos. I give Chen Bin two steamed buns and eat three or two by myself. I don't realize that I'm a little sorry for my friend.

After school in the afternoon, I played badminton. Mr. Ji patted me and said it was a small matter. It turned out that he wanted me to carry rice for him. In fact, it was very far from his dormitory to the canteen. The rice was heavy, but I had to recite it. However, I was very satisfied. He told me that if my achievements can be maintained now, there will be hope in the future and I can focus on them. I am hopeful. I must strive for my own goals. The future is long. What I need now is to strive for my goals (Chinese, literature, news).

Chapter XI

19841016 diary

After school in the afternoon, we went to the new experimental building with biqingyuan. The building has three floors, which is divided into two from the gate. To the East is the experimental building. From the first floor to the third floor are the chemical laboratory, the physical laboratory and the biological laboratory, with three offices on each side. The first room in the west is the meeting place, the second floor is the library, and the third floor is the reading room. There are two teachers sorting it out. There are a lot of books in it. It's not too much to be full of sweat, is it? Several other students are busy. Then I went to play badminton with biqingyuan. I thought that after the opening, I would seriously go there to read books and play badminton. I went to have my hair cut. I heard that the old man in the bathhouse did a good job, so I went there. It happened that no one was there. The old master was eating bread. He asked me why? When I said to have my hair cut, he asked me to sit down and eat my own bread. I looked in the mirror and saw that my hair was long, but I was very impressed (it was good, but I didn't feel happy). I suddenly wanted to ignore it, but I thought I shouldn't have long hair, so I cut it.

19841017 diary

This afternoon, the school held a school meeting. Secretary Yao gave a speech entitled "completely negating the Cultural Revolution". His speech was divided into two parts. First, he talked about what the Cultural Revolution was like and its harm. "It was a catastrophe that was mistakenly launched by leaders (Mao Zedong) and used by two counter revolutionary groups, LinBiao and Jiangqing, and caused great losses to the party, the country and the people." he also gave an example of eating from a large pot. I am very familiar with it, When the production team goes to work, men get 10 points a day, women get 8 points, and just 6 or 7 points. Then he talked about the changes in the motherland after the smashing of the gang of four. He also talked about the expansion of our school. He said that one month after Chairman Mao Zedong died, the gang of four was smashed, but what if Chairman Mao died? Unimaginable, man?

19841018 diary

In the morning, I got the first (81 points) in the geography examination paper. In fact, the paper is not difficult. I can get more than 90 points. However, the examination was sudden because I didn't review. However, I am still satisfied. This is an encouragement to me.

In the afternoon, we went to the Xinhua bookstore with biqingyuan. When we came to the school gate, we suddenly saw the first issue of stream sponsored by our writing interest group posted on the bulletin board. The inscription was written by President Wang, and teacher fan wrote the first words of the issue. On three sides, there were several articles, "golden deer" was right beside us (Liu Hui), and "you feel the beauty of your hometown when you return home" (a senior high school student). Suddenly, I saw my article, "a story of a peach garden outside the world", which was inspiring, Suddenly I felt a little drunk and full of pride, but there was no my name on it (somehow), but anyway, it was my article! Biqingyuan and I went to the bookstore. I bought the book 300 poems of song, yuan and Ming Dynasty, which was compiled by the Qing people. I decided to memorize it. When I returned to school, I specially went to see the stream and silently read my peach garden.

In the evening, I went to Mr. Ji's dormitory with Li Erqiao to see biqingyuan carving steel plates. Mr. Ji told me that as long as I worked hard, I would be able to enter the University. He said that I had a good foundation in English and mathematics, and I did well in history and geography this time. Li Erqiao said that I was going to take the exam in Nanjing University, and biqingyuan said that I was going to take the exam in Fudan. I thought I was going to do this, but......

19841019 diary

In the morning, when I walked out of the classroom and saw Wang Feng on the railing, I came forward and patted him. He was shocked. He was about to attack. When he saw me, he said, "it scared me to death.". At the second break, I also leaned on the railing. He came out of the classroom door to me. I saw him and greeted him. He said he should scare me. I said he didn't. At noon, we played ball in class. In the afternoon, I said that the ball was broken. He joked that he would accompany me. I said that you wanted me to take the ball. Then I would find an excuse to accompany you. He said: "how do you think of me as such a person, let alone a ball, is..." I asked him something. He thought for a while and said, "even my head won't do it." It's true. I'm very glad that our relationship is good again. He really knows me, really.

In the evening, after reading a novel in sprout, I suddenly understood something. The hero's words were a wake-up call to me: "I am looking for love, not a woman." How much do you know about it? And what I think about day and night, vulgar me.

19841020 diary

At noon, Li Hongtao said that he had a copy of ancient and modern legends there. I wanted to read it, and he agreed. In the afternoon, before class, I asked him for it. I didn't see him in class, so I went downstairs to the dormitory. I couldn't find it. I just found a book, thirty six strategies, and took it to read. After a while, Zhao Jiankang came to help me find it, but he couldn't find it. He said he was sorry for me, and I said I was sorry for him. I don't know who is really sorry. Before class, I was reading a Book (thirty six strategies). Suddenly, Li Hongtao smiled modestly and asked me if I could find him? I knew it was zhaojiankang who told him, so I said yes. Then I asked for the book. He couldn't find it for a while. After school, he brought it to me, and I began to read it. When I was reading the book in the evening, Li Hongtao came and asked me if I had any reference books on chemistry? I smiled and said, "why do I take it at home? It's my brother's, and I'll bring it next week." he said that his chemistry score was not very good, so we talked for a while. He left, and I watched the Chinese and foreign legends again.

19841021 diary

Today is Sunday. I have been watching Chinese and foreign legends all morning. When Wang Feng came, he said that his watch would be repaired and played with for a while. He asked me to look at the watch. I gave it to him. He pulled off the strap and suddenly said, "it's Zhongshan's," I nodded. It seemed that he suddenly found a mystery and said, "I thought the gem flower was there." because my surface was Gem Flower, I laughed and he laughed. After a while, we had a friendly talk, and I relived the warmth of the past. At noon, I went back to the classroom to see my Chinese and foreign legends. After a while, Xu Qian came and wore a pair of crimson sweaters. I felt very uncomfortable. I can't deny it. However, I thought more than that. "What is it?" I think, but I can't help feeling sad. Maybe it's not a bad thing, but maybe it shouldn't be. So I think of the novel again. It's love and people, vulgar.

19841022 diary

Before I woke up this morning, as usual, it was like a kind of consciousness that forced me not to get up. I was not human, but God was not God. Anyway, something oppressed me. I was confused, but I was very clear. After I got up, I knew that I had been cheated. I regretted that I should not be cheated. After I got up, my mind was very bad. It seemed that I had a heavy burden to bear. I was not happy. I was afraid to go out during recess. I felt sad and had nothing to say to anyone. At noon, I went to the street to play with Tai Chenghua, but it didn't get better. I was still groaning and at a loss. It seemed that everything was indifferent, and everything didn't belong to me. Looking back on my carefree mood in the past, it was funny, and I had no intention of it any more. At this time, I just felt that I was the most sober, but I also felt that it was meaningless to be a human being. In fact, this has happened many times. Sometimes my mood is good, sometimes it is like this. How is this going on? There is no spiritual sustenance? I think.

Chapter 12

19841023 diary

Today's mood is quite different from yesterday. I think everything is meaningful. It's normal. This afternoon, I did well in the history test. After passing the test, I blew it. Suddenly, wangxiaoping said that I should help clean up. I acquiesced and went to get a broom first. If it was bad, I went to class 2 to get one. The other two are girls. They clean from the east to the West. I do the opposite. I sweep the floor just like the sum of them. Later, Zhang Aiqin and yanhuiying went upstairs, probably to pick up a dustpan. Later, I also went upstairs. Sure enough, they cleaned the garbage.

Today, I cleaned the blackboard. After wiping it off, I saw Li Erqiao and Chen Bin laughing. Chen Bin said that he was jealous. I was puzzled. Li Erqiao said that I twisted and did it when I went to the podium. I was surprised. How could I not know that Wang Fei and Feng Qingrong had said so before? What should I do? Change! I think. Every time I clean the blackboard, I get Xuqian's eyes. I don't want to be disappointed one by one. After dinner, I asked biqingyuan for some soap powder, washed my clothes, and washed beside the water. Xu Qian and her companions came to wash their hands. I was upset for a while, so I quickly poured out the dirty water in the basin. After one person fetched the water, her companions began to wash. After one person left here, I received the water, and then stepped aside. Xu Qian came to wash. I thought of what she said when she first came: "Oh, so many people," Alas, do you know the human heart?

19841024 diary

At noon, biqingyuan took a copy of selected notes of Tang Poems (Volume I). Later, Li Erqiao took a copy of Volume II. I borrowed it. It was bought by biqingyuan. There were only 367 poems compiled according to 300 Tang poems. After reading it, I found it was not good, but I became more determined to recite the poems. After a while, when Li Erqiao read my thirty years (drunk), I said that he had read it to me. Drunk used to be the Commissioner of the Kuomintang Armed Forces Department in Yunnan and the head of the Yunnan Station of the military Statistics Bureau. He was forced to revolt by Lu Han, but he was also a prisoner of war. There are duyuming, Wang LINGJI, Huang Wei and xuyuanju (xupengfei) in the book. These are all special talents who later worked in literature and history. There are also Puyi and PuJie, who also wrote "Dai Li I know" and "inside the Bureau of military statistics". After reading this book, I learned a little about the Kuomintang. In the book, Jiang Qing is a traitor and Zhang Chunqiao (Dick) is a spy of the Bureau of military statistics. It's not funny.

19841025 diary

Today, the school arranged a movie called Zorro the righteous hero. Just after watching the film, I suddenly heard the voice of "no, this way". I saw an old man touching the aisle, but he touched it on the chair and said, "I can't see it." As soon as I saw this, I went up to hold him and helped him go. He said, "thank you." I asked him how many rows he had. He said one row. I helped him to the front and asked him the number. He said the fourteenth. When I saw that there was a vacant seat nearby, I decided to help him sit on the fourteenth. He said thank you, and I went back to my seat. "How do I want to do this good thing?" I asked myself, but in retrospect, I didn't think of anything at that time, just like I was supposed to do. This is nature! When I watched the movie, I didn't seem to feel comfortable. I had lingering palpitations. I didn't even have the heart to talk to biqingyuan. (subconsciously, show it to Xuqian.).

19841026 diary

After school this afternoon, I went to buy rat poison. I had to go back this week. I had prepared the fare originally, but the teacher had to pay for it, so I didn't have any money. Only my uncle asked me to buy rat poison for one yuan. I don't know where there was one (he wanted to buy it in the drugstore). I only saw one store to buy medicine. Because there were some people taking it for people, I was afraid I didn't buy it. I had to use the money this time. If I didn't buy the medicine, I would certainly not be able to pay the whole yuan when I paid back the money, It's hard to say. Besides, I can't live in the world. What about buying? It's hard to find a place to buy at the stall. I'm sorry for my uncle. At this time, I thought, "go to the drugstore and ask. If you have any, you'd better buy at the stall. Go back and tell my uncle that because the drugstore doesn't have any money (fare), go back and take it out at home to make up for it." it was a good trick. I thought, I suddenly found that I was becoming smarter.

On the drugstore Road, I suddenly saw Wang Qun at a corner. She and another person (first estimated the original class, but then didn't see it clearly) were coming face to face while eating big cakes. I didn't realize that my heart was talking about my voice, and my blood was frozen. The surface was very uncomfortable. My legs seemed very mechanical and ugly. It was only a few meters away, but it seemed very difficult to walk. I glanced at her and saw a smile, but she didn't seem to see me. Maybe it was intentional. I walked over to relax. Alas. What am I? Rare. Wang Qun, I am alone in the street. I went down to the drugstore. When I asked, I was very proud.

19841027 diary

Today Saturday, I was going to go home. After taking the bus, when I walked to the arch bridge, I suddenly found a man carrying a load of dung and turning eastward, looking very much like my father. He might have seen me too. After walking for a while, he stopped at my house. I dared to judge that it was my father and that there was another person, my mother. I went to them and called, and they naturally asked me. My father quietly told my mother that it was a new dress. I knew he said it was good for me to wear new clothes.

After a while, my father said he would buy me a watch. I said it was unnecessary. There was not much benefit in wearing a watch. He said he really bought it. After a while, he asked me to go back. When I got home, a man called "who knows?" it was grandma. After a while, she had left the lower room. I called. After a while, she called me to the stove and filled me with chicken. Then she whispered, "Taiwan has money again, which is worth more than 260 yuan (onehundred dollars). The letter hasn't come yet." So I thought of my father's words. After a big meal in the evening, my grandmother asked me if I had taken the geography test. I said I had taken the geography test once, and my parents asked me how many points. I said 81. They were stunned, but I was waiting for them to ask. As expected, I asked the highest number. I said it was so much. Obviously, their hearts fell down, and I was not without pride.

Chapter XIII

19841028 diary

In the afternoon, my mother saw me on the bus. On the way, suddenly a bicycle passed by. My mother also scolded me. When I saw that it was Zhang yingzi from Murakami, I shouted "aunt". She also got off the bus. My mother carried rice for me, so she put the rice on her cushion and let her take it along with the way. She said, "send your son to the end." her mother said there were many things at home, so she left. When I got to school, I could have dinner, but I had to buy a handout folder. The price was 2.49 yuan. There were two purposes. One was to need a handout folder. When he asked me what color it was, I asked for a blue one. (Xu Qian had a blue one). Of course, I was very happy after buying it.

19841029 diary

At noon, when I weighed the rice, Xiong Wenbin said that he didn't have 20 jin. I blurted out, "I didn't kill him." Xiong Wenbin stretched out his tongue. I also knew that I lost my mouth. But the man who weighed the rice didn't say anything. Am I the one who said that? In the afternoon, I took the meal ticket. I had just taken the food ticket and had to leave. Because class was over, Lu tou said that there was still a meal ticket. Then I knew. The person who sold the meal ticket said that he had forgotten. I smiled. It was careless. There are few here.

During the class meeting, Mr. Ji gave me a list of newspapers and periodicals and asked me to contact Mr. Yang (who is in charge of books). I didn't know what to contact and didn't know Mr. Yang very well. Li Erqiao said that she knew him. It was a coincidence that she was talking to people in front of the experimental building. I went to her. She led me upstairs and handed me a form to fill in. She asked me my name. I said "Ge Yimin" first. She wrote a Ge, and I pressed "Ye Min". But she carried the word Ge and changed it to "Ye Min". I was amused. She also called me "Ye Min". I didn't want to argue with her because it didn't matter. Later, I wrote my real name, but she was confused when she shouted. I could fill in the form and left.

19841030 diary

In the afternoon, teacher Fei came to me and asked me whether I had written an article recently. I said no, he said that he would set up an editorial committee of four or five people, and decided to have me. Of course, I would be very happy.

After a while, biqingyuan and I were reading the newspaper. Suddenly, we instinctively raised our heads. I knew that no one was talking to me at that time. When I saw zhengrenxiang saying, I asked something. She said when to pay the newspaper fee. I said, "whatever." suddenly, I found Xuqian behind me, hands on my back. I was happy. Zhengrenxiang said something to his companions. Before he left, I didn't know where he was clever. They were naturally happy when I gave her the simple watch. I especially noticed that Xu Qian was very proud to look through it. I was very satisfied. Today, the school bought atropine eye medicine for 4 yuan to cure our myopia. Of course, I was happy. I dropped two drops at night. It was very good.

19841031 diary

Today, the whole school is working to pick up stones on the playground. After picking up my meal, I met Wang Fei on the way. Before we ate in the dormitory, he stopped to eat. After a while, Diao Dao brought a bowl. Wang Fei said, "we still have a few steps to the dormitory, but we'd better wait for you." I said, "what a good friend," cheating? After a while, Wang Fei said that spinach was not hollow. He used to eat very thin. I said it was an allotrope. Diao Daosheng praised it. I was very proud. In the evening self-study, Diao Daosheng said that I was Diao. I believed Diao. I said I was joking. I really wanted to laugh at Diao Daosheng's seriousness.

19841101 diary

In the morning, I was reading the newspaper. Because the next class was physical education, many students went to play ball. After a while, I couldn't figure out how I knew it. Anyway, she looked up. Xu Qian stood at the table, hands free and easy in her coat pockets, and whether her body was shaking. She said that she would order middle school students' English and, I listened and remembered that when she kept talking, I glanced at her carefully and saw her smiling. I was very proud. Later, I said that my companion had ordered And "middle school students' English", then return to your seat. After a while, I turned around and said (Shanghai). I promised "Oh", which seemed very high. I asked how long it would take. She said one year, and one partner said "one year". She said, "just one year if you want to order it". I appreciated it very much. Later, she ordered it for another partner. I was surprised. But satisfied.

In the afternoon, I flew to the library with Wang Fei. This was the first time I moved from the library to the new building to read. After a while, Li Erqiao came. We went in and looked at magazines, such as historical research, literature, Chinese front, prose and poetry. I decided to read them every day. Later, I read the newspapers, first the Chinese Pinyin tabloid, and actually read the spring (Zhu Ziqing) and romantic song (Ji Yu), and then the Chinese newspaper. After a while, the time passed. It was really disappointing. Go again tomorrow, I think! He made up his mind.

19841102 diary

Today, I read "the appointment of factory director Qiao" carefully. Yesterday, teacher Fei said that the author jiangzilong had foresight and foresaw the future reform, so a large number of reformers emerged and won the honor. Today, after reading it, I felt that there was no taste. After reading it, it seemed that there was still something. I was at a loss. Alas! It turns out that reading such works for a long time is not enough. Only the first time can it be done. Is such an article highly respected? What kind of articles should I write? I don't know.

At the grade meeting in the afternoon, President Wang made a speech, saying that we should pay attention to learning and have better learning methods. After the meeting, Mr. Ji came to me and asked who could speak in the evening self-study class. I was stunned. I wanted to say and then said Chen Bin. He also asked who was there. I said who was on that side. He said I had prestige in the class. Oh, did I help Chen Bin? I think so. Later, he said that he ordered "Chinese youth" in his class. He said that he would take the money here, and the class fee was five yuan. It was funny that he said that money was money.

Chapter 14

19841103 diary

During the afternoon recess, zhengrenxiang said that Wang Xiaoping wanted to order a newspaper, so I registered. She said that she wanted to change her own newspaper. She said that she had ordered it at home. I promised. When I opened it, Xu Qian stood behind me as if looking at it. I did everything very quietly, but the words were bad. It was a great pity. Leng Buding said when she would pay the money. I dared to say "it's up to you". It was the same sentence, but "then" was changed to "you" to warm up. In the morning, Mr. Zhangchunlin called me back. After seeing that he was waiting, I was uneasy on the stage, but instead I was uneasy. After all, I am half of them, but I am very satisfied.

After school, I was reading a book. Tan Derong asked me if I belonged to the Dixing group. I dare say so. He asked me to make an instrument. I dragged biqingyuan to the third floor of the building. It turned out that it was a "video game of China traffic map". The main railway lines and cities passed by were carved on a board. Each city pressed a light bulb to distinguish the answers. We did it for a while under the leadership of Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang asked me the time, (I don't know how I have a watch). I read it and told him that at 5 o'clock, he asked us to put it down and do it after school on Monday. After the evening self-study, I watched the TV play Xu Beihong.

19841104 diary

In the morning, I read the novel the reformer. I borrowed it because Fengmu had a high evaluation, but after reading it, I didn't see a good result. Maybe it was the reform. At noon, I went to the street with Wang Fei and bought a fluffy neck mask. Because the woolen sweater had no collar, I bought a purple one first. When I went to the dormitory, it didn't look good and unworthy. I really wanted to return it, but I thought it was impossible, so I prepared to change it. When I said that the man was willing, I said "I'm tired of you". She thanked me. I thought if I returned, it would always be a different look. In the morning, I came with my bowl and biqingyuan's in one hand. On the playground, I suddenly saw someone playing volleyball. I thought, "don't upset the bowl". As I was walking, a ball flew in, the bowl fell to the ground, and the porridge overturned. I really didn't want to come over. The man dared to come over with me. I picked up the bowl and found him pounding his pocket. Knowing it was a meal ticket, I said, "it doesn't matter," and walked away, It was biqingyuan who overturned a bowl, but mine was good. Later, I cleaned the porridge. How I admire my handling method. Everyone is like this, I think.

In the afternoon, I watched the "China Japan Women's super Volleyball Championship". I watched the TV once in the second day of the junior high school. It was black and white. In zhuozhong, the county was colored this time. I was even more excited. I watched with Wang Ling. The Chinese team played very well, while the Japanese team only focused on smashing, and the defense was very poor. The Chinese team won 15:8 in the first set, 15:1 and 15:0 in the second and third sets respectively. At that time, I was also very excited. Someone on the Court played the slogan "keep up the good work", There is also a "Chinese women's volleyball fan club", which is exciting.

19841105 diary

I woke up very early in the morning. Because Tai Chenghua asked me to run, I didn't think of it. Two people got up later. Tai Chenghua also woke up and called me, so I answered and put on my clothes. It was only 5:35 when I ran. This time, I turned west from the school gate to the county Party committee, then to the gymnasium, then to the bus station, and then to the school. Such a big circle was much longer than before, but I insisted. At first, I didn't have any difficulty at all. Because I was running slowly, I felt very different from last time, so I made up my mind to run.

In the morning, when Xu Qian paid the reimbursement fee, she said three things first. I said that there was no mistake, so I looked for it and found it. I was in a hurry to learn wisdom. Feng asked that the Tao changed, and said that I would take it. If there was, I would finish it. In the afternoon, Zheng handed it in again. Later, he looked for it. Later, he was reading it and said, "wrong, four". He looked up to the sky and said that, therefore, if he didn't understand it, he should take his watch and read it. Later, Li Erqiao said, "if you call me, I will lift you up." I actually knew that I was pretending not to do so. It was intended to use Chinese words, saying, "Naying", and pointing fingers. I said it was not easy to call you a name. Of course, "Hey", what did it mean? It was. He's just like me, I think. Somehow this morning, I linked him with lixiaoxia, a junior high school classmate. I felt that Li was very satisfied, but he was not. Li Wen was not in a hurry. He was far away. He thought a lot. It turned out that he was far away from my imagination. But this idea was when he was satisfied with me. Sad husband.

Before the evening self-study, fengqingrong quarreled with Da Hongwei. Feng said that Da hit him for no reason. Then he ran away and told Mr. Ji that he had sent a telegram asking his father to come because he had been looking for trouble for many times. Ma Wen explained in detail that Yu Erqiao was full of words. I asked Li Erqiao. Li said, "he said you are as good as anyone." Ma said that I was tricky and that Chen Bin agreed. I couldn't help laughing. Ma pointed out that I saw Da, and Chen Bin really knew me.

In the afternoon, I went to the library to find Mr. Yang to pay the newspaper fee. I didn't see him. I read the youth literature and history newspaper for a while and thought it was very good. Unfortunately, the library was closed for a while.

19841106 diary

When I woke up this morning, it was very dark (because of the heavy fog), but I got up and asked Tai Chenghua to run. Today, I didn't run as well as yesterday. After a while, my legs became sour. But I imagined that Tai Chenghua insisted on what he said yesterday. I could say that I insisted desperately. I also encouraged him with my self-control. Finally, I ran the same distance as yesterday, but later I didn't feel tired. In fact, we ran faster today than yesterday.

Today, the head teacher asked the students, to be exact, the person who had been beaten by Da Hongwei to write the materials and the process. Yesterday, he sent a telegram to ask his father to come. Everyone wrote it, and it was true. But I also thought of the whole person writing black materials in the novel. That's the same. Whining, everyone is shining gold.

In the afternoon, I went to the library and asked Mr. Yang to pay the newspaper fee. I said 38 yuan first, but she checked 48 yuan. I was so careless. In the future, I will be so careless.

Chapter XV

19841107 diary

This morning, Tai Chenghua woke up very late. After struggling in bed for a while, he stopped running because it was already 6 o'clock and the day was very bright.

Today, the school chartered a movie "life", which I have already wanted to see. I think I should get something. The screenwriter of the film is Lu Yao. This is a novel. It has been on the radio for a while. It is a successful novel and a successful film. It's worth pondering after watching it. I don't think there are any mistakes in the film. GaoJiaLin is supposed to be a wild goose, while huangyaping is pursuing true love. Liuqiaozhen is also unable to marry Ma Shuan. Some people think that the reason is Kenan's mother. This is wrong. Although she is worthy of criticism, she did it because her son lost a good girl. Some people say that it was Ma Sheng, but he was just for his own interests, for the sake of the leadership, and to please the leadership. All kinds of people should not blame him. His existence is reasonable, and we should look for the reason from another thing, that is, the difference between urban and rural areas, that is, the low status of the bumpkin, trapped in those acres of land, "I can't go to Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai in my life." although the lives of farmers have improved in recent years, Isn't liuqiaozhen's family very rich? What's the use of marriage pomp? When there is no money, people need it. They can work hard for a little money. But when there is more money, it's not a good thing. Instead, they should pursue another thing, life! Cruelty.

The difference between urban and rural areas exists and seems eternal. What should we do? Get rid of it.

19841108 diary

In the afternoon, I went to the library to pay the newspaper fee. When I saw several people there, she asked me to look through the magazines and wait a minute. I turned over a few books. After a while, Tang and a classmate came to study by themselves. They talked about yechao (former chairman of the student union of our university). He had good grades in the past, but Tang said that he had been admitted to Su University, was a technical secondary school, and graduated in two years. Both Mr. Yang and I were surprised. I thought he had been admitted to a good school. Only then did I know that the score was only three points higher than the admission line. He also reported to Tsinghua. Mr. Yang sighed and encouraged Mr. Tang. I also made a deep decision.

19841109 diary

I read early and was concentrating on Chinese. There was a noise outside the door. I knew that I was going to the hall. I was shocked. I went out and was promising. I shouted and left. My heart kept raising its voice. I was not ashamed to see Lu Yinhua. On the way, biqingyuan begged for steel because of his class. He didn't tease him. He knew him, but he had nothing to do. After arriving at the school, he asked if the big white shoes were not worn. After a while, he was very enthusiastic. He faked four yuan and gave it no more. He ordered a newspaper and sent it to the school gate. After arriving at the class, I saw Xu Qian and got angry. Alas, I really regret it. I can't help scolding myself. How Puqing I am. I also said that if I have no money for the exam in the future, I can't use more!

Because I borrowed candles to read in class 2 last night, it was already bright when I woke up this morning. I knew it was late, but I still wanted to sleep. Maybe I didn't adapt to working late. After school at noon, I recited history carefully at the gate of the dormitory for the first time. I read it once and felt that I had learned a lot. If only I had grasped it before, I thought, suddenly, it was not too late. Yes, I grasped it.

19841110 diary

After school in the afternoon, I met Wang Feng at the entrance of the stairs. I left with Diao Daosheng. Wang Feng said: turn a blind eye to me. After listening to me for many times, I replied: I didn't hear of it. Oh, I don't know what I should turn a blind eye to.

It seems that I am not in a good mood today, perhaps because I am about to take the exam, but in the final analysis, it turns out that I didn't read poetry.

19841111 diary

I got up very late this morning (Sunday). After waking up for a long time, I was reluctant to leave the quilt. After getting up reluctantly, when I had breakfast, it was gone. No, I have to go hungry. Yesterday, after self-study, I went to Mr. Wang's office in the experimental building to make a game map. He talked about life with us, saying that neither of them is worth sympathizing with nor learning. Gao knew that he had culture and should not be combined. Liu had no culture. I also think it's right to say that the farmers can't be the farmers in that way.

19841112 diary

In algebra class this morning, Miss Mei made a mistake in her homework, saying that only one person in the two classes did it right, and in our class (liberal arts class), I did it right, but I didn't feel anything. Later, it seemed that I had done the right thing. It sounded like my name, but I wasn't sure. At this time, I wondered whether the class could hear me and Xuqian clearly. Later, xuhuaibao, class 2, suddenly said that I could do it. I was baffled. Later, he said that I was the only one in the two classes. He asked me how I thought of it. I suddenly smiled, but felt satisfied. Class 2 must also know that Wang Qun? Later you Xuezhong said, of course I am happy. But I don't think how to learn by myself (because I'm not interested in Mathematics), but I think that others know. Why?

At noon, I saw Fujian youth. Suddenly, I benefited a lot. It gave me a new view on life and changed Xu Qian. I think it doesn't matter now. I can't think simply. I should do a good job in learning. In the future... Xu Qian was suddenly seen in the canteen. She suddenly felt that she had passed. Her appearance was almost different. It turned out to be talent and character. Whoops! Xuqianye, isn't it?

Chapter 16

19841113--14 diary


The midterm exam will begin tomorrow. I suddenly feel that I haven't reviewed anything well. Can I do well in the exam? I don't know! By luck? No, how can that work? I am... "I'm sure I can do well in the exam". I don't know what reminded me.


In the morning, I took the Chinese test. I feel very sorry that I didn't write a word correctly. In the afternoon, I took the history test. After self-study in the evening, I read in the dormitory. After a while, Chen Bin and mawenxiang came in and said that history had been changed. I was the first in 93, and there were more than a dozen in 93 and 90. I was delighted for a while, but what else? Tacit, Li Erqiao got 82 points. He was unconvinced. I also want to assume that I have so many, how? It's really unthinkable. Whatever it is, it's better not to.

19841115--16 diary


Today, when I went upstairs, I suddenly met Xu Qian at the entrance of the stairs. Suddenly, it seemed that I met Xu Qian. I was in a hurry. I dared to go upstairs. But when I entered the classroom, I found that she was endorsing. I was surprised. I can't help blaming her, not only him, but myself. I didn't do well in the English test today, but politics is OK. I think "I will focus on English in the future".


After the geography test, my teacher and I got two questions right. It seemed like we got the right one. Suddenly, we asked and rubbed. We didn't speak. Later, we saw each other, but we gave it. It shouldn't be. We agreed after a while. It was embarrassing.

When the exam was over, I went home. When I was waiting for the bus, two beggars came from time to time, and I gave them. Most of them didn't give them. I was very angry. It's strange that beggars always ask for money from me, calling me "college student" and "the vicissitudes of the world are still there".

When I got off the bus, I saw Mei Yuhua talking to a person in the same car. When I saw him, it was Gao Xianzhong. I was at a loss for a while. I wanted to stop before. I wanted to admit my incompetence. It seemed that I was shaking a few words. I thought the other party didn't know. I broke up in a hurry. It was not simple. I ran to avoid breaking up. He certainly didn't see me. I should pay to Mei: "Gao Xianzhong didn't see it." he also said that he was the same, so I was very satisfied.

On the way, I met Dai Qu and said that the Wu family in the village had built a building. Somehow, I underestimated him. I'm not surprised. Sobbing.

At the door of my house, I saw my mother sifting rice. She smiled and asked me if it was Saturday? I quickly said no, it was Friday and Saturday.

19841117--18 diary


Last night, I fell asleep very late. I thought about it and got nothing. I can't help but wonder what I was thinking about. Today, I got up early and read some Tang poems. This is what I really did when I came home.


Today, I have to go to school again. At the right moment, my uncle went to the grain station, which saved me from carrying rice to the station. When I passed the village, I suddenly heard that the voice was my mother. I turned back and saw my mother. She said goodbye to me. My heart was warm. What a great maternal love.

Today, I bought a watch strap (2.5 yuan) and watched the movie Shaolin boy, but it didn't look good. I, Li Erqiao and sunguanghai are very interested. Sometimes chatting can make people particularly interested.

19841119--20 diary


Today, the English test paper was handed out (72.5 points), but I was very satisfied. Really, out of surprise, although it was bad, it was a great blessing in misfortune. But geography only has 80.5 points. I didn't feel cold. I thought it was the best one. There was no need to review.


Today, after the Chinese class, teacher Fei gave Tang Ping the Chinese score. I was very excited to go forward, and everyone rushed in a crowd. I saw it was 97. At that time, my pride overflowed. "How many points, sir?" "Uncle 97", said Chen Bin. "Yes, I did." I clapped my hands and went to clean the blackboard. Unexpectedly.

Chapter 17

19841121 diary

Today, I played badminton with biqingyuan at recess. After a while, Tan Derong also came to play badminton. In the afternoon, we went to Mr. Wang's place to play video games with biqingyuan. When we were studying in the evening, we suddenly saw a teacher behind us. He seemed to call me. I was stunned. He motioned with his hand. I saw that it was Mr. Fan. He must be looking for me. Then he went out. He asked me if I had more homework. I said no. actually, there were many. He asked me to look at the stream (sponsored by our Chinese interest group), and I agreed. Then I asked biqingyuan to go with me to correct two wrong words. Later, when it came to composition, he asked us to write. Biqingyuan and I were about to do this. Later, when he spoke, I couldn't help laughing. But I wanted to hold back. I didn't reach it, so I thought of all kinds of unpleasant things. When I thought of it, I really didn't laugh. He doesn't mind, but I always feel sorry for him. He asked me to write. I want to write two articles, one is "mother" and the other is "the poor in the countryside only recognize money".

19841122--23 diary


Today, I wrote an article "my mother", and suddenly felt that all my relatives should be written. There was also an article "the rural poor know yellow gold and white silver better". When I conceived it, I thought it was very good. I thought it was great to make people happy, but later I didn't think it was good. It seemed that it was too ugly. Why?


In the morning, when teacher Fei came to me at the break, he said, "go and post the stream." I promised, so I went with him. When he passed class 1 of senior one, he went in to talk to a female classmate. I knew it was Liu Hui. She was not beautiful. She had met once before and even felt uncomfortable. But this time she was very close. Maybe it was her talent! I didn't feel happy for me. After posting stream, I found the words "our editors Liu Hui, Ge Yimin, qianxiaoyu (art work)". I was very happy, but I really hope other students can know, Xu Qian?

19841124--25 diary


This morning, when teacher Fei came to my place at the break, I gave him a Sanqu "hillside sheep. Watching the fire burning Yuanmingyuan", which was composed by ZhangYangHao of Yuan Dynasty. He saw it while watching the meeting, and went to talk with zhengrenxiang. Xu Qian and hexianmei looked at the paper. Seeing Xu Qian reading it with both hands, I immediately felt a kind of unspeakable satisfaction.


This afternoon, I went to Mr. Wang's place to test the circuit. I really learned a lot about electricity from him. Later, I held a pile of papers with Mr. Chen Bin to the further education school. Mr. Wang said, "hold them to Mr. Su in the physical and chemical group." I said to Mr. Chen: "how can he call Mr. Su? Because Mr. Su is his woman, Chen Bin said," what is his name if he doesn't call Mr. Su? " I think so.

19841126--27 diary


After school in the afternoon, we went to Mr. Wang's place to continue playing video games. This time, we went to the experiment. There were several problems, so we started to do it. After that, it was 5:30. People had already gone to self-study, and it was dark. We hurried to get some food and went to the canteen. Fortunately, there were some food and vegetables, so we started to eat.

It is of great benefit to continue reading resurrection.

In the evening, I went to Miss Wang's office when I was studying by myself. I met Miss Mei. She asked me to call three people for a symposium tomorrow. I think she said a lot of good things about me at Miss Ji's office.


In the morning, teacher Mei came in and asked me to borrow 15 geometry books, so I lent them to her, but Diao Daosheng didn't. I didn't ask him if he was that. Later, he said that he was angry because his pen was broken, so I forgave him.

At noon, I went to the street with biqingyuan. I wanted to buy a pair of leather shoes when the financial aid came down. I knew why. I was wrong. I didn't wear cloth shoes. I wanted to take them back,

19841128 diary

At noon today, I decided to wash the clothes. The clothes had been taken off for several days, but I was afraid of washing them. At noon, I decided to wash them. At the same time, lvwendong also washed them, so I washed them together. After a while, I realized that everything was not difficult as long as it was done.

In the afternoon, the school senior three men's volleyball team and the school women's volleyball team competed. Our school women's volleyball team won the "Lei Feng Cup" again in this year's urban competition. First, the women's volleyball team won two sets, and then the senior three won two sets, but the fifth set was not finished. It's a pity.

After reading the resurrection today, I read it carefully. I spent a lot of time and benefited a lot. The "Tolstoyism" in the book actually shared some of my ideas. "The land belongs to everyone as well as the sun and the air" and "forgive others seventy times and seven times". The title of the book "Resurrection" is that the hero nekhludoff finally saw the resurrection of the Gospels, that is, to eliminate the fog, and the heroine Maslova's resurrection felt human compassion and made his own sacrifice for it. The book contains a lot of social darkness, which is really a rare good novel.

Chapter 18

19841129 diary

In the morning, after Xu Qian met her, she was new. She thought about what she had said last night. She said that Zhao Tingxi was greedy. She said that it was him. Chen Bin said that everyone saw him. Wang Ling said that he was talking about virtue and glory. So I told her that the specific people agreed with him. Then I would be superior to others, so my interest in him was greatly reduced. So I took out the ancient prose, and I was also resurrected. When I went to the reading room in the afternoon, I felt at ease and wanted to come every day. I just felt that the time was too short to be satisfied. I am a person who seeks all kinds of knowledge. I read every book and newspaper from beginning to end without missing a word. Therefore, I read magazines very slowly. I only read the history of middle school. The above knowledge is too rich. It highlights the knowledge in the books.

In the evening, Li Erqiao asked me what I thought of Lu Xun's article. I said it was very good. He said it was the same. He said he didn't think it was. Now he feels it. I think that's what I want to say.

19841130 diary

I was in a bad mood today. I was at a loss all morning.

In the afternoon, Mr. Wang asked us to play video games. Biqingyuan and I were busy copying. We missed the library opportunity. This is a pity.

Last night, Chen Bin told me that he was the second. He was very unhappy, but it doesn't matter. Come back next time.

19841201 diary

Today, I am not happy. It seems that I have no ability to revitalize and my whole body is bound.

At noon, he bought two bags of rat poison and a bottle of ink and asked XURUI to take them back.

At noon, I watched some seven wonders and played table tennis.

Today, it seems that all the students have gone back. Only a few students go to the evening self-study, which is rare. At noon, I went to Mr. Wang's office and put a paper on it. It was funny to see senior three students moving things, including records and Shajiabang. In fact, it was nothing. It was like hearing someone say Hua Guofeng was fallacious. It was incredible.

19841202-1203 diary

one thousand two hundred and two

This Sunday, I didn't think of it when I woke up in the morning. After 7:45, I didn't eat breakfast again, but I didn't regret it.

After reading history in class this morning, I didn't want to lose it. The more I read it, the more interested I became. In the afternoon, while playing table tennis, I read some short ancient texts. I found that I was particularly interested in any book. After the evening self-study, Xu Rui found me, gave me clothes and vegetables, and gave me two yuan. He went back this week.

one thousand two hundred and three

In the morning, we had physics class. In the second half of the class, we studied by ourselves. After a while, we realized that we were alone looking for someone at the window. Looking up, I saw my uncle talking with Wang Fei. So I went up, called and wanted to go with him. He asked me if I would tell the teacher. I said it was self-study, so I went with him. He said he had brought a quilt to change it. Later, like his father came last time, he still sent it from the back to the door. He stepped on the bus and left. Mr. Hou Mei asked if there were any classes? Why do I run around.

19841204-1205 diary

one thousand two hundred and four

This afternoon, the school held a group meeting for senior two and senior three. Mr. Jin sat down and just spoke, so there was a lot of applause. After a long time, he said again. There was another lot of applause. Everyone clapped and laughed. Then again, the teachers got angry and said they wanted to find out who it was. It was funny. Mr. Hou Ji sat next to me and told me that my grades were OK and that I would try to be the first next time. He said that if I scored 10 points (83) more in English (73), I would catch up with zhengrenxiang. I was very proud, so I thought that other subjects were steady. English caught up with the first place and covered it geographically, so I felt much more relaxed.

one thousand two hundred and five

For the first time after school, I paid the League fee of 0.30 yuan (from September to February), and there were too few League activities. In addition to holding rare meetings, I paid the fee. After school, I went to have my hair cut with biqingyuan. Li Hongtao said it looked like a wig. Biqingyuan said it was long. Taoist priest and Wang Fei said the same. Li Erqiao said it was ugly. I usually have my hair cut once every two months, but biqingyuan said he had it cut twice a month. I really don't know. In the evening, I studied by myself. I only looked at the geography and looked at my notes from the beginning. I found that there were still many things I didn't know. I was surprised and thought that I should not be careless.

Chapter XIX

19841206-1207 diary

one thousand two hundred and six

Somehow, I had my hair cut yesterday, but I felt very uncomfortable today. When I ran in the morning, I put on Wang Fei's hat and changed my clothes. Maybe it was the first one to wear it. The students were curious, and then took it off. It was awesome. In the morning, biqingyuan claimed that I had gone back on my word. Tai Chenghua also said that for a long time, no matter it!

At noon, I found a needle and nailed the button.

In the afternoon, before class, teacher Fei gave me three manuscripts. I looked at them. Two of them were well written. They were icy. One poem, can you think of your hometown, was very good. I made minor changes. Teacher Fei said that I would write more articles, and I secretly agreed.

one thousand two hundred and seven

In the afternoon, I met Li Hongtao at recess. He said that he was afraid of reciting and didn't study liberal arts. I said that I had no idea now. Mr. Ji said that the papers from other places had been summarized after reading them. He said that in the past, people were afraid of the county, but now they don't have to be afraid of other places. I'm so numb that I don't seem to pay much attention to them.

At noon, he met Wang Feng. He held me and asked who was the first. He told me the number of times. He told me the number of times in a foreign language. Then he asked Wang Ling again. He told me, sighing, I... He is really a friend. He can't be perfect. As long as he has some advantages, I really want to associate with him.

19841208---1210 diary

one thousand two hundred and eight

Today is Saturday. I went to take a bath. I felt very comfortable after washing. I haven't washed for many days. In the dormitory at night, it was really * * who had her. Wait, I listened and had nothing to say.

one thousand two hundred and nine

In the morning, I read Tang poetry. In the afternoon, I played badminton with Chen Bin. Then I went to class. In the evening, I cut off the power. I read a book at Wang Beiyu's place. At 6:30, I called and wrote a composition. I don't know why. I am very distressed. It seems that there is something pressing me. I am very disappointed with the future. It is too far away, i.

one thousand two hundred and ten

Today, I read "juvenile literature and art" (Jiangsu). There is Huang Xiaobo's novel "difficult equations" and an article introducing her at the beginning. She has been admitted to the Chinese Department of Nanjing University. I like that novel very much. Can she do that? What about me? Can I catch up with her? I secretly made up my mind and have a bright future. Now I have become interested in English. Practice has proved that I am not bad at mathematics (I handed out the test paper today, 96 points, and most of the class failed). I am proud of geography, and the others are dominant. I remembered that during the summer vacation of the third day of junior high school, my brother told my parents that I would definitely fail in the Chinese Department of Nanjing University, but my father asked me to fight for it. What can I not win? I still trust myself.

19841211 diary

During the morning exercises, you Xuezhong told me that I was not afraid of the cold. I was cautious because of the old dog (GE). He had more clothes than me. It wasn't just him, but I endured it and it wasn't cold either. Qin bin straightened my waist, and I stood up. He said to others several times that it was very handsome. He said that next time someone told him that I walked beautifully, I was happy and wanted to straighten my waist.

In chemistry class, when doing experiments, the teacher found that there was no distilled water, so he nodded at me, so some students looked at me, Xuqian! As I walked, I thought about what to take. When I got to the podium, I took a test tube and quickly went to fetch water. After a while, I came back and handed it to the teacher. I found that Xu Qian looked at me. As soon as I looked at it, I had a white knot around my neck, so I thought of holiness and simplicity.

In the afternoon, the grade meeting was held, and Director Fu made a half semester summary. Later, several students from other classes gave speeches. It was OK to see xuqiubao, but I, I secretly decided to work hard in this area and be bold, I think.

19841212 diary

After doing the exercises between classes in the morning, the Taoist asked me to go to the bathroom. I asked fengqingrong for a book because Qin bin wanted it. I asked the Taoist to wait. After a while, he went alone. I have asked for books from Su Zhengyun for many days. In the afternoon, after the class break, I asked Daosheng again. He laughed and refused. I explained, but he had no intention and gave up. In the afternoon, after a supplementary test of 50 meters, fengqingrong and I ran for 7.4 seconds, and biqingyuan did the same. During the meal, Miss Lu Fengmei stopped me and said that it was a student in my class who had something in her place. She found it. It turned out that it was Cui Hui's handout. It was crowded when I was trying to fight. Sometimes I was just about to fight, but I was suddenly pushed to the back. I was very upset. A little student walked straight to the front, and a senior 3 student in front of me shouted "go over!" Me.

19841213 diary

It's terrible. I got up late in the morning these days. Although I made up my mind at night, I was always replaced by the lazy sleep the next day. When I woke up this day, several students got up. They were just confused and seemed to wake up. It seemed that there was a kind of consciousness that forced them to sleep again, and they thought that this would be beneficial. If they got up, it would be destroyed. This was because they dreamed every day, and there were some indefinable things in their dreams, Make yourself feel that you are doing something that is very relevant to yourself. When you wake up, you feel that it is too satisfying to sleep more. But when you get up, you don't feel much about it. Then you know that you have been cheated. I don't know what's going on.

In the morning, she went to hand in something (why not write something). When she took the book and handed it over, she felt that she had touched both hands, but she didn't feel anything. It was the same with Xu Qian, but she felt very different.

Chapter 20

19841214 diary

It rained last night, so I won't do morning exercises today, but I still can't get up. How good I slept at that time!

This afternoon, I saw the movie "wanted order". I thought it was very good. I didn't expect that there was such a shocking thing today. The film said that after the criminal youmengcai escaped, the Public Security Bureau pursued him. At this time, a young woman Huang Xiaodan was killed. She withdrew money from the bank and was robbed. She died in a car. The driver was drunk by a woman one night. The car was driven to commit a crime. Liangxiaohu is a jobless young man. He is called "motorcycle king". He is in love with Bai Yan. He wants to study abroad with his aunt in the United States. Bai Yan disapproves of it, but Bai Du (Bai Yange) supports it. Public security personnel find out a gambling boat, but youmengcai escapes. After fighting, they catch two of his gambling friends. With the help of one of them, they find you, but he escapes again. The public security personnel found out that the criminal killed Huang and escaped by motorcycle. After a farmer provided clues, it was found that Liang sold the car to a classmate. He caught the man. He told Liang that he sold it to him (at a low price) and asked him to tell the outside world that it was sold the previous month. Therefore, the public security personnel investigated Liang Xiaohu and Bai Yan. Bai Yan went to ask Xiaohu. Xiaohu told her that she had done the case. Bai Yan told Bai Du when she came home, and Bai Du ordered him to surrender. The public security personnel rushed to Xiaohu's house. Xiaohu had been tricked out and killed, and a white police uniform was fished out.

The public security officer catches you mengcai's gambler, and he takes you into the gambling den. After a fight, he catches you. You is shocked by Xiaohu's death. He confesses that Huang Xiaodan was told to drive and hit her. The man got on the car and killed her. He was wearing a white police uniform. It was obviously the man who killed Xiaohu. Under the coercion of the public security personnel, he finally said that the man was Bai Du. Bai Du is taking his wife (the man who cheated the car driver) to escape by plane. The public security personnel arrived. They hurried to escape and entered a high-rise building under construction. When his wife was really unable to walk, Bai Du kicked her downstairs and ran to the top of the building. The public security personnel also came up. He put down his suitcase, took out a large number of tickets and stuffed them into his chest. Then he ran away. He held the support downstairs. A public security officer found him and shouted, He was startled and fell downstairs. A large amount of money flashed in the air.

19841215 diary

Today, I read the "Water Margin posthumous biography" (Chen Chen). In the book, more than 30 liangshanbo heroes who survived the "Water Margin" attack on Fang La were gathered together to establish a political power in the Hainiao Hale Luo state, and Li Jun became the Lord of the state. The book is obviously far fetched, but it can make people happy. Looking at it is like looking at water margin.

After school in the afternoon, those boys were playing table tennis at the table in the class. I saw "the story of the outlaws of the marsh". They were very interested. I found that Xu Qian seemed to be interested in it, and I felt very unhappy about it. In the evening, I went to bed and talked about songs with Tai Chenghua and Chen Bin. After talking about other things, I went to bed for a long time.

19841216 diary

When I woke up in the morning, I had a vague dream that all the countries in Europe, which I contacted or captured, belonged to me. They were pushed back and forth on the map like the ground, just like Hitler. In fact, it's sad that I can't get up. Today is Sunday, and I didn't have breakfast.

Today, I am in a bad mood. After reading the book of the outlaws of the marsh for a day, I finally finished reading it. I felt very bad. I felt that everything I saw was abandoning myself. I knew it was that kind of mood.

In the morning, biqingyuan said that he really envied us. He wrote on a piece of paper, "I don't have a mother." ah, no wonder sometimes he is in great pain. I really want to cry. Don't worry, I think he can't have a mother. That's too terrible. He has no chance to repay his kindness for giving birth to his mother. What a blow. The joy of family. This is the best love in the world. I also think of my mother. She works hard all day, It's not easy to provide for the three of us to go to school, but I used to bump into her sometimes. I really am. I really miss my mother, miss my family, and go back to my loved ones. It's no longer numb. I love my mother. I want her to know my heart. Mom, I swear here.

19841217 diary

I got up very late today. I thought it was a dream, but unfortunately I took it seriously. Chen Bin said that I dreamt about a poem by Dufu. I think it has nothing to do with dreams. It turns out that dream talk has nothing to do with dreams.

Today, I was on duty with biqingyuan in the canteen. I didn't go in the morning, and I didn't need to go, because people went one after another. I went to the duty meeting at noon. Fortunately, there were many people at night. Everyone gathered at that time. We could still line up, but there were a lot of people and a little crowded. We waited for a good meeting before we had dinner. At night, we were just about to go to self-study. Suddenly, there was a power failure. So we bought candles with Li Erqiao, but soon the electricity came.

During the self-study, biqingyuan came in and said that it had snowed. I saw that he really had it, so he went out and really did. From time to time, several grains of snow fell from the dark sky. This is the first snow this year.

Chapter 21

19841218-19 diary

one thousand two hundred and eighteen

Today, I was in a gloomy mood. It seemed that something was pressing on my head, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe. I felt that everything was becoming clear and meaningless. It seemed that everything was false. I was extremely pessimistic and could no longer be excited. Alas! I don't know why.

The film "death trap", which was made by the League branch, was at 5:20, but we didn't eat until 5:00. We were busy. When we went, we began to put them away. We couldn't find a seat with biqingyuan. It was No. 6 and No. 8 in row 11 upstairs. Later, we knew it was the last row. After we found it, we sat down. Sitting at the last side seemed to have an open eye. We could still watch the film. Only then did we forget our sadness. The past is coming again, alas!

one thousand two hundred and nineteen

Somehow, it seems that I can't help myself and let everything change.

In the afternoon, the League meeting was held, and Secretary Yao gave a report, aiming to be a real League member and play an advanced role. After the meeting, Xu Rui went to Xu Rui's office to borrow his senior one textbook in summer vacation. He put it in the box and suddenly changed his view of him, but it was wrong. He should return it to me (first) to be a friend or a borrower. Of course, I still brought the book. I've wanted it for several times, but I'm afraid of it. It seems that anything can be done successfully.

19841220--21 diary

one thousand two hundred and twenty

At noon, while basking in the sun and reading a book, Wang Feng and I asked each other, feeling that their feelings were very valuable. In the afternoon, the Secretary of the League branch (Hong Xin) said that the league members held a meeting and raised their hands to several students in the class who asked to join the league. But we didn't have a standard. We just raised our hands indiscriminately. What's more, last year, we made a statement for the students who joined the league in grade three of senior high school. Those people hadn't seen it before, and they raised their hands indiscriminately several times. It was really a great form, and it was a great joke in the world.

one thousand two hundred and twenty-one

It's really difficult. Teacher Fei asked me to prepare one issue of "stream", but I didn't have any here. I promised him to hand it in on Saturday, but today it's Friday.

Wang Fei asked for a piece of autumn rhyme, but it was very short. At noon, he suddenly wanted to ask Wang Beiyu again. Sure enough, he had a lot of people, so he asked him to copy them. I also collected a piece of physics teacher yesterday. In this way, I felt a lot easier.

In the afternoon, I went to the lecture in the ladder classroom and felt very unsuccessful.

In the morning, Tai Chenghua sent me a stack of vegetable tickets, which he owed me. That's funny. Two weeks ago, he borrowed one yuan from me, but he never paid it back. He didn't mention it, because his borrowing day was Saturday, and he went back. A few days ago, I realized that he had really forgotten this. Somehow, I felt very bad about it. It seemed that it was too much. After several attempts, he didn't respond. Yesterday, he came home and begged again. He said he didn't meet his mother and had no money. I was afraid and said, "did you forget?" He said, "no," and I said, "nothing?" When he forgot it, he said, "I owe you a dollar, and I won't forget it." no mistake, he won't forget it, but it tortured me. At this time, I hold the food ticket and count it in my pocket.

19841222-31 diary

one thousand two hundred and twenty-two

Somehow, my heart is very heavy. It seems that there is some invisible consciousness pressing me. I can't look up and complain secretly, but I really don't know what to do.

one thousand two hundred and twenty-three

My heart is heavy. Everything is meaningless. I am so bored.

one thousand two hundred and twenty-four

After the evening self-study at night, I felt that my heart was shaking, my legs were shaking, and my waist seemed to be shaking even more, as if I were about to break.

one thousand two hundred and twenty-five

At noon, I was shaking in the canteen.

one thousand two hundred and twenty-six

It's very painful. I can only see that others are happy, but I can't. onlookers are suffering.

one thousand two hundred and twenty-seven

My heart was flustered in physical education class. I was very sad. Fortunately, I passed the exam (7), but I was afraid of doing anything else.

one thousand two hundred and twenty-eight

My heart is still in great pain, and so is biqingyuan at the same table. He thinks he can get rid of it, but he can't end it.

one thousand two hundred and twenty-nine

In the evening, teacher Fei asked me to copy the edition of stream. I went to another place to arrange the edition. Biqingyuan and Li Erqiao copied it and delivered it. He was also called good. He found that there were many books. He sighed bitterly. At night, he thought about an article "father and son and son and father", but he couldn't dream.

Chapter Twenty-Two

19841230 diary

Today, I went home and got a ticket at 4 o'clock. After waiting for a meeting, I didn't have a car. I was puzzled. After reading the ticket, it was 14 o'clock. I thought I was unlucky. I wanted to run home, but it was dark again. I finally ran to the North gate. When I saw two people blocking a car, I got on the bus by chance and reached Dazhuo town. I thanked myself, but I was in my heart. When I got home, my mother came out of the kitchen and said that I was thin. She asked about my grades and told me that I was the second and that I was the first.

19841231 diary

In the morning, I went to town with my mother to buy a ski shirt. I was not satisfied, so I went to Jurong. Because my ticket was early, my mother told me that I had a tractor, so I took it to the north gate and bought a pair of pants (28.5 yuan) and a pair of pants (10.5 yuan). It was funny. When I wore them at school, the pants were women's, so I had to change them. When I went to the station and waited for the bus, a beggar asked for money. I paid for it. He said he would make up for a dime. I didn't have a dime. He said he would give me a dime. It's funny. Giving alms is also a business. I'll give it to him later. When I got home, I went to the field. My parents asked me, but I didn't think it was good. Later, they said it was OK.

19850101--02 diary


In the morning, I spent a day applying chemical fertilizer (applying chemical fertilizer to wheat in the cave), and I met Wang Qin in the field, which was very delicate.

In the afternoon, I was going to the station. Before I left, my mother told grandma Dongmen to cook some eggs for me. I really can't describe it.

Ju Hongcheng met Ju Hongcheng at the station. He didn't see it at first, but he smiled. Then he talked, and Bao Jinhua came again. They had a good talk. They were very emotional.

When they arrived at school, biqingyuan and lihongtao both said that they looked like women and were very proud of themselves. So did Wang Fei. This is what will be said later.


Today is very comfortable and I feel good. At noon, just after class, I went outside. Suddenly, I heard a voice calling me. Seeing that it was my father, I ran down. It turned out that it was rice delivery. When I got to the dormitory, he left. On the way, I suddenly saw Xu Qian coming. He seemed to stop nearby. I was very puzzled. I went to the library to read the newspaper. Suddenly Guan Hong said to change the paper. I scored 90 points in the geography exam. It was not difficult. Suddenly, I had unlimited confidence again. Later, due to the highest score, the teacher re read it for 85 points, which is still the highest, and many people even scored 60 points. I have an absolute advantage in this.

19850103--04 diary


In the afternoon, I went to the reading room and read the history monthly. I thought it was very useful, but the time was too short. I just hated that I couldn't come on weekdays. Today, at my self-study, I compared the world with Chinese history and suddenly became clear. It was very good. I recited a rhyming poem in the evening.


At noon, I played badminton with biqingyuan. Later, Chen Bin came to play badminton. He saw a group of students reading the blackboard newspaper, so he went to see it. It turned out that the intelligence contest was announced (League Organization). We were the first (69) and I was the second (68) in grade two of senior high school. I was very happy. Somehow, I remembered whether Xu Qian had seen it or not. Later, I went to camp and ate a box of canned pork with biqingyuan. It was not good, but it was very "communism".

In the afternoon, I went to the library and read the book of literary and historical knowledge. In the evening, I studied by myself. Hongxin, Secretary of the League branch in the class, gave me a set of colored pens, which were the prizes of the competition. So I gave two pens to Chen Bin and two pens to biqingyuan, and left two for myself. It was over.

19850105--06 diary


When I woke up very early in the morning and couldn't find my ski shirt, I knew that I fell to the ground. When I picked it up, I saw my watch fall on the bed. I was deeply responsible for my poor sleep at night. After class and biqingyuan went to get the meal ticket, they found the wallet open. They were puzzled that the money was gone. I thought I might have fallen into bed and couldn't find it. Suddenly, I linked up with the morning incident and suddenly realized that he had been stolen. I thought I was unlucky and told my classmates. Later, Wang Ling said that he had been stolen 20 yuan. I was six yuan, and Tai Chenghua also said one yuan. At noon, chenxiaoxiang said that 15 yuan had been stolen, so he told the teacher. We guessed it was one, analyzed it for a long time, and scolded at night, but it didn't end. It was really the work of the class. Therefore, without taking my watch (guess it was su), he paid attention to it, but felt like it, so he really thought it was.


In the morning, I talked about the thief again. I was more and more sure of him. I saw that he was furtive.

When I went to class, I read through the window. Liang, seeing that Xu Qian was also holding a book and reading it together, was not shy. He forbeared to learn. Where is it?

At noon, we played badminton with biqingyuan. First we played badminton in the school, then we went to study school. After playing badminton, we had to go to sleep. Later, we took a nap in class and stopped it.

Today, there was a power failure. I went out with biqingyuan to have a talk. I felt a little friendly.

In the evening, there was another scolding about thieves.

Chen Bin, Tai Chenghua and other scholars speak of the beauty of the royal mausoleum, which is attributed to the wealth of geography? Love? I can't help being annoyed, and Xu Qian is not comforted, and a little ashamed. Suddenly I saw a book that said "there is no fragrant grass anywhere in the world". Yes! "There is no fragrant grass anywhere in the world". Who will win and who will lose in the big world in the future?

Chapter 23

19850107-08 diary


At noon, I went to Mr. Ji's office to talk about the theft. Mr. Ji said that he also planned to talk about it. He wanted to find out his ears.

Evening self-study and biqingyuan decided to take the history and geography examination in the future, with a score of more than 95. The name is "higher requirements". I want to try my best to do it.


When I woke up this morning, I didn't think of it. It was difficult for me not only because of the story, but also because of the theft. Today, I am at the end of my tether. There are no oneortwo meal tickets and none of the food tickets. I borrowed a ten kilogram meal ticket from Tai Chenghua and then a one yuan vegetable ticket from Wang Fei. How can I help you? How can I help you?

Today, I saw Liang Shangfei. In fact, the more I saw him, the more I looked at him. Finally, I thought he was Liang Shangfei. I watched him everywhere and defended him everywhere.

At noon, Mr. Ji led all the students to the camping camp to check the beds and boxes. The main task was to check them. If they really only checked them, they thought it was too clear.

Later, I went to Mr. Ji's office and talked about it again, but it didn't work out after all. Thinking of this, I am more homesick. After thinking about it, compared with all kinds of people, only my parents really hurt me. Others are also false! It's just a moment! How I want to dedicate a piece of my heart to my bitter parents. Why not?

19850109--10 diary


I washed my clothes at noon. It has been two weeks since I took off. I was always afraid of washing them. I just delayed. I washed them because I wanted to go back to get money this week. In fact, I washed them once, but I was lazy.

I went to the library and saw the change of Guan Zi. I felt very good. Later, I went to the reference room (open to the third year of senior high school) to check the Jurong land directory. I found that Shangyin was the place where taokan built his camp. Dazhuo was the temple of Zhenwu emperor. The big one was zhuoye, and the outstanding one was tall. The map can be found in every village.

Today, I know that I have no money. I can't buy anything. I'm forced everywhere. I think more about how my family is living. I'm very ashamed!


When I woke up in the morning, it was still dark. How about Gai? When I went outside, I saw a candle light in class 3 of senior high school. I knew someone was reading a book. It was so hard. But now, it should be hard. Then I went to bed, fell asleep for a moment, and woke up, but I didn't think of it.

In the afternoon, the school held a meeting. President Wang said that it was to strengthen ideological education. Now the students' thinking has actually regressed. It's funny. I can't figure it out and I don't want to figure it out. After the evening self-study, Qingyuan said that he was troubled and often thought that people were in danger. I only said that I should not think about it at present. It will be a long time to get into a good school. However, I also admit that I think that human nature is good, and the environment is not right.

19850111-12 diary


Tai Chenghua: 11 Jin meal ticket, 1 yuan for Wangfei and 1 yuan for sunguanghai.

Biqingyuan: fifty cents.

When we went to play ball with biqingyuan during the break, we suddenly saw Wang Qun. She also went to the dormitory. She felt proud. She seemed to dodge, but she didn't give up. After a few glances, she was still an old friend, but I felt aggrieved.

At noon, when we went to the street with biqingyuan, we suddenly felt that there was an inferiority complex, which was the same with him. Xiuchang often watched Pingshui, but we didn't see him watching it. It was really puzzling.


Today, I decided to go home. Because I had stolen 6 yuan, I was heavily in debt. The financial aid had not been issued yet. I had already pinned my hope on him. At noon, I went to buy a ticket with Chen Bin. Then I ran around the newly-built "Jurong threehundred goods company" and "people's shopping mall", and I felt ashamed. Gaiyin's family (of course a few) were well dressed. You can see Li Erqiao, even more. In fact? But the heart is very bitter.

Go home. Walking up to the arch bridge, I saw a woman busy in her own field. She stood for a while and couldn't look at herself. Unfortunately, she couldn't see clearly. She knew it was her mother, but she was so well dressed and was uncertain. Then I called me faintly. I ran to the field. She was fertilizing. She was really her mother, so I called. She dressed really well (later I knew she came back from drinking wine). I asked me, and I helped her. I wanted to talk to her, but I had nothing to say, so I had to blame myself. After a while, my father passed by the roadside and said, "Yimin is back." I quickly answered him and called "Dad". He went to send money to my brother. He wore pants full of patches. They were white and blue. I didn't feel sad. How much effort my parents spent on our three brothers. When I got home, my grandmother burned two eggs, but I felt like I had a debt or love!

In the evening, my father wanted to fry melon seeds. He specially fried fried rice with oil and gave me one to eat. They all ate porridge. Dad brought me new cotton padded shoes to change. I really wanted to earn money and be filial at once. However, he gave me 15 yuan, and I gave him 5 yuan. I didn't tell them about the loss. I really didn't want them to add another worry and two silver hairs. Before going to bed at night, I sincerely took a pot with me. I really want to be close to him and make him feel sentimental, but I can't do anything.

19850113-14 diary


I woke up very late. It was the best sleep in several days. In the morning, I asked my grandmother to sew sweatpants and sleeves, and my mother washed my ski shirt. At lunch, I cooked three eggs, and my father always let me eat them. I am really. When I was cooking, my mother said that there were 6 eggs last time and 10 eggs this time. When I grew up, my grandmother made a insole for me. It was nice and hard. She said that my father carried so many meters (55 kilograms) last time. I was sorry when I grew up, and he didn't buy a bus ticket when he came back. He took the bus in the shade. He didn't tell me that I couldn't write anymore. I didn't know when my ticket was gone when I took the bus. I was in a hurry. I wanted to stop near the station. If I did, there was no way out. But I was in a bad mood.


This morning, when I woke up, I still didn't think of doing exercises. Few people went there. After a while, Mr. Wu came to the dormitory, and we got up. Although I got up late, I got up much earlier than before. It turned out that I was lack of motivation and slept late at night.

Today, Xu Qian's clothes are still the same as before. I shouldn't be forced to dress.

At noon, the school arranged a private movie "the wreath under the mountain". I saw the novel in the summer vacation when I was in junior high school. I cried twice. This movie cried twice. The novel went to the company to pay the bill with Yuxiu and his mother on the death of three joys. The film was written by jinxiaozhu, who asked his father not to blow up his leg and told his grandmother when he fell. He really regretted thinking of his grandmother! There was another time when Yu Xiu was crying at the tomb. I can't tell the beauty of the novel, but I shed real tears.

I read some college entrance examination papers today, and I think it is much clearer.

Chapter 24

19850115-19 diary


I am not in a good mood. I seem to have lost something. I feel lacking in my heart. I feel a little interested in English today. I must learn it well, I think.

In the afternoon, Tai Chenghua had a sweet potato. Later, Wang Fengzhi, I felt that I hadn't talked with him for a long time. I gave him half a potato for a while, and he was willing to accept it.

At noon, I met XURUI, stopped him and asked him if he would go back? He said maybe, so I asked him to bring me a piece of steel, which was ordered by grandma when he was leaving home. Alas! Why should I be so considerate? I am powerless again.

At noon, I met Tang Bing, the third year of senior high school. When he was teacher Fei, he called. He didn't know first, then smiled, and gave a vague promise. It was really funny.

Frustrated and left out? Why is there no lack of anything, but an empty heart?


My heart is very poor, and I have become like that again. Alas, I don't know when to stay this time. Today, I sent out my winter vacation homework and did some Chinese to review, which is also a good thing.


Still like that, my heart is very heavy. I played table tennis for a class in physical education. It was very interesting, but I didn't know anything after that. It was still so boring. Learning from the bitter experience, it seems that there is no answer, but is it because the clothes don't agree (snowboarding shirt)? Today, our class won the volleyball match with classes 3 and 4 (men).


The history quiz, the paper is very simple (in my opinion), basically done right, it seems that this learning method is very good. I read the geography by myself in the evening, and I can master it well. Foreign languages and mathematics should be strengthened. I believe in myself. I can't look down on mathematics.

Today, I gave out the financial aid, which was originally 12.2 yuan (9.2 yuan plus 3 yuan scholarship), deducted the tuition (the book fee was not paid in full), and there was still 6.05 yuan left. I decided to work harder and bring the money to my family so that I could send some hope.

At dinner, Xu Rui asked paizizi to go back. Later, he found him and asked him to bring some more dishes. He couldn't tell. He was dumb.


It's the end of the exam, the holiday and the Chinese New Year. Let me stop "Rizhi" and relax. Alas, it shouldn't be the end, no!

End 31. See you next time.

19850323--25 diary

New semester


This morning, I suddenly remembered that I should show zhengrenxiang (female classmate) what I had written in the past, so I copied some. I was very nervous and gave them to her after school. At noon, talking with Wang Feng in front of the classroom, Zheng suddenly came to me and said that it was well written. She said she couldn't understand it. The couplet was very good. She asked me if I wrote it. I was so surprised. She gave me a piece of writing paper. Wang Feng took it to read it and promised to copy it for me. Of course, I couldn't wait for it. When I got home, my brother's language platform had 280 yuan and 100 dollars. I was very proud.


I really couldn't sleep last night. I thought a lot. But she was also in a very good mood. She wore a suit (Su University uniform). Before she left, her mother cooked four more eggs. She always ate more than ten eggs every time she came home. She was very kind and thought about the future. After Jurong left with XURUI, I bought a white shirt (more than 8 yuan) and a tie (4 yuan). I felt good wearing it. People also paid attention to it.


In the morning, she handed the manuscript to zhengrenxiang, but after a while, she said she would hand it in, but he (teacher Fei) didn't approve of it, so he said to leave it to her. Of course, I wouldn't allow it. She said yes when she asked for it back!

After telling Wang Feng, he went to the street to buy manuscript paper. In the evening, he re selected it and sent it to liwenru, the editor of the Chinese daily. After self-study in the evening, he copied it and sent it. It will fly away with a piece of hope for me.

19850326 diary

After the second class this afternoon, teacher Fei asked us to have a meeting. I, Liu Hui, zhengrenxiang, qianxiaoyu, and an unknown female student (who speaks Mandarin well and belongs to the student union) said that a literary society should be established. I would be happy to speak first. I think it's good to call it "Maoshan literature society". They don't agree. I don't think so when they say "stream" or "ginkgo". Later, I proposed that I should recite some ancient Chinese, but they said that reading and writing novels were different. Later, teacher Fei asked Liu Hui to be president, but she pushed me. Of course, I didn't want to participate, so teacher Fei went down the stairs. Later, they argued with me about ancient Chinese. Liu Hui said, "poisoning", and I said, "benefit". I said that it was boring to run a literary club. It was better to break up. Qian also ran, Liu said, "I'm sorry." I said, "it doesn't matter if you don't have me." otherwise, the girl said that Mao Zedong and his colleagues run newspapers very well. I said that they share the same aspirations, but now they have different aspirations, but they are determined to quit. Later, when I was having dinner, zhengrenxiang told me that she didn't want to participate, but she didn't have the courage to join me. Now she retired, and I said, "just in time.". It seems that she admires my ancient poems. I don't know why others don't know. She always said that I couldn't eat well, so I had to change my tune. Then I finally left, but I didn't know what to do. I found "ancient prose Guanzhi" and read it!

Chapter 25

19850327 diary

Last night, we were talking about communism. I used to say I didn't believe it. I must feel sad that I had done something wrong. But now I think it is also a science and a religion. Like Christianity, the capital, that is, the Bible. A man who is not a big cause should also be open and aboveboard. Why should he be bound by others? Marx hasn't met yet. Why do you believe in him? I can say: not believing in communism is just like not believing in Christianity, but it's just a matter of justice. However, some people say that the horse is swollen when they see the camel. Their mouth and heart are different. They should believe it if they believe it. If they don't believe it, they should not force it.

I think we should believe in ourselves, and I think people should: 1. Pursue the true meaning of heaven and earth; 2. Be innocent. We should have a foothold in the present, do what we do now, and talk about what kind of society we can live in. We can talk about the realization of communism one day, but one day the earth will explode. What else can we live in? Sad husband!

19850328--29 diary


Yesterday, I took the geography test. I thought it was very good, and made an exception to hand in the paper in advance. Later, when I went to have dinner, I just took the box. The teacher shouted at me and showed me the paper (which had just been changed). I didn't know how good it was. Once I saw it, it was only "86", which was very bad in my heart. Later, I handed it in. He analyzed it for me, and it was all right in my heart.

Today, he said that the highest score was 89 points. Before I finished the correction, my heart stopped. Is it true that I am behind others? I really didn't mention it in my heart. But I must catch up.


At noon, he played a hairball with sunguanghai. It was very hot. Later, Xu Qian also played with a classmate. Unexpectedly, he was very happy. He first met Xu Qian outside and expected to meet her. After dinner, she fought with biqingyuan again. Xu Qian went to see the blackboard again. Because she was close to me, she was very suspicious. Alas, she was amorous.

I had to go to bed when I was studying at night. Then I fell on biqingyuan's lap. He teased my hair and told me about his past. It was actually an affair. Several female students were subtle. He said it was one of the pessimistic factors, but I was not.

He said that he was ill, and he was also very pessimistic. He also talked about his family. One night's self-study passed.

19850330 diary

In the morning, in geometry class, Mr. Zhang said that liberal arts should learn mathematics well, and gave several examples, so I really wanted to learn. He said that Mr. Ji told me that I was a material of Nanjing University. The teachers knew all about me, so the students looked at me. I pretended not to know, but I was very happy. I must live up to my teacher.

At about 4:20 after the evening school, I suddenly saw thick smoke billowing outside the dormitory. I went to see it with wangbeiyu. The smoke kept rolling and spilled to the north. Everyone on the road was running, watching and talking. There was also regret. It turned out that the gasoline depot of the bus was on fire. One barrel after another exploded and burned. The road was crowded with people watching, but they couldn't. The smoke was blowing out, and from time to time the fire swept over the smoke.

The fire burned for two hours before the Nanjing fire brigade came to put it out. When I went to the scene with wangbeiyu and Ren Guangrong, I saw a layer of white things on it, and the sky was still floating. Holding it in my hand, it was foam. It turned out that it was dry ice to put out the fire.

After dark, I went back to my dormitory.

19850331 diary

When I woke up in the morning, I felt very late. Because it was Sunday, I reluctantly went to bed again. Later, I felt very late. It was more than 9 o'clock, but it was only 7 o'clock when I looked at my watch. I got up and read a Book - "the poet": "at dawn, I will set off..." Photography and painting, stone and jade with poetry, were very moved and played cards later. After dinner, I went to Chen Bin to get clothes and lent him a suit to dance. At noon, I read the book University. The golden mean. I thought it was very right, so I had a little faith.

Later, when Xu Qian came to read a book, she was a little angry.

Later, I went to play basketball. It was so hot that I wanted to drink water. When they went to the street with Li Erqiao and Daosheng, they walked aimlessly. Later, they asked each other where there was tea. Later, they thought that there was no tea seller in the dark? Not funny.

Later, I went to the kiosk to buy soft drinks. I asked the saleswoman if she had sparkling wine. I said she would get drunk or drink it with it. I asked her if she had boiled water. She said no, and smiled down. She felt funny. Tao Sheng and Li Erqiao also laughed. Later, they returned to class and drank some cold water. They dared not drink more.

Chapter 26

19850401 diary

It's very windy today. It's a little cold. Fortunately, Tai Chenghua gave me a suit and a sweater last night. I really thank him. Teacher Fei asked me how to do it. He said that they must set up a literary society and zhengrenxiang must participate in it. In the end, I refused. Guo Wei said that they were sorry, but not reluctantly. I have several reasons: 1. I don't want to write articles. I just want to read books. Because I recite ancient Chinese and have different aspirations, the Tao is different. 2. To be admitted to a university, 3. Teacher Fei didn't pay much attention to it. He didn't see how it was. 4. Middle school students can't become a big climate. What's the meaning?

Most of the girls in the class want to go on a spring outing in Yangzhou, but some of the boys don't want to go. Li Erqiao was determined not to go. I didn't want to go, but I will go again later. They are all more determined. Now they don't want to go. They are still determined. I don't know why.

Zhengrenxiang, the team leader, asked me to go. I said that they (mawenxiang and Li Erqiao) would not go, nor would I. but she still insisted that I would not. Fengqingrong asked me to go, and biqingyuan also pretended that I would go, but I still refused. Later, zhengrenxiang said that they (Hong Xin and them) also wanted me to go. Xu Qian also looked at me, but I still didn't go. She told the monitor, Tan Derong, but after a while she knew that only three people in group two would not go, so she went to tan Derong again to sue.

In the morning, he said to Chen Bin, "you are a bad person with many shortcomings", and told him that he doesn't care about feelings and it's difficult to have close friends. In the afternoon, he held me by the shoulder and said, "after thinking for a long time, I decided to change my mind, stay with me, open up a base area (two people alone) and reunite." I was very excited and asked him why he broke the mirror? How many times have you been reunited in ancient times? He said that we were the first to meet and befriend each other (sophomore year of high school). In the past, I said, "those days are unforgettable." It's really decided. Can you?

I wonder why I can be loved? Why do those women want me to go? He was too sentimental and said: No. According to the past: Ju Hongcheng, Zhengbao, gaoxianzhong, Wang Feng, Chen Bin and biqingyuan can all express their sincerity. I have been rewarded by my teacher for many times, but I am incompetent.

However, the early love in my heart is the same every time: for example, Chen Lan, wutinghua, wangdaoyin, renjuan, wangguofang, lixiaoxia, Wang Qun and Xu Qian, how far away they are? It's pure and absurd to forget them once they pass.

19850402--03 diary


It's strange that they always say that huangjianlan and I are interesting, but I know nothing about it. Guy mawenxiang said that when he was just a sophomore in senior high school, he held cultural and recreational activities. He asked me to sing a song and said, "my class study committee member" said, but I didn't know. I only knew that Hong Xin, the Secretary of the League branch, called me. But Li Erqiao took it seriously and talked more and more about it. Later, many people believed me and made fun of me. It was really "everyone locked in the money, but I didn't mean it at all. Isn't it too bad? Where's Xuqian? Why did they talk nonsense last night? I didn't mean to.

In the afternoon, the class said that there were 10 people dancing. Of course, there was no me. People's minds are in danger, so why envy them. After dinner, I went shopping with Li Erqiao. After that, I mended my leather shoes (up the line), which was full of melon seeds.


This afternoon, mawenxiang and I had a heart to heart talk, and we started talking like two hearts. He told me that some of fengqingrong's love affairs actually involved Chen Jun. although I knew something about it, I didn't believe that Chen Jun would do so. So I tried to ask him in a tone of disbelief. He said to me: in an examination of Physical Education (written), such as volleyball knowledge, Chen Jun had a note with Feng, which Feng told mawenxiang. I also knew that Chen Jun told him to choose blindly when he was taking an English test (the time was up, and the multiple-choice question was not done well). However, this is true. I can't pity my husband! Mawenxiang also sued me. Feng first intended to change, but now he wants to change when he sees something different. But what about me? Cheated? Alas! Let's use a sentence: "sentimental people are always heartlessly annoyed". It turns out that this is the case. You are sentimental, but you have a good feeling in your heart.

However, I don't think so. Isn't it true that it's not impossible for me to do it? Isn't it just a joke? Yes, there are plenty of people in the world. Can you feel sorry for someone who shouldn't? "Let it be fragrant".

Mawenxiang also said that he could not trust anyone. He would do unexpected things at some time. I call it "forced by the environment". I am always on the theory of good nature. Ma also said that my heart was too good. There was nothing else. I was so happy. They talked about self-study for the whole evening while doing their homework. Later, Chen Bin came and blamed us. I played with him, but he was very angry. Did we hinder others' study? The voice is not high! Chen Bin, what can I say?

In a word, the more you think about it, the more wrong you are. Chen Jun, you are too sorry for me. Of course, you can't blame you. It's also forced by the environment. I just blame myself for being amorous. It's really "people's hearts are in danger". But what about the ends of the earth?

19850404 diary

I talked with sunspot this morning. Now I feel that he is the only one who knows me. But I used to be bad with him and hate him. I really shouldn't have. He said that I have changed. I am not shy like before. I like talking with people, but I don't know whether it is better or worse. I think we should study hard now and stop making friends with people. They have no ambition. How can they talk about it? It's hard to find a bosom friend, but you can't force yourself. I just think he is good.

In the morning, the geography teacher said that the high terrain of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau was bad. I thought of Yugong removing mountains. He told Liang Shucai that the Chinese people should carry forward the spirit of Yugong removing mountains and move it elsewhere. He laughed and said later that it would be moved to Vietnam. He was really impressed.

After lunch, he told Li Erqiao that if he raised a pig, he would cut a piece of meat every day and eat it like this when it grew up. He said that like his brother, I had some fantasies.

At noon, I grabbed my tune with Li Erqiao, but I broke off with a slight turn. It was really fun. At this time, a voice called "Yimin". When he saw that it was his uncle, he shouted a few more times, so he went downstairs and took him to the dormitory. He told him where the dormitory was. He came to the timber company again and told him about the spring outing. He gave me two yuan. I said it was enough, but he forced me to give it. Really, he came to the daily newspaper.

Before the evening self-study, I had a heart to heart talk with sunspots, about the past, about my first year of high school, about one of the people in the universe, about my family members, and about going to college. He first said to go, but I said I would not go. I talked in the school room for a long time. We have many common views. People are too poor. Everything is boring. We are disillusioned with the world. Our family is very kind to themselves, and said that we must go to a good school. Yes, study hard! We will, get rid of all distractions.

Chapter 27

19850405--06 diary


During the evening self-study, Liang Shuli destroyed several cards. Because he was so hurt, he played cards in all his spare time. I used to do the same. Later, I resolutely changed it, but they didn't change it. It's a big attraction! After a while, Mr. Ji asked me to go to his dormitory to talk with me about the situation in the class. He asked me and answered. I said that the study atmosphere was not strong and my thoughts were complex, but he asked me to talk about discipline. I was not interested in it and didn't talk much about it. But after a long time, he went back to class and talked to someone else. He said that I had good grades and learned well. He also said that I had a good foundation on my report card last semester. I still remember my feelings. Someone told him that I was reading novels. He said that I was about to do this, but now I have to study hard in mathematics, English and history.

Today is Tomb Sweeping Day. I should have gone to Zhaowen mountain to visit the tomb, but it rained, so I just went to Gaoyi. After class, many people went to the toilet. I chanted: "it rains in succession during the Qingming Festival, and passers-by on the road want to break their souls. I would like to ask where the restaurant is. The shepherd boy pointed to the apricot blossom village from afar." And pointed to the toilet, Wang Ling also with, ridiculous.


At noon, Li Erqiao spoke in front of the railing. Biqingyuan, fengqingrong, Hua tinggan and Tang Pingping listened. Of course, there was me. He said Xu Qun said, "this guy is the ugliest." It used to mean me. I became dumb when my heart got angry. He also said that Xu said Bi Qingyuan was the most vicious, but what about me? Somehow, it seemed that I had suffered a great grievance, but it also seemed that it was true. Later, I read a book and slept with my hands on my back. I thought that I might have stayed for a while, but I couldn't figure it out. But have you been cheated? After physics class in the afternoon, I reluctantly told Bi that I was angry. He said vicious words that hurt people. A pretty young man was said to be the ugliest. I hope so. However, I don't think why he said this. Does everyone think he is beautiful (me too), or "people's hearts are in danger?" This year, the epidemic of brain disease is very popular. We won't go on a spring outing. Just as it happens, I don't want to. People's minds are in danger. After dinner, I wash my hair and comb my hair alone in the dormitory. I have to dress up. But the heart is very sad, "bad words have been cold for ten years."

19850407 diary

I feel dizzy. Now I want to come. It's like a dream.

I got up very late in the morning. I couldn't eat breakfast as usual. After washing, I was at a loss. I had to comb my hair in the mirror. What kind of hair might I comb? I don't know. After washing my clothes, I was at a loss for what to do this morning. Is it all for Xu Qun?

After lunch, he went shopping with Da Hongwei. After that, he went to the Xinhua Bookstore to read a book. He didn't buy a vocabulary for his brother. He was very sad and pitiful. When I returned to my dormitory, I went to bed. I thought of everything at home in the past. It's not sad. Everything can make me cry and make me sad.

Alas! Can't I cheer up? My career matters. Am I really ugly? My mother said that when I was a child, Ragon said that I was better than my brother. My neighbor, Huang Ming's mother, said that a man is better than me, just like me. Zhengfang said to my mother, "your second son is like a city man." People are willing to make friends with me. Isn't that true? If you can believe it, people's hearts are in danger.

Of course, learning matters. I don't often say, "is going to college better than anything?" If not, who am I worthy of? Father, mother, uncle, aunt, uncle, aunt, grandmother, mother-in-law, brothers, cousins, villagers, teachers and classmates. Oh, really.

In the evening self-study class, he talked with mawenxiang about it. He thought it was not the case. He said I could. Xu Wei was jealous (I wore a suit). He says he can't do as well as I can. He said it was true, I think so. He said I looked like a little guy in garrison expendables. I think it's true. I'm not bad. Alas! I've really been cheated. Let's stop talking.

19850408--10 diary


I don't know if I'm pessimistic today. I can't help it. In the afternoon, there will be a class cadre meeting (I am a study committee member) to discuss discipline issues, focusing on "management". They were very warm, and I said nothing but felt uneasy. Ability? No? But I deny that I am no longer interested in "management". Everyone wants to take the college entrance examination. Otherwise, how can I be worthy of my parents? I will manage myself well.


In the afternoon, I took the history exam, but I didn't review it. I was so afraid. I really hope I can take the exam later. I didn't think it was difficult after the exam, especially after three questions and answers and a few questions and answers in a row, it was very easy after the exam. Fortunately, I took the exam, otherwise I would be reimbursed for one night's self-study.

I got 99 points in the math test. I'm optimistic about it. I'm not worse than others.


The cultural and entertainment committee member brought a tape recorder in the afternoon and played Zhou Feng's song in the afternoon. It was very pleasant to hear. Before the evening self-study, I bought many flavored melon seeds according to my promise. I bet with Bi Qingwu that Mr. Ji wanted to talk to him, but he didn't talk. But my promise was fulfilled. I understand.

Talking about life with biqingyuan and Li Erqiao, I said that if I wanted to open up, it would be boring. If one day is boring, life is just eating and dressing, and one has to die, it is inevitable. This is called disillusionment with the world of mortals, but I am a higher class. If I know that I want to open up, I don't want to open up!

When talking about songs, I said that the epidemic was good, but Bi might be, for example, the flu. I still said that it was good for the cold. Don't think about people. He was still strong. I said that this disease is better than other diseases, just because it can be popular and known. Li Erqiao acquiesced, saying that the world is like this. There are no bad things. I think there are no bad things. Everything is for survival. People only divide the good and the bad according to their own wishes, like bees and spiders. In fact, my view is very reasonable.

Chapter 28

19850411--14 diary


At noon, Qin Bin took a copy of "looking at the Sino Soviet war from the records of important military areas" (Sugita Ciyi). I took it and immediately attracted it. It turned out that they were optimistic about China and the Soviet Union. Unexpectedly, there was such a serious territorial problem that they could not decide whether to fight or not. The Soviet Union and its satellite countries, Mongolia, Vietnam (Laos, Cambodia), Afghanistan, as well as the Allies North Korea and India (Sikkim), the eastern sea of China, and the Soviet Union's Pacific Fleet blockade. Only when China is friendly with Japan, the United States and Western Europe can it. When they returned to their dormitories to blow the Sino Soviet war, some of them only made empty comments. It can be seen that it is important to say something based on facts. However, we (dormitory) all hope that war will break out. I don't know why.


In the history class, Mr. Ji told me that GE Yunfei had set the sea to fight against the British, saying that he had the same surname as me. In history, the surnames of Ge liaoliao, Ge Rong, Ge Xian and Ge Hong were pathetic, but start from me.


Give out the composition, 82 points. Da Hongwei's comment is "there is a sound on the ground today in Japanese, wait and see what you can do at your feet". He writes the truth.

In the afternoon, I saw a Qigong performance (xuyunpeng). It was not good, but the momentum was not small. I washed my coat in a hurry in the evening and waited for it to dry.


As usual, I didn't have breakfast, and then I ate some fried rice, which was very fragrant. At noon, I went to repair my watch. I broke the wind up button and spent one yuan. When he came back, he saw a woman in front of a group of people, like the player in class 3. Suddenly, a voice called him. Then a Chenjun came with his mother and told him to go to Nanjing. He also said that he would return that day. He was ashamed that he would be very good. Let him go, No. In the evening, I took a bath and borrowed two yuan from Tai Chenghua.

19850415--18 diary


In the morning, Li Erqiao in the upper bunk said that he hadn't slept all night. I was afraid of getting up very much. Later, during the general cleaning, Ma Wenxiang cleaned for Li Erqiao and me for a while. All day is a word: ashamed, bored and tired.


In the afternoon, I saw the movie "new fangshiyu", but I didn't see a good one. The plot was very similar. I watched martial arts completely, and Li Erqiao said the same.


At noon, Xu Rui told me in the canteen that my mother was coming. He had a feeling of joy and fear. He was ashamed. When I saw my mother after the meal, I went to the dormitory instead. She said my clothes were dirty and that I had lost a button (really thin). She insisted on giving me a laundry newspaper and told me that Yinong had bought a suit (40 yuan). After washing, she went to catch the bus. She brought me a quilt to change and a bag of fried rice. She gave me money. I didn't want it. She said uncle and I were two yuan. She didn't know that uncle was also bitter. After escorting her away, I saw that she had a lot of white hair and was short (I don't know why). Alas, how can I be worthy of her! I changed my suit, but I feel better. Really.


After dinner, I looked at the geography in the classroom. It was very easy to remember. If only I could hurry up.

At noon, Hu Cheng, Daosheng, mawenxiang and Ren Guangrong were given fried rice and sugar to eat. It was fun to throw them away. They scrambled. The sugar was very sweet. I also thought it was delicious. Hu Cheng said that it was too good to aftertaste.

19850419--22 diary


In the morning, biqingyuan and I had a small piece of sesame cake.

At noon, biqingyuan and I had a chestnut.

In the afternoon, biqingyuan and I had a handful of multi flavored melon seeds (with sweet taste), a little with sunguanghai, and then with Hucheng, not to be affected, but also with Guanghai. It was fun.

In the evening, Hucheng and I had a handful of flavored melon seeds and a half with wuwenhua.


In the evening, I played chess with sunguanghai. I had the advantage first, but then I lost. Be careful. However, the Second World War was defeated by Da Hongwei. There were mountains outside the real mountain, which was despised by Hu Cheng.


I still haven't had breakfast today. I read English in the morning. The evening self-study class and biqingyuan talked about the first part of the class. It turned out that luoshouxi and Li Erqiao had some feelings, and so did I.

Today, zhaotingxi talks about biqingyuan's 35 degree angle and right angle. It turned out that it was the second ring, but the first ring was Chenjun. Without saying it, I was really cold. As for Tan Derong, Wang Ling, Chen Bin, zhaotingxi, fengqingrong, Li Erqiao and biqingyuan, I can't teach them, but I know the reason.


On Thursday this week, the mid-term exam began. When I went to class at noon, I saw a Chen Jun, who was very middle. Bibo covered his shoulders, with even materials, long legs and slim waist. He was well dressed and had a strong sense of tightness. I didn't feel flustered.

In the afternoon, the class held a group discussion to comment on the personal summary, but there was nothing to talk about. I gave a section to biqingyuan and the girl. I really scolded him. Chen Jun smiled, but he didn't know what he knew.

Chapter 29

19850423--28 diary


It's really nervous to review, but I'm not afraid. As long as I work harder in English, I'm very optimistic. At noon, Li Hongtao and I had to finish the exams of the romance of Li Zicheng and the romance of Yongchang. During the afternoon nap, I saw Songmin kill his wife. It was very funny. The winner was the prince and the loser was Kou. I didn't fall asleep.


In the morning, sun Guanghai said that Qingzhou, Xuzhou and so on. It turns out that President Wang once said that there are many famous cities in Jiangsu: Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Suzhou and so on get full marks. It's really interesting.

In the afternoon, a meeting was held to discuss the examination discipline and rank. It must be done well.


In the morning, I took the Chinese test. I felt good. I was also satisfied with my composition. In the afternoon, I was also very good at history. It was really happy.


Today, I took the geometry test and English test. I was very satisfied with the geometry test, but my English was poor (I was poor in English). I had to catch up.


When I woke up in the morning, I couldn't sleep after three o'clock. As soon as I have something to do tomorrow, I wake up early. I did well in algebra. It's especially valuable to have a good geography test, but others just can't.


In the afternoon, I took the political exam, which was also very good. At last the exam was over.

In the evening, I watched the movie Yamaha fish stall. It was very good, full of life flavor and southern flavor. Aaron and Zhuzhu were really good!

19850429--30 diary


This afternoon, the "May Day holiday" began. In the afternoon, I went to the station. I missed my ticket. I had to buy a 4:40 ticket and waited at the station. Hu Cheng and I watched three-dimensional film portraits. I watched the scenery of Hong Kong, the Shaolin Temple and the scenery of the motherland.

The bus was crowded to death. The bus was crowded with Yijun back to back. It was interesting.

On the way home, I met my younger brother and later my father who was pushing a scooter to buy fertilizer. I should be ashamed. I was so sweating. It's good to watch "chains of blood" on TV in the evening, shinfu and Huizi.


At noon today, my uncle took me on a bike and taught me to get on and off. I learned from my brother yesterday. It's good. In the evening, Ju Hongcheng and Wang Zijiang came to play. I'm sorry, but I'm also relieved.


After arriving at the school this afternoon, the Taoist priest took me to public land 202, which is ten miles away from the city. In the east of the city, he said there was a big tower more than 50 meters high, so I gladly went with him. He can ride a bike. Unlike me, he can't. He took me with him. I can't take him with me.

At 4:40, we set out. We were very comfortable and in a good mood. We saw the tower from a distance. It was really imposing.

When we arrived, we first saw a radar, but we didn't understand it. We just watched it. When we arrived at the big tower, we walked around the tower and couldn't help admiring it. Later, we went to several radars, which read "Nanjing West". Daosheng said that it was to protect the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. Now it's useless. When Chiang Kai Shek wanted to counter attack the mainland, he sent planes to shoot, but he shot two objects, a large chimney of a fertilizer plant and a crematorium. Because of smoke, he took the third shot, and two of the three planes were hit. It was really cold.

It's 5:40 when I came back by bike. I'm really glad to see the world.

19850502--04 diary


The geography test paper was handed out in the morning, 90 points, the highest.

At noon, I rode with Tai Chenghua to zhaowangshan - crematorium. He also took me, but I also took him for a while. When we went to Zhaowang mountain, we walked around the cemetery for a week. We didn't know what to do. We watched the memorial hall under construction. It was old and new. That's nice.

Later, I went to the crematorium to mainly look at the chimney. After I went there, there was nothing to see except that it was smoking and the next few were crying. Suddenly a man asked us what we were doing, and I said, "look for my uncle." he asked me, and I answered. I said he knew his family name, Zhang. He asked me to come. He gave me several names. I said no, he said his family name was fan. I insisted that his family name was Zhang, a city man. Later, he took a nap, also known as a meeting, and we left. Tai Chenghua said, "like a dead man", but he was happy enough. He was really addicted to playing.

Chapter 30


Tonight, the school held the first May 4th bonfire party. I can't say what I want. Zhaotingxi and qinbin borrowed clothes and didn't talk to each other. I went to get the car with sunguanghai, but I didn't get it, but I really went shopping in No. 2 middle school. They played the piano well in the kindergarten teachers' class. At the party, there were crosstalk, solo singing, group dancing, and later singing and dancing. There were many programs, but they couldn't really see them. I often went to the front to see a girl who danced in the first year of high school. She was in good shape. Later, she set off fireworks in the experimental building. It was really amazing.

After leaving, he went back to work, but he had nothing to do. He sang wine and coffee with Li Erqiao, which was the best song in the world. Later, he went back to the dormitory to recite poems.


Today is another holiday, because the self-taught people are taking the university entrance examination in our university. I don't know if I should go back? But I still bought the ticket. In the evening, I watched the TV "Legend of heroes in carving" (three episodes), Guojing and huangrong.

19850505--09 diary


In the evening, I watched the legend of the Eagle Shooting hero (Episode III) and the chain of blood (the back of Episode 6). I got a lot.


In the evening, I watched the chain of blood (episodes 9 and 10). Huizi and shinfu, Mr. Qingchuan in the play is really hateful. He causes everything. He smiles all over his face, but his eyes never smile.


I went to school this morning. It happened that Dazhuo town was communicating, but there were not many things. Somehow, he became pessimistic again. When he arrived at school, he was at a loss and went to the street to buy a mirror comb and hair cream. Alas! How can you be pessimistic? Is it only that dreadful, unknown face, so delayed, that it is difficult to see the real man. Noon nap, not taste, recall the past, relatives, straight to cry, what kind of person is he, learning?


Today, I handed out the test paper, algebra 86, English 56.5, which is really bad


Put down the geometry book, 100 points, 98 points later, but I am also satisfied Chinese 83 (84) is the highest. Anyway, I'm not very satisfied

19850510--12 diary


I finished watching the legend of the Eagle Shooting hero (Volume II) in one day, and I have spent any time. Chongyang immortal, Eastern evil and Western poison, southern emperor and Northern beggar, old playboy, Quanzhen seven sons, Jiangnan seven monsters, Qiu Qianren, Guojing, huangrong, Huazheng, Tuolei, Genghis Khan, ouyangke, Yang Kang, all heroes make people tremble. But what is the final result? Nothing.


Today, I saw the movie "three smiles". I thought it was amazing. After Li Erqiao's good words, I was eager to try. But after watching it, I didn't see it. What does Tangbohu want to do with Qiuxiang? Wish Zhishan, make people spit. I had nothing to do in the evening. I went to the Cultural Palace to watch people skate. Several young men had beautiful movements, and two of them danced on one side. Later, I watched others play chess.


I was too lazy to get up in the morning (Sunday). One day I read Notre Dame de Paris (I didn't read it carefully). The book was ok, but the famous work that made Hugo famous had a great reputation, which was actually difficult to attach. The characters in the book are not very optimistic. It's also very good to read the legend of heroes in carving (Part I) in the evening self-study.

Chapter 31

19850513-15 diary


In the evening, I finished watching the legend of the Eagle Shooting hero (Part I) in my self-study. In this way, I saw 32 episodes in 40 episodes, and the plot was clear.

Somehow, wearing a white shirt is a little self filthy, maybe a little big. Yesterday, mawenxiang was surprised to find that I was a m fan. He also said that maybe he thought of m in his heart. Fengqingrong disagreed, but everyone praised himself.

Sometimes I think of myself, sometimes I don't? Really how, who knows.


At noon, I went to the street with Li Erqiao to find the leather shoes. If I didn't find them, I found three kinds of cracks and made up for them. I went back to my dormitory and went to bed. Suzhengyun is still playing cards every day. He is drunk, but what good is it?


Wake up in the morning, 5. 25. They slept for a while and got up at 6 o'clock, but Li Erqiao and his wife hadn't got up yet. Mr. Ji asked me why I failed the foreign language exam. I was shocked and said, "I never did well in the exam". He asked me to do well and not read novels. That's really the case.

19850516--19 diary


At dinner, Ma Wenxiang said "seven" to me. It was really. The street was crowded with people. Most of them bought clothes, but they couldn't. later, they spent one yuan on shorts.


In the afternoon, Mr. Ji announced the mid-term exam. I can't believe he Yan told his grandmother's parents and relatives, but there are still others behind, right.

This time English is poor, but politics (72) is unexpected.


I feel like learning English today. I used to hate this, but now, there is still a year to go. What are you afraid of?

I took a nap at noon and forgot the time. I didn't know when the bell rang. When biqingyuan left, he suddenly found that I was fragrant! He woke up and scolded me. When I looked at my watch, it was bad. I hurried to work. It was a close call.

In the afternoon, I went to the reading room.


Today, biqingyuan treated me to the movie "a Hun Xin Zhuan", which made me laugh the most.

19850520--25 diary


The new biography of ah Hun, which was arranged by the school, still laughed badly.

The next night, self-study and wuwenhua went to the advanced education school to watch TV. At 11 o'clock, they didn't know what the problem was. The one armed man killed nine sons of Chumen. Chu nine sons, their sons and daughters were killing like a plague. Later, Xiujin closed the door, was scolded, and Fang went back to school.


A school meeting was held in the afternoon to discuss the mid-term exam. What can I do? It will continue tomorrow.


After reading the Shangying pictorial today, I felt like I was breaking out.

I went to the library in the afternoon.


Su Zhengyun took a "beauty picture" of Hu Cheng (Zhang Yu and Liu Xiaoqing took a group photo in the Shangying pictorial). Hu Cheng asked Su Zhengyun to buy 100 soft candies, but Su Zhengyun bought them. It's funny. Of course we ate them on the spot.


Hucheng and fengqingrong made a bet on two bags of melon seeds, saying nonsense, "Liang Shuli told him the secret between Liang and Feng. Feng didn't believe it, but Liang confronted him. Feng had to buy it. It seems that friends can't be enough friends.".

0525 (VI)

I washed my clothes at noon. I won't go back today because I have Monday class tomorrow (July). Decided to go back tomorrow. In the evening, I read the legend of the Eagle Shooting hero (Episode II), which is the best martial arts novel in the world. Mu Nianci really doesn't understand Yang Kang.

Chapter 32

19850526--31 diary

0526 (VII)

There will be no holiday tomorrow. Because it rains on Monday, teachers will not go to the countryside to investigate and go to high school. But I ran out of ammunition and food, so I had to borrow it.

0527 (I)

It's hard to borrow money. They say they don't. Borrowed four jiao from mawenxiang. So is da Hongwei. Teacher Fei commented on the composition and said that my writing was a little Lu Xun like. You know, it was the greatest encouragement to me.

0528 (II)

I suddenly decided to have a holiday tomorrow. I'm really unprepared. It was fun today. Da Hongwei borrowed food tickets from me. I borrowed some from liyouwen. In the afternoon, I went back to my family (2). Although it was (7), I could only say (2), let alone (2).

0529 (III)

This morning, I steamed a chicken (little cock) at home. Although it was not delicious, I was still very grateful. My family only said I was thin, alas.

In the evening, I watched TV. The Chinese team played against the Cuban team (women's volleyball team). The Chinese team won 3-2, but the Cuban team couldn't see it. It was really good.

0530 (IV)

I went to the street to get my watch today, because I went to change it yesterday. My younger brother picked up a diamond card and replaced the old Gem Flower. In fact, it was a Zhongshan watch. It was a steal. The watch is much better. It looks like a new one.

0531 (V)

Today, I beat Chen Bin 1:0 and Daosheng 2:0 in chess, but I lost mawenxiang and didn't take a nap. It seems that there will be a day in the sky.

19850601--06 diary

0601 (VI)

Tonight, I went to the power supply bureau with Ma Wenxiang to watch the TV "heroes of carving" (Episode IV).

0602 (VII)

In the morning, I went to the power supply bureau with Ma Wenxiang to watch TV, "Legend of heroes in carving" (four episodes). It's over. In fact, the benefits are not shallow. Genghis Khan laid down so many territories that, as Guo Jing said, he was buried only six feet away. Ouyangfeng said, "who am I?" Just as Guo Jing said, "we don't know who we are." I didn't have lunch and bought some fried dough twist to satisfy my hunger. I ate eight Liang for the first time in the evening.

0603 (I)

Today's school film "black tulip" is adapted from Dumas' novel. "I am me".

0604 (II)

Coincidentally, I saw Mrs. Thatcher today: "I am who I am." today, I really wanted to go forward. It was bright, but I was.

0605 (III)

Look at the youth digest. It is "I am me" again.

It must be believed.

0606 (IV)

In recent days, chess has flourished, and chess skills have increased. He has taken over with Da Hongwei, Hu Cheng and sun Guanghai. He has suffered from a disastrous defeat, but he has remained flat for a long time. You should learn something. He defeated Hu Cheng the night before yesterday and Da Hongwei tonight.

19850607--10 diary

0607 (V)

At noon, Da Hongwei was defeated in one game, and he was defeated after school. After the evening self-study, he fought with Hu Cheng until 11 o'clock, and defeated him in the last game after several setbacks.

0608 (VI)

In the evening, I studied by myself and played chess with Taoist students in the class. When the light went out, I looked for a candle. After more than 1:00 p.m., when I arrived in the dormitory, someone played cards and still lit a candle. After sleeping for a while, I couldn't sleep. I played another chess game with Hu Cheng. It was nearly 3 o'clock, so I dared to sleep tight.

0609 (VII)

It was more than 8 o'clock when they woke up, but they were still very sleepy and weak, and they played an all night card.

At noon, I played chess with mawenxiang and couldn't sleep. In the evening, I didn't go to self-study. After playing chess with Hu Cheng, I went to sleep.

0610 (I)

Today, I cleaned the cleaning area again. It's really troublesome. I don't want to clean it anymore. After dinner, for fear of being scolded by Mr. Ji, he forced Li Erqiao and Da Hongwei to go. He went to the dormitory to take a bath and change clothes.

Chapter 33

19850611--12 diary

0611 (II)

After the geography paper was put down, I was 84, which was also high. In a word, it was OK in the eyes of Guan Xiaotang. He changed me. Many students changed it. So no matter 70, 80 or 60, they called me less. Qin bin was angry and scolded. Qin bin was 63. He was so angry that he hit the teacher hard and changed it by 70 points. Didn't that hurt the students' feelings?

It is a big reason to change the paper strictly, but why do those who are deducted so care about it?

0612 (III)

Mawenxiang said that I cried when I lost my chess. It really annoyed me. Sunguanghai lent me a bad chess, and he also borrowed it. Later, due to the conflict between Hu Cheng and Da Hongwei, he was thrown into the corridor by Su Zhengyun, picked up by the dormitory of the royal mausoleum, and then thrown away by them. Of course, I looked for it after it was lost.

In the evening, I went to bed first. Li Erqiao wanted to talk to me. I wanted to play, so I didn't speak. Ma Wenxiang said the next day that I was crying. I disdained to argue, but Hu Cheng believed it, and so did Su Zhengyun. He said to sun Guanghai, "for chess, he was crying." I was so angry that I asked Ma if he heard it. He said he heard it. I said, "the dirty man is innocent." I swore not to speak to him. Now he is all right. In my bed, I asked him to go and made an agreement with him. It's interesting that if he doesn't speak tomorrow, he can make a good agreement.

19850613--14 diary

0613 (IV)

The relationship between Hu Cheng and me is getting better and better. Due to chess, he is really close. His skills are superb. I am convinced to learn and make great progress. He likes to play with me, and I prefer to play with him.

I washed my clothes today. I'm so happy. I had a big worry.

0614 (V)

Today I played chess and killed the whole world. At noon, I had a set with Wang Feng and a set with Daosheng, winning and losing. In the afternoon, Cui Hui played two sets. He was helped by others. He lost two sets and won one set with Da Hongwei.

Before the evening self-study, I won two sets of Taoist students. I understand that my skills have greatly increased, but I still need to work hard. Is there no end to learning? If you want to kill them, you must study them.

19850615--17 diary

0615 (VI)

After English class in the afternoon, I played chess with Taoist. I also played one game after another during dinner. 4:--10: after the evening self-study, I killed two more games in the dormitory. He lost more. It was very interesting.

0616 (VII)

It was more than seven o'clock when I woke up in the morning. I slept until eight o'clock and got up for a while. After that, I slept until lunch. After that, I simply recited the song of everlasting regret and paced back and forth in the dormitory. I was so happy. Then I slept until three o'clock.

0617 (I)

Time is merciless, day after day, what do you know? I can't help but ask myself, what is the foundation of the great cause? What is the concept of the Chinese Department of Peking University and who am I? If you don't learn English quickly, what's wrong with being a layman? "The kind face often smiles, laughing at the ridiculous people in the world"! I am me.

19850618 diary

A day has passed and nothing has been done. Who am I?

Today, I suddenly had nothing to say with Hu chengge. In the evening, I resumed my relationship with biqingyuan. I was like a friend who had been away for a long time. There were so many words. What?

Today, I made a big joke. I wrote something:

"Sister Teresa Teng, a super world singer, was born on the 14th day of the twelfth lunar month (I don't know if it's true. Anyway, the Gregorian calendar is on January 28). Ge Di Yimin, a scholar named Jurong, was born on the 14th day of the twelfth lunar month (it's true). When Li Jun returned to the mainland, min paid tribute to Yi with his son of the same birthday. Yi laughed, and min laughed, so she became a rebel and made a golden orchid. He was a big sister and min Ci was a younger brother. For a while, it was said that it was (laughter) a good talk."

Ten comments from students:

Li Erqiao's Pravda: whoo! Climbing the dragon and attaching the Phoenix, you can see the whole leopard! The heart of the world, the heart of the people! Pathetic Hoo! Huang Mei and Li Sheng commented that this is the strange current situation of today's society!

Biqingyuan's Wen Wei Po: sad husband, arrogant, dream? They are all empty shadows, and their positions are low and lowly. How can we make love with your honor? However, I don't have to sigh too much. The future will be long, the earth will be safe and the people will be long, the fame will last for a lifetime, and the road will be hard. I hope you can reach the green clouds.

Tao Sheng's weekly review: Ho Ho, Ge Zhe, who is originally an animal, wants to climb higher and become brother and sister with stars. He is an asshole. He dreams and is in the daytime. It is really sad, pathetic and pathetic.

Cuihui's Xinmin Evening News: come overseas to find bosom friends and dream.

Fengqingrong's evening news: it's strange that a "Ge" can't dare to climb high. What kind of marriage is just a fantasy.

Li Erqiao's Chao daily (second review):?!

Hua tinggan, RI Daily: Comrade Yimin is not a Jurong scholar because he doesn't work hard and leads a good relationship. In my opinion, he is called a "plain student" or "mediocre student".

Cui Hui's "Xinming Evening News" (second review): as the saying goes: the Dragon climbs the dragon, and the Phoenix is attached to the Phoenix. Can you be called a dragon? Or Phoenix?

Fengqingrong's daily review (second review): if one review is not enough, let's review again. Cream scholar, waste my pen and ink. It's not worth a review!

Hua tinggan's free essay Tan (second review): it's nothing to mention being a mere villain.??

Chapter 34

19850619--20 diary

0619 (III)

What a lethargy! What have you done these days? Mawenxiang defiled his innocence and broke up with him. Hu Cheng, when I said his shortcomings, he scolded me, ignored me and broke up with me. Li Erqiao said behind his back that he was pitiful. What a good word! He broke up his friendship. How did biqingyuan do it? He spoke ill of people behind their backs. I said he was horrible and dirty. He broke up with me. It's amazing! Tao is the antithesis of heaven. I'm lonely and small. I'm so poor. Is it true that I have been fantasizing about this for almost three months.

0620 (IV)

In the afternoon, we went to the dormitory to take a bath with Taoist. We washed in the bathroom and washed ourselves with tap water. It was very interesting. Changed clothes. Before the evening self-study, I walked around the city with Taoist students for a long time. He said that I was more handsome than before. So did old ma.

During the evening self-study, I had a whole talk with suzhengyun. He told me a lot of truth. I couldn't help feeling that he was cute. Only then did I know that to understand a person, I must get along with him. He said that he has many friends, but I have few. If I want to make friends, I must have the same character and be good with me. Who can do it? Let's talk about it later.

0621 (V)

Today, I took a nap and thought about the theme song "thank you" of "blood suspicion". I couldn't sleep. What a tearful song.

In the evening, they talked about tangjinghua, who was admitted to the youth class of Nanjing University. I was speechless. I swear "north, foreign affairs, promise, society, one". Who understands.


0622 (VI)

I was going to go home, but I didn't go back because I had a political exam in the afternoon.

0623 (VII)

I got up early in the morning and prepared to go back. I took the 7:50 bus and ate three zongzi at home. I played chess with Yicheng. Alas, I don't know what to do. My mother said that my parents didn't eat at my place, but it's my fault. My mother said that after eating (I'm afraid of being annoyed), my father left the second class and waited until twoo'clock. I don't know, but later, in the future, I believe in myself.

0624 (I)

I got up early this morning. I ate three eggs and three dumplings when I got back to school. It was very cold. My family asked me to wear clothes, but I refused. They were better than me. I was in plain clothes. What happened? Is there anything wrong with my family?

This afternoon, I slept in the morning of my class. When I fell asleep, I became cold. In the afternoon, I dragged on my history class. I wanted to vomit, but I had to endure it. After class, I went to the dormitory. I vomited at the entrance of the stairs at school, and went down again. When I went to the dormitory, I vomited violently in the toilet. How uncomfortable it was. I went back to the dormitory and covered the quilt. Alas, where are my relatives and career! I couldn't study by myself at night. I turned the window and went into the dormitory, covered my head and slept.


0625 (II)

The final exam is coming soon, so I will naturally enter the tense review. It's so annoying. You can't stop. Take care of yourself.

0626 (III)

After a nap, I woke up in a sweat. I must have recovered from my illness.

0627 (IV)

I went to see the movie "the prodigal son Yanqing" tonight. I, Daosheng and Li Erqiao went there. I bought tickets and Li Erqiao bought ice cream. In this way, the relationship between me and Li Erqiao was normalized again, but I was a little embarrassed at first. I don't know how I got along with Ma Wenxiang. He and I slept in my bed at noon. I'm also very happy. What is the bond in the world?

0628 (V)

I must be right to my family. What will I do when I grow up? I hope I can fantasize.

0629 (VI)

This morning, my aunt sent rice and forced me to pay more than four yuan.

The final exam will begin tomorrow, and this is the end of Nichi!

Note: due to the busy study in senior three, I have no time to write my diary in order to cope with the top priority of the college entrance examination. I say sorry to myself. I know I will stop for one year! Sorry, sorry! Forgive yourself.

Chapter 35

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand seven hundred and six

The college entrance examination will be held tomorrow. It's really so-called "I don't know when the big pain is coming". It's not unusual. I wish I had taken the exam earlier. I was amazed that there were still more than 20 days left. It can be seen that I was tired of fighting and wanted to fight. Review these days, night to 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock, bitter! During the afternoon meeting, my uncle came to me and gave me two melons. In the evening, I couldn't review. I went to watch the video "divine eagle heroes" (21, 22) with Li Erqiao. Yang Guo and Xiao Longnv are really enviable. I bought tickets for "a thousand miles of black colt" and didn't dare to watch it. After coming back, I was a little excited and couldn't sleep, so I had to sit and torture myself, repeating it twice and falling asleep at one o'clock.

19860707--0815 (end of high school diary)


The great college entrance examination has begun. In the morning, Chinese and geography have been passed smoothly, and the examination papers are easy. Pinyin 3 points. After reading Longtou and qinbin, auspicious people have their own heaven. I slept well tonight.


In today's math and English exams, I failed to work out one and a half math questions, but so did others. It doesn't matter. I got a good English test (I think) and God helps me too! Terrible sentence pattern conversion, collocation did not test, but reading comprehension accounted for 30 points, good!

In the past, I asked luozhihua to copy for me. When I was late, I went to the street to eat dumplings. He broke the money (1.5 yuan). I was very upset. I kept trying to report. I invited him today. Two people eat dumplings at home. It seems that they have arrived at their own home. It's very enjoyable. Four bowls (two yuan and twenty-eight cents). Hell, but they are very happy.

I am very upset tonight. It wasn't until three o'clock that I fell asleep.


Such a great college entrance examination has passed. It has been successful in history and politics.

My brother came by tractor to carry things for me. I gave him everything. There were a lot of things. Mr. Fu originally asked me to wait for him at 7:30. He wanted to rewrite a summary for me and discussed to photocopy the award certificate tomorrow morning so that it could be sent to Nantah. Thank him very much. But before 7:50, I probably had something to do, so I watched the videos "the divine eagle Xialv" (25, 26) and "the woman being followed" with Erqiao. I was very happy.

When he came back, he bought melon seeds to eat. Luoshouxi was very upset about his money. Playing cards until four o'clock, I went to Dai Zhaofang's bed because of mosquito nails. I slept alone.


When I got up today, I waited for Mr. Fu. He said he would wait for him at 9 o'clock (he came last night at 9 o'clock and asked my roommate because I was away). He also waited for Mrs. Xi to turn over the key and take back the money. Later, when I came, I rewritten the summary at Mr. Fu's office. He wrote and I copied it. It was really difficult for him.

Mr. Hou Ji came again and wrote the head teacher's opinion, which was very good. Later, I went to the county government with Mr. Fu and zhengrenxiang to make copies. Zhengrenxiang and I had a strange feeling, like a pair of men and women on TV. You know, I never had this opportunity. Maybe in the future.

Later, I went to the Xinhua Bookstore to buy Pushkin's Lyric Poems (Part 2) and the collection of four people, and then I took the bus home.


I have been watching TV for a few days. There are fewer Hong Kong films and none in Japan. The rise of "railway guerrillas" and the like is pure nonsense.


It's really hard. It's only been more than ten days. It seems that after a century, it's hard to wait.


This afternoon, I was watching Red and black. Suddenly, I asked loudly, "is Yimin at home?", After a few questions, my brother went out, and I immediately thought of the college entrance examination scores. Sure enough, as soon as I went out, I saw dingzhuoran, sweating, and told me, "I know your score, and I told you 532". I immediately became happy and smiled. He went to see XURUI. XURUI told him that he was big enough to be recommended. The whole dormitory was talking about me.

Mom was happy too. After a while, my aunt came.

532, the third in the county, with a maximum of 534.

Thank God!

So I decided to look at it clearly.


This morning, I went to see the score. I took the tractor of Genbao Murakami and saw teachers wangyinquan, wangrongpei, jiyanggen, fushaozeng and fanxianglin. They all said that I did well in the exam. NTU only waited for notice. Zhuning 534, zhengrenxiang 533, I 532, Hua Ping 524, Tan Derong 516, Qin Bing 506, Li Erqiao 454, mawenxiang 422, Tang Ping 483, lijinlin 480. They didn't do well in the exam. I'm really sad for them. If it were for me, I would be dead.

In the evening, I listened to the radio. The first batch of liberal arts students were 517, and the second batch of liberal arts students were 538, and the second batch of liberal arts students were 506, and the first batch of liberal arts students were 518. I got 15 points more than the first batch, and I said hello. I'm really relieved. That night, Dad wrote to his brother.


Forget it, this summer vacation, wait, wait, wait.

Wait for grade, wait for notice (Chinese Department of Nanjing University), wait for school.

When they came, they were glad, glad, glad again.

Go to dinner, go to friends and relatives, treat people to sugar.

Forget it, go to the University!

(end of high school diary ----- Part 2 ----- college Diary).

Chapter 36

High school literature (I)

1. Great Wall Fu

Alas, the Great Wall is so magnificent that it startles the sky. The ground connects Qin and Yan, and the north is blocked by the north wind. You are 2800 years old, and things are 10000 miles long. The giant dragon sleeps on the ground and the lion lies on the ground, which can make the Han Wei powerful. The Han family suffered many difficulties, and then you stood up and chided the north wind. In the north, it's impossible for people to live in the past. Only in the South can we be worried about impermanence. The first emperor of Qin unified and connected with the emperor. Later, the emperor looked at the history of the Qing Dynasty. The Han family has a good land, three emperors, five emperors and two empresses dowagers. The world is full of troubles. People pretend that you know it. Ask you how the Ming River and mountains are. It's so peaceful in the 400 spring and Autumn period. But there has been no peace since ancient times, and too much peace always brings trouble. Once the king rides, he meets the king and worries about the Mingshan mountain.

The greatness of the Great Wall startles the sky and makes people shut their mouths when they see it. Thousands of miles of empty mountains and smoke, the ancient pines are empty. High in the forest, the autumn wind rises, and the dangerous mountains and deep ditches mourn the sound of insects. It is as strong as this. Ho Fu, you can't see all the people from afar, but you can go farther and reach forward. The new wind is blowing in. You have been humiliated. I am ashamed of it. The latter invades the great wall and destroys it. Thousands of people are in trouble. One person celebrates the disaster. The foreign aggressor Hu Wei kills people like a hemp. The sleeping lion never wakes up, and the Dragon covers the ground forever. The greatness of the Great Wall startles the sky. I can't bear to look up and ask you.

2. Hillside sheep Watching "burning the Old Summer Palace"

The officials were far away, the coalition forces were rampant, and the people ran in panic. Looking at the ancient capital, my heart hesitates, and I am sad about the business office for a hundred years,

All the palaces and palaces were on fire. Garden, made soil; Country, make soil!

Night rise

Close the door and push the window to listen to the Jiayu, turn off the lamp to sleep and smell the sound of insects. The ups and downs of life have returned, and there is no future in the dark.

Self question

The vicissitudes of life have gone through many hardships, and the world will never forget moving words. The east wind has passed away, and the fate of Cangshan is half done.

Beauty Yu

It's hard to say goodbye when we meet. Today I'm sad and heartbroken. Your eyes are full of tears. You should know that the Cowherd and the weaver girl laugh at us.

Ask you who is difficult in everything, but you are the only one who is difficult. I can't bear to see the wet skirt with tears on my face. I don't know that my tears are still full.

3. Hui Wenlian:

The mountains are cold, the water is cold, and the autumn wind is evil

Empty pot warms wine, beauty mourns

The wind blows in the autumn, the water is cold and the mountains are far away

The pot of wine is empty.

4. Sunrise all things in Shandong are warm and warm

The moon comes from heaven and shines brightly all around the world

There were two well-dressed men on the bus. The crowd said this was the Transportation Bureau

The bus still wants to open when it passes the station. An old woman climbs the door of the bus and the conductor says that it costs 10 cents a station

5. When Secretary Zhao goes to the countryside, he often comes back to see his mother full of ghosts. He doesn't take a needle from the masses

Director Qian's cupboards are always full when he divides rooms. What's your mother's song about being selfless and not greedy

Director Sun called for workers and opened the back door again and again. What did your ancestors preach about killing relatives for righteousness and treating them equally

Section chief Li visits the official and civilian parents who boast about their parents for eight generations.

6. Send them to their relatives from afar

My father is working hard

When I was studying in the cold window

Thinking about cattle and horses in the field

I do not know another week of Acacia.

7. Three poems

When a child who has just learned how to count counts one, two or three, a poem comes into being.

I'm not a poet, of course I can't write poetry, but I still don't understand:

Why is there only three talents in this world? Why are they the beginning of all things? Doesn't it mean that life produces two, two produces three, and three produces all things? Only three can increase and develop?

Our motherland has always had a long history. Why are there only three emperors? Suiren drills fire, and fire symbolizes the sun, which is called the emperor; Fuxi's traveling to the world is called the emperor of man; Shennong reclaims land, which is called the earth emperor. Is there another emperor? No. Why? I don't know

Why do people only have three lights, the sun, the moon and the stars? Only they can give people light, hope and undying enthusiasm. Why did only three generations of Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties have the right to represent our slave civilization?

Our motherland has always been a land of propriety and righteousness, but what does this have to do with San? There are so many allusions about San. Duke Huan welcomed Guan Zhong in three baths and three banks, and Chonger retired three times to report to the king. Isn't Xuande Gong also a crouching dragon? Why did the ancients make three concessions? Why does it take three bows to show real respect? Why does it take three knocks to get the host's permission? Even before the ancient people executed, the soul chasing cannon had to be fired three times?

People say it's only three things, but why? ZHUJIAZHUANG must be defeated three times, and gaotaiwei must be defeated three times. Why the three kingdoms are not Three Kingdoms? Does zhougongjin want to die with three Qi?

Why? I don't understand.

A few years ago, there were three words on the wall and on the factory board? They are "workers, peasants and soldiers" who are precocious. Only they can represent the people of our country.

Why do the national leaders propose to promote the three major balls while there are many ball games in the sports world.

When people try hard, they don't count one, two or three, so one thing is finished. Why don't they count four?

Why are there left, middle, right, upper, middle and lower, front, middle and rear?

I don't understand.

Oh, so three is the beginning of all things. It is a real poem.

Chapter 37

High school literature (2)

1. Cross the border (Senior One)

What are the hardships,

A long dream awakes.

A good friend gradually leaves with his promotion,

Why is it difficult for heaven and earth to be a hero.

Scholars have to think,

I have already raised my head and sighed.

Where the odd things are not sighs,

The bright moon shines one liter higher on me.

2. My mother

Only maternal love is the greatest in the world, which leads to many mother's hymns. "Meng's neighbor" and "mother-in-law stabbed". I also want to praise my mother. However, my mother is a genuine rural woman. She was born in the village and married in the village. She is 1.6 meters tall, with a round and slightly fat face. There are several silver threads on her black hair. The corners of her mouth always have a kind smile. She just finished her height and then dropped out of school and went home to work. I have to admit bitterly: "my mother is ordinary."

But I still want to praise my mother, just because she is my mother, not someone said: "just because my mother gave birth to my pain, I will never repay her." I was born on the 14th night of the twelfth lunar month, when I was the coldest. My mother paid double the pain of people, and I should repay her double the pain of people.

I want to write hymns, but I am not a poet. I only rely on a few memories to express all my love for my mother.

Every mother loves her children very much. This mother's love is selfish and seems to be animal. I remember that when I was just in primary school, after school, for some unknown reason, several female students surrounded me and fought. Of course, I suffered a loss and my face was broken. After my mother knew it, she took me to the girls' homes at night to complain, not because she wanted to quarrel with others, but because she loved me. Later, they laughed and talked to each other, but I was never beaten by them again.

I remember one time, my mother came home from work and asked me to pour water for her, but when I was carrying a bowl and was about to get close to her, suddenly the bowl broke on the ground, and I burst into tears. Unexpectedly, she did not scold me, but said it was OK.

During busy hours, the team worked at night. Every time we got a good meal, my mother woke us up to eat together. Once I ate, but the next morning I said I didn't eat, which made my mother laugh and cry.

My mother always gets up very early. She wants to cook breakfast. I remember that once my mother woke up and I woke up. She said she wanted to sleep a little longer. I said, "let me get up. I don't want to sleep. You can sleep for a while!" At that time, how I wanted to replace my mother. She was too tired.

My mother is also a very kind person. Once a little girl who collected eggs in a village was bitten by a dog, and her leg bled. Seeing this, my mother immediately ran home and applied Yunnan Baiyao to her, causing my grandmother to say she was not. Although I think my mother did the right thing, I also think grandma's words are reasonable. My mother had also made a lot of efforts for a young man in the village, but the marriage was not successful.

My mother was very filial to my grandmother. Once my grandmother was hospitalized and couldn't eat. My mother specially made dumplings for her to eat. My roommate also praised my mother.

My mother also beat and scolded me, or punished me for doing things. Once when I played with my brother's hat, my great grandfather stopped me, but I wouldn't let him. He said otherwise, he would throw the hat outside. Because I was my brother's hat, I wasn't afraid of him. If he did, my mother thought I had lost it, so she scolded me, and I cried miserably. Later, she knew that it was my great grandfather who had lost it, so she begged me for mercy. At this time, I felt it was my fault, so I gave up.

One night, my mother went to the pond to wash clothes. I went to shine a flashlight. She suddenly asked me if I was good to her when I grew up? Henpecked? I couldn't answer at that time. Although I was thinking about how to honor her and earn money for her when I grew up, it was too far away. I didn't like how to blow it first, but I made a mistake. She wanted comfort at that time.

My mother gave me a lot of emotions, either love or hate, or joy or anger, or sorrow or joy, or beating or scolding. Maybe this constitutes all maternal love.

My mother is ordinary. Speaking of my mother, I don't have any tall image and character in front of me. I only think of a woman who is 1.6 meters tall, with a round and slightly fat face, her ears full of black hair but with a few silver threads on it, and her mouth always has a kind smile. I love her and praise her because she is a real mother.

3. The connotation of young Ge Yimin:

You must have farted

You must be crazy

The moonlight is still light

Your mouth must stink

You must have never been to kindergarten

Dad, go to the bathroom

Look at my b

No bed alas

If you have money to eat meat, you have no money to sleep.

Chapter 38

High school literature (III)

1. Title: couplet of Lin Juemin's letter to his wife:

A young revolutionary often bears infatuation

Comrades who are still coming deserve to die first

Cao Cao, Meng De, Cao ahui

Liu Bei, Xuande, liuhuangshu

2. You love the world, you hate the world, you love the gentleman, you hate the villain

I work for bees and I hate spiders

3. Bee disaster

Poor wasp has a home

The little nest is swaying without trees

A loving mother seeks food far away

Leave pheasants and bees to play

An ignorant child makes a fire

The nest was suddenly in smoke

The fire disappeared for a moment

Returning queen bee shed tears

Three turns around the tree

Inability to stop and walk the jejunum.

4. Graduation pterin

Finished -- good junior high school. I learned six lessons to spend the cold and summer. How short is it? How fast is it? Do you regret the sweat of the old days----- No!

Water melody singer

Snowflakes come from outside, and when they fall, we know that everything is white. We don't know why The snow sighs silently. It is like a soup flowing eastward. When it goes away, it will leave its voice behind. The snow is the most fateful. The gains and losses will be known in a few days

Tang poetry, Song poetry, Yuan music, which have graceful, one and a half poems Thousands of miles of snowflakes are like this, the spirits of the ages are safe, and the world is full of joys and sorrows! Snowflakes never stay, but all pay in a dream

5. Divination operator

Thinking hard and speechless, other families have a lot of worries. My father has been working hard all day and his heart is hidden in my son's heart. There is no need to bother. I just sigh that I haven't been paid. When he is happy, Chunhui will have to make a promise.

For a while

Leaning against the towers of Wushan mountain, the flowers are blue and the river waves are blue. The heart has a fan fluttering at the butterflies, but because the little boy hasn't traveled, he has no choice but to sigh. The Air flies over thousands of sails, and the slaves are worried. They can't bear to look back and think about you. When to stop thinking about love, they raise their heads and bow their heads.

What is the love in the world? Chenshimei said that young people often fall in love with girls

The world is safe. The emperor said that the lonely family is ashamed of the diligent Wang people

6. Sugar, sweet, bitter

"There are bitter sweets in the world. Who eats them? I'm kidding." Oh, dear reader, don't get angry. Let me plead and let me tell you a true story.

It was an afternoon when I was reading at home. My father stepped into the door excitedly and gave me a handful of sugar. I'm no longer a child. But after a while, I knew that something small had happened in the village. It had spread in the village and everyone knew it.

That afternoon, several women in the village were working in the field near the road. It was a quiet place with few pedestrians. Suddenly, a sack full of things fell from a moving tractor. The driver didn't notice it. There was no pedestrian on the road. Just a woman found it and greeted it for a while. After a while, several women came to the road. Everyone was stunned for a while. A woman went to unpack the bag and suddenly found it was a bag of candy. She shouted. Then several women rushed up. Some quickly took the bag and put it in, and some took off their clothes and bags. After a while, they were all divided up, so they rushed back to the village happily. Of course, I met several people in the village, so everyone got one, which was quite a lot. But everyone thought that since they were outsiders, they would share it. But those women refused. Now they are their own, so they are worth cherishing. My father asked for one.

My brother and I consumed the sugar in a short time. My family was calm again, as if nothing had happened. It doesn't seem to have much effect on my family.

In the evening, I was reading a book. My great grandfather accompanied me and my brother. Suddenly, grandma Zhang, a neighbor, came in and held a bunch of sweets. We all knew that she would let us eat. My great grandfather smiled and said, "I am not happy when I eat this food. Although it is sweet, my heart is bitter." Of course, my brother and I don't care. Anyway, it's sweet in our mouth. What's the bitterness? She also scolded her daughter-in-law and said, "I'm really a money fan. I also said that if I sold it in town, I wouldn't be afraid of being laughed at. I didn't approve of her.". It turned out that her daughter-in-law got candy and wanted to change money. My great grandfather never ate the candy. Instead, grandma Zhang ate a few by herself.

The whole village was excited because everyone got more or less benefits, but what about the sugar man? How worried he would be. How unlucky, it seems that everyone didn't think of it. At most, they said, "you deserve it. Who doesn't tell him to put it away."

Sugar is sweet. It is made of sweet sugarcane. It is sweet in the mouth and sweet in the heart. However, today, when I think about it, my nose can't help being sour. It seems that my mouth is really bitter.

So I knew that the sugar was bitter, and my great grandfather was right, but how could grandma Zhang, her daughter-in-law, my father, me and my brother not find out?

Chapter 39

(5) . Nanjing University (I)

1. The Department of Chinese studies, Nanjing University, does not study hard, but tries to break into the society. During that time, when I went to Nanjing Jinling Theological Seminary, I heard the names of my brothers and sisters. I felt fascinated and heartbroken. When I graduated, I wrote in the message book that I believed in Christianity. At the class graduation party, when one person said something, I suddenly said, "God bless us!".

2. I read a lot of novels and wrote papers on contemporary drama, Wang Shuo's films and a dream of Red Mansions.

3. They began to associate with a lot of girls, including students from other departments and schools, and students from other schools. They were too busy, such as dongjingping, Jiang Xuezhang, Guan Yu, Cao Lei, Wu Shujing, xuhaiying, Zhu Ting, Zhou Jing, and so on. Han Qinfen, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor in southern China, is very fond of her gentleness and gentleness. This is my second true love. Unfortunately, I still fell in love secretly. I once confessed to her. She said there was a reason, but I wouldn't let her say it. I said that the first feeling was right, and then I asked her to say the reason. She didn't say it.

4. In the later stage of college, he mixed with a large number of hooligans in the society. In fact, they were also very good. They also paid tribute to a master to learn magic, Lizi card and Minghuang. Learn some Jianghu expressions and go through a period of Jianghu life.

5. I have done a lot of business, but I don't have this kind of material because of my kindness.

6. Other departments and schools have made many friends, such as brother road army.

7. I helped with my friend gaoniu B, served noodles and fried vegetables to the guests.

8. Learn go, bridge and dance. Many girls from other departments and schools come to my dormitory to play.

9. I got to know many American and Canadian students, mainly female students, including Louisa Gao and carina Fei.

10. I once rode a bicycle back to Jurong's hometown from Nanjing. I didn't know how to be brave. In order to save energy, I held a tractor in one hand and suddenly crossed a big slope. I even turned the car and people over to the other side of the road. When I woke up, a truck stopped in front of me. I got up and rode again. Nothing happened. It was just the opposite direction. When I found that the scene was familiar, I asked passers-by again and said that the direction was the opposite. I reversed my direction and rode back. Now I think this is definitely the care of God.

11. Once in a film class, the teacher brought a camera. I wore a red shirt. Many students played close-up shots of me. The teacher said that the red dress must be an important person.

22. I forgot how many prizes I won in the Chinese Department quiz. The prize was given to the fellow zhengrenxiang.

23. One night, I was walking with gaobaoling on Qingdao Road next to the school. When talking about the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea, I said that China had won. She said, "if I had a gun now, I would kill you."

24. Gaobaoling invited me to Jinling restaurant for dinner. She said I could bring someone with me. She thought I would bring a male classmate, such as the Lu Jun. I brought dongjingping. She ordered three beef burgers, with a layer of Pu cake on top and bottom, and a particularly thick ground beef (pressed) in the middle. It was very delicious. Then she ordered a fruit platter alone. I ate the fruit in the platter in front of her with chopsticks and shared it with her. Dong Jingping watched.

When checking out, the waiter came to her. She took out her wallet and gave it to the waiter. The waiter went to the front desk and gave it to her afterwards. She put it on her body without looking at it.

Later, dongjingping told me that she asked dongjingping if she was my girlfriend.

25. Gaobaoling and I went to the second-hand bicycle market to sell her bicycles. When we went there, we each rode one and sold one. When we came back, we rode one together. At first, I took her. She was tall, big and plump. I couldn't take her. She took me instead. A man whistled to us.

26. Once I took a bus from Nanjing to Jurong and found Xuqian. She had already worked in a shopping mall. I asked her to borrow her bike so that I could ride back to my hometown, regardless of her commute.

27. At the senior high school students' gathering in the winter vacation of freshman year, Mr. Fu said to communicate, and Mr. Ji asked me to say, I said to march in thought, study novels, and just pass the physical education. They laughed. Although it was my birthday, I told my vassals DengLiJun and Xuzhimo about it. Liu Hui laughed and asked Zhang Aiqin to leave her address. She changed her name to Zhang Qi. Liu Hui said that I had changed. I said that it would be good if I changed. Although I prepared a cake for my birthday and brought it, I was very scared. After that, they danced and played cards. Hong Xin told me to leave. I asked the manager to divide the cake into 16 portions. Everyone ate together. They greeted each other one by one, and then joined Hong, duxiaoyan, jiangliping and other senior classes. Looking back in bed, I am so happy, Xu Qian, so beautiful, so beautiful.

30. Once, when she was lying on the bed in the foreign students' dormitory of carina Fung, I laid my head on her stomach and she said, "don't be too comfortable.".

Chapter 40

(5) , Nanjing University (2)

31. Because I have a relationship with the second canteen, I often invite foreign students to dinner. Once, carina Fei and her colleagues insisted on inviting me to dinner on Qingdao Road. They made it an AA system and said I would not pay. One night during the parade, they bought soda in the drum tower. They also asked for AA. I paid for it alone.

32. On one trip, I pasted a paper leaflet behind the body of a beautiful overseas student. She didn't blame me. She carried the leaflet on her back and continued to swim. The students laughed.

33. Wendeshu, a senior student of Nanjing foreign university in the same village, met him only once in Nanjing University after four years of University. It happened that when he was approaching the roadside of my dormitory, he seemed to be waiting for me. I told him that he would go to Beijing. Later, I stayed in school. My uncle came to see me. He was very angry at me and took me home immediately. It turned out that Deshu went back to his hometown and told my father that I was going to Beijing. The whole family was worried. Grandma said that my father didn't have the energy to work. Dad said that people were gone. What else would he do?

34. During this period, I went home once. When I returned to school, the students said that many people had posted and returned. Carina said to me, will you come from F? It was the first time that I heard this noun and didn't understand its meaning.

35. During this period, I went to the toilet downstairs in Tiananmen Square. It was really clean. I had never seen such a clean toilet. The water kept flushing.

36. Before returning to Nanjing, I walked along Wangfujing Street with Dai Weiyang. I was barefoot, carrying cloth shoes and wearing laughter.

38. Once I was walking on campus with a female international student. I threw a piece of waste paper. She wanted me to pick it up anyway.

39. A female overseas student told me not to call black overseas students black, but African.

40. During the trip, a female overseas student told me that there were many rapes in the United States. She said the English word first, but I didn't understand it. She said the English word to another female overseas student, who said Chinese rape, and then she said Chinese rape to me.

41. During the tour, I went to Gulou square with a big butt female international student. On her way back to school, she told me that the Chinese touched her butt.

42. Once she asked a female international student to borrow 10 yuan, but she refused, saying that she would be uncomfortable.

43. Later, Mr. Xu said that you can have any thoughts as long as you don't say them. It can be seen that autocracy is poisonous. The reader comments on it.

44. On the campus road once, I told the teacher that the surplus value was all given to the workers, and the capitalists invested and managed it without any points. Is it reasonable? The teacher is right, but we can't exploit too hard.

45. For some time, I spent all day with female overseas students. My classmate (Shan Xiaopeng) called me a national hero. I gave a beautiful overseas student a ring. She asked Lu Jun secretly, what do I mean?

46. Once, when she was watching a movie with an American student, carina Ferdinand, at the drum tower dawn cinema, she suddenly burst out laughing, but I didn't think it was funny at all, so she told me that often, when Chinese people think it's funny, foreigners don't think it's funny, but when foreigners think it's funny, Chinese people don't laugh.

47. Once on the north garden lawn, I asked what homosexuality was all about? Carina said, do you know that you have two holes in your body.

48. As a senior, I helped at gaoniu B stall, a Jianghu friend. This stall is in the name of Xu Ming. Gao, Xu Ming, a partner and I. Gao Niu B told his partner that Xu Ming didn't know that we worked for him. Now I wonder if this stall was built for me, and if gaoniu B said that they worked for me.

49. I took jiangxuezhang to the movies. I was penniless, but there were Jianghu friends on the street. She and I went to a friend who sold fruit at the back door of the school first. We got the movie ticket money and watched six episodes of a dream of Red Mansions. I slept while watching. When we returned to school, I walked with her. I said that we could ask the students in front for a cigarette and smoke when we asked. Just then, a Mazda friend came to take us to the drum tower stall. I ate dumplings with her, and then asked Gao Niu B for money to pay.

She said she wanted to stay out of school all night. I didn't agree and took her back to school.

50. Carina Fei must not study on Friday night, but only entertain. At that time, they had a two-day weekend. We don't have the concept of not studying this weekend night.

51. Once I was walking in the street with someone, a fortune teller shouted to me: "Zhu De's eyebrows". My eyebrows were very thick, but I didn't care about him and didn't stop.

52. During the school transportation, I took a truck with strange students and drove out of Tiananmen Square. A classmate read a manuscript, and soon everyone found that this was not good, because when a truck drove by, you read a long manuscript, and passers-by could not hear anything. The students changed their slogan: "Li Peng steps down and the people get up!"

53. One morning, I got on a milk truck and drove out from the square. There were mainly workers on the bus. Some people drank milk. It seemed that I also drank a bottle of milk. My foot was pressed by a worker, and I was too shy to say (a little afraid to say) until I got off the bus.

54. In summer, when walking on Nanyuan Road, a girl walked towards each other. When I met her, she cried out and I said I was sorry, but neither of us stopped and walked away.

55. I went to Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge with my classmates from other schools. Some people were sitting on the bridge, with the Yangtze River at their feet. There were also girls. I couldn't imagine being afraid of heights. When I returned to school, a girl leaned on me on the bus. She was very happy, as if she were from Anhui University.

56. After the school sports, when I was selling movie tickets at school, I once shouted "Hu Yaobang praised this movie". Liu Yuan said that he was clever. A student condemned me. I said that I remembered Hu Yaobang with it. What did you do?

57. During a parade, I put a red flower in my white sweater chest. The students objected and said that I sold tickets. I dare to pick it.

When I returned to school (east gate) after a parade, I shouted, "Give back my girlfriend." The students laughed.

58. Swimming in the Nanda swimming pool, when I saw a woman swimming in the opposite direction, I went backstroke to meet her so as to hit my head.

There was a woman who could not swim. I taught her to hold her chin with my hands, and I held her chest with my hands. She stopped learning.

59. In the square, the government built a long row of temporary toilets beside the square, which is quite spectacular.

Chapter 41

Ge Yimin University diary

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand nine hundred and eight

This morning, my father sent me to Nantah, and my mother and Yicheng sent me to Liuqiao station. When I came to Nanjing, my uncle came to pick me up. After reporting for duty, I met qinyibin. Tangjinghua, xushuangxi, Hong Weibing and fankexia also came to me. I'm so happy. Is this the beginning of the dream, mystery and fantasy university?


Today, I went to the street and felt new and proud when I arrived in the city. I walked around at will and felt like I was flying up. I sent a letter to my brother, but I couldn't hide my pride: "today I'm talking to you in Zhenjiang at Nantah.". I bought "out of the window" and "several sunsets".


At noon, Hua Ping paid a visit to attend the opening ceremony of the center for Sino American cultural studies of NTU Hopkins University. I bought a postcard and wrote it to my teacher, father and classmates.

In the evening, I had a "Introduction to Literature" class, which was interesting.


During the physical examination today, I was really afraid that my eyesight would go wrong. When I wanted to check it, shixiaoye said to fill it in by himself. The speaker was careless and the listener was intentional. I really did this, but I was found out. What should I do? Repudiation.

He submitted the "short frequency and fast" draft of "offering sacrifices to ancestors on New Year's Eve".



Unfortunately, I had to register in the afternoon, but the physical examination form was in the doctor's office. I went to see her and retested her eyesight. I failed first, and then I went to find a 750 degree one. It was qualified. But she still insisted that the signature was not from a doctor (as it was), but I had a big quarrel with her. Finally, I knew that my arm could not bend my thigh and gave in.

After talking with the counselor, he realized that it was serious and wrote a review before he passed.

I registered this afternoon. It was very troublesome. This evening, Jurong 25 gathered and chatted at Nantah. It was very nice.


Today, when the counselors were talking and watching the NTU introduction video, I found sunmei and zhengrenxiang sitting together. I had seen it in my student ID card. I was wearing a black suit with flowing hair, just to my shoulder. I had a delicate nose, a sleepy mouth, a smile, and my eyes were full of dreams. I couldn't help feeling excited. She was escorted to Nanjing University. She once participated in Qingdao 82, the listening and writing contest, the learning from Lei Feng and other composition awards. Today, she can take her seat according to the number. She also paid special attention to her. He was dressed in a shirt with yellow bottom and black stripes, and his white trousers were slightly sky blue. He was just like sitting there, with the same hair and skin so white, so tender and lovely. My heart suddenly fell on her, as well as the youngest member of Shandong writers' Association.


Today I had a rest. I went to Huping's house, where my uncle worked as a carpenter, and talked with him. He will go back to harvest rice tomorrow. It's difficult to take an English test at night! My English.


Today's school meeting, the opening ceremony.


Another meeting was held and the school continued its opening ceremony.


Today, the dean's professional introduction is not very good.

It's not very good to watch the movie "male citizen" in the evening.

Today, when I selected the class committee and announced my name, I was worried. No, alas! I don't know how disappointed I am.

19860918 diary

Today's class begins. Modern Chinese, jiangqinhua, is OK. A Japanese student, Yoshimi Mishan, said it was still canyoumei, or Miyuki. She laughed. I met two Japanese students, just like us. I had a philosophy class in the afternoon.

Today's Mid Autumn Festival, I went to Xuanwu Lake to watch the moon in the evening. I didn't pass by. Two girls, Yan Ling and Su Zhaohui, went with me. They bought soda and moon cakes and played for a while. I was very happy. My heart was warm and my body was surrounded by friendship.

Back, I got on the bus at Xuanwu Lake to the drum tower with two girls. When I got on the bus, I took a seat for su. She refused, and I refused, so I didn't want to sit. It was time to get off at the first stop. But when I saw Jiming temple, I thought I hadn't arrived. The car was "next stop Jiming Temple". I shouted wrong. They couldn't help it. I had an idea. I asked the driver to stop. The three got off, went back to the drum tower, and then went to Nanjing University. On the road, I walked with two girls. I was nervous, happy, overwhelmed and subtle. In the evening, Deng Jin and Liu Linlan came to see Chen Jintao. They made an appointment with a female foreign language student of grade 85. They said that they were already members of Xuetong news agency because of their short frequency and fast manuscripts. Ha!

Chapter 42

19860919 diary

On the introduction to linguistics, wangxijie, OK. Writing, wangjizhi. After school, I met zhengrenxiang and said that it was Liu Hui who said hello to me. She said this sentence three times before I understood it and talked with her for a long time. Hometown people, kiss or not. She said that I learned from yunyun, a reporter of the news agency. She didn't contribute. She wanted to wait and say more. It seemed that she was a little regretful. Daiweiyang said that I learned from the News Agency reporter, and jiangsuping spoke again. Only then did he know that the school had issued a notice. After reading it in the evening, he was really learning from the News Agency reporter. He was very happy. Fortunately, it was great. He didn't worry about the class Committee, and he was full of the spirit of doing a good job.

I have written to Liuhui, Xuqian, wangbeiyu, etc. so far, I have written 14 letters. Only then did I receive a letter from my father brought by my uncle at noon. My grandmother sent me a box of moon cakes. Thinking about them, I know what to do.

There are so many new students' letters, one by one. Before, I only had five letters, but now there are 14. It's incredible. I'm eager to receive letters, which is a satisfaction I've never had.

Sitting behind Sun Mei in the morning class, I was very satisfied.

19860920---21 diary


Today, I had no classes. I walked around the street all day. I went to the drum tower early and bought some things. In the afternoon, I went to Xinjiekou to buy books and clothes for my brother, but I didn't buy any.

At noon, I went to the Xuetong news agency to hold a meeting. I had to contribute and earn points. I was promoted to official reporter yunyun. Every Friday, I was on duty and compiled blackboard newspapers. See sunmei again. She goes to the student union. I suddenly had the desire to write everything out, and the creative cells filled my body.


In the morning, xuhaiying (Nanjing College of traditional Chinese Medicine) visited Nanjing Normal University and met Hua Ping.

In the afternoon, I did my homework and read the blackboard newspaper "college students" and "Nanjing University Youth". It really suits my taste, especially the article "falling in love". I really have the desire to create.

In the evening, I wrote three more letters, seventeen of which were fun.

After receiving Guan Hong's letter, I talked about the popularity of love in the class. Girls have a history of love. I think I have the responsibility to write about things at this age. Before writing, he thought that he was worshipped for his name and made money for his contributions.

Now I feel that I should help others, help myself, help others, treat life correctly, vent, seek resonance and comfort myself. Is this the correct creative concept?

In the evening, I found out the books I had brought with me and the past articles, determined to do a big job, and wrote all the University diaries, but I hope that similar events will occur less in the future, and I will write them the next day.

19860922---23 diary


In the morning, I went to "Introduction to Linguistics" to find the rose. I didn't find it for a long time. I saw one by one with a flowing thread. I just wore a green tight jacket. I guess it was her first, and then I couldn't find it. Look carefully. Who is she? After a good look, my heart wandered.

In the afternoon, I wrote "dormitory for male college students" and contributed.

In the evening class, I sat in front of the two girls and looked for roses. My face became more vivid. Suddenly I heard two words "classmate" and "classmate", which came from behind. It was a woman's call. When I turned around, the man with glasses looked at me, and I turned around. She borrowed my textbook from me. I was flattered and gave it to her without thinking. They both said "thank you" and I said "it doesn't matter.", Later, the teacher asked: has the Japanese student come? I see that the girl raised her hand. I'm so happy. I really feel that the Japanese girl is very beautiful.

After class, I looked back. The girl understood, gave me the book and said thanks. Then I was smart, gave them the book and said, "you don't have any books. I'll give them to you." The Japanese girl said, "I have. Here you are, teacher. Thank you." How sweet!

Wang Yingguo gave a very good lecture on "reading works", especially his admiration for Lu Xun and Bajin, which was deeply in my mind.


In the morning, I borrowed the second handshake.

In the morning, I had a physical education class (theory class) and became interested in the ball, single bars and parallel bars. I will practice later.

In the afternoon, I went shopping with Dai Weiyang to buy books for my brother. As a result, I went to the "Xinhua Bookstore" for a long time, but I didn't buy any. I bought a suit jacket (34.5 yuan) at the people's shopping mall. It's brown. It's very good

Chapter 43

19860924---26 diary


I put in a draft of "short frequency fast" and published it. I'm happy! The evening party (class), the festival is OK, but I have nothing, so is the rose. Chengtonghua asked me if I was from Fujian. I said Jianfu. Dengjinjiang sentence.

Come back in the evening and have a chat with zhengrenxiang.

A gift, a Book (from xuqun) and a postcard. Bad luck.

I played on the single parallel bars in the evening, but my jeans were scattered.

In the evening, there was a lot of talk about young men and women. They all seemed to have something, but I had nothing. What a pity.


I sat in a row with rose in class. She always wrote about creation. I was moved by it. I also wrote farewell to my hometown and devoted myself to "college students". I lined up white paper to draw her photos and put my student ID card on it. It was very nice.

I am so moved to receive Wang Beiyu's letter. A friend!

I have written 19 letters (plus seven postcards), received 6, and read the letters from my classmates (one dormitory). I really envy Dai Weiyang. People love him, but I have nothing? Rose!

In the evening, he attended the orientation party in the name of Xuetong News Agency reporter.


In the afternoon, there were three classes of "writing". Leaning on rose, there were two classes that looked at her. She received the book "juvenile literature and art". I?

In the evening, I went to learn from the news agency to compile "short frequency and fast", and I also wrote the bullshit words on it. Later, I observed more and decided to interview.

19860927---29 diary


In the evening, I attended the Chinese Department's orientation party and watched the movie "the death line of the glacier". I just sat in front of the rose. I was in an unknown mood, happy, proud, restrained, but afraid and uneasy. Previously, I was too restrained, I was too big to breathe. I sat upright and crooked. Later, I watched the program, which was more natural. Guitar, dancing, drama, and taking photos in the dormitory at night have been playing for a long time. I sigh that life is like a dream.


In the morning, when he was woken up, it was said that chengtonghua fell from the upper bunk and was sent to the hospital. He could not help thinking about it, and his feelings were pricked.

After watching Bajin's autumn, I screamed absolutely.


At noon, I took my glasses and bought a pair of trousers. Now I have a set of 47 yuan. I took ID photos in the morning.

At noon, I put on my suit. It was very good. I went to find Tan Derong, zhengrenxiang and Zhuning, sun Guang and Hisense. I didn't find it at first, and then I found it in the evening. After talking for a while, I really didn't want to go. Dengjin and rose were also in Yuner. Later, I had no choice but to go. In the evening, I had a reading class. It's really good to talk about my heart.

19860930 diary

In the afternoon, I went to Xuanwu Lake with Shi Xiaoye. I wore a suit and bought a tie. He said I was foreign and funny. I went in and saw many people rowing, but the wind was strong and there were few people. I had never rowed, so I insisted on not rowing. I went to the zoo and saw something I had never seen in my life. Panda, red panda (yellow all over), wolf, Pang, tiger, leopard, lion, Shin deer, horse, camel, hippo, peacock, many unknown birds, there was an acacia bird. I remember very well, and then he left. I watched it alone and walked around. I'm afraid I didn't watch one of them. I watched it twoorthree times. The big black bear and the monkeys were very interesting.

Later, I saw that many young people were right. I felt very sad. I really wanted to be a lovely person, a middle school girl. No matter how beautiful she was, how nice it would be to spend annoying time with me. Later, I saw a man who was proud of himself. He was with me. I was really disappointed.

Watching night market movies at night, from 11:00 to 5:00 tomorrow morning, "Persian cat in action", "operation beyond national boundaries", "the story of young men catching bandits" and "divine whip", I really wanted to sleep. I also slept for a few seconds, but the effect was too bad. I still saw the beautiful girls behind me, but I was in charge. I felt happy for a while. Alas.

Chapter 44

19861001--03 diary

one thousand and one

I came back from the cinema at 5 a.m., bought four fried dough sticks on the street and ate them indiscriminately. I went back to the dormitory and fell asleep. It was already 11:30 when I woke up. After lunch, I felt disappointed and didn't want to go out. In the afternoon, I slept until more than 6:00. I got up. It was dark. I went out to eat two bowls of bread and butter. I don't know what to do. I went to the dormitory and went to sleep. These days, sadness has attacked my heart from time to time. My feelings are too fragile. In a word, "where is my lovely she?" how I yearn for that love. I have never been so hungry, I'm going crazy. I'm not interested in doing anything. What should I do? Tell me. Alas.

one thousand and two

Today's day has passed in vain.

In the morning, I wrote three letters to my family, saying that I should study hard. To wangbeiyu and Guan Hong, we can talk about our loneliness and seek comfort because we are longing for the love of the opposite sex.

one thousand and three

Today, I issued a press card, saying that I had to pay 50 cents.

Lingshi collided with zhengrenxiang. She wanted to find qinyibin. When she found him, she said something. I took an excuse to slip away. I went to publish a short frequency express. When I went to the dormitory, I talked with Zheng. It was funny that Chen Jintao left alone.

19861004--05 diary

one thousand and four

I can't cope with English Intensive Reading in the morning.

In the afternoon, I went to the library and was rushed back because of the visit of prime minister Peterson of Ontario, Canada.

In the evening, I watched movies, concerts, and then the Asian Games.

The men's volleyball team won 3:1 against South Korea.

I'm glad, but the gold medals are China 92, South Korea 92 and Japan 93.

one thousand and five

In the afternoon, de Rong and Hua Ping went to zhengrenxiang's dormitory and asked her to go to the Imperial Mausoleum (Nanjing Teachers' College). Deng Jin was drunk with peony smoke. After seeing her registration, her mother was gebaozhu. She had the same surname as me. She felt very kind. She couldn't help paying attention. 550 points, this boy.

Take the bus to Zhongshan Bridge, walk in Baoshan Street for a long time, and then get to Nantong road to Nanjing Normal College. But Wang Ling played football and went home disappointed.

It rained heavily when I came back. I took shelter from the rain in a snack bar and ate mixed meat and oil.

After returning, I received a letter from Zhao Tingxi, saying that g was not worth love. Liu Hui had prince charming. Xu Qian had been there for three or four years. Wang Xiaoping was shot by qinyimin, qinyibin's brother. However, Konghui said that she should write a letter to Yun. She felt a little ashamed. Ah, I really don't know what to say.

Today, the Chinese team won 2 medals in the Asian Games, a total of 94, firmly winning the first place.

19861006 diary

In the afternoon, I received three letters. Guan Hong, Daosheng and wangbeiyu were very happy. Unexpectedly, I sent a letter to Guan Hong. She wrote to me at this time. Her letter was as dull and sad as I mentioned in my letter, because her good friend fulili betrayed her, saying that it was the greatest pain in her life, and she could not see friendship. She hated Fu, hated people who made her sympathize with pity but didn't know and know. She loved the imperial mausoleum, but now she doesn't love anyone. She admires me yun'er. I'm looking forward to hearing from you, my God! It's a joke. When I was lonely, when I talked to her and asked for help, she was saying the same sadness to me.

I suddenly felt an unknown taste in my heart, sour and drunk. Alas, how can I say? She is always my first and only girl friend, Guan Hong, Guan Hong. Daosheng's letter really moved me. My old classmate's warm words also brought me the news of Er Qiao. I sent a letter to my two good friends, Daosheng and ER Qiao.

In the evening, I went to the children's theater to watch the play ninety-nine and a half. When I saw sunmei and zhaoqingping laughing at each other, I sat with several male classmates. I felt a bad feeling in my heart. Deng Jin sat in row 27 and I sat in row 29. She and zhengrenxiang came over and nodded and laughed with me. I was so moved that I nodded. She asked me, "who else is in the twenty seventh row?" I said no cloud, sincere fear, kiss you.

Coming and going with Dai Weiyang, they marched suddenly. It was very interesting to pretend to be a couple. It was really that day.

I remember the first time we met, Deng said, "did you write short frequency fast in the summer vacation?" I said yes. "Someone wants you to go to the small pavilion in front of the eight House", yun'er, remembering that, i. Dengjin, Dengjin!

Chapter 45

19861007-08 diary

one thousand and seven

Because Xu Shuangxi borrowed the earphone last night, he borrowed it from qinyibin this morning. He was very enthusiastic. In the morning, I saw that rose was wearing a sportswear. Somehow, I had a different feeling in my heart. In the past, I loved her and wanted to treat her shortcomings as advantages. Today, I want to change my advantages into disadvantages, but I can't.

In physical education, I decided to take volleyball as an elective course, and Tan Derong was the same. When tangjinghua came to school, he told hujunning that he had lost more than 30 yuan. Alas.

At noon, Qin Yibin was invited to play go with jiangsuping. Later, Qin won.

I received a letter from Xu Qian. Although I was moved, she had no intention to give it to me. I'm sorry that there was no photo. I am so poor.

In the evening, I still enjoyed reading my works. I talked about the madman's diary and became more and more convinced of Lu Xun. I got to know a young teacher of Xi'an Jiaotong University (surnamed Zhang) during recess to study and leave addresses for each other. He is 12-126.

one thousand and eight

In today's "Introduction to Literature" class, Hu Youqing quoted Freud's point of view and divided human nature into three aspects: Freud, ego and super ego. Ed comes down to sexuality, an uncontrollable instinct. The ego is the objective control, and the superego is the conscience control cloud. Literary and artistic works are the artistic cloud expressed by writers who process people's imaginative dreams. Although it is partial, it is very appropriate.

At noon, rose and Du Jing were talking to zhaoqingping on the porch. I was very unfair. Alas, pity me for my tenderness and one-sided love. Can't you really get it?

In the afternoon, I watched a dream of Red Mansions and liked it more and more. Do I want to be Jia Baoyu? "Women are made of water and men are made of mud", women cloud, rose.

19861009--10 diary

one thousand and nine

I also saw a dream of Red Mansions, Jia Baoyu.

In the three "philosophy" classes in the afternoon, rose was sitting in front of me, and my soul was flying! Looking at her and a dream of Red Mansions, as soon as she looked up, her waterfall of silver hair was on my desk. I pushed the book in front of her, and her hair was on my book again. When the wind blew, another page of the book caught her hair, and I felt proud, just like I had her heart.

When she turned her head, her face was white and tender, with charming luster. That was the face made of water. It was revealed and made me intoxicated. I also found that her teeth were black, but I felt that her black teeth were very beautiful. That figure and posture are really soft and handsome. Rose, rose, I love you!

I had an idea. I pulled out my hair and put it in the pen holder. Then I touched her dense hair. It was so fascinating, as if I had kissed her.

I received a letter from Li Erqiao today. He was very happy that he hadn't received my letter yet. Looking at it, I was about to cry. He said it very sad, because he only passed the Danyang normal school. He thought of death and asked the fortune teller yun'er. Friend, my friend, you, you, what can I do for you? He asked me to go to Zhenjiang to play. It happened that hongjiwu wanted to go to my brother's place, so he wanted to ask him to go. He must go!

one thousand and ten

I'm glad to see Erqiao and others in Zhenjiang. His name was hongjiwu at noon. He said he would go later. Sun Yong was called, and he readily responded.

In the afternoon, "writing" class, composition lectures.

To be true, I read jiangsuping's letter to her dead grandmother. It's very good. After reading a little more, I felt inferior. Another cloud wrote 16 letters to my lover, and then sent them to me. One of the seven 95 points said that I was a "landscape artist".

In the evening, my uncle came to me for ten yuan. He came back from Wuhan and will go home tomorrow.

I saw the film Nie Er.

Chapter 46

19861011 diary

In the morning, I received Guan Hong's letter. I was very proud and disappointed.

At noon, I went to Zhenjiang with sunyong and took a bus to the central gate bus station. There were no tickets left. I went to the railway station and bought a 14:21 express. When we were walking around the station, we might as well be caught by a fat woman who said that we would be fined. I couldn't figure it out. I asked her why, but she didn't say it clearly. I was afraid of making trouble. I gave her ten yuan. I thought she couldn't find it. She took it and really sent a stack of money, all of which were 20 cents, 10 cents and 50 cents, mostly fines. We thought we had gone the wrong way and should not go this way, yun'er. I dare not go after the trouble. Later, I learned that she thought I was spitting. It was really useless.

It was fun to take the train for the first time.

When I got off the Zhenjiang station, I looked for the picture, saw the bus station and teachers' College, so I waited for the bus, took bus No. 11 to the bus station, got off and walked east for a long time, thinking of the College of education. After walking for a long time, I looked up and met a man like liyouwen. Shouting loudly, I found fengqingrong and cuihui in front of me. I really met my old friend in a foreign land. Very excited. It's a coincidence that Li Erqiao is here and Yun Shijun is coming. When I arrived at fengqingrong of the teachers' College, I ate melon seeds and decided to go to wangbeiyu. When he came out, he saw a man like Er Qiao. He greeted him happily, shook hands with him, and felt a little sad. He went to wangbeiyu's place. He didn't expect me to come. Zhoudaobao and lijinlin were also there. Everyone was very excited. Hua Ting dared to come, so he went to dinner.

Many people eat together. It's really interesting to have dinner for the first time.

After eating on the playground, I saw hexianmei and a hairdresser and said hello. It turned out that it was biyunqing. I didn't think it was a gimmick. He went to call her again. After stopping the call, Taoist returned from his inspection of Jinshan. He was very happy to meet her.

After a while, before the girls arrived, we went to the street for a stroll, smoked cigarettes and had fun. Go to Wang Beiyu of the teachers' college to play cards and listen to the songs. After a while, jiangliping and Xie Daodi come. The latter is not recognized. Jiang said I despise it, but I said it has changed a lot. After a while, hexianmei and some women came to play. They didn't know each other, but they were beautiful.

He talked to me and I asked her to Nanjing on the 25th. In the evening, Hong Xin and someone asked me to go to the canteen. I hardly paid any attention to her. He must have gone later, so he went. When he saw someone calling me, he was afraid of not knowing me. He called again. It was hongjiwu, so he asked him where he came from. He said that after watching the night market movie, he came to Zhenjiang by train and wanted to taste the taste of long-distance travel. When he arrived in Shanghai, he was fined, spent more than ten yuan, and ran back to Zhenjiang by the original ticket. He said he would go to see my brother in the evening. They got up and down with wangbeiyu. They were very excited and talked a lot.

19861012 diary

I got up this morning, had dinner, and made an appointment with some girls to go out to play. Hong Jiwu said he couldn't find my brother, so he continued to go today.

After a while, Hong Xin came. She wanted to talk to me first, but she was afraid. Hexianmei was angry with her. She came. When Li Erqiao told me, I shouted, "Hong Xin". I was very sorry. She said she couldn't recognize me. I also said that she was much more beautiful than before.

After talking for a while, everyone went out. Hua Ting dares to borrow a camera. I took a bus to Jiaoshan park first. It was crowded to death. When we took a boat to Jiaoshan in the middle of the river, we had another feast for our eyes. We saw stone tablets everywhere, and the posthumous writings of celebrities such as Luyou, Sudongpo, zhengbanqiao, Xin Qiji, and Qianlong opened our eyes. There are many couplets and verses. After reading them, I couldn't bear to leave. Climb the mountain and climb up to Sanzhao cave. Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty sent Jiao gong out of the mountain. Banqiao bookstore, I took a picture at the river sucking building on the top of Jiaoshan mountain.

I went down the mountain to the ancient fort and visited the tombstone for a good meeting. Then we went to Dinghui temple and Mahavira hall, saw eight great steel, Buddha, goddess of mercy and so on, shouted "absolutely" and bought a souvenir -- goddess of mercy. Jiaoshan Giant Buddha is very kind. When he got to Wendu Pavilion, he took a boat back.

I went to the teachers' College for lunch, ate at hexianmei, and ate with the girls the rice bowl that the girls had eaten for a long time. It was fun.

Later, I went to the Institute of education for a meeting. Later, the second Qiao left. I repeatedly asked him to go to Nanjing on the 25th. Then I went to luozhihua's office, the police school, and to Jinshan, the symbol of Zhenjiang.

Go to Jiangtian temple first, and then go to Chaoyang cave, Bailong cave and Tathagata cave. Later, I went to the cishou pagoda and took color photos. Climbing the seven storey roof, you can have a panoramic view of the whole Zhenjiang river. The boundary is wide and far. All the mountains and rivers are in front of you. It's fun to go down to drill the eight trigrams array and run around without coming out. After grasping the characteristic of keeping to the right, he came out. It's interesting.

After dinner at the teachers' College, I said goodbye one by one. When I went to Jiangsu Institute of technology, I found Zhuyun and had a talk. I had to wait for the train to go to the railway station. First, I went to the east gate. Wangbeiyu and zhoudaobao got off and went back to the teachers' college. Sunyong and I continued to wait for the train. It was so busy that we looked a little pitiful and cold.

After that, I took the bus to the railway station, bought a 11:30 p.m. ticket, bought apples and oranges, and took the bus to school. Lin yueen opened the door and went to sleep.

In Nanjing, I used to think that high school was like a dream. When I met my old classmates in Zhenjiang, I felt that life at Nanjing University was like a dream. When I arrived at Nanjing University, I felt friendly. But in Zhenjiang, it was like a dream. Everything in the past was a dream, but now it is the most realistic. I don't know anything about it in the future, and I can have fun.

Chapter 47

19861013 diary

Received xuqunxin.

I slept for a long time at noon, bought a pair of sports pants on the street and watched the human body exhibition. For the first time, although it was a dead man with pictures, I saw a woman's so-called genitals, but they were dead, shrunk, thin and full of wrinkles. The vagina was cloudy. At that time, it seemed academic. There were a lot of people watching, and it was a bit serious. So how did I feel? In fact, it was also very ugly, which reduced my worship of women.

But at night, when I want to come, I am still very excited. It is a woman. The world made of water is my breathing air and blood of life.

Reading the works, talking about the true story of Ah Q and Lu Xun. It's really great.

19861014 diary

In the morning, I played volleyball in PE class, which was very good. I regret why I didn't learn something in the past.

I sent a letter to Guan Hong. It was the first time I had so many pieces of paper.

In the evening class, zhengrenxiang called me and asked me about her trip to Zhenjiang. I told her that the teachers' college said she was in vain. I didn't lie for her. Tan Derong told me that they went skating (Saturday) and that there was a fellow townsman in Jiangxi who knew it was Dengjin. Sure enough, zhengrenxiang took Dengjin's hand and showed it to me. There was a small piece of skin blackened. Dengjin laughed it off.

After a good look at Rose and a study, it was really beautiful. There were absolutely no moves. Laugh frequently, shut up and laugh. They were moving, just like a pool of clean water.

19861015-16 diary

one thousand and fifteen

In the evening, I went to the reading room (newspaper) with Dai Weiyang, and little star was there. After reading a lot of publications, such as getting water from a fish, I had been to high school before, so I was vague and aloof. When I went there, I swore to come every day. I hated the short time, annoyed the administrator, and then I was afraid to go. I feel the same today. I swear I will go often to enrich myself.

After self-study next night, I went to the dormitory and thought of single and double shots. I will also exercise every day in the future. College life should be good to learn exercise, do not waste time in tasteless fantasy.

one thousand and sixteen

After the first audio-visual class (English) in the morning, I didn't understand much. When I saw that the next history department had the same class, I inserted it again. It was much better. After that, I played the video again. In the future, I will learn English well. It's worth it if I do it twice.

I went to Qixia mountain (the whole class) tomorrow and bought English American bread (8.50 Jiao) in the evening.

19861017 diary

Take a bus to Qixia mountain in the morning.

Get on the NANDA bus, go to the drum tower, go to the east of Beijing East Road and drive to the suburbs. The bus stops at the roadside to see the stone carvings of the Southern Dynasty. Mr. Wang Jizhi takes us and gives us a tour guide to a stone carvings like lions, which is said to be the so-called Exorcism in front of the tomb of Xiao Yandi between the beams of the Southern Dynasty. There is also a god column (a stone column made by God), which is beautifully carved, with a covered lotus cover and a dew plate. There are stone hoops on the oval of the column body. People are not like people and have no head. Square plaque, Hou, Xiao Jing. There is also a stele, Beibei stele, the nine sons of the dragon. Emperor Gaozong wrote an imperial tablet.

Later, I drove to Qixia mountain, also known as "the most beautiful mountain in Jinling", which is covered with red maples in late autumn. Qixia ancient temple is one of the "four jungles" in China. Thousand Buddha rock, relic tower. Calligraphy of "Qixia", the imperial monument of Emperor Gaozong of Tang Dynasty. It was first built in the Southern Qi Dynasty. Ming monk Shao (No. Qixia) lived in seclusion and donated his house to build a temple. Congshan, Hushan, Fengxiang mountain, Longshan, Banyue Lake (Fanggong Lake).

It was my first time to climb a mountain like this. I was a little afraid, but also a little adventurous and excited. I climbed it. Walking through the withered leaves and smelling the fragrance of flowers, I took two photos on the way. One was taken by a Japanese female student for the three of us, and the other was taken with a Japanese female student kumei.

After climbing the main peak Fengxiang peak, the vast Yangtze River looks like a white belt. The mountains are small at a glance, and the horizon is really open. The mountain wind is very dangerous. I ate bread on the top of the mountain. In the afternoon, I went to Linggu Temple, the best jungle in the world in the Ming Dynasty, with red walls and green tiles. In 1929, I commemorated the victory of the northern expedition, wuliangdian, and the memorial of revolutionary martyrs. Three unique steles, written by libaiwen, written by yanzhenqing, painted by wudaozi.

I went to the Xiaoling Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty and saw the statue of Zhu Yuanzhang.

In the evening, "Introduction to Literature", old students talk about experience. I decided to listen carefully in class and not read novels.

In the evening, I saw the film "missing middle school girl", which was not very good. It's a shame to think of me. I'm so big that I have nothing to do.

Chapter 48

19861018-19 diary

one thousand and eighteen

Today, Qi Zhengping didn't come to the intensive English reading class. I was very happy. She was ill and didn't attend two classes. She deceived herself and others in English.

Watching the "Freshmen's concert" in the evening, singing and dancing, is not good. The later Chinese drama is not good either. Rose and Xu Qiang dance, although beautiful, but I am so angry, so angry, how can I hate.

It costs 30 yuan to write to my family. I also wrote to Hua tinggan and Wang Feng.

one thousand and nineteen

In the morning, I went to Yuhuatai, bought a bowl of Yuhua stone, and helped Xu Shuangxi find his brother's box in Chenguang machinery factory. Today, I also went to the ancient castle of Zhonghua Gate, which is so majestic, great, high and wide, with Qianjin gate, three urn cities, four arches and 27 Tibetan soldier caves.

In the afternoon, I received Guan Hong's letter so frequently. I also blamed my late reply and said sad words. Could it be that we are both in the same boat. Whether she loves me or not, but I won't love her. She is not beautiful. She has been in love. I am. My first love must be dedicated to Nantah sweetheart. But I immediately sent her a love letter, calling her a girl. I wrote it that night under the candlelight of jiangsuping. I couldn't sleep at night. My destination.


one thousand and twenty

Today, I received 50 yuan and 40 Jin food stamps from my father. I am very grateful. I will study hard, really.

In the afternoon, I went to the street to buy a sweatshirt (10.34 yuan) and strolled around the street. In the evening, I was still happy to listen to the "work reading" class. Lu Xun's research made me more aware of Lu Xun's greatness and his national character. Rose sat in front of me, and I suddenly felt that she was very beautiful. I grabbed the edge of the table with my hand, and she leaned against her back and looked up. Her hair, the soft yarn, the cloud like fog like softness, the dream like softness, brushed in my hands and stirred waves in my heart. It was very comfortable. After so many times, she was extremely satisfied, beauty, super beauty, beauty snake. Just her hair leaned down, and one of my hair was pulled out and wiped her cloud like fog like hair, It's just that her hair rests on my hand. I'm so comfortable and satisfied. In the future, the beauty's first love will be in the future.

one thousand and twenty-one

Physical education, volleyball quality and exercise feel good. Why didn't you exercise in the past? I think today is not yesterday. In the future, you should exercise well and play more volleyball.

At noon, Tan Derong went to find luoshouxi (Nanjing Institute of Finance and trade), ran for a long time, took the No. 13 bus, ran for a long time, came to a dead end -- the end of the fence, and ran back. Because Tan Derong had classes in the afternoon, he went back half the way. I ran for a long time and found him. He came out with me again, called Huaping, and was not there. He strolled around Nanjing Normal University, went to Nanjing Normal University, talked about a conversation, and went to find zhengrenxiang. Wang Wenhui was not there, and I was not there, The words were a little impolite. He asked me where to go. "I don't know." he shook his head. He hated my appearance. How could I offend you. Later, I couldn't wait. I told wangsuxia to ask her to come to my place after zhengrenxiang came back. She gladly agreed. Later, she found sunyong with luoshouxi and met zhengrenxiang. I went to my dormitory to talk back. Tan Derong also came. Later, I took luoshouxi to dinner. After dinner, I went to the Derong place to talk about Zhenjiang classmate No. 25 and the place to play with them.

In the evening, luoshouxi was sent to play in the teaching area. After he got on the bus, he came back with sunyong. In the dormitory, everyone had a happy talk. Everyone had their own troubles. I have two: 1. I am inferior in some aspects, such as singing, photography and tape recorder. 2. I have never had contact with female classmates. This is an inferiority complex. He said that people in a dormitory, that is, a country and a home, should talk about everything and treat each other sincerely.

I received an interview notice and went to 3--210 (luweijun) to interview the chess and Card Association's plans for this semester. This is my first interview.

Chapter 49


one thousand and twenty-two

It's very cold today. I'm wearing sweaters and sweaters. 12-18 degrees, temperature.

I wrote a letter to my brother at noon. After receiving a letter from Hu Cheng, he said that I can get along with others with my advantages. The teacher dotes on me, the students envy me, and women favor cloud. It really hurts me, but why do I feel so inferior? The past should not have happened, but we should be glad that it has passed. My past, all really past, no matter how lovely.

At noon, I went to find Hua Ping and told him that on the 25th, Zhenjiang had come to Nanjing for military training.

In the afternoon, Dai Weiyang and I took a bath and shower. It was really comfortable.

In the evening, I went to interview luweijun (president of the chess and Card Association). He was hospitalized with hepatitis, so I had to go to Xuetong News Agency for instructions. Yelongfu said to go to 5--604 to find tangweibing. Alas, tomorrow.

Shixiaoye bought a VCR and stereo. It sounds really good.

one thousand and twenty-three

At noon, I went to find tangweibing and climbed up to the 6th floor. When he was not there, he did not know where he was. His words were very unfriendly. He was so angry that he climbed down again and went back to the dormitory. Check the photo with your ID card. It's really ugly. It's too thin. Alas!

At noon and in the evening, I finished my composition "autumn tour of Qixia mountain". After dinner, I went to find tangweibing. He was on the sixth floor and was not there. So I had to leave a note and go tomorrow at 12 noon.

I received a letter from my little brother Yiwen. It was unexpected. I was very happy and wrote back to him immediately.

Tonight, everyone let off steam again, singing their songs loudly, which led them to go upstairs and stop. Linyueen said I was "willful". Is that right?


one thousand and twenty-four

At 12 noon, I interviewed tangweibing, President of the chess and card association. This was my first interview. I came back to write a manuscript.

In the evening, Wang Ling came to have a talk. In the evening, zhengrenxiang came to play cards and played red 5 fast cards. As a result, I lost and scored 250 points first.

In the evening, I went to the "short frequency and fast", and my interview was immediately adopted. The team leader was zhaobing. She was very lively. In the evening, Zeng Jianqiang said that we should communicate. I think I should do this. First, I should work as a School News Agency reporter. Today, a classmate fell to death in the physics building. I immediately felt that the changes in life were unpredictable.

Are the classmates (Zhenjiang) and Li Erqiao coming tomorrow?

one thousand and twenty-five

The teacher asked two Japanese students to introduce the cultural differences between China and Japan. Nakamura Yuri said, "the Japanese don't like domestic films either. Japanese literature and politics are separated." Asakawa explained that China eats together and Japan eats separately through the length of chopsticks, saying that China is equal.

English intensive reading, no preview, I don't know, later?

In the afternoon, luoshouxi came to the station to meet Zhenjiang with him. He went to the station at 1:30 and came back at 3:30. He stood at the station for more than an hour, but he didn't come because of the rain. But we had a hard time standing. When we saw the bus at 2:20, there was no bus. It was only 5:53, so we went back.

I didn't go to the meeting. When I came back, my classmates said that they had filled in the form and wrote the application. I was in a hurry to find shixiaoye. He took me to Hua 1 by bike. I went to Liu Yuan, left half an hour ago, went to the Department office, left half an hour ago, and went to the dormitory to find him. Fortunately, he didn't blame me and registered me without saying a word. I was very happy and grateful to shixiaoye. He always accompanied me and took me by bike. I applied for 300 yuan.

I was so glad to receive Wang Feng's letter at noon. He said that it was enough to have me as a confidant.

In the evening, I watched the video "the true story of Ah Q", but I didn't see it well. It seems that the words and sentences in Lu Xun's book are deep, and I can't tell the truth unless I study them carefully.

From now on, I will start a new life. I will study hard and live four down-to-earth lives. I can't waste a moment. No longer worry about little things, put aside everything, think about everything, for everything, get everything.

Chapter 50


one thousand and twenty-six

It's really comfortable to sleep until 9 o'clock in the morning. Sleeping is a kind of enjoyment, especially when you want to wake up.

After reading a dream of Red Mansions (II) today, I didn't see any good. It doesn't seem to fit my heart. When talking, I said: "in the final analysis, people are for themselves, that is, selfish." One is material, and the other is spiritual "comfort to the soul". How to understand Jiang Suping's words of selfishness is also for him, mostly for himself. When it comes to future aspirations, I used to be a writer. Jiang Yun was a writer = = experience + genius. I think so, but reading should also be a little. Genius, I don't know if I have, but what about experience? I want to expand.

one thousand and twenty-seven

In the afternoon, my roommates and classmates went skating with some girls. I watched Bajin's "home" alone in the dormitory. My heart was very melancholy, but also inexplicably melancholy. What should I do? After dinner, I talked to tangjinghua and felt much more comfortable.

In the evening, I listened to the report on the "Cultural Revolution economy" and Mao Zedong's countermeasures. I also went to self-study and saw "home".

After self-study, I went to pull the single and parallel bars, straightened my back, and practiced in the future! I'm a little homesick today. Mom and Dad, I love you.

one thousand and twenty-eight

In the evening, I received a letter from wangbeiyu. He sent me color photos. I felt very good. I was very happy and confident.

I wrote four letters today, qinbin, Ju Hongcheng, wangbeiyu and Daosheng. Now I feel blue again. I don't know what the outside world has changed me. When I went to bed at night, I gave a woman a five point scale and a 100 point scale for the first time. It was very interesting.

one thousand and twenty-nine

In the afternoon, I read Freud's psychology of love, but I didn't find it good. It was my first time skating with jiangsuping and Dai Weiyang. Go to Wutaishan gymnasium. I can skate fairly well. I couldn't walk a step at first. Finally, I went to the arena. I fell down seven times. I didn't feel much pain. But when I slipped away, I was taken over by others. It was very painful, but I was very happy. I must learn more in the future and completely revolutionize myself.

In the evening, Lin yueen took some "Girl Diaries" and showed them to several of us. It was my first time to see this kind of thing. I was very curious and fascinated. The description of sexual intercourse on it was very pleasant. This time, there was a thing in the world. The woman, the daughter of water, I couldn't help but go back.


one thousand and thirty

In the morning, I went to the Chinese reading room to read the collection of papers on the true story of ah Q.

In modern Chinese class, teacher jiangqinhua gave me a note to borrow reference materials.

In the afternoon, I received zhengbaoxin. He blamed me for not answering the letter. In fact, I wrote to him first, and he replied to me. This time I have to write again. What is the end of the cycle. When I came back from the philosophy class, I walked with zhengrenxiang and Dengjin. I felt uncomfortable and wanted to hide. I walked with Lin yueen. After a while, Dengjin stopped and waited. I thought who she was waiting for. I didn't care. I didn't want to. When I came to her, she talked to me. She didn't say anything. Zheng asked the monitor's name. I said "shixiaoye". Deng asked him to go to the Department building office for a meeting at 4:30. Wang Yingguo had asked her to go, Because she and Zheng bought movie tickets, Zheng asked me if I had seen "W's tragedy"? I said no. did you review the introduction to Literature? I said, "no, I can deal with it in two days." she said that hexianmei wrote her a letter saying that something in English didn't come. I said that I also wrote a few letters to them. I didn't blame them. I wanted to say that I was clumsy again, so I walked away quickly, and with Lin yueen, there was a smile behind their backs. But shixiaoye never came back, so it was hard to follow her fate.

In the evening, I went to the Chinese newspaper reading room, and then every day. There are so many lectures, various associations and small blackboard newspapers in Nanjing University. I should make great achievements in this period.

one thousand and thirty-one

In the morning, I went to the reference room to borrow materials from Mr. Xu. Mr. Jiang asked for them, but he didn't borrow them. He said that he had lent them to level 85, but he still hadn't returned them. I had to go to urge them. I went at noon and didn't see them. I left two notes for chengshiqing, wanghaibo and jiangqinhua.

At noon, in the writing class, Dongqin said that he thought it was a girl after reading my article, and got 90 points this time.

Bring the loan form to Liu Yuan in the evening.

When the Xuetong news agency held a meeting, I decided to be a reporter in the Library Department, and issued a new press card to be a formal reporter. After that, submit a press release every week and re score. Went to the reading room again.

Chapter 51


one thousand one hundred and one

Send the loan application form home in the morning. Go to the Chinese Department sports meeting.

In the afternoon, I wandered in the street, went to Xinhua Bookstore, and flipped through the books.

In the evening, he danced blindly, played cards, and fought for the upper reaches. Those downstream drank a glass of water. Alin drank eight cups of cold boiled water.

one thousand one hundred and two

In the afternoon, I went to self-study and reviewed the "Introduction to Literature". After a talk with tangjinghua, zhengrenxiang came back and stood by the tree, unable to carry anything. I helped her and she took it away by herself at the door. After receiving xuqun's letter, he sent a letter to Guan Hong.

one thousand one hundred and three

Sleep till 9 o'clock in the morning.

After sleeping for the afternoon, I received a letter from Daosheng and Guan Hongxin, saying that she would come to the cloud on November 9. I was at a loss. She said that she had something to say. She bought the moon and birds on behalf of her. She said that she had seen it and had something else to do. I was waiting for an interview.

Two more loan application forms have been filled out and sent back.

one thousand one hundred and four

I slept all afternoon. Alas, I slept all day and still had no spirit.

one thousand one hundred and five

In the evening, when discussing Ah Q, many people took the stage and made speeches, but I was not interested or experienced. I was afraid to think of myself. Let's be a spectator. Go to sleep late and think about yourself. It's very poor. There is no such thing.

one thousand one hundred and six

The modern Chinese class is worried about the class representatives. After reading "home" today, Juemin and Jianyun, I am Juemin. In fact, I should share his mood, but I am really a Jianyun.

one thousand one hundred and seven

Today I watched Camel Xiangzi.

one thousand one hundred and eight

I didn't attend the intensive English reading class today, so I can't cope with it. This should be a warning and preparation. I borrowed the romance of the Tang Dynasty and went to the street to eat small steamed buns. In the afternoon, I went to the street to buy a book for Guan Hong, but I went to a big bookstore and a small bookstall. There was no book, so I gave up.

In the evening, I went to study by myself to see the romance of the history of the Tang Dynasty. When I went to study by myself, shixiaoye bought me oneortwo dumplings. I was tired and hungry all day.

one thousand one hundred and nine

This morning, when Guan Hong didn't come, he wanted her to come, but he was afraid she would come. What's wrong with the future. In the afternoon, he and Tan Derong went to Huaping. They held a sports meeting and watched it for a long time.

one thousand one hundred and ten

In the afternoon, I borrowed volleyball and practiced with Dai Yong. On the wall, it turns out that practice makes perfect.

In the late reading of works, Lu Xun put forward that the nation is fundamentally inferior, the nation is hopeless, and goes to the grave. Xu Qiang talked about the conversation. I just met him during the physical examination, but I became a friend. It is a coincidence that he will sleep in my dormitory after he talks.

Chapter 52


one thousand one hundred and eleven

In the morning volleyball class, the teacher said that my passing was OK and my spike was good. Tangjinghua also played basketball.

In the evening, I studied by myself with jiangsuping to preview English. I must review it in the future. Watching the romance of the history of the Tang Dynasty, the self-study is not as good as sitting in the dormitory, and the girl is sitting next to her. Her soul is also interested. In the evening, five sets of modern Chinese reference will be distributed to girls, including two sets of Dengjin, two sets of Cheng Tonghua (transferred to SHECHANG) and one set of Yan Ling.

one thousand one hundred and twelve

In the morning, I learned a lot in intensive reading class due to preview. In the afternoon, I went to the party class and did a good job. The two extremes of folly: blind obedience and rebellion. The party needs me, I need the party. That made me want to join the party.

In the evening, I went to the reading room for self-study, flipped through magazines, and tore off a small piece of W's lower body for the first time. It was very soul flying.

one thousand one hundred and thirteen

In modern Chinese, Mr. Jiang asked a question.

-----It filled my heart with poetic feelings ----- let Du Jing go up to divide the phrase level, and she drew ------ filled my heart -- (my heart) -, Jiang asked the two students whether they were right, and they both agreed, and said, "class representatives". I didn't know what mood to stand up, a little happy, but also afraid. Because of different views, I thought it would be wrong to ask, so I denied it, and put forward ------ to make me ------ (my) heart full of ------, Jiang Yun agreed with me, I am very happy. Rose has always been see me, he see her, she stops. I am so happy.

In the evening, I had a discussion with graduate students. They said that they should read more books, use the library, participate in community activities, and live a regular life. I will. A graduate student of modern literature in Liyang named zhuyimin said that associate professor xuziying was a tolerant person.

I received three letters today, Wang Beiyu, Ju Hongcheng and sunzhaopin. I think I should write a letter too.


one thousand one hundred and fourteen

It is windy and rainy today. In the morning, go to the Chinese teachers' reading room. Cheng Shiqing did not come, Xu teacher tell me to copy the registration number. After taking a nap at noon, I felt very comfortable.

After class in the afternoon, I went to the girls' dormitory to register. Dai Weiyang accompanied me, but he slipped away without entering the door. Yan Ling was very enthusiastic and asked me to go in and write. But Liu Linlan pointed to the bookshelf for a while. They were all indifferent and cold. After registering for 107, chengtonghua was also very enthusiastic, but he even asked me whether I was Dai Weiyang or Ge Yimin. I was not angry and said "the next one". After registration, she said thank you. I said thank you. This is my first time to go to the hostel alone.

Shixiaoye asked me to go to the reform through labor farm of the fourth machine tool factory tomorrow and paid 1 yuan. I think I should exercise.

one thousand one hundred and fifteen

I got up early for the first time in the morning and had to go for an interview.

I took a bus to the fourth machine tool factory (the 11th reform through labor team of Jiangsu Province). First, factory director Jiang introduced the juvenile delinquency, then talked with several prisoners, and visited the prison -- a squadron dormitory. Most of them committed hooligan crimes, but also economic crimes, and could be sentenced to very heavy sentences, 10 years, 15 years, with a suspended death sentence. Dai Weimin, a 34 year old Party member from Subei oil field, was sentenced to 15 years for hooliganism. It's easy to say. After lunch, it was not rich, and the food was not delicious. So I took the bus home. First, I took the bus to Pukou. It was crowded to death. My PG arrived at the alternative PG, which was very comfortable. Later, shixiaoye said that his DG arrived ~~~~~~~~~~. In fact, I used to cross the river by ferry in high school, and then took a car. This time, I arrived at another PG by DG, which was very comfortable. In fact, it was not very crowded. Both sides could avoid it, but she didn't want to. Maybe she felt the same way, so she kept close to me. Later, I knew her intention, and I was bold and tighter. I put my hands on her legs, pushed her back, and stroked her gently. She also ignored me. When I got out of Gy, she also shook her body for a while, and both sides were willing to listen. Because I had only one cent, I wrote a letter home, which cost 20 yuan. Wrote to Guan Hong, xuqun and Wang Feng.

one thousand one hundred and sixteen

After receiving a letter from home, I sent 40 yuan. I was so moved that nothing could be better than home. Alin bought a ski shirt (vest combination) for 33 yuan. I'll buy one in the future, but it's better. At noon, Zhang Weimin said that a girl and zhengrenxiang arrived at No. 11 dormitory. He said that it was Guan Hong. I was at a loss. Later, he said that I wore glasses. I guessed that it was duxiaoyan. Later, he didn't. (I later learned that it was Dai Xiangjie)

In the afternoon, we were doing composition in the dormitory. Suddenly, we heard a ns voice. I said that NY was coming. Zhang immediately opened the window and put his head out. I also pushed the window. Alin and I put our heads out. Everyone laughed.

After watching the movie "W's tragedy" late, I felt very good. I thought of me, women, life and stars. Is it really a tragedy?

Chapter 53


one thousand one hundred and seventeen

In the morning, I went to Yan Ling's office to register. Only one woman was in the dormitory. After registering, I went to the reading room with ah Lin and registered with Mr. Xu. There were 33 modern Chinese reference materials. Took 40 yuan and bought 3 yuan woolen pants.

The lesson of reading works talks about thunderstorm. It's really good. It's a drama. I'm determined to read more classic novels.

It's fun to play fortune telling and word testing games in the evening.

one thousand one hundred and eighteen

In the evening, I went to study by myself with Alin. Because I wanted to take an examination of introduction to literature, I looked for a seat for a long time. I wanted to get close to NY, but I often couldn't. later, I found a person to sit down and read a book. I couldn't see into it. I scratched for a while, wrote a few pseudonyms "Yimo", and came out to the library. I didn't have a student card, and then came down to eat a bowl of small wonton.

one thousand one hundred and nineteen

In the morning, I began to do an exercise in English extensive reading. After the preview, I still did it, but I didn't pay it in time. I waited another two weeks.

Introduction to Literature: two questions: 1. Write an outline; 2. Write an examination paper. This is also the first exam.

one thousand one hundred and twenty

In the evening, I went to listen to the report "the history of lawlessness" with Shi Xiaoye (zhuyonghe, a graduate student in the Department of philosophy, gave a lecture), saying that in China's history, there was no legal system and the power conferred by society on citizens. Wutian: natural human rights are not as good as those in the West. Today, a whole set of western culture should be introduced to collide with China's traditional culture to produce a new culture. Later, he talked privately with several people about China's backwardness and the root causes of the national evil. Deng Xiaoping said: the party and the government must be separated, the party and the government should be divided, appropriately divided, and the party should lead the government. And we should seize the "economy".

He also said that zhangchunqiao saw the "economy" and beat down the old cadres. Mao Zedong could not see it. He was surrounded by the "good situation" and became a poet. Deng Xiaoping developed the economy of Hu and Zhao and balanced politics by himself. Zhu tongsherenyun should carry out the cultural revolution again to save China. Zhu Yun first argued for freedom of speech.

Is China hopeless? I thought of Lu Xun, but I should surpass him and take out my pen.

I received Guan Hongxin from self-study. She said that someone told her that I had changed, but she firmly believed that she had read me right. What do you mean? I didn't know what to say. I just wrote a few letters to a girl. Of course I am me, but what should I do to her? She pasted the stamps upside down and pasted the envelopes by herself. She also said that some people scolded her for going to "enjoy" her admission to Nantah next year? Of course, I just want to thank the first girl who wrote to me and sympathize with her. She is not beautiful. I don't love her at all. Of course, I am not a mediocre. We are still classmates or friends.


one thousand one hundred and twenty-one

In the afternoon writing class, Dongqin said that he should not criticize minister Bian too much. In the class, only "Ge Yimin" was not the case. Daiweiyang said "Rose see you". I was very happy. I got 90 points for the composition.

Study by yourself in the evening and prepare for intensive English reading tomorrow.

I went to listen to ligusan (LiuHaisu's graduate student)'s "my view on Chinese painting". It was OK.

one thousand one hundred and twenty-two

At noon, Tang Jinghua visited and met Tan Derong again.

In the afternoon, I went to the Confucius Temple with shixiaoye and walked all the way. First, I took the bus to Zhujiang Road, but I didn't know where to take it. But I stopped and walked back. I met a policeman arguing with a cyclist about running a red light. I saw that DG arrived at a PG, which was very comfortable. Then I changed to an old man, who didn't know at first, and then felt sick. He wandered along the road. After the tickets for the thirteen maidens in Yan'an ran out, I walked to Xinjiekou, went to the department store for a walk, and finally got to the Confucius Temple. First, I went to the shops. The buildings were made of wood, painted beams and carved buildings, and each shop had valuables. Then I spent 20 cents to enter the daxionmen gate, saw the exhibition, four county and district monuments, saw a lot of porcelain, and walked around inside.

Later, I went to a restaurant and ate dried silk, potstickers, and powder. Later, I went to the Qinhuai cinema and saw the blood splashing screen. I was surrounded by a ny who was beautiful, fragrant, and coughing all the time. I felt pity for her. My soul flew away. She had a boyfriend. I didn't dare to be presumptuous, but when my feet arrived, I would die. If it were for me, alas!

After taking the bus, I arrived at PG 1, a junior high school. It was fun to hide while entering. The latter one is charming and coquettish. My DG is even more exciting and fun.

When I came back, Dai Weiyang talked with pengxiaofeng, and I made up my diary.

Chapter 54

one thousand one hundred and twenty-three

Slept all morning.

At 2:00 p.m., I went to Jiming temple, walked to the drum tower, visited the store, took a bus to Jiming temple, arrived at the DG on the bus, one was pasted all over the body, and my nose was inserted into my hair, so fragrant. Get off and go to Xinhua bookstore. Read with one arm for a long time. When I went to the temple lawn, I saw that many people had arrived. Here is the foundation stone laying ceremony for the poet's corner. I saw that zhangweidong and sunxiaoshi of the news class had also arrived and filled in the registration. The host was Chen Ling, a young and beautiful girl from the political group of No. 42 middle school. After a while, many people came. Most of them came to Nantah. After a talk, it rained, which added to their poetry. When the yellow cloth covering the poet's horn pole was lifted in the rain, several people made a speech to revitalize Nanjing's poetry circle. Later, they went to Jiming temple every Sunday afternoon. In this poem, I think it would be nice to have a NY, but they all have men and girlfriends. There is a single middle school student. I want to talk with her first. She has been listening to the speech for a long time. I can't wait for her to come out. Then she greeted me. I summoned up my courage and said "hello". With a giggle, my heart went to hell. After a long time, I was so upset that I had to give up. What a person I am.

Later, I took the bus to Gulou, then Changjiang Road, and then Zhujiang Road. They also arrived by DG. They were hard to say anything. Some didn't care, some just moved away, and some moved to a different place. At that time, I lost my mind and only knew revenge. When having dinner, she ate with the moon. She had great manners and looked at me. The heavy rain wetted my suit, washed the boiled water in the rain, and broke up in the dormitory. After watching the movie "looking forward to Lang's return at night", I sat with a NY. First, I leaned against her. She hid for a while, and then I didn't care. I leaned against her. DG was hard. She was so bold that she trembled her legs and legs with her hands. She ignored me. I touched her legs with my hands. She glanced over her head and scared me out of my hand. I didn't dare to take a step beyond the thunder pool. I was also disciplined. The film was made in the 1930s. It was naive, but innocent. The plot also moved me.

I went to the library, didn't have a card, came back, and watched TV for a while.

Today, the best and the ugliest are together.


one thousand one hundred and twenty-four

Zhang Weimin woke up in the morning. It was already 7:20. As it was the modern Chinese class, he quickly put on his clothes and ran to Beiyuan. He didn't wash his face and mouth. He just combed his hair.

In the afternoon, I listened to "one family in the world", a video player. After receiving sun Guanghai's letter, he asked me to play. It was difficult to be gracious.

I don't know why, I have a little trouble in my heart, even in the reading class, alas. No, I was at the time of reform. In this great reform, it was up to me who I was. I was about to reform myself. Everything was a small matter, and the great cause ZZ decided everything.

Reformers should live with laughter.

one thousand one hundred and twenty-five

Today, I had a haircut, took a bath and washed my dirty clothes. In the evening, I listened to the report "reform trends of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe". It's really cold today, and so is my heart. A reformer.

one thousand one hundred and twenty-six

It was very cold in the morning, and my heart was a little sad. I learned English.

After lunch, when I opened the door, I saw the same Buddhist monk looking at me in a strange way. It was a little strange. I saw a man wearing a white windbreaker. It turned out to be my brother. He was smiling at me. I called him "brother" for the first time. So he sat down and talked. He had been in Nanjing on business for ten days. After a talk, he took a bus to Xinjiekou. He bought two books about building materials. Then I went to Zhongshan Mausoleum by bus. Climbing the 299 steps (counted by others), there are several gates and walls of "fraternity", "the world is the public" and "noble righteousness". Inside, there is a round arched tomb. Sun Yat Sen, with porcelain stone and white marble lying on the porcelain coffin, is awe inspiring. After coming back and eating dumplings, he went to hongjiwu to have a talk with fankexia. He wasn't there. He talked with pengxinhai for a long time. When he came back, he went to bed with him.

one thousand one hundred and twenty-seven

Today, my brother got up first. I got up too. After washing, I went to breakfast with him. After that, he bought me some oranges. He took a bus to Xinjiekou on Zhujiang Road, then went to Yuhuatai and returned to the internship factory. He bought oranges and put them in his windbreaker bag. I waited for him outside the school gate, just like the "back". I really appreciate him. He asked me about my winter clothes. I said to get them at home first, and then told him to buy them again. He said he would send me 30 yuan back. I said the loan was coming down, so I told him not to send money. I don't know how to treat my brother when he comes and goes. I'm tired, melancholy and cold these days.

Wrote to Guan Hong and sunguanghai.

In the afternoon, Hua Ping and Tan Derong came to have a talk.

Face reform and life with a smile.

Chapter 55


one thousand one hundred and twenty-eight

I'm in a bad mood these days. I'm very melancholy. I'm just like Wang Wenxuan when I watch cold night. It's very cold. Maybe it's because of this (the same is true for senior three). I'm very cold in my heart. I'm a little worried. I want to sleep for no reason. I'm very worried. I'm not bothered for a moment. I go to class, sleep (when I sleep), and eat. Alas, can't I get rid of it?

one thousand one hundred and twenty-nine

In English intensive reading class, due to misunderstanding, I didn't read high enough. I thought it was wrong. The teacher said to daydream -------- daydream, quiz, not at all. After reading Zhang Weimin's, I did it for a month -------!

I received a letter from Tao Sheng, asking me to buy a digest card.

I had a big sleep in the afternoon and borrowed corrosion to watch. At 5:30 p.m., I got into bed and suddenly heard a female voice outside the door, "is Ge Yimin there?", I don't know who it is. I doubt my old classmate. Who did Zhang Weimin say? I hurriedly put on my shoes and went out to see a woman. It was Guan Hong. I called her name and asked her to come in and sit down for a while. Only then did I see her clearly. She was still fat, with a waterfall to her shoulders, but it was ok with too many clothes. After the greeting meeting, I went out with her, went out of school, went to the cinema (victory), and talked with her all the way. I remembered that she hadn't eaten, but couldn't find a store. When I went to the cinema, I bought a ticket for the thirteen chivalrous girls. The ticket was 55 cents a piece. I couldn't find it for ten yuan. She gave me one yuan, and I bought one yuan and eight apples. (I don't know what to buy). In the cinema, she cut me to eat one first. When she saw the terrible scene, she couldn't stop bowing her head many times, Especially afraid of snakes.

When I arrived at the school, I asked to find zhengrenxiang, visited the playground, went out to Jinling Hotel first, and when they came back, they talked. I only broke in occasionally, but there was nothing to say. Then I went to talk to tan Derong again, and talked about going back tomorrow, and then to the bedroom. Then I thought I shouldn't talk to Zheng, so that I didn't have a chance to talk to her alone. But I was in a bad mood. I also told her to forgive me for being ill and cold.

I talked with my roommate about her and me. Zhang Weimin and Chen Jing were just as redundant as me last time. Where are you going tomorrow? Xuanwu Lake? Nancai Mochou Lake. I am blue and afraid again. This is my first time with a girl.


one thousand one hundred and thirty

Forced this morning. After waiting for them, I took them to breakfast, and then took a bus to Nancai. I still didn't talk much. When I got to Nancai, luoshouxi was called out by huangxiaomin. Unfortunately, we went to Mochou Lake and walked around. I was a little cold, trembling and had nothing to say. After returning to Nantah for lunch, Zheng went to 1She to write a letter. I had a separate talk with Guan, and they had a very good talk. She said that what jiangliping said to her was that I was arrogant and didn't talk to them. I was wronged. I was always indifferent to girls. She said, "I look down on me even more", so she still forgives me.

At this time, luoshouxi and huangxiaomin came, so I took them to dinner, came back to talk, made tea, and Guan Hong gave us card fortune telling. It was interesting about love cloud. After seeing huangxiaomin on the bus, he accompanied him to the station. When he met XURUI, he came to buy shoes and met a real kinsman from his hometown. Later, she told Guan that she was having a bad time. She said that her face was hanging like this at home. Don't be surprised. At this time, I was in a good mood. I read some English in the evening and went to the library to read Xuzhimo's poems. It was very good, too.

one thousand two hundred and one

In the evening, I watched the movie "red, yellow, green, blue and purple". It was OK. In the evening, I made an appointment with Dai Weiyang and Shi Xiaoye to go to the third canteen to eat noodles and a packet of shrimp soup. It was my treat. Later, they invited each other. I was a little reluctant. I had to stay up late every day. I couldn't stand it until 11 o'clock. But it was very interesting. I had a few days' food first and played volleyball in extracurricular activities.

Chapter 56

one thousand two hundred and two

Play volleyball in P. E. class and practice quickly.

In the afternoon, I watched the ladies of peach blossom Bay. It was also interesting. Played some volleyball. Before dinner, help 107 carry the luggage rack. The film contemporary people. After that, I went to the Department building to learn dancing, three-step, four step, Sailor Dance, disco, and hooked up with a girl of grade 185. It was very comfortable (want to come). Her hands were small and sweaty. Went to eat noodles again, danced happily, and walked with dance steps.

one thousand two hundred and three

English extensive reading is good due to review.

In the afternoon, I watched the video "broken blue bridge". It was great.

MoMA: "I only loved you. I never loved anyone. I will never love you again."

In the evening, I will listen to the report "comparison of political modernization between Britain, France and Germany". Not so good, bad. Preview the intensive reading.

In the evening, he ate three bowls of noodles with Shi Xiaoye. Dai Weiyang didn't come. In the evening, he slandered: "living is uglier than being ugly" and "one is worse than being punished".

Receive Hongxin.

one thousand two hundred and four

I saw the movie "blood is always hot", which was OK.

I read a lot of corrosion today.

After eating noodles and bread, I have been Communist for four days. I slept late and answered the literary questions read by Zhang Weimin. It was interesting.

one thousand two hundred and five

In the morning, I went to the library to read the literature theory and Plato's theory of ideas. What did I add to my mind. In the evening, I talked about the guitar (nonsense), sang the song of the coachman (nonsense), and Xiao Ye recorded it. It was very fun. Went to buy two sandwiches of bread, and went out with "short frequency fast". 424 singing, there are two women, it sounds great, but we can not 324, it took us a long time to fall asleep.


one thousand two hundred and six

English intensive reading class, good.

In the afternoon, I went to the Xinjiekou cultural and sports store and bought a digest card. Tomorrow, I sent it to Taoist. After a long afternoon of shopping, the poor students had no money and bought nothing.

I watched the film (inside the school) girls in the special zone.

In the evening, I went to the third canteen to buy bread. I saw five foreign students talking with them. It was very interesting. Shixiaoye talked a few words. When should I tell him.

He bought four loaves, gave Xiao Ye one, and ate three.

Playing and singing guitar in the evening till I fall asleep.

one thousand two hundred and seven

In the afternoon, I went to the post office to send the card to Tao Sheng. After a long time, I bought the card for 98 points, and sent it for 94 points. After that, I lied to him and sent it for one yuan. I will take it to him later.

one thousand two hundred and eight

In the morning, I went to the audio-visual reading room and listened to the new concept (III). It's great. I often go there in the future.

In the evening of "reading works", a female graduate student gave a lecture on "Pei lengcui" by Xuzhimo. Shanju gossip. "Great.

Chapter 57


one thousand two hundred and nine

Have a big meal in the evening to commemorate December 19.

The eight roommates spent 7 yuan (Health prize) to buy beef / Baijiu for a big meal, and then each paid 1 yuan to buy strange flavor beans / melon seeds. They ate and sang and talked about their past affairs. They were all loved and loved, but I am the only one who is still pure.

one thousand two hundred and ten

Yesterday I made a loan of 120 yuan and wrote a letter to my family. In the afternoon, I went to the Confucius Temple and went shopping. I went all over the clothing department and bought a ski shirt (31 yuan) and jeans (20 yuan). It was blue. It was very good.

It was so natural and unrestrained when I came back (Ye longfu's language). I took a bath and watched the movie heartless lover. It's fun to be with Zhang Xing.

one thousand two hundred and eleven

It's great to wear new clothes.

The philosophy class met with the evening students of journalism college. There were two high-level students. One of them looked at me after me and was happy.

In the evening, I went to listen to the report, "cultural atmosphere and the image of contemporary college students". During the dinner, I saw a girl 17 or 8 times, and the eyes were frequent. Don't mention the taste. I looked at her, and when she looked at me, I bowed my head. Later, I would catch the magic light of clutch and clutch, and she was like that, too. Fast!

Liu Yuan said I should write well.


one thousand two hundred and twelve

At lunch, I made frequent eye contact with the moon.

After the self-study, she took two bottles of water to flush. At the entrance of the stairs, a girl called her. It seemed that she was hungry. She took the bottle for dinner. When she got the meal, she closed in front. Then she went to the boys' pile. I passed it on to her. Later, she ate first. The box rang. She didn't go away. It seemed that she waited for me. After I washed, she also went back. She went down first. I was far away from it. I thought there was no hope. When he arrived, he looked at me and walked away. I was very happy and comforted.

I plan to go home, go to the station, see big thin, short hair in the shop, and don't go back.

one thousand two hundred and thirteen

Decided to go home again.

In the afternoon, I brought some old clothes to my brother, took a bus to Jurong, and went to the supplementary class at the workers' Cultural Palace to find old ma, who was not there. After finding biqingyuan and playing in the dormitory, Ma came to have dinner and watched the video yijianmei. It was very good-looking.

one thousand two hundred and fourteen

When I woke up in the morning, Ma rode me to the station and got home. My parents were cooking breakfast and my grandmother went to Dai village. My uncle bought a color TV set (1020 yuan) and watched it for a while.

Lord Saint Wen came to play for a while.

At dinner, my little uncle came. He and Dongqing blew. I blew the clouds well. She was too ugly. And I don't know what to say.

I rode to my grandmother's house by bike. My little uncle sold dry sugarcane to my house, had dinner, watched TV, and then went to bed. Xiaoyingzi said that guigen ran out all night and came back. I heard that he drank sleeping pills again and hung himself up again. What kind of person?


one thousand two hundred and fifteen

This morning, my father took me to the car in Nanjing. He and my mother heard from my brother about Guan Hong. My brother read my letter. It was really outrageous and fun.

After getting off at Zhujiang Road, I went to the toilet and saw a young woman's big PG at the door. Xuebai, I was excited. This is the first time.

After receiving the letter from Li Erqiao, he wanted to buy Xuzhimo's poems. He went to the bookstore again, but he still didn't. He had several girls to pursue. He was so happy. Me.

In the evening, I went to see the movie "volcano of love" (the ticket of Xuetong news agency). It was from India. It was very good-looking.

In the course of reading works, Zhang Weimin and his colleagues sold books. Each of them earned 8 or 9 yuan. I will do the same in the future.

In the evening, I divided eggs and peanuts. I ate a lot, but I didn't finish the noodles in the evening.

Chapter 58

one thousand two hundred and sixteen

Because of the rain, I went to the audio-visual reading room.

In the afternoon, I went to the bookstore to buy Xuzhimo's poems, but I didn't.

In the evening, I will take an examination of introduction to Literature and open the book.

one thousand two hundred and seventeen

In the afternoon, I took a bus with Shi Xiaoye to jiangdongmen, the memorial hall for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre of the Japanese invaders. I saw a lot of pictures, including burning, killing, looting and prostitution, doing all kinds of evil, as well as many stone tablets and bones.

In the evening, I went to the newspaper reading room and the liberal arts reading room to read Xu Zhimo's poetry collection and trial collection.


one thousand two hundred and eighteen

In the evening, I went to see the "English movie" with Shi Xiaoye. Later, it was released next week. I went to the teaching building to see the video of the meeting, the science and education film, and went to a self-study meeting to see the thirteen dynasties of the Qing palace.

To the dormitory, they are playing cards and gambling for fun.

At noon, I received a set of postcards from Guan Hong, "porcelain capital art garden". My fried rice has been divided up. They all like it.

one thousand two hundred and nineteen

In the morning, Dengjin sent me a copy. I was reaching for it when it fell to the ground. After I asked Zhang Feng to pick it up, she looked at me apologetically and with a smile.

I went to the reading room to read the "novel review" and wrote a composition at noon. It was a review.

When I met her on my way to class in the afternoon, I didn't know what she meant, so I thought it meant.

Watch the movie Chai you's love in the evening.

one thousand two hundred and twenty

In the morning, I handed out several handouts in the course of "literary Overview". There was a comment on "missing female middle school students" in our last assignment, including my longest paragraph. It was OK to see the literary talent.

In the afternoon, I went to the street and bought a pair of leather cloth shoes, a pair of gloves, a set of postcards of Venice scenery, together with a set sent by Guan Hong and the scenery of Zhenjiang. Tonight, I wrote 29 postcards to all teachers. Tomorrow, I will write a few more. Students can also send New Year cards. This is my first time. It's just fun.

Daiweiyang said that xumin stole a book named happy science from Zhang Weimin. Is it true?

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty-one thousand two hundred and thirty-one

(sorry to lose the diary for 10 days)

No, he beat my leg. I want him to take the lead voluntarily. It's funny.

In the afternoon, Dai Weiyang went to the Institute of education to find pengxiaofeng. On the way, he talked about the shortcomings of the dormitories. The three of us worked together.

In the evening, I invited the girls to have a party. First, I invited Wang Wenwen with Yaogang, then yinxiuping and fengqiuhong with Da Pao. I also invited Feng's two female classmates, one of whom was from Zhenjiang Medical College. Her name was huangyuanfang. She was very beautiful. Yao Gang brought a little brother to have a big meal. I did well for the first time, cheering, eating melon seeds and talking. I had a night of dancing, smoking, throwing bottles of wine, playing guitar and setting off fireworks. Later, Fengping, a girl from Huangshan, sang one song after another. She first looked at me and said, "I don't know my name yet." I said, "it's too bad to think about it." then Dai Weiyang said, "long live Ge Yimin." she said she remembered, Ge Yimin, she taught me to dance, 14 steps, and said I was right, He taught me another four steps and looked at me several times. It was wonderful. Later, I said, "thank you, Fengping. Long live Fengping." finally, at dawn, when she sang, I rewarded her with many balloons. Ah Lin finally invited her to dance. He refused. He looked at me, but I deliberately didn't invite him. Finally, I lost my voice and became a big star.

Chapter 59



I slept all day today and sent a letter to Guan Hong and her family. * I was a bit disgusted. It was a normal schoolmate relationship. Later, the dormitory and my brother said that she had that love. I didn't realize it. Now she has a little. She gave me a set of postcards. She thought she didn't receive them. She said that the postman was "corrupt" and was so dazzling. She sent me two calendars. She asked me to give one to tan Derong and deliberately publicize it. I sent the other one to Yiwen. I watched the movie "Eagle over London" tonight and bought cigarettes with xumin for the first time.


In the morning, I was late for the introduction to linguistics class. When I opened my eyes, it was already 7:30. I got up and went. I didn't brush my teeth and wash my face. Only two boys were not late. Yang Xipeng was angry. I met Feng Ping on the way. It was so beautiful. In the philosophy class, the teacher told me the review topic and met him again. It was so beautiful.

In the afternoon, I had a good sleep in writing class.


In the afternoon, luoshouxi came to zhengrenxiang and said that Zhenjiang agreed to have a reunion on January 23. Yinxiuping nodded and smiled. Wang Wenwen also had a smiling face. The world is full of love.

In the evening, I invited the cannons to eat tremella soup, and Alin asked me to buy glue. I didn't want to lean against it, so he thought I was afraid he wouldn't give me money. I also fired the fire, but it was OK to come back. I saw Xuzhimo in the evening. I received a letter from wangguofang, saying that I was at work.


I slept all morning and wrote to wangguofang in the afternoon.


In the morning, I took an English test. I saw Zhang Weimin very well.

I told many stories about fengmenglong in the evening.



Dance with Xumin university guitar.

In the afternoon, Hua Ping came to have a talk. He ate a lot of wine and vegetables. In the evening, Dai Yong bought a kilogram of peanuts. I looked at the scale and found that there was oneortwo missing, and I made up for it.

Tangjinghua, Hua Ping and qinyibin make an appointment to eat xiaolongbao.

Receive Zhang Yongbin's letter and postcard.


In the morning, I took a philosophy test and copied a note. Everything was OK. Who cheated who in this high school exam.

Receive Liu Hui's postcard. In the evening, I bought a packet of cigarettes (Jinfeng) with Zhang Weimin, and ate two of them to my heart's content. I was very happy to receive Xuqian's letter this evening. She said that she was glad to receive my postcard, and was angry that I didn't write to her, and asked about the college student parade. I saw a lovely and beautiful girl in front of me. She had just been a sophomore in high school. She fell in love at first sight. She had been in love with each other for a year. She is the most beautiful of my classmates so far. She is the most ideal candidate. She could write to me. She was angry with me. I thought she was too happy. I would consider sending her a long letter tomorrow.

At night, I lit a cigarette and went back to grade two. Looking out the window, I saw the boughs, the buildings were dim, and the lights were a little bit. It was so beautiful. I found it for the first time.

Did I really fall in love for the first time? I'm so happy that "my heart itches a little.".

I can't sleep for a long time.


At noon, I sent Xuqian a long letter with three sheets of paper, saying the reason why the university students' democratic movement did not reply to the letter and the brilliant life in the University. I want to change and quote Rousseau language. It is very affectionate, waiting for her reply.

I took a bath and washed my clothes.

I went to self-study three hours late.

Chapter 60



In the afternoon, I went to self-study with Alin.

First, go to the lawn, lie down immediately, laugh, turn a few somersaults, which makes the woman opposite laugh. At that time, the blue sky and white clouds, the trees and ancient buildings, the woman, are so beautiful that the soul can be sublimated.

After that, I went to the old museum for a visit.

On the way, two women pretending to be fierce met chengtonghua and tangchaoyang. They nodded awkwardly. It was funny. Then I went back to the third floor and went down to the second floor. Then I went out on the first floor. I couldn't help laughing.


In the morning, I took an examination of introduction to literature, which was good.

In the afternoon, I went to the street and bought a pair of leather shoes (27.15 yuan).

It's funny to sing ZB songs in the dormitory at night.


Go to the liberal arts reading room in the evening to read literary reviews.



In the afternoon, I had a good exam on writing. He sat down with Zhang Weimin. Later, he went to the building with me. On the way, I asked him to ask Lao Jiang for ten yuan on my behalf. He asked me to buy him a pack of cigarettes. I was willing. He said he had done me a great favor and asked if he would tell me. Later, I asked me the time. I looked at my watch and found that it had been left on the table during the exam. I was so worried that I didn't go to the classroom. I thought my classmate had given it to Mr. Wang Jizhi. Later, I went to the Department building to give jiangqinhua a note. He said that he had picked it up and gave it to me. For a while, I was happy. I lost 45 yuan and got it back. Then I went to the hospital to get Banlangen.

I received Wang Qunxin's letter in the evening and replied to it with a long letter. Alas, Xuqian and Wang Qun, the people I dreamed about in the past, will also write to me. But how can I treat them during the winter vacation and later? Zhang Weimin took my message book and found that many girls were attracted to me. At that time, I was indifferent? What about the future? What did the old classmates say to me?


In the morning, I went to the Daxing palace to buy a piano string. For the first time, I didn't dare to give a monthly pass. When I came back, Lao Jiang gave me ten yuan and didn't tell him. I was embarrassed. At noon, go to jiangqinhua in the department meeting room. I went to the Protestant church to study. Today is my birthday (lunar calendar). It was so. Alas, I came back and ate noodles and tremella soup with Yao Gang.


In the afternoon, jiangqinhua came to coach.


In the morning, it was difficult to fill in the definition of modern Chinese. After reading the notes of the last two questions, I was highly skilled.


Waiting for xuqianxin every day, I swore that whoever didn't believe in him and slapped him in the face. There was no consequence. I slapped him gently. Alas, it's time to come.

Talk about cheating in the evening, make national treasures (notes), and sleep for a long time.



Get up early in the morning and take advantage of the exam. After the exam, Liu Yuan read document No. 1.

In the afternoon, I went to the Confucius Temple for a visit.

In the evening, he sang his song, ate noodles and scolded "his mother" after eating. He went to the street again, bought cigarettes and went to Depei to get something.

I'll pack up and go home tomorrow morning.


I took shixiaoye's net bag home. Before I went home, I asked Alin to take it for me if I had any letters.


I saw 300 Tang poems at home, and everything remained the same.

In the afternoon, I went to grandma's house with my mother.


Over the past few days, people have been asking me about the parade. I said that I had participated in it. Most of the class 85 and 86 went to see the lively clouds. Yangzi: "I have a son, and I won't let him go to college", * * "the cultural revolution is coming again". My family also said that I should be grateful to Deng Xiaoping. I said that I should not use personal gratitude and resentment.


In the afternoon, I went to Grandpa Shengwen's house and talked about the parade. The cloud leader would not grant our request. I watched frog girl and bumpy on color TV these days.

Chapter 61



In the afternoon, I went to luoshouxi's house to discuss the appointment tomorrow. I rode the car that Yicheng had just bought and spent 191 yuan on the long march.


Early, I went to Jurong with my father and luoshouxi. First, I went to Su fan's house and met my aunt (distant relative). Later, he and luoshouxi went to the high school supplementary class. Li Youwen, Wang Ling and fengqingrong said that they had changed a lot and could not see it. He went to Qin Bin's house again, and then went to find cuihui (who had already worked). Later, he went to the county and met Liu Hui. He was speechless. After waiting for a long time, he didn't see his old classmates. He went to the street again and went to a restaurant. It cost more than 4 yuan. After dinner, I went to Mr. Ji's home for a meeting. Then I went to the dormitory. On the way, I saw a woman dressed in a purple windbreaker and a woolen hat. She was very pretty. When I saw her stop, I recognized Xu Qian and asked her to finish the exam. She said to send a classmate away. I waved my hand, motioned her to go, and she left. I can't help but look at it and drift past it naturally. Later, luoshouxi said that she called out the word "Ge Yimin". At that time, I didn't know what she meant.

Later, I went to zhengrenxiang's house. When I was not there, I saw zhengrenxiang, jiangliping, Hong Xin, Guan Hong and duxiaoyan in the county. I couldn't bear to see Hong Xin talking with so many male classmates. When I asked when I would come back, I said "it's eighteen." Guan laughed to himself. When I met her on the road, they all said hello. Later, luoshouxi said that she pretended to be ignorant and hypocritical.

After that, I went to Mr. Ji's house and came back to see weiliming and Yinhua. I stopped and talked. Guan Hong managed to escape from the old age in many ways and behaved like a fool. Later, he went to mawenxiang's place with luoshouxi. He saw biqingyuan and a girl. They had a very close attitude.

In the evening, I bought things with duxiaoyan, luoshouxi and Hong Xin. I bought four packs of cigarettes and went to the classroom. There were few people. At the party, I sat with Hong Xin and talked about the conversation. It was so happy. Lao Fu talked about communication. Lao Ji asked me to say, I said that they were marching in thought, studying novels, and just passing the physical education. They laughed. Although it was my birthday, I told my vassals DengLiJun and Xuzhimo about it. Liu Hui laughed and asked Zhang Aiqin to leave her address. She changed her name to Zhang Qi. Liu Hui said that I had changed. I said that it would be good if I changed. She asked if she liked Guan Hong the most. I denied that she had not liked it so far and would not like it in the future, because no one liked me. Later, she asked me if I had written three paper letters to Xu Qian. She and a girl (zhangqiaofeng) were reading letters in the corridor in the morning. They laughed and said, "Lao GE has sent a letter". It was both a parade and a complaint. I said that writing a letter was my temporary vent. She said she had prepared a cake for my birthday and brought it. I was very scared. After that, they danced and played cards. Hong Xin told me to leave. I asked the manager to divide the cake into 16 portions. When they ate at home, they greeted each other one by one, and then joined Hong, duxiaoyan, jiangliping and other high school classes. Looking back in bed, I am so happy, Xu Qian, so beautiful, so beautiful.

nineteen million eight hundred and seventy thousand one hundred and twenty-four

After waking up and eating fried dough sticks with old ma, he and luoshouxi went to zhengrenxiang's house. When they saw Hong Xin at the station, she bought a ticket (in the afternoon) and asked her to go to zhengrenxiang's house. She said she had an appointment with Xu Qian and asked me if I would go. At that time, I had a feeling about this. But I didn't say anything. I really wanted to go, but I shook my head twice.

In the Zheng family, I met Zhang Aiqin and had a big talk. She shared many of my views on the current regime, bureaucracy, the Vietnam War, childhood anecdotes and her changes. Later, Liu Hui came. It was disgusting. She took two books with her. Later, she left and asked me to return them to Guan Hong. It was fun. I asked Zhang Qi what she meant, and she smiled. She was really cute, petite, like a water lotus that was too shy for the cool wind. Her face was beautiful to flow.

After dinner, I went to Guan Hong's house to return the book, and then I went to Zhang Aiqin's house to have a big meal. Zhoudaobao, Tan Derong and luoshouxi all went there. Later, Luo and I went to the high school remedial class to send Ma and Bi to the car. They went to Tan Derong's house.

I waited for a while in the senior supplementary class, but no one was there. Later, Luo said that Hong Xin and a man had come. It was Xu Qian. I was so excited that I shook my head and waited for her. Later, they came in. I said, "wait for you to eat." they went to get something and came in again. Hong said that they went to her house on the third day of the third day of the lunar new year. I vaguely said that the day was not easy. Xu Qian always looked at me with affection. Later, they left. Luo and I went down to find old ma. It was really bad that I followed Xu Qian. She wore purple pants and gave off charming radiance, Beauty, beauty, beauty.

When they saw Lao Bi, they left. It was the tenderness of Xu Qian's turning back. Later, old Ma also came and said that two boys had sent Xu and Hong to the car. I was very angry. Later, I learned that it was fengqingrong and a person from class 4. Send Lao Bi away and then go back. After Zhang Qi came, I asked Lao Ma to play with them, which made them laugh. I said: Lao Ma, I think you can play, and they laughed again. When I left, I got out of bed to see him off. I said that old ma couldn't get on the road. After a while, I left and went down the stairs. Zhang looked up and smiled goodbye. I was very happy.

Later, I went to jiangliping's house and had a party. I took them to my aunt's house for dinner. My uncle was at home alone. After a while, Su fan came in. I called her sister. My uncle asked her to call my brother. She called me. Later, I called her sister again. Later, the three of us cooked and cut vegetables by ourselves. Later, my aunt came in. My cousin and I had a talk. After drinking, my cousin said a lot about the situation of the second machinery factory, and the fun of fighting in Huainan and escaping train tickets. Later, I said goodbye, I sent two packs of cigarettes, which were left over from yesterday.

He went to bed late and slept with Ma. He said that many women like me. He listened to the girls, such as Xu Qian and Hong Xin. Is Xu Qian really. He said I despise Guan Hong. Yes, I don't love her at all. Hongxinzheng talked with fengqingrong. Alas, Xuqian, in the morning, Liu Hui asked me if I was good with Xuqian. I said "good p", and she said that Xuqian told her that I was good with Xuqian. But why didn't Xu Qian answer my letter? I didn't say three words this time.

I'm so happy. I think of Xuqian and Zhang Qi (old Ma said that she was taken care of and was born in 66 years. I can't delay her). But can I see her tomorrow, Xuqian?

Chapter 62



2: 45. When I woke up, I thought about Xu Qian and couldn't sleep. In the morning, I met Mr. Guan. At the gate of the school, I wanted Xu Qian to come out, but I didn't get it.

He attended the meeting of "developing Maoshan Information Association". On the way, he met Daosheng, went to Hua Ping's house, signed his name, met zhoushuhua and hujunning, went to a trick, ate melon seeds, and paid 50 cents. Later, President Wang of the county invited a meal at Huayang hotel. There were a lot of dishes. After finishing the meeting, he went to the station, got on the bus and went home. Xiao Ru and her uncle came.


In the afternoon, Gao Xianzhong and zhengbaolai played together.

Cao linglai borrowed three books.

Zhu Dehong came and played for a while.

I made steamed bread for my aunt's family in the morning and made it for my own family in the evening. I'm really tired. She packs it with Xiaoqin. She is in the countryside. In fact, she is very foreign. I was tired at night and slept.


In the morning, my brother came back and bought a lot of food, but there was only 40 yuan left and there was no money for the car. I had a big wash today.

Autumn Moon killed herself by drinking potion. Alas, life is hard to predict.


Today is new year's Eve.

I painted in the morning, wove paper money at noon, and cooked in the afternoon.

I had dinner late and said a few jokes.

I watched the Spring Festival Gala on TV. It was OK.


On the first day of this day, I went for a ride in the afternoon, and my aunt also went to learn.


My brother has gone to Dai village. Xiao Fang and Xiulan are not very good-looking.


I went to my grandmother's house and watched the TV trade under the noose. I met Gao Xianzhong. When I came back, I saw Wu Lin, a relative from Xinjiang, who was also a college student. Dinner at my aunt's house in the evening.


After sleeping in every day, dad got angry, lifted the quilt and went to his aunt's house.


Watch TV Begonia.


Our family invited guests, eight families had a meal, and they were busy.


When I went to Ju Hongcheng's house for dinner, I saw wangguofang and didn't say a few words.



The Daquan family and the LIUCai family had a fight over pigs eating wheat. Three brothers to three brothers, two eyes and two watches were broken.

These days, Qiuyue and guigen's mother died. Qiuyue committed suicide unexpectedly.


Go to grandma's in the afternoon and say goodbye.

These days, I always think about Xu Qian when I sleep. I really fell in love with her. My sophomore year in senior high school was in love with her.


Today, I went to Nantah. I was very happy to meet my classmates who were far away. I ate a lot. In the evening, I saw the mysterious yellow rose in the small night market. The former lovers were so happy.


Today, Dai Yong and others also came, and everyone ate a lot.


Today I have a class, ancient Chinese.


After the audio-visual and physical education classes, everything went as usual.


And xumin went to the reading room and saw the movie script.


Still sleeping in.

Had a philosophy class.


It suddenly became hot.


I watched the small night market with zhangweimin and Dai Yong: blue water and two souls, fake young master and affectionate hat. It was funny.

Chapter 63



Sunday is the day to sleep. After watching ugly Chinese.


Zhang Weimin brought the ten year history of the Cultural Revolution to see the darkness of officialdom.


Go to the newspaper reading room.


Go to the reading room to see Yu Dafu and Bingxin.


I picked up a bunch of keys a few days ago and read the notice of finding things every day. It snowed heavily.


The class has changed. Xuetong news agency also held a meeting. I decided to work hard this semester.


Two issues of "poetry journal" and "poetry daily" came. After listening to the speech "long live understanding", they were at Wutaishan gymnasium.


Read the cautionary tale.


After receiving Wang Beiyu's letter, he decided to reply to him. He said he was sad. I watched the world table tennis championships on TV in the evening. I also conceived a letter to Xu Qian. Looking at my diary, I found that I was in love with her in many places. I really fell in love with her. Although I also loved me, I didn't love her at all.


It's OK to play volleyball in the morning. After taking a bath, I wrote to Xu Qian, saying that the time was in a hurry, and that she was getting along with others with advantages, so I waited for her reply.

In the evening, I went to the reading room and saw Yu Dafu's "she is a weak woman". It was so beautiful!!! In the meantime, I often leaned on the toes of a woman opposite me. I felt neither friendly nor aloof. Maybe they were interested in each other. My heart was full of excitement. I couldn't say the tension, fear and pleasure in my heart. I fell down in the clouds and rain, and the two joined together. Alas, I need both love and sexuality. I also have ideals. A person is complex, but "do what you want" can no longer be suppressed.


In the afternoon, I went to plum blossom mountain and walked a long way along the ancient city wall. I'm glad to see so many plum blossoms for the first time.

In the evening, I went to learn from the news agency and compiled a blackboard newspaper.



Received a letter from Li Erqiao and replied to it.

The woman in philosophy class is so beautiful. I have a good look.

I went to see the movie "trap" in the evening. The plot was not very good, but it was OK. I climbed the door for the first time.


After sleeping in the morning, Lu Wurong called the roll, but zhaojianchun prevaricated by seeing people off at the bus stop.

At noon, I was reading the ten year history of the cultural revolution. Xuminjin said that he had contacted 300 copies of "second sex, women" in the publishing house, so I picked them up. He rode three wheels, I rode his bike, and I moved the book. It's more than 5 o'clock when we arrive at the school. It's very smart. It's 3.4 yuan a copy. Some people say that we will sell it. The Department of economics and the merchant cloud. It was sold until more than 11:00 p.m., and there were 35 copies left. Later, the money was a little less, 14.6 yuan. Lao Zhang said that I was short-sighted, and Dai Da said that it was difficult to prevent domestic thieves. When I think about it, I know the truth. Xu is really mean. But I made money again. I was still very happy. It took me a long time to fall asleep.

Today Fengping said, "you're Ge Yimin. You're right." I can't afford it because of something. In the future, you should be more attracted to her. Alas, how can you say that.

I went to Yanziji on Thursday evening.


I got up early and went to class. My English class is OK today. I will work hard in the future.

At noon, I sold out all 35 copies. I took the money and didn't lose a cent.

Today, there are only two so-called voters in our class. Wang Yingguo and Liu Yuan are not democratic at all and are very angry.

Later, I went to Xuetong news agency to collect the ticket. I learned that I was going to Caishiji, Ma'anshan, Anhui Province. I said that I would assemble at 4:30 tomorrow (in the morning). I took a kettle and bought some sparkling wine. I dare not sleep at night, so I have to sit on the bed with my clothes and pretend to sleep.

Chapter 64



I got up at more than 3 a.m. and slept for a while. Then I packed up and went to Xuetong news agency. We went to the railway station together. At 5:37, I got on the bus to Ma'anshan, got off the bus and went to Yushan lake. I took three photos, took a bus to Caishiji, went to Taibai Lou and Taibai Yiguan tomb, climbed to the top of the mountain and took many photos. Later, I took a boat back to Nanjing, ran around on the boat and took photos. When she came back, Xu Min said that she only got 12 yuan for selling books. She was very angry. It is estimated that there is little hope for scholarships, and it may not be without. It is very unpleasant. She wrote poems.


In the future, I should plan to develop myself and stipulate several necessary things: practicing calligraphy, English, reading, writing poetry, playing ball, entertainment (bridge, go, dancing, etc.). Can you? I swear by my future: Yes! Late uncle came and brought a lot of fried rice candy. I should develop myself, again.


After the audio-visual class, I will pay attention to English.

I played bridge all afternoon.

In the evening, I went to the reading room and saw Yu Dafu's Mi Mi and some poems by Bingxin. It was good. I was really excited to see a woman walking in front of me and a hazy PG on the road. Pull the thruster and watch the second sex.



I shouldn't have read extensively in the two sections. However, it's too comfortable to sleep. It can invigorate the spirit, condense the Qi, relax the tendons and nourish the brain.

In the afternoon, he played bridge for another 16 laps, and played against Alin for 50 o'clock. Go to the college students' club for a meeting and the school publicity work meeting. He played bridge for another 16 laps in the evening and lost 27 points. He was dizzy and tired. He had to sleep and couldn't read.


There was an audio-visual class.

At noon and in the evening, I played bridge, sent a letter to my family and sent a colorful photo.


At noon, I went to learn from the news agency and posted notes. In the future, I will write more interview manuscripts. I will find hot spots and get out.

I was very glad to receive Xu Qian's letter late at night (when I saw that it was her letter). I was excited for a long time before I opened it. I said that I was the first to write to her, but I didn't agree with the ugly Chinese. I asked her Princess Yuner, and said that Guan Hong's second brother had a car accident. I was really sorry for it. Xu asked me to write to Guan, but how can I write? Kuang never passed the letter. Alas, life is too hard.

She also said to me that her Princess asked, Ao, doesn't she really realize this and said that I am happy to learn better.

I read the summit theory.


I read Mandarin in class, but I should be bold.

There was a party in the evening class. We sang two small choruses in 324. It was very fun.



In the morning, I went to the bridge class for more than three hours to talk about opening and responding. Lu Weijun, President of Nantah, gave a lecture. Later, I asked about scoring.

In the afternoon, Fengping, chengtonghua, Zhang Xing and yinxiuping came to our dormitory to play bridge. We were playing. Fengping watched a game next to me. She played it. I coached her. Her clothes were close to each other. She saw it clearly. Then she opened another table. I played against Zhang Xing. I found that she was very good. Yes, it's time to get in touch with her. It took them all afternoon to go. We were so happy.

I learned go from Lao Jiang in the evening, but I lost 122. I must learn chess and cards and develop myself in the future.

Chapter 65


Played go.

After dinner, I saw a rice basin on the water side.


The theory of "sports and beauty" in physical education class must be practiced in the future. It's good to have a haircut, keep it longer, and blow the wind.


Foreign language classes are ugly. In the ancient works class, the woman knocked on the partition wall and handed a note. It was fun. When I went to play table tennis, I nearly got into a fight with others.


Look at the second sex. I see a beautiful woman in philosophy class. Alas.


Played go.


I missed class in the morning and slept happily.

In the afternoon, luoshouxi came. He said that Wang Ling had written to him and Chen Bing had come to meet him at the west railway station. He ran all afternoon and was disappointed. I went to see the movie "the first night of marriage" in the evening and had a good weekend.



Hua Ping sent "go". In the morning, he listened to bridge class and played go all night.


After watching go for a day, I knocked the board with the woman outside the wall and threw chalk in the afternoon class.

Uncle came and said not to sell books in the future.


I watched the TV play Lu Xun.


The film the true story of Ah Q (video).


Yao Gang is very good at ancient Chinese exercises. Most of the roll calls in philosophy class were missed.


The class talked about the May Fourth Movement and the poetry world.


In the evening, I watched the go game and the movies north and South Shaolin and the city masquerade ball.

They went to Yangzhou.


I went to the reading room in the evening and played table tennis with Dai da.


In the afternoon, I watched the second sex.

Go to the reading room in the evening to read modern poetry.


I was so angry when I broke my glasses in Volleyball in PE class. In the afternoon, it was matched again, and it cost 6.28 yuan.

I wrote a letter to Xu Qian in the evening. It took me one night and I saw only half of it. So distressed.


I missed class in the morning and slept all morning.

In the afternoon, it was sunny. I sent a letter to Xu, saying that she was beautiful and loved, and sent the general outline.

In the evening, he played chess, went to Xuetong news agency and compiled a blackboard newspaper. Huang Hongliang left a name and got to know xulihua. It seems that at the first sight of Zhongqing, she was the only one who was kind to me and spoiled me. I am so happy. Work hard in the future.



Shixiaoye returned home with a lot of delicious food. Xu Min had so many friends that he took me to meet two of them. Later, like him, he knew the society. I went to the reading room in the evening and tied Shi's scarf. It's really beautiful. I dragged a long note on the road and was trampled by several women. I shouted a few words, but I was happy.


In the morning, after the modern literature history class, teacher Zou asked me my name and said why it was not ge Tianmin. I said the ingredients were bad, so she said it was also people.

In the afternoon, I watched the video Yamamoto 56.

Chapter 66


In the morning, I got up strong. After class, I would go to bed. I wrote two articles and worked hard in the future.

At noon, I played go with Lao Jiang. He let Jiu Zi play. I won a lot. I was so excited to see the woman downstairs with a telescope in the afternoon. It was halfpastten.

I went to buy tickets for the film "Furong Town" in the evening. After passing through several cinemas, I bought tickets for tomorrow night in Yan'an.

When I came back, I played chess with Lao Jiang. He let Bazi play chess, and then I won a few.

Dai Yong and I went to buy a pack of cigarettes and five leaf pines. Instead, he invited me to have scallion rolls.


I watched the film "Furong Town" in the evening and had a daydream. Liu Xiaoqing played it very well. Qinyibin asked me to Taishan (sports meeting).



In the afternoon, the election was absurd. Two people who didn't know who they were asked to choose one. Everyone wrote indiscriminately. I wrote xuzhiying. Then I saw the candidates who had turned a blind eye in the window. After reading the story of the girl dura. Lao Jiang gave me five sons, and I won.


After watching the go game for a day and the second China Japan challenge arena, nieweiping met with takemiya Zhengshu from 10:00 to 12:00, went to learn the news agency, had a shower, and decided to write the poem "that moment". After watching it all afternoon, Wu Gong finally conceded defeat in the middle of the game.


I have an extensive reading class in the morning, and I will have english

He wrote "that moment" and joined Xuetong news agency.

After playing go all afternoon, Lao Zhang and I won 326 by 4:0. In the evening, I played a flashlight with Lao Zhang. If I won, I could play white chess again.


After the audio-visual class,

In the afternoon, hexianmei and weiliming came to the meeting. Said the conversation and left.

I played chess again in the evening and made great progress.


In the evening, Li Yunhua, shixiaoye's classmate (DB), came to bed and read many magazines. He made a big rumor about giving alms. Yunshi lived like a dream, had fun in time, and chased women. He quarreled with him, but he insisted here. There was nothing he could do.


When Shi came back in the morning and saw Li Zai, he made a big noise and forced him to leave.


It was hot after PE class. I drank two bottles of soda and played go.



It's good to have a lazy sleep in the morning. It's too much time for intensive reading.

Another young teacher selected from ancient works is acceptable.

In the afternoon, I played chess with fan Yong of the news class and won again. So far, I have won him three sets in a row. Now I am only second to Lao Jiang. Keep attacking. In the late evening, Qin Yibin and I played a game of guiding chess and didn't go to learn from the news agency.


In the whole world of go, 326 bought a pair of go, but they were far from our opponents. I set a record of winning nine sets in a row.


In the go arena of the Chinese Department, xuzhaohui defeated marshal chenchangsheng. Xu just learned in the summer vacation. He worked hard. I want to learn from him.


In the evening, I went to the people's theater to see the play "looking for a man", which was full of daydreams. Tu Haiyan and a woman, alas, the DG arrived at PG. I went to the library late. Hold up the parallel bars and practice later.


The story of maxiaochun and Kataoka Cong is repeated. I wrote a letter to Xu Qian. I really love her. It's very kind of poetry newspaper. Wrote to the information center.


At the weekend, the Chinese Department held a series of challenge arena competitions, and played go in the evening.

Chapter 67



In the afternoon, when playing military chess, I also lost.

I watched the movies iron faced man and the twelfth night in the evening. There was a woman next to my seat. I was so excited. Alas, I was amorous, and my legs rested on my feet. Later, she angrily separated from me. My heart cooled. Who am I? God tells me, no one loves me. There are so many women in the world, but no one is mine.


Watch the brave Mihai in the evening and go with Dai Yong. The same woman next door, who knows my heart? Sin, obscenity, I need it. Only heaven and I know my heart, and my arm can satisfy my heart. Who else can understand me? What kind of heart is my heart? Then she sits next to me, me, me.

Today, I gave out my sportswear, which is the honor guard of the sports meeting. I really looked good in it. I walked around the campus with ah Lin. so many women looked at you, not at your clothes. How happy it was for the first time. Tell qinyibin that I won't go to Taishan. I have no money, so I'll give it up for the exam.


I went to the lawn to sit for a while. I really enjoyed watching the movies Thirty-nine Steps and revenge. After that, I went to learn the news agency. I want to participate in the sports meeting interview. I will set up an interview group in the future, and I will work hard.


I often see red pants these days. They are so beautiful and have a good temperament. But I can only look at them. Who in the world is as affectionate as me and can't be loved.

I really want to go home and meet Xuqian.

I can only cover myself with a quilt, sit in a daze and daydream.



After taking a bath, zhangqinghe came with the teacher. I went to the movies at night, but I didn't see it. I saw two people fighting. Why? A person in the car, the car flows into the distance in the twilight, and the scenery outside the window changes faintly. Come back, say that the teacher came and gave me a 20000 word paper to copy. Can I copy my words? I have to interview the sports meeting tomorrow. Who should I go to? Where is Wang Feng? Dai Weiyang promised a little, but it's good. I'm worried about a few books.


When the sports meeting was held, I joined the guard of honor first, and then went to interview. I wrote several articles on the men's high jump and broadcast them.

I took photos at noon and put on my sports clothes at the school gate.

In the afternoon, I interviewed Dai Weiyang again. In the evening, Dai Weiyang helped me copy nine papers. He copied one for himself, one for Zhang Weimin, one for Jiang Suping, and one for Lin yueen. A total of 22 papers were copied. Shixiaoye promised to copy them tomorrow. It still depends on others.

I hate bureaucrats so much, but the official in front of me seems to be obedient. Really. I am independent and indomitable. There is only me in the world. Everything is for my own use. Can it really be so.

Wendebei said that he would introduce me to xuzhiying. I would make good use of what I could and achieve great goals.

nineteen million eight hundred and seventy thousand four hundred and eighteen

When he woke up in the morning, he urged Shi Xiaoye to copy a lot. Later, ah Lin also copied two, and Shi continued to copy.

What flame is in my eyes when I see the happiness of lovers.

At noon, wenderpei came to get his papers. There were still a few left. He copied them.

I was tired after sleeping all afternoon. In the evening, I went to the lawn and had a small steamed bun with Shi Xiaoye.


I play go hungry in the morning.

Read some new poems.

In the evening, I watched the movie "bloody battle of Taierzhuang".

The 0-0 China Hong Kong football match was really bad.


At noon, I received a letter from home saying that my uncle had hepatitis and really wanted to go back.

In the reading class, biqingyuan said that he had taken the secretarial exam. In the evening, I watched the movies Wan Li and the jewel case.

Chapter 68


In the afternoon, we went to the people's hospital with biqingyuan to see the leg bones, took a film, missed a lot of time, then went to luoshouxi's place and arrived at Huaping late.

In the toilet, a female worker washed and closed her eyes. I couldn't pee. I was curious and excited.


In the afternoon, qinyibin came to see my message and said to Yuner, but I am a person who doesn't talk to girls. Playing cards at the stall, sunyong lost two yuan.


This morning, biqingyuan went back.

In philosophy class, I looked at the woman in the news class. She was a little more beautiful.

According to Bi, Xu Qian and fengqingrong have close contacts. What should I do? Forget it?


After watching the video "sinking", it was like writing about me.


I started playing go again. What shall I do for my English test tomorrow?

"Poetry newspaper" is very good. Do it.


In the morning, I took an English test, watched Yangzijiang and mengqinghai, and played chess in the afternoon.

It's OK to watch nightclub in the evening, Li Qun and Liu Wei.


In the reading of works class, I played go with Lao Zhang for only three minutes. I ran away, but it was too late.


Play go and smoke with Lao Zhang.


I didn't go to English class and came back to Dai Da to speak English 59. I was surprised. I really want to, but I should swear. Hou Lao Meng said he was lying to me.

I watched go in the canteen three nights. It was an unprecedented event.


Philosophy class review, see Yi Fu again.


I bought a red dress for 13.56 yuan, which is good.

Disabled n women, crowded in the store, DG arrived at PG, really comfortable, life-long rest.

I wrote a news for short frequency Kuai. Federal German go players came to our school.


Wearing red clothes, I found that many people were very happy.


There was an audio-visual class. It rained, and I didn't have PE class. I met Deng DA in the rain. She was so cute.


In the ancient works class, wucuifen said that yejialing had a lecture. I had a good sleep in the afternoon. I went to change my clothes and saw a couple of lovers kissing on the North Lawn. What was it like?


And Dai Da changed their sportswear.

When I went to the lawn in the evening, I met Fengping and said to hand in my homework. Then Dai DA and Yangzi River walked ahead. I slowed down. Feng caught up with me. I was really happy. When I asked about self-study, I went to the reading room. When I asked if I would go to Wuxi, I went home. I asked Zheng Renxiang's high school classmate Yun how nice it was to have a girl.

Went to the reading room and saw gone with the wind.


It's boring and melancholy.

What are you looking at? Not interested. After watching "rosy clouds all over the sky", I was really moved. Qiaoshupei and yincaiqin, I don't have his level.


In the afternoon, I went to the high school remedial class, but old ma didn't come. Unfortunately, Li Erqiao didn't see me either. A student in Xiashu opened the door for me, and then went to find biqingyuan. I couldn't help but bump into him. It was going to rain, so I went back to the high school remedial class. I went to Xu Qian's house for a long time. I knocked on the door for a long time. My heart was pounding and my face was flushed. I didn't know what mood or courage it was. When I saw a key on the door, I couldn't help but open it. Just when I opened it, a woman asked "who is it?" in a voice. In a panic, I closed the door. It sounded so loud, and then I pretended to knock. I was ugly. When I opened the door, I must have a bad face and couldn't speak clearly. I just said, "is Xu Qian there?" her mother must have had a bad impression, The damned smoke was in the red shirt. She wondered for a long time. She knew that it was Xu Qian, so she asked her to sit down and pour tea (I stopped). She said that Xu took an examination of Zhenjiang and went to Zhenjiang to try volleyball. She played with Hong Xin and talked for a long time. I left. When I saw Guan Hong, she failed in the preliminary selection. After that, Guan came and talked for a while, and then went back to bed. I was really tired. I regret how I came to Xuqian's house like this and was fascinated by ghosts.

Chapter 69


In the morning, after waiting for a long time, Li Erqiao came to Zhenjiang. Even though he didn't know each other, he said he would go to Zhenjiang. At 9:40, when he went there, I said he would eat tons of rice and go to a "drunken paradise". He spent six yuan on food. He bought wine. It was like a rich man. He wanted Xu Qian to show up. After eating, he went to the teachers' college. He saw Zhou Daobao and Hua Ting, and the others went out. When I went to the Education Institute, I didn't see anyone. I was so tired. I should regret it.

In the afternoon, Li Erqiao went back to Danyang to see wangbeiyu. He sent his sister away. After Li left, I decided to go to my brother's first. Just after we separated from zhoudaobao, we saw a woman saying "Yo, Ge Yimin" and looking up at Hong Xin. We were so surprised that we met fengqingrong. A woman was wearing a red and gray stripe and glasses. I didn't know Xu Qian for a while. I was stunned to know that it was Xu Qian. I said that I would come with Li Erqiao at noon. He left. I went to my brother right away and looked at me. Maybe I had been looking at her all the time. In my eyes, there was a gentle and charming look that I couldn't bear to refuse, I nodded at her. She seemed to smile and say goodbye. I found my brother, played go, bought food and wine, and ate it. It's good to have a brother. So he sent me to the teachers' college. He saw Hong Xin and her boyfriend go to the movies. He said that Tan Derong was at hexianmei's place, met zhengrenxiang and biyunqing, and found wangbeiyu. He took me to the dorm where he knew Xu Qian had left. Ah, he was in such a hurry and didn't say a word. What was the fate? I regretted it. Why didn't he ask: "when will you go home?" I saw some photos in he su. There was a half inch photo of Xu Qian, wearing a white shirt, Baihui head, charming smile, so handsome. She had given it to fengqingrong and qinbin. Why didn't she give it to me alone? So beautiful, so beautiful.

After playing cards, I was dictatorial, hooked, and consciously said a lot. I was a strong man.

I will go home at 8 o'clock tomorrow. I had a long talk with wangbeiyu in the evening.


When I got home early, I was very happy to see my parents and grandma. Taiwan has money again, onehundred dollars, or threehundred yuan. My uncle is much better off with hepatitis. I need to recuperate. My eldest uncle also has hepatitis and recuperates for a long time.

When I returned to Nanjing in the afternoon, there was a long hair fluttering in front of me in the car. At first, my hair was blown by the wind on my arms. It was so gentle and beautiful. Then I kissed her hair and stroked it with my hands. My heart was very excited and my lower body felt moved. Women. I will cheer up in the future. After a long time of non-human and non animal life, it's boring. Woman, forget it. Develop yourself first. When there are admirers, you should be as beautiful as red pants.

Take out the energy to learn go, learn English, study hard, take an examination of Peking University graduate students, and work hard.


Good morning. I want to sleep. I think of English. I get up and go to English viewing. Late, no seat, I went to the "English corner" to see English.

I washed my ski shirt.

In the evening, I went to the reading room and read "mourning the death" and "what to do after Nora leaves" and their comments.

The woman next door is very charming.

Most of the girls wear skirts, and the exposed legs and thighs are very tempting to me. In the canteen, on the street, and on bicycles, everything is so fascinating to me. I am obsessed with it. I am obsessed with it. I have no girlfriend.

Chapter 70


I watched the TV series a dream of Red Mansions (Episode 11 and 2) in the evening and watched the live broadcast of "China Hong Kong football match" in the evening. Win 1:0 in the middle, and go out.

To learn from the news agency and add new people, I, forget it, should have retired long ago. I should have my plans, words, English, poetry and graduate students.

No longer mediocre, study hard.


At noon, I felt dizzy and had a sleep. I woke up at 2:15. Forget it. I missed philosophy class once. Later, I went to the reading room to read the commentary on mourning the death and went back to write my composition.


The mood is suddenly bad again.

He is powerless and has no master.


In the evening, I watched the live broadcast of the battle of the Medieval Women's volleyball team on TV and watched the game. My heart was full of games.


Naive heat.

The Chinese team is fierce in badminton.


At noon, when I was having dinner, my shoulder inadvertently rubbed against a woman's breast. She immediately fell into a depression. She felt happy, soft and ecstatic.

Summer is good, look at women, beautiful thighs.


He served in sports volleyball and scored 90 points.

In the evening, I went to the reading room to copy the translation of Li Sao.


Late Lao Zhang's birthday.

I bought a lot of things, spent three yuan on a big meal and drank a lot of wine. I felt that I was dying, so I stopped drinking. Lao Zhang was drunk and had fun. I vomited on purpose.


In philosophy class, I saw the beautiful woman with watery flesh and bones. Her whole body was just right. Later, Xu Min said that her name was yangxiaowen.


I started playing go again.

After playing go for a week, the game was closed because the final exam was coming.

nineteen million eight hundred and seventy thousand six hundred and four

Tonight, I went to the classroom for my first time. I was teaching 220 and sitting behind a beautiful woman. What was that like. The heart swings and God shakes. But it's nice to read all the books. Several times, she put her hand on her back with trembling, and her heart was sweet.

When I took a bath in the evening, I saw that there were two families with lights on in the opposite building. I looked at them and saw that two women took off their shirts and went to bed. Unfortunately, there were still sweaters in the room.


I went to self-study again tonight. When I saw Feng Ping, I nodded. Watched the video Yamamoto 56 (Part 1).

A desire to go to the ladies' room suddenly came into being. Suddenly, he was like a mad dog. Although he thought a lot in his heart, he still couldn't help temptation. However, after all, he was knowledgeable. He could not go to the southwest building or the southeast building without a chance, so he gave up. I just want to meet the desire to see a woman, but I can't.

Chapter 71


On Saturday afternoon, I discussed my personal summary. I said that Wang Wenyun was not a bad thing.

When I went to self-study and teaching 206, two boys came to me. I was not happy. I went downstairs at 106 and sat behind a large woman. My flesh would overflow, but it was very sexy. I looked at her like this. She might feel it. Sometimes she looked at me and looked back. Then I looked down. Later, I saw a lot. Maybe they knew each other. I dared to touch her back with my hand. She didn't attack and leaned back in the chair. I just looked at her chest and her lower body moved. Later, he bravely wrote "Miss, you are so beautiful. Make a friend, OK? Thank, Chinese Department" on the cigarette paper. His heart was pounding, and his whole body seemed to freeze. I don't know for a long time. He gathered his courage, touched her gently, and gave her the note. She was stunned. She took it over, smiled, and then turned back to me and said, "no, please forgive me." I immediately cooled my heart, and she shook her head at the table. Then I tried to touch her back with my hand. She went out for a while. I read her book and wrote "Hulunbuir..." She was originally from Xinjiang with earrings, so when she came, I wrote a note: "you look like a native of Xinjiang. I grew up there. We are fellow townsmen, right? We will take care of each other in the future". She touched her back and gave it to her. She looked at it and seemed to want to write something, but immediately handed it to me and said, "I am not from Xinjiang". I wanted to tell a lie, but I couldn't. I just touched her back occasionally. After turning off the light, the bell thought that she was gone. I thought for a while, followed her out, caught up with her, and said that she was from Xinjiang. A computer department told me, but she didn't laugh or answer me. I'm really happy to be with her. After Shi Xiaoye arrived, I talked to him. He laughed and said that. I told him that she was a fellow countryman with an economy of 84. Then I went to the canteen for self-study and drank a bottle of beer. It was delicious. I came back late and smoked a cigarette. This weekend, I am so happy. I really appreciate that girl. Alas, it's summer. Every time I have a meal, I see the beautiful thighs of a girl. It's really happy for a disabled family.


I went to self-study at noon.

After self-study in the evening, I had a desire to go to the women's room. I was like a mad dog. I patrolled the third floor of the new church for a long time. Maybe I didn't lose my conscience. I went to the southeast floor again. Before I got the chance, I went back. Alas, why am I so obscene? How could this happen? In the future, I will take care of myself. I have no female friends. It doesn't matter. I'm still young. I have to enrich myself. I have my own beauty in the book.


In the evening, zhaojianchun came to have a heart to heart talk with jiangsuping. I listened to him. He talked about the hardships of being a monitor, the difficulties in dealing with the world, and writing manuscripts. To say I am happy, I should decide for myself: always be happy, read more books, write more poems, and practice in English. This should be my first task. I will stand by in the future.


In the afternoon, I went to the street and bought a pair of swimming trunks. They were too big. Later, I changed them with Xu min.


After self-study in the evening, I read a book on a big candle. When I went to bed, I couldn't sleep. Because I slept all afternoon and had a daydream, I came down to read a book again, smoked two cigarettes and read a lot of books. I didn't sleep until March 30.


I mended my sandals at noon.

I bought a pen and brush this afternoon.

In the evening, I went to the lawn with Alin, and now I am in a good mood.


Yesterday afternoon, I went swimming in the swimming pool. It was so enjoyable. The girl wore a bathing suit. It was plump and beautiful. I went swimming again this afternoon.

These days I saw the movies Spartacus and sister Poe.

Late in the evening, Lao Zhang said that he had received a love letter. He looked very distressed. Alas, how about me.

Can God and gods help me with my poems? Thinking about poems, I suddenly came up with a good sentence. I took a pen and a notebook and wrote two poems in the dark.

I must succeed.


In the evening, I went to drink with pengxinghai, qinyibin and tangjinghua. I spent five yuan and drank two bottles of beer. I was a little drunk and vomited a little.

After listening to them talk about the Chinese Department, should I be academic? We can't muddle along any longer. Youth is precious. We should read books well in the future. How about so many novels? Try to do well in the exam and write something later. It's time to be happy.

Chapter 72


I finished my reading assignment Wen Yiduo and Xuzhimo in the evening.


I was tired of reading in the afternoon. I made peace and won the second half of a bottle of yogurt. I went to take a rest in the evening and sat down behind a big girl. Unexpectedly, I looked aside. I had planned to go to the party, but I didn't go. I leaned on my hands and feet, shaking my soul.

I read the blackboard newspaper "college students" on my self-rest. I read a lot of articles that were very central. I exceeded myself and made up my mind. Didn't Yu Dafu read more than 1000 novels in college?

--------------------Freshman year ends-----------------------

19880429 (sophomore year)

I had insomnia last night and fell asleep at 4 o'clock.

At noon yesterday, I received a letter from xuhaiying unexpectedly, and my heart could not be calm. I found her in the friendship dormitory of the South traditional Chinese medicine. I didn't know how I felt when I first met her. I was very uneasy and bowed my head. She talked about Stendhal and Rousseau for a long time. The next day, I asked her to see the film Red Sorghum. Sure enough, she came with a girlfriend hanqinfen. I was downstairs drinking with Wang Ling and Tan Derong. Later, they had a talk. They all knew the guitar. They were very happy. They watched the movie late. They were amazing. They borrowed several books "half a man is a woman", "ah, good morning friends" and "well" to them. They said that they would attend Zhang Yimou's sitting conference at noon the next day. The next day (Sunday), Guo came again. I was very happy. Later, because I asked for a signature, he broke up. Don't want to receive a letter yesterday! She talked about the so-called kindness I gave her, which was sweet and fresh. At the end, she said that I went to the southern traditional Chinese medicine to gallop the clouds. It was so sweet that I couldn't sleep. The more I think about it, the more I wake up. The sweet, bitter and astringent cloud I don't know.

I went there this evening and had a talk with her. I went to the boys' office to make an appointment to play football. She said there was an exam. I asked her to take it, but she refused several times. She accompanied me around the campus and went out to Jiangdong gate bridge. She didn't take the exam and went to Mochou Lake again. Sitting opposite each other by the lake, I talked about religion, the future, music, past teachers, classmates and family affairs. I didn't go back to school until 9 o'clock. I was very happy smoking and inserting my pants on the way. Several times when it came to the situation, I stopped and didn't know what to say. She said that you just came to ask if the mailbox was ok (I don't know why she learned about my 257 "\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\? When it comes to sending her back to the dormitory, I'm afraid that if the man follows her, he will send me back again. I'll stop and slip back to Nantah. Has everything started?

Next tutor May 5.


I don't know why I think of a person these days ---- xudandan. It used to be the flower of high school. How are you doing?

Today, I told Dai Laoer to go to Nanshi, but later he didn't want to go. Because the school's 5.20 Art Festival opened tonight, he wanted to run. I dragged him to go and took him by bike. First, I found his classmate tangxuemei, who was not beautiful at close sight, but had a big and wide mouth. I told her that xudandan was my fellow townsman, so she went to call, and we waited. After a while, a beautiful woman came down. She had tight blue jeans, a white Pullover and short hair. She didn't know her. It seemed that she was Xu. In the middle of the stairs, she looked down, full of shame and bowed. After the Tang Dynasty nodded, I said, "are you xudandan?" She agreed, and her eyes were numb. I said, "I don't know you." with a smile, she smiled, "I don't know you." so I told me that I was Ge Yimin, a Jurong man. Only when she was 86 in the Chinese Department of Nanjing University did she know that it was Nanjing University. She was one level higher than her in senior high school. So we asked them to watch the opening ceremony at NTU. Xu said that she had gone to the river and sea to dance. I asked who she was. She said that she was just a classmate who knew her last name. She also said that Tang would go to Nanjing University if she went there. It's not good to go alone. Tang hesitated (because he was watching a movie) and his second son, Mo Zhi, went there together. He walked side by side with Xu and asked her about her classes, classes and novels.

When I arrived at Nantah, the torch started for a while. My second brother joined me. I watched outside with Xu Tang and stood side by side. Suddenly, I became tall and proud. Later Xu said that he would find Liu Hui, find Liu Hui with him, and watch the game together. Later, Xu said he would dance, so I went with Tang to wait for my second son. After they returned to the dormitory, I found Xu and Liu under the banner of the philosophy department and watched the fireworks. Later, Liu asked me to leave. Xu Dan and I were alone. We said we would dance in the open air. Because there were too many people, she said she saw a fellow student and went to Nanyuan. In Beiyuan, I told her to drink less soda and she was leaving. I am very happy to catch up with tangchaoyang and Yan Ling. She bought soda in Nanyuan. She said I was polite. She met the second child and Tang again. He took her back. I went to Nanyuan with Xu. I don't know why she didn't go back with Tang? At the end of the 11th dormitory, no one danced. It was almost ten o'clock. She invited her to sit down. She said she wanted to go back. At first, she didn't want me to see her off. Then she went to the school gate. She said she would go to Beiyuan to see her off. I didn't want to see her off. I couldn't say anything more, so I went. She said goodbye, and I had no choice but to "hum".

After coming back, I regretted that I didn't go with her, so I borrowed Lao Zeng's bike and wanted to give it to her. There were so many people at the North playground that I couldn't find her after a long walk. After the show, the cart was waiting for her at the door. How I wish she would show up. After waiting for a long time, no one was there. Later, I saw a boy with a girl, Xu, with the same clothes and posture. I was very sad. I didn't know why I rode with him. I followed him like a movie and rode to the south. Later, when I arrived at Shanghai Road, I took off my coat and wore a T-shirt (for fear that she would recognize it). When I chased after her, I disappeared. I was very scared. I rode to Qishe desperately and didn't see her. At that time, I didn't know whether it was anger or love.

Talking at night, I haven't slept for a long time. Alas, the woman in my heart, you are too arrogant. I am a mortal. Can I be immortal? I came up with the idea of writing poems without punctuation.

Chapter 73


In the morning, I wrote a letter to Xu. I thought it was very good without punctuation. A piece of prose and a piece of poetry showed my admiration since my sophomore year in senior high school.

Playing football with Dai Yong until 9:00 p.m. was a great pleasure.

When we got back, we took a bus to Nanshi with shixiaoye. He went to find qinshaoping first. Qin helped me find xudandan. She went to Hehai to watch videos. When the roommate came down, I gave her the letter and forwarded it to Xu. She was very polite. She asked me to come and play. I said the same to Xu.

I am very happy to come back by bus.

Oh, xudandan, can you understand my feelings.


I took many photos on campus in the afternoon.

I wanted xudandan to come in the evening, and then I went to tutor a child to teach fifth grade Chinese. It costs 1.5 yuan an hour.

After coming back, he said that xuhaiying and hanqinfen had come and returned my four books. He wanted to leave a message and crossed it out. It seemed that he still had to borrow books. Maybe Haiying isn't beautiful. I didn't want to be with her. Alas, how good would it be to change xudandan?


The film class saw the forest of world movies (hosted by liuhongqing), and the class talked about montage.

I don't know why. After playing the guitar for a while, I went to the Southern Division to find xudandan.

First, I went to Shengli and Yan'an to buy movie tickets, but it was too late, so I went alone.

Closer to home, more timid.

To her dormitory, the janitor asked a girl to call her. After a while, she came down, wearing a white skirt, a long mini, a white pullover, and her hair was very delicate. She nodded to me first. I was a little flattered. At first, I wanted to invite me up, but it was stipulated that boys were not allowed to go up, so I went downstairs. She said she knew I had been here, so I walked out side by side. I asked her if she would go to Nantah. She said that she would take an examination of the history of revolution on Thursday. She had something to do tomorrow night. Today (Wednesday), she had to read a book. Otherwise, I would have to take a zero score if I didn't read it at ordinary times. I smiled bitterly and walked out of the back door side by side.

I asked her to come on Saturday. She said she might have something to do. She could come if she had nothing to do. I said that I could call Qin Shaoping (Department of Journalism) to come with me. Along the way, she said, "you come to invite me over to play." I didn't know what to say. Alas, she was so beautiful and arrogant that I couldn't get close to her. I wrote to her and said, "I walked on your right side, and God walked with you." this time, it was on your left side. Talking about the movie "chivalrous bones and heart", she said she didn't like martial arts movies. She hadn't seen any novels by liangyusheng. Alas, why did I continue talking? She said you read and I went to find Lao ma.

The long fence came to an end. The beautiful woman was with me. The time was so fast. I walked in side by side from the front door. I was a little angry or sad. I was speechless all the way. When I came to 1She, I said I would meet qinshaoping and come together (if I had time). She said that she might not come. Don't shout, otherwise I would make people wait. She also said that she often played the piano in the piano room. I asked Zhang Xianliang if she wanted to read the novel. She said she had "Good Morning Friends" and "half a man is a woman" might be borrowed. I said I did, but she didn't say anything. Ah, girl, why do you open your mouth.

She said goodbye again.

Looking for old ma, I went back to Nantah without him. I was very sad all the way. Holding a tree and waiting for a car seemed like a tree also had a spirit. But the tree grew luxuriantly. I was not as good as that.

After reading "half a man is a woman", I found it very profound.

In addition, the love monk Chang Hen Su Manshu (written by songyiqiao) is also very moved, which is also true of our generation.


The reference book class applied for the summer internship "the art of film director" and did a good job.

I watched Nanshan moon "the customs of men and women in different places".

Later, I decided: bodybuilding, English, guitar.

Later, xudandan became a member of my film and television training class (I gave her and her companions free of charge) and the Nanshi consignment point for movie tickets of the military club.

Chapter 74

19880922 (Junior)

The diary has been interrupted several times. The reason why it hasn't been written down is nothing more than emptiness, loneliness, boredom and helplessness. In a word, there is nothing to write.

Today, I picked up my pen again and started a long psychological journey. I think I am no longer empty. I am very happy. Really, I have been very happy since the beginning of school. I want to do what I should do. I chose the language college. I also want to learn foreign languages. I have become the Secretary General of the film association. I want to know the society and life.

My mother, hanqinfen, xuhaiying and Jiang Bin all said that I am very good to girls close to me.

Han Qinfen was so pure. She came to see red sorghum for the first time. Sitting in my dormitory, she had a quiet, round face, big eyes and elegant physique. Later, xuhaiying introduced her. Seeing my guitar, Han said she also had it. She played it for a while and began to talk. It was very nice.

Later, I went to see a movie. Lin yueen and I gave them tickets. We crowded in to see it. When I came to our dormitory after the meeting, I borrowed some books and an umbrella for them. The lights were out. Han rang Lin was upstairs and didn't want to send them off. I took them to the school gate and talked all the way. After that, they refused to send them off and left by themselves. I'm so happy. It was agreed to see Zhang Yimou the next day.

At noon the next day, if we were in the college students' club, there would be a lot of descendants. Han would feel very uncomfortable if he crowded in. I asked her to stand on a stool with me. It was really comfortable. Later, I asked wutianming to sign and Zhang Yimou to sign. There were too many people. He signed in the car, but he didn't squeeze up several times. He followed him to the school meeting. After returning, Han and Xu had gone back.

Later, a letter came. I went to her place and sat down with her at Mochou Lake. I found that she was very vulgar, not like Han. Later Xu and Han came again and returned my book, but my tutor went. Later, they came again and asked me to borrow a car and camera. I asked zhangkaipei to borrow a car. Xu said that it would not be used this week and would be delivered next semester.

Once, I bought two tickets for a concert at the Zhonghua cinema and went to the Southern Division xudandan. She said that she had already recorded the video, so she braved the rain to go to Xu Han. Xu was not there. When she saw Han, she was having dinner with two male fellow countrymen. I said the concert, and she said it was a pity that some fellow countrymen came from other schools. I was very sad, so I went to refund my ticket. If there is no fellow countryman, will Han see it?

Another week, I borrowed a car from Yuli Nakamura to Xu. But the next day Xu and a classmate looked flustered and said that the cyclist was run over by a car and died miserably. They went to Nakamura and said they would accompany the car. Later, I accompanied her for 300 yuan. I gave Zhongcun 150 yuan and watched a movie with xuhaiying, but I was not used to it. I wanted to get close to her, but I didn't dare. I thought she was vulgar and ugly, but forget it. That's it.

During the summer vacation, I found Hui Hui, who was absent for the first time and came to my old classmate for the second time, so we couldn't go to the movies with me and ate watermelon.

God arranges no, that's it.

At the beginning of this year's school year, I moved my bed and watched TV. Then Dai Weiyang and chenjintao ran for monitor. Chengtonghua said: little people play games and see through.

Studied the Three Kingdoms and the water margin.

Results: man proposes, God disposes.

Do justice on behalf of heaven, and help others with their money.

He had a very good relationship with shaving, Dai DA and Lao Jiang. The four had coffee with Cheng Tonghua once. On Dai Yong's birthday in the drum tower, there were preserved meat, cake, beer, coke and coffee.

The next day, I went to the South Chinese medicine with Alin. Xu was not there, so I went to Han. They were very enthusiastic. They ate an apple, but they were very happy. I talked about war and the love between China, the United States and the Soviet Union. When I said smoking, Han asked, "do you smoke?" I nodded, and Han said to give me a bag. At a glance, ah "more", super long 120! A woman's Lily cigarette is refreshing and beautiful after taking a sip. She said that she had overseas relations with Taiwan, Uganda and the United States, and her father engaged in township enterprises.

Han Tai is very kind, warm and pure. Especially, I can talk about such a woman for the first time.

She decided to invite her to the Gulou Cafe tomorrow night. She agreed and said she would come with xuhaiying. On the way back, ah Lin said he couldn't afford it. Just in time, I don't want you to spend it. Just spend 30 yuan each.

The next morning, I decorated Yao Gang's room. In the afternoon, I went to the southern traditional Chinese medicine and brought Jin Ping Mei (Part 2) and Jiu Dai Shuang jiao (Gu Long). First, I went to Han and gave the book. She was very happy and called xuhaiying. Then I had dinner and apples there, and invited them to the Gulou cafe. I bought three: Allen cola, Nestle coffee, Italian ice cream, ice milk, preserved pork, preserved chicken, and a pack of halbang cigarettes.

After eating, I went to Nantah to find zhengrenxiang and sunyong. In their absence, I went to Nantah to bring Han's angel guitar and said I would sell it.

The next day I put up an advertisement, and I found a lot of books, such as Cen Kailun and gone with the wind, for Han. Han was very happy and cool. After sitting for a while, he smoked her more, which was really delicious.

Redeem the guitar sold to xushuangxi and play it well.

The next day, it was noon when I went to Han. Han returned the "peerless double pride" to me.

Chapter 75


This afternoon, when I went to Liu Yuan's place, Su Zhuping asked me to go to the southwest building 350 to sleep. Each person has a large room, and one yuan a night.

In the morning, I (the Secretary General of the Film Association) went to Shuguang, Xuanwu and fuhougang with the second brother, and then went to Yan'an to decide to charter the drummer.

In the afternoon, I found zhushuguo, Lizhongbao and others.

Luzhizhou is the vice president, engaging in outreach. Yan is Hilton, Shilin, and Nakamura's foreign exchange certificate (1:1).

Zhou Jing, the leader of the fifth group of the film association, was found by Alin and I. she is from Nanjing. She is very delicate, short shawled and beautiful. Her companion Guodi is also very good. She is from Jilin and lives in 8--107.

After I moved to the southwest 350, I met Fengping, took her in, talked for a while, and lent her a guitar (angel hanqinfen).

In the evening, I met Zhou Jing and Guodi again. In the afternoon, they came to play bridge. They were learning. The three of us went to the 350 of the southwest building for a meeting. They went to class. Then Lao Jiang and Dai Yong came. I told them about the meeting. I went to the classroom to call Zhou and Guo, and played bridge together. It was really comfortable.

Lend dingyanling the selection of misty poems.


In the morning, I met tangchaoyang and went to the southwest 350 for a meeting.

At noon, I went to Nan traditional Chinese medicine. I met xuhaiying first and sat down for a while. Libogo is really in great shape. Her face is also beautiful. She is fuller than xudandan without being fat.

She asked hanqinfen to come over. She said she had classes in the afternoon and would take a bath at noon. I said I could find a way. She said she would not come alone, or I would bring her next time, or she and xuhaiying would come. I said I would deliver the tickets for the drummer on the 27th.


Today is the Mid Autumn Festival.

The group got together, the class committee had three bottles of wine, and the League branch bought fruit. I played the piano and Du Da sang very actively.

Later, he went to the southwest 350 to play table tennis and took Guo Di to play bridge.


I went to the lawn to lie down at noon. It was really comfortable.

When I saw duyuesheng, zhangxiaolin and huangjinrong of the Green Gang, I was generous and spared money.

At noon, send tickets for drummer to hanqinfen and xuhaiying.


At noon, the film association held a meeting and issued an invoice for the drummer.

There are ten tickets left. Arlene and I went to sell them.

The second brother reproached me and Alin for giving Li Qing a ticket for Alin, and said that this was one time and that we would reconsider the formation of a cabinet next time. But he himself gave the official ticket to Wang Wenwen, Zhang Feng, etc. he was so narrow-minded that he had to do his own work in the future.

Gave two tickets to Yuki Nakamura.

Chapter 76


Southwest 350 meets 84 Ma Gehong for class.

I read the Koran this morning.

I played football in the afternoon.

In the evening, I passed the exam. A novel "the life story and comments of the hero" was very easy.

one thousand and three

Today, I want to go to the South traditional Chinese medicine again. I tossed a coin and went to the front. If it was the front, did God arrange it? If it is the opposite, I dare not think.

I don't know how many days I've been there. The excuse is to borrow and take books.

When I entered the door, I met Xu and Han cutting pears. I went in to eat them and took melon seeds.

They asked them to go to the movies. Han said he would go. Xu said "you are so bad". Xu said he would go. As usual, the two dressed up for a while.

At Shengli, I watched "special envoy of the black flag" and "looking for a man". After watching the first movie, I played "looking for a man" (Han and Xu had made room for their seats when they left, and Xu was beside me). When Han was in front, Xu's hand was in his arm, and I reached out and touched it. Both sides shook. She did not take it back, so she slid down her legs and into the chair, and shook it for a long time. After a while, Han withdrew and let go. Then the three of them did, Maybe Han had found out, so he was very unhappy and fell on the front chair. My heart tugged. I liked Han Qinfen, but I shook hands with xuhaiying and felt sorry. Han also fell on the front chair.

After the movie was over, I took the bus to accompany them back to the South traditional Chinese medicine, saying that I was taking gone with the wind.

When I went to nanzhong, Xu asked me to wait at the corner, and she and Han went upstairs to get books. I ordered a good friend and waited. After a while, Xu came down. I was ready to ask, "is there time tomorrow night?" she said yes, but I hesitated. I didn't know what to say, so I raised my hand, motioned her to go back, and she went back.

Just after we separated from each other, xuhaiying met Zhang Ziyi, a good friend of the friendship dormitory, and said hello. She walked outside with me to the side of a small tree. She stopped to touch the leaves. Maybe I walked too fast, and I lit a cigarette. He went to the stone chair and invited her to sit down for a meeting. Far away, he talked about something mysterious and mysterious. She asked, "Why are you interested in her?" she was afraid that old Ma had told me something about her, that she wanted to read more, that she was indifferent to love, that I was a child, and so on.

She was invited to go to the lawn and lay down for a while. It was a little cold. When she went to the truck, the door wouldn't open. She went to the lawn again and said something mysterious. Finally, I asked in a trembling voice, "dare you?" At the same time, her trembling hand was put on her hand. She was silent. I stretched out my hand to hug her. She first lay in my arms, then twisted together, hugged tightly, rolled over, and for a while she panted and cried. She said she was thinking of someone else, but I said no matter, and thanked her. I hugged, pressed, touched, rolled, for a while I pressed her people, for a while she pressed me, and kissed, but her teeth touched her teeth, and her mouth had a strange smell, Then she stopped coming. She taught me that she had done it before, and I wouldn't let her kiss. Later, she stroked the breast, and she let me touch it, but didn't show it to me. After touching it for a while, she rolled around again. She stretched out her hand to untie my trouser belt, put her hand in, and pulled the penis. It was so hard that I felt happy for a while. But when the teeth touched, when she touched the breast, it wasn't very happy. Was it because she was too fat or didn't like her? I reached out to her trouser belt and put my hand in. I just touched the sparse pubic hair. When I stretched it out, I came across a damp and soft piece of meat that seemed superfluous. It seemed that there was still a mouth, but it was disgusting. So I retracted my hand, and her hand was holding my penis all the time. I hugged her and held her for a long time. Occasionally, I looked up and saw the lighted streets, familiar feelings and objects, and buried my head in her. At this time, reason had overcome feelings, and I could not distinguish between inside and outside. I was happy and sad, but the sad part was very moving. Later, when we agreed, we rolled around a few times to the same place, sat apart, and asked for a good friend. We didn't know why. She said she had expected it.

Later, she went outside the classroom and said something. She said that I was looking for Han. She was a little jealous. Oh, and Han, how can I tell her in the future?

Then he invited her to Nantah and hugged her shoulder all the way. It was an unprecedented joy and pride!

After arriving at the southwest building, she entered my room. She played the guitar for a while and was ready to sleep. When I was sleeping in bed, she threw herself on the chair and invited her to come up. She said that was it. I helped her to bed. I was in the chair and asked to come up. She agreed with a smile. After getting into bed, turning off the light, she hugged Yi and said a lot of sad things. She said her so-called lover, sy, and asked me to drive him away from her heart. She said I look good, really? She said she thought it was good to see me for the first time. When she was lovelorn, we met her in our dormitory and her friendship dormitory. She said I was a nerd, but when she invited Xu and Han to the cafe, they really took a leave of absence for three days and looked at each other with new eyes. I deliberately said a lot of sad things. I told sy to find her. I was sad for a while. She said that I was a child because we didn't do what adults do. We just hugged her for a while.

At 5:30, I sent her back. I agreed to accompany me on Saturday and Sunday, and I wouldn't go to the movies with other boys.

Take her to the No. 13 bus station, but she didn't make out on the way. When I got to the bus station, I said I wanted to shake hands, and she walked away with a smile. When the car came, she stretched out her hand to say goodbye. I said no, put my hand in my pocket. She smiled and left.

But where is my Han Qinfen!

Chapter 77

nineteen million eight hundred and eighty-one thousand and four

Today, I slept all day. I slept in the southwest building. The old man came to class and ate twos of chaos. Then I slept in the dormitory. After lunch, I slept in the "foreign literature" class until more than 4 o'clock.

Later, I cheated Alin and said that it was very interesting that I got involved with Wang Qin until 2 o'clock at night. He also drank zhengrenxiang wine, a total of more than 22, and was ready to do business and sell Yangzi.

one thousand and five

At noon, I went to Fengping to sit down. Later, I went to find hanqinfen. She wasn't in the dormitory. I found her in the classroom and went to the dormitory together. Then I said I had something to tell her and wanted to help. She guessed, saying yes, I said no. after a long time of guessing, she still refused to say. When I said yes, I blushed, and I guessed that I was the same. She looked at me and was ecstatic. She knew I was looking for her and liked her. She said she didn't expect it and said something mysterious and mysterious. I asked her to give an answer. She said she was in a hurry. I said my first feeling was right. She said that she would still maintain the original Ge Hanxu triangle friend relationship. I said it was impossible, and I said forget it. I told her that I had been with Zhang Ziyi last night. She said that Xu and I were very good at the cinema, but I saw the handle. I said that I couldn't control it, complained about her giving up her seat, and said that the relationship was over. She said there was a reason, she had a reason, but I didn't let her say, so she left. She wanted to keep it, but I insisted on leaving, so I asked her to tell Xu what I said. She asked me what she said. I said it was broken, but Xu wasn't there, so I rode back to Nanjing University.

Alas, hanqinfen, I really like you, and you have agreed that I will bring you to Nantah alone. After drinking, you gave me the cup and said, "I have no stomatitis." What is your heart?

Not long after I came back, I was restless and a little cold, so I put on my clothes and went to find Han again. Pushing the door, Han said that Xu had gone to find me, so I asked her to wait with me at the gate of the school of traditional Chinese medicine. I talked about waiting for Godot and the station, saying that Han and I were here waiting for Godot, which did not exist. It meant waiting for each other to have it. Xu also decided to wait for Godot at Nantah, but she would not wait.

Han then stood in front of me. I sat in the car and said something mysterious, asking her to tell us why we can't have it. She said nothing. I asked her if she had a boyfriend? She first said yes, but then said that she was just a male friend, not a boyfriend, or just like me. She said I shouldn't have done this, and said I couldn't figure out my heart. Let's say I should think about the film association and work. Then I said something. She said I was a little crazy. I asked her to scold me, but she stopped. I asked her when to wait. She said I would let her go. I said I would not let her go until one, two, ten or twenty years. Later, I said I would scold her, saying that she fooled around in primary school, and that the middle school student had a child, which was very cute. She said it was not nice to be cute. I said it was a pity that she was bald, because she was born by a monk. She walked away. I went up and said that she used her looks to seduce a foreigner and recognize a Ugandan uncle. She stroked her hair in the situation. It was so refreshing. She was angry and stood behind me. She said that at 10:30, I said there were 10 minutes left. She said five minutes, and grabbed my watch and looked at it. I said we were acting, a tree, a wall, a car, two people. She said she wanted to go. I said it was not dramatic. Later, I said you should go, and she left. I deliberately didn't look at her. Later, I saw that she had gone far, so I rode to catch up with her. She was very angry. I said something was going to happen (Xu). She said she wouldn't go to see Xu. Then she went upstairs and closed the door. I knocked on the door and told the dormitory that she had gone to bed. Tomorrow, I said yes and left.

When she came back, Xu waited for me at the parallel bars, so I saw her off and told her that I liked Han Qinfen from the beginning. She said she looked like an adult, but in fact she was a child. Han looked like a child, but in fact she was an adult, and Han was very likable. In this way, I sent her to climb the door and go upstairs. She stretched out her hand to see her again. I said no, so I broke up.

Chapter 78

one thousand and six

In the evening, Dai Weiyang said that 240 video tickets had been obtained.

Dai said he would go to see Li Bo in the South traditional Chinese medicine, so he took paper mahjong with him.

Han and Xu both studied by themselves. I called Han out in the classroom, smiled bitterly, and invited her to play mahjong with Xu. She said that she would not go this time. It would be rude to accompany her next time. I said that Bai Xianyong's novels had been brought. Do you want to read them? She said to read them, and the guitar let me sell them. The Nanjing girl in her dormitory said she wanted a guitar. I think she may have said such angry words, but now she has changed. She said Xu was in there. I said I didn't need to find her. She let me go. I didn't want to. She said to maintain the original relationship. She said I had said it was impossible. After a while, she said she would go in, but I wouldn't say. She went in, and I went downstairs.

I went to the friendship dormitory with my second son and played with zhanglixia, Xu Lingge, wuzhengying, zhuchengling and xuyufang for a long time.

one thousand and seven

In the morning, I sold 200 video tickets, which was very good. At the beginning, yangjinsong helped me with the meeting. Later, Zhou Jing and Guodi asked a classmate of philosophy 87 to help me sell it.

Wushe 202 Wuhua said that he could get a good video and contact him later.

Selling tickets, I met xulihua, who had been absent for a long time. After standing for a long time, she was very good.

At noon, I went to find Zhou Jing and asked her to inform the team members to come to pick up the tickets at noon tomorrow, and Guodi was asked to guard the door.

After finding Liu Yuan, I will have tickets for him to see.

one thousand and seventeen

One week notes (1008-1016)

Wrote a love letter to hanqinfen. Then she wrote back and said, "forget it. There are many better stars around me that I should look for.". Then I found that she was not so satisfactory. Alas, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When I went back, I suddenly thought of Guan Hong. She was the only one who really loved me. But I didn't know at that time. I wanted to go home to find her at night.

The next day I thought I couldn't do stupid things any more, so I went to class.

The film association is busy again: Lizhongbao, gaozhiqing, liuwannian, Wang Jianmin, etc.

Another video, the auditorium.

Personal life, proof of shadow.

Bashe often goes to: Nakamura Youli, zhengrenxiang, tangchaoyang, Liu Linlan, Du Jing and Yan Ling. The American girl Lili in Yan Ling's dormitory is really beautiful and friendly. I was the first time to meet such a beautiful and enthusiastic girl. I gave her a NTU film card, which I got from Lizhongbao. There were only five in the whole school. I, Lili, and three to daiweiyang, linyueen, and luzhizhou. Lili showed me a lot of photos, all so beautiful, just like an actor.

Signed up for the guitar training class (discount 8 yuan).

Chapter 79

one thousand one hundred and one

Another video, wild geese in the woods and the French Lieutenant's woman, was released. 730 copies were sold, but I took another one. I only said 622 copies were sold. Members and friends gave 67 copies in total. The rest was my service fee. The tickets were sold with tangchaoyang.

I did a good job in the ticket sales of general Peng, but the time was not good. After that, I finally pushed more than 200 tickets. I was worried that I couldn't push the cinema. I had to try the machine, so I refunded my ticket.

The free movie ticket of dawn let Jin Youyan go to see it. She is really a charming Hangzhou sister. She gives people the feeling just like her name, very quiet and beautiful. I've been sitting nearby, and I smell good.

Set up a home appliance maintenance department to help Jin Youyan and Huang Li repair the machine. Oriole is a cousin of the king's mausoleum. I heard her violin on New Year's day in the middle of the county. It's very good.

I got 73 New Year cards from Lao Mei. On that day, xuhaiying and libolai happened to have a lecture "director Shi Yongsen talks about film trends" given by our film association, and they gave them five.

Went to sell, gave 4 pieces to luzhizhou and sold 2 pieces to jinyouyan for 0.6 yuan.

Xu Min talked about color expansion, but the price charged by the book photography agency was too high.

I went to see Uncle Huping twice, met him once, and talked for a long time.

At noon one day, Zhou Jingshan and the canteen had a drink. One was the head of the second canteen, and the other was the teacher who sold chaos. At the weekend, I gave two photos to an ugly girl in the canteen and bought several ducks for one yuan.

I went to find gaozhiqing, took luzhizhou with me once, and came back for coffee. Lu invited me to have a meal with two foreign girls (Denmark and West Germany). The Danish girl paid 23 yuan, and then drank coffee. I paid 7 yuan.

Now gaozhiqing and Lizhongbao are easy to talk about. Gao not only helped me make copies, but also introduced director Wang of the Military Club Cinema. In the future, he can help them sell tickets and make some money.

The film week is that the Youth League Committee doesn't issue a note because it wants to do it by itself and has a bad relationship with Lizhongbao. Zhang Xisheng, the Party committee, only agreed after asking for a note from the Communist Youth League Committee. The political world is really dark. There are too many joints, and one level weighs on another. It is really difficult for China to handle affairs.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to gaozhiqing with Zhou Jing. Zhou is still very beautiful. She said that her mother is in Guangzhou and is engaged in foreign trade. Her father is an associate professor of history and engaged in scientific research. She and Huang Li are alumni of Nanshi middle school. Next week you will learn mahjong, go and bridge from me. Alas, another star is so beautiful. As Han Qinfen said, there are many better stars around me to look for. But who understands me? I want to make money, I want to develop myself, and I want to be natural and unrestrained.

In the evening, Wang Qin came to see another night of Shanlu Suode at dawn. She slipped in through the side door and occupied the mandarin duck seat. After watching the meeting, she hugged and drank coffee. Her body was so smooth. She was a sexy village girl. She hugged and stroked on the overpass. Now I can't figure out what was going on at that time. It seems like a dream. She rode her back and hugged her while riding. We were the only two people left in the world. When I arrived at Dingshan Hotel, I hugged and stroked for a long time. I really didn't want to leave. I didn't break up until 12 o'clock. I made an appointment to meet at the back gate of Nanjing University at 9 o'clock tomorrow evening.

What should I do? No one told me, because no one understands me, even I don't understand me. Let everything develop naturally. God will help me. Thank God.

After moving to 350, I changed with Lao Jiang for 20 days. Now I have changed back. I have gone to live in the southwest 350 again.

Zhou Jingshan said that the meeting would be held at 9 o'clock tonight.

I want to be great, I want to be a flesh and blood girl made of water, I have a career, I want to engage in film and television, I want to make money, I want Boston shoes, sweaters, down jackets, and I want to live a natural and unrestrained life.

The trouble of young Ge Yimin.

Chapter 80

Do you still remember the beauties who have accompanied me and loved me?

Guan Hong: after graduating from middle school, I received a letter at home

Book delivery

University letter

Come to Nanjing University for a movie, Mochou Lake

Give me a cake at the winter holiday party.

Xuhaiying: sophomore, film Red Sorghum

Borrow books, Mochou Lake

Borrow a car, watch a movie

Junior year, watching movies, Chinese medicine lawn

Southwest tower Gulou Cafe

Send New Year cards and dance

Qixia mountain

The Chinese medicine film the great dictator.

Hanqinfen: Red Sorghum

Book borrowing, Gulou Cafe

Lily smoke, courtship, Godot

Angel guitar, love letter

Jurong traditional Chinese medicine hospital, leave a message.

Xudandan: Playground party

Film and television class

Selling movie tickets

Deliver the car.

Wangqin: Shuguang cinema

Gulou Cafe


Dingshan Hotel

Southwest Building

Gulou square

South Garden.

Zhouqin: Railway Station

Xuanwu Lake


Drum Tower Square.

Zhoujing: Southwest Building

Military Club.

Guodi: Southwest Building

Take a walk on Guangzhou road.

Denghuanjun: a letter

Nanyuan stadium.

Huang Li: NANDA auditorium

Military Club.

Hebing: Nantah drinking

Confucius Temple rent house.

Caiyan: learn magic.

Dongjingping: find shanxiaopeng

Jinling Hotel

302 magic

Playing mahjong


Black Sun 731


Martial arts.

Jinyouyan: the film golden shoes

Another night in sanruzod


Carina Ferdinand: Film



Gaobaoling, USA: give the car away


Drink coffee.

Linyi: Dancing

Birthday celebration


Jiangxuezhang: Film


Celebrate "6.1" birthday, present.

Guan Yu: Dancing



AZ cat (caorei): Dance

Eat noodles

Birthday present.

Zhuting: Dinner


Send T-shirts.

Zhouyimei: selling tickets together (Chorus)

Tape recording.

Xuqian: communication, only communication. In my eyes, she is China's Yamaguchi Baihui. Due to incomplete diary, I have been unable to figure out what caused the loss of contact.

(end of University Diary)

Chapter 81

A graduation message from a high school classmate to ge Yimin

Li Erqiao:

Casual classmate:

It's gone. In high school, Yimin old friend, my closest friend, we're going to break up, too. The past is hard to arrange the scenes, one by one, with thousands of thoughts and empty books.....

The common love made us come together. In 83 years, we met in the sentence, ideal, sentiment, somehow, our thoughts are always synchronized.

We used to talk together in bed, low and incisive. We didn't talk about anything, and we didn't tell each other about anything. One day we didn't meet, we felt that we had lost something in our hearts.

We have walked in Jurong, the ancient city of Jurong, and we still have our shadow. On the campus under the moon, we discussed the future of life, discussed poetry, and smiled knowingly from time to time.

How many times have I leaned against the fence and looked: serious, toad skill, lax discipline, one meter...... The common heart made us laugh happily.

Can't bear to look back.

Mr. Li is modest and polite, but he is humorous, and won our approval; The day will fall on such a person. His profound knowledge and profound literary accomplishment will give him a brilliant luster.

Sorrow of separation, cut constantly, reason is still chaotic.

When we can meet again, sing another song "wine and coffee".

Parting is a long time. Leave your schoolmates and return home with your youth.

I wish you success!

Best friend: Li Erqiao. nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-five

Xu Qun:

Message and:

My you (I)

This is a topic,


Write it down

I feel like every cell in my body

-----All beating!

Golden chrysanthemums bloom, and a hundred flowers vie for beauty

The maple leaves flow in the boat, and the Dragon leaps and the tiger leaps,

These three words,

We can never forgive our friendship.

Blue sky, long white clouds

Kunpeng, who spreads his wings, can stand the wind and the rain!

On the horizon

Under the colorful lights

Left me and you

----Dancing shadows.

We used to laugh together,

We cried together,

How can the sunset smell of our laughter,

How can the moon be more sad than us?

Talk and laugh

Dapeng is about to take off,

He's not personal

------------He belongs to the whole world!

Facing the colorful flow, the deep sky,

I pray, I sing,

-=--Let my roc fly higher

Infinite universe

Is his paradise.

Your me:

Xu Qun

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-five


To Yimin's friends:

I have been living with you for two years, making friends with each other. I have benefited a lot from your influence. I sincerely thank you.

You are a very hardworking person. You keep improving in your study, have a sense of decency in dealing with the world, and have integrity, which I admire very much.

As the sun approaches, I am compassionate. A man is ambitious. Where can he not show his talents and create great undertakings? But there is no need for such affection. But the sunset is the reason for our friendship. Even so, our mutual affection is unforgettable. May our friendship last forever.

It's hard to part with each other when we leave, and I'll leave a message. May it be with you forever.

The most obvious sign of a great man is his strong will. No matter how the environment changes, his original intention and hope will not change at all, but finally overcome the obstacles to achieve the desired goal.


nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-five


To the students and the people:

Life is not a cup of wine,

It always makes people intoxicated,

She has ups and downs,

We have to taste everything

Just know the happiness of life

May you have a happy life.

Liyouwen 19860325

Chapter 82


If you make friends with potential, you will be spared. If you make friends with potential, you will be scattered. Only friendship is the most noble thing. I have read with you for two years. You are cheerful and straightforward, leaving me permanent memories. Our friendship has also been enhanced. You have given me help without forgetting. However, time is like an arrow, and we will soon be separated. Friendship is more valuable. May our friendship last forever.

I wish you an early realization of your ideals.

Create a more splendid life.

May you find a beautiful and lovely partner and build a happy family.

Signature: mawenxiang 19860325


To Yimin, my "wife":

I have known you for three years, but now I want to be separated. I can't help feeling disappointed when I think of how many ecstatic breaks I have spent with you and me. The intoxicating ribs and the maddening shark fin may make us unforgettable for life. It's a memorable four ah. We can't help talking about the common language, which makes us like a pair of lovers, At the time of parting, I wish you can find a lover who is tender and like-minded. Although the pain of parting cannot be expressed in words, I don't know when I will meet you in the future. I can't help crying (writing a poem) to say goodbye to you.

Wangbeiyu 19860331


To my bosom friend Lao Ge

Sharing a window with friends for two years

It's hard to part when you leave

A king is better than a traitor Cao

I'm sure I can make great achievements in the future

Good luck to you!

Yuyou: fengqingrong 19860325

Ren Guangrong:

Smart old friend:

Friendship needs no modification

Why worry about parting

When you lose your hair, you become an old man

"Hahaha Hey"

Still friends

Friend: glory

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-five

Diao Daosheng:

Although we have only been schoolmates for two years, our friendship has also increased with the passing of the days. When I first came here, I remembered that you were wearing a yellow military uniform and looked very honest and flattering. But after spending some time together, I found that you were naive and lively.

You, me and Erqiao are also the best friends. They often go to the streets or go to the movies together. I remember once when you quarreled with Erqiao, I was the middleman of the big media! But we also had a little farce, but because you were straightforward, generous and without any affectation, we were reconciled again.

Lao Ge, remember? You and I drove to the 202 construction site at a high speed, talking about all parts of the world, and I vowed to travel all over China! That time left me an unforgettable memory.

Lao Ge, remember? How many times, after the power failure, we have walked slowly and made "exploratory" walks.

Lao Ge, remember? How many times have we climbed onto the roof of the learning and teaching building after the power failure to take a look at the lighted Jurong City.


Ah! Lao Ge, I can't recall. It's too much to recall. Similarly, you have also played an exemplary role in learning, leading the class to make an "exploratory" March to the university campus.

I sincerely wish you to enter key universities.

Brother Yu: Taoist

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-five


To dear Mr. Yimin:

What was the past

Farewell with tears and friendship

A proud spring breeze accompanies you

Why think again

Great man has a great career‘

Feelings should be desired

Till the day when there is no wine

Don't forget "2009".

Signature: suzhengyun

Da Hongwei:

Since February has broken through March, how many times can Xi laofengchun return?

Don't think there's no limit to what you can do outside your life.

Ge Yimin:

More changes in water make life more difficult.

"Laugh at the ridiculous people in the world", scholars despise each other.

"After getting along with him, I found that he was not a bad person", "at the beginning of man, he was good in nature", which is beyond reproach.

You are very rational and kind-hearted. You have both ability and political integrity. I am afraid you will never meet again in the future. Find a poem for you:

In the lonely library, I think alone.

Look for Jiashu biography and never forget the horn bow poem.

The short brown wind and frost make the sun and the moon come back late.

The moon is empty and the deer gate period is empty.

Chapter 83


To Xueyou Laoge:

Although I have been with you for less than a year, I am deeply impressed by your smart and studious virtue! In particular, your humorous words are even more impressive!

I think maybe god can't be in the world all the time, so he let you come to the world, because you really give people joy like an angel.

Now we have to part, I really regret: maybe we can never get together again!

On the occasion of parting, I sincerely wish you:

Everything goes well. In the upcoming college entrance examination, you will be successful and realize your beautiful ideal!

Xueyou: zhoudaobao

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-five

Qin Bin:

To friends and people:

Two years ago, when I came to the county, I knew that there was a "perfect" Ge Yimin. At that time, I was very unconvinced, but I secretly convinced him after examinations, competitions and conversations.

Yimin: you have an encyclopedic knowledge and superhuman intelligence. With your intelligence, "Nantah" is not worth mentioning. To be honest, your future is boundless.

Yimin: it's better to listen to your words than to read for ten years. Your speech is unreal and silent. It often makes people aftertaste deeply and can't be recalled.

Dear friends, on this occasion of parting, I wish you the best of luck in your career, family and everything.

Friend: qinbin

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-five

Shi Jun:

To the students and the people:

I have been with friends for more than two years, and I deeply admire Jun Superman's wisdom. May you cherish this precious time and travel in space with the God of wisdom. Let our friendship coexist with Japan.

May you have a bright future like an eagle.

Classmate: Shi Jun

Hua Ping:

Give to the people

I have been a classmate with you for a year. Your wisdom, talent and humor have deeply influenced me. When I see you, I can't help thinking of another good friend of mine --- qinyibin. He is very similar to you in character. He is my best friend, and you who is very similar to him is also my best friend.

May our friendship last forever, that you may enter a key university, that you may have a satisfactory life partner, and that you may live a happy life!

Congratulations on getting rich


nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-six

Royal Mausoleum:

To Lao Ge:

Since I met you, I know you are a classmate with wide knowledge and strong memory, so I am willing to talk with you. Over the past two years, you have helped me selflessly, which has benefited me a lot. We have learned and lived together, and our friendship has deepened day by day. But time flies like an arrow and time flies like a fire. When we parted, Everest was used as a pen and Xijiang as ink, and our friendship could not be written. As my best friend, your friendship will always remain in my memory. One day, we will absorb Xijiang, carefully weigh the Beidou, and Vientiane as guests.

May you realize your wishes and succeed soon.

Find a "Madame Curie" and wish you "Curie".

Youwang Mausoleum

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-six

Chen Bin:

To brother Ge

(second yellow board, challenge, brother GE)

(singing): brother Ge, you and I, who used to be close friends in the past, don't know your true face. You treat me as relatives and friends. I don't care about you. I don't care about you for three days. Now I feel sorry and ashamed. From now on, I would like to spend February as a slave and share with you as a close friend. I hope you will forgive my mistakes in the past. I should thank you affectionately. With this song, I'll accompany you on your journey tomorrow. It's beautiful, and your future is welcomed with palms. Jinbang, hang up the name of "Scholar" as soon as possible, wear clothes and brocade, and return home to see your parents. I wish to meet you and have good luck with you. I wish to communicate with you, and the wild geese can impart treasure books selflessly.

Yu you: Chen Bin

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-six

Tang Ping:

To: Yimin

Brilliant talent and broad vision -------- you;

The future writer is yours!

Students are also people, and they will soon be separated from each other.

Since ancient times, it has been sentimental to leave, and it is more appropriate to learn friendship. Call a friend, you go well, I wish you a smooth journey.

Speak and behave in a frank and generous manner. Write poems and compositions in a free and unrestrained manner!

Work hard, success is in front of you,

When we get together again, raise our glasses and drink!

I wish you success!

Friend: Tang Ping

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-six

Chapter 84


To ge Yimin, a former deskmate:

When I met you in the classroom of senior two in the county, I called me "this guy". I was very upset. You left me good memories: studious, selfless, ambitious, intelligent and superior. Ever remember: we were left in the classroom. Remember the past: we had common footsteps when the theater ended. Your help to me will always be in my heart. I wish you a good name in the golden list of universities. However, I hope you can appreciate others' dim sum. People are not plants and trees. Who can be merciless. Anyone who does not want to become a talent and famous can not despise others, even if he wins the title first. The ancients had the true feeling that "righteous people don't eat the food of Ho". What's more, we young people in the new era? I hope you will forget your previous gratitude and resentment and make progress hand in hand!

Your stupid friend: biqingyuan

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-six

Cui Hui:

To a talented person -- Ge Yimin

The words of lovers just poured out from the bottom of my heart,

It's also like a flash of spray.

Friendship is an invisible poem,

Who can condense it into words?

May you travel to Jinbang high school,

A beautiful wife makes a successful career.

Watering the flower seeds with painstaking efforts,

Tomorrow will be a brilliant reality.

Long live friendship!

Best friend: cuihui

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-six


Humor is your characteristic

Outstanding talent is your true realm

You and I were not far apart, but we had no chance to meet; It's too late to meet. You treat people sincerely and your language is humorous, which is admirable. You are admirable for your hard work and excellent performance. You and I used to be strangers, but now we are friends. My classmate has been studying for two years. He has a deep friendship. I can't bear to leave today. However, I miss your outstanding talent and my future will be boundless. I wish you a bright future and a happy career. May you find a satisfactory life partner. Each side of the world, you and I love each other; When we meet again, we will praise youth with a golden cup.

Yu you: luoshouxi

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-six

Pipe rainbow

Profound and cold skinny guy:

We were classmates for two years, but we met each other without speaking. Your profound knowledge has shocked and overwhelmed me more than once. So I tried to get in touch with you, talk with you and get some inspiration from you, but I didn't succeed again. This is not only because of my poor influence among my classmates, who are afraid to bring you unnecessary troubles, but also because of your coldness, so I don't have the courage. This will be a pity for our classmates. Since we can't talk today, I hope the goose can build a golden bridge of our friendship tomorrow!

May you find Yanni as soon as possible. Your talent is better than Marx.

Pipe rainbow

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-six


To Xueyou:

For three years, although there was no word between us, I was deeply moved by your outstanding talent. Your intelligence is superhuman and you are proficient in Encyclopedia, which makes me fall in love. I admire you for your hard work and study spirit, which makes me out of touch. Your eloquence, beautiful and moving articles, and extensive knowledge make me willing to fall at your feet. I'm very glad to meet you in my life. It's too late to meet such an intelligent classmate in my study. However, time is so fast that we are about to break up. I sincerely wish you:

Fight forever and soar thousands of miles.

The sea is wide with fish leaping, and the sky is high with birds flying.

Xueyou: hexianmei

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-six

Tai Yongqiang

To ge Jun:

I met you at the school with the same ideals as you were from the same hometown. At the end of my two-year classmate's career, I admire you for your humor, intelligence and ability, hard work and hard work. Since ancient times, there have been many departures. It seems that departures are a worry, but this is by no means what we young people in the 1980s should have. Our separation today is to better talk about personal contributions to the country and society when we meet again several years later.

On the occasion of farewell, I wish you all the best and a bright future. In his personal career, he worked bravely and speeded up the construction of the four modernizations.

Finally, I'd like to give you a pinch of rural land. No matter where you go, you will always be homesick.

Tai Yongqiang

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-seven

Chapter 85

Tan Derong


I have been a schoolmate with you for three years, but you are deeply respected by your servants.

On the one hand, although you are young, you are handsome, moderate in stature, gentle, and a scholar.

Second, although you didn't say much, you wrote poems and articles, which were full of knowledge and talent.

Third, although you are full of regret about the Chan can collection of "scriptures", you are as open-minded as a valley and have never made any show off, which is highly praised by the public.

Although these three cannot generalize about you, I think you are a man of both talent and beauty.

I am so lucky to be friends with you!

A farewell message to you:

I wish you a bright future!

Friend: Tan Derong

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-seven


To Xueyou:

Lark should sing

A fine horse should gallop

An eagle should fly high

The people should be the pillars

If you are a student, you should wish sincerely

The happy Ming Dynasty belongs to you!

Friend: jiangliping

Xu Qian:

To yiminjun:

Time flies, time flies, and now we are about to separate. Only then can we know the value of friendship. Although I have been with you for only one year, you are an unforgettable person and I admire your outstanding achievements.

Although you are a good man, you are limited to the same sex, but you are so indifferent to the opposite sex. It is really puzzling. I can't imagine that you are so feudal.

Your grades rank first in the class, but your English is not very good. I wonder why you don't make more efforts in this area.

The time of separation is coming. It is difficult to express the friendship between students in words. Say: cherish it.

Long live friendship


Xueyou: Xuqian


Jurong teachers' training school (welcome)


To Yimin's best friend:

You and I have been together for nearly three years. Over the past three years, you and I have forged an indescribable friendship. Although you and I never show such feelings at ordinary times, you and I know that such feelings are eternal.

Best friend: from the first year of senior high school to the third year of senior high school, you have given me a lot of help. Here, I would like to express my deep gratitude to you. I feel very lucky to meet a knowledgeable friend like you. I feel deeply blessed in my previous life and in my present life.

Dear friends, maybe you still remember the competition between you and me in senior two. In fact, this competition has not stopped yet. I made some wrong mistakes in the competition, but you were magnanimous. With your broad mind and profound knowledge, I won my trust in the competition, which made me feel that you are decent and pure. I admire you very much.

Dear friend: we are about to separate, and all corners of the world will run to one side. At the moment of parting, let's recall the memorable scene when we were together. Here, I ask you to be quiet and forgive me for being wrong with you and me.

Best friend: finally, I sincerely wish you can be admitted to your ideal university and realize your long cherished wish for many years!!

I wish my best friend a bright future!!!

Best friend: lijinlin

Mar. 28, 1986


To Xueyou:

After a year as a classmate, you left me a deep impression. You are outgoing, lively and smart. You can be called both a smart boy and a naughty boy.

I admire your intelligence. Whenever I correct your examination paper, I see that your accuracy is very high. It's a shame to think about myself.

The moon is full and waning, and people have joys and sorrows, which is difficult to complete in ancient times. At this moment of parting, I realize that friendship is hard to find. Even beautiful articles and poems can hardly express the pure friendship between students.

The sea is wide with fish leaping and the sky is high with birds flying. I learned from my previous message that you are good at writing poems and compositions. I hope you can make great achievements and become the second "Mao Dun" in contemporary times.

Zhu Jun

Promising, top of the list!

Classmate: chenshujuan

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-eight

Chapter 86


To Xueyou:

Since you came to the county, you have been a classmate for more than two years, and your personality has been deeply imprinted in your heart.

Frankly speaking, you are the second person I "admire". Among students, you are smart, studious, talented and boastful of your achievements; I deeply admire you for your enthusiasm, generosity and kindness. Unfortunately, I have never talked to you. However, I am proud to have you as a student.

Create! The future belongs to you!

May you realize your long cherished wish!

Xueyou: Tangxia

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-eight

Hua tinggan:

Gift to: Ge Yimin

I have been studying with you for two years. Although I have few contacts with you and few times of speaking, you leave me the impression that you are warm and generous, frank and frank. I admire you for your hospitality. You have also given me a lot of help. I can't forget you explaining ancient Chinese to me and explaining math problems to me. It is not too much for people to call you a "Scholar". If you had been a scholar in the past, you would have been a "top scholar". Well, with my best wishes to my friends:

Your literary talent takes the lead

It will be beautiful and famous on the list

If you spread your wings

A blockbuster blocks the sun and the moon.

You: Hua tinggan


To the respectable and unfriendly strange guy:

It's a long time since we met for two years. Unfortunately, we have never spoken. Others say that you are humorous and witty. I don't know. Others praise you for being warm and generous. I don't know. I only know that you are so cold to women that it's frightening. It's really respectable and unfriendly.

I once cursed your indifference in my heart, but I mostly admired your talent.

You are the pride of our class

You are our pride

I am convinced that you will become famous

In the near future, we will go our separate ways. I hope that will be the beginning of our friendship.

May our separation make us cultivate friendship.

I wish you good luck in the future.

Xueyou: Hong Xin

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-eight


To old Ge Xueyou:

Since Pangu opened the world, the three emperors and five emperors have reached the present. God in the misty world doesn't know how many good things he has done to the world and how many misfortunes he has given to the world. Because of God's arrangement, I have the honor to sit with you for a year. In fact, my generation has virtue in previous lives and was born by destiny.

You and I have an extraordinary friendship. When we are sitting together, we fight and make noise every day. In class, we whisper about the characteristics of each teacher. Sometimes we can't help being handsome and laugh loudly, which makes the teacher stare at us. We were so scared that we stretched out our tongues and pretended to be serious. As soon as the teacher turned his eyes, we began to argue again.

It's rare for you to have a quick mind. You have excellent subjects. You know everything about astronomy, geography, yin and Yang calendars, and you have an excellent memory. When taking history exams, I'm always too lazy to be afraid of reciting. Because you don't panic, you can get more than 90 points every time. This is really inseparable from your "help".

I have always been arrogant and arrogant. It can be said that few people can be looked up to by me. However, zhoupeiyuan and Newton don't think much of me, and you are one of the few people I can look up to. You are talented. In the near future, you will be able to stand tall in the world literary world and win glory for your country. Nobel's legacy will cost you 190000 dollars. At that time, I hope you will never forget your old friends.

Another: Although my words have made great efforts, they are difficult in nature. I hope you will forgive me.

May you sail with the wind.

Friend: Daoping


People I am used to making arguments ---------- Ge Yimin

Jun and I have been close friends since the beginning of high school. I think it is because I am good at communicating with people! But I think it is because you are amiable, kind-hearted, gentle and have no pride. Otherwise, I would have been separated long ago. I said from other people's comments that you had excellent grades, which told you that if I wrote it, it would be meaningless. I admire you with all my heart. Don't boast about how smart you are. I always think he is far from being smart, because you are the only smart person I know, so I give you an example to refute, He was speechless. I often call you an old "ox hooligan". Only we can know the true meaning. You are an "ox hooligan" pursuing knowledge. If this continues, the doctoral school will "catch" you in. I'm afraid we can't meet again. Please wait for me.

I wish you all the best.

The flowers of love never fall.

Yu you: sunguanghai

nineteen million eight hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and twenty-nine

Chapter 87

Kong Hui:

To ge Yimin:

In fact, we have broken up, because in the past two years, I have not seen you, and you have not seen me (emotionally and mentally).

However, this is a fact. A fine satin book was placed in front of me, and so many students' words rang around me (though not to me), all of which recalled my already silent feelings.

Alas! Come on! Come on! Come on! Why talk about these sad things? I am writing a farewell message to my old classmates! To say this and that to a classmate who knows each other but doesn't know each other, can it show who I am? Let me be full of spirit and wish our talented classmate a few blessings! But I know, Ge Yimin, you must disdain the mediocre words to deal with the nature of the job, so you have to think carefully, search my poor capital and write a heartfelt wish!

Please draw a Mona Lisa on Bai Jie's paper! Chinese!

Konghui, who is not a friend

Sancha middle school in Jurong county.


To Xueyou:

You are a fearless petrel, fighting and flying. May you always find pearls and treasure in the ocean of knowledge. May you spread your wings and soar in the blue sky!

Xueyou: hexianmei



I studied with you for two years, but I know little about you. At this time of parting, I can only express my views on you with inch tube:

Natural and handsome


Elegant in speech

Be ambitious


Respectable but unfriendly

May parting enable us to cultivate friendship!

Wish you success in life!

Xueyou: huangxiaomin

Wang Feng:

Lao Yimin:

That's what I've always called you, and I still call you that.

(Lao Yimin), I always write messages for others very quickly. However, when I got your message book, I stopped and changed it again and again. For this reason, I tore a piece of paper from you. I always think I have a lot to say, and a lot to say to you!

Lao Yimin, remember? On the first day of high school, your bed was on the upper floor opposite me. I remember it was a hot day. You came early and the bed was already paved. I was sweating with heat. I saw a fan on your bed and borrowed it. Because I was afraid that you could not understand Maoshan dialect, I specially spoke it in Mandarin, but you mistook the pronunciation of "fan" in Mandarin for "Shang" in Dazhuo dialect. As a result, you thought I was going to bed, so you moved into bed and asked me to come up.

After that, I told you this story more than once. Moreover, every time I told you it, I would "scold" you again, laughing that you didn't understand Mandarin, you didn't argue, but just grinned. It was funny to think of it. When I wrote here, I also laughed loudly, causing the neighboring tables to look at me inexplicably.

Lao Yimin, remember? In the lukewarm weather, after self-study every night, I went back to the dormitory. I washed my feet in a hurry, climbed into your bed and started a 15 minute talk show every day. During the conversation, I asked you again and again whether you were tired or sleepy. You always said, "what are you sleepy about?" As a result, our 15 minute talk often extended for a long time. We also talked about a wide range of poems, foreign celebrities, the character of our classmates and some people who couldn't stand it. The funny thing is that we often dislike a stranger at the same time. Why? I can't tell. I can't stand it anyway.

Lao Yimin, your bed was against the window. When the moon is full, the moonlight shines in through the window and onto your bed. We lie next to each other head to head, talking about the most precious things in our hearts. We often talk about the snoring of the people in the same dormitory.

Lao Yimin, (I was very interested in everything about you at that time), I asked you to repeat your grandfather's story again and again, and you also told me your grandfather's story with interest again and again. When you were very young, your grandfather asked you to recite poems. When you told me that you sat on the grandfather's lap and begged him to tell another story, my heart became excited. I seemed to go back to childhood with you. At this time, I saw your eyes looking at the moon with emotion, immersed in the memories of the past. Lao Yimin, some people say you are ruthless. I want to say that he doesn't know you. In fact, your feelings are very abundant and your performance is very different. Maybe I am the only one who knows!

Lao Yimin, I once said to you, "in my seventeen years of existence (Senior One), you also exist." You smiled and said, "of course," but I said, "if one of us fails to pass the examination in the county, we won't know each other." You smiled and said, "it's such a coincidence." I finally had nothing to say.

Old Yimin, I have laughed at your deep eye socket more than once, just like the portrait of Darwin posted in the class. I often ask you to drum up your arm muscles and let me pinch them. You always promised. Maybe that's what they call your girlish character.

So, my selfishness was satisfied. I found that no one really knew you except me, at least so far.

Lao Yimin, do you still remember such a move? Grab it on your body, then put it in front of your nose and smell it. When I asked you what you smelled, you always said it was unconscious. In fact, you didn't smell it, but it was a pity not to smell it.

Finally, at the end of the first semester of senior high school, we should divide our subjects. I asked you to study science with me more than once, but you persuaded me again and again that even if we were not in the same class, we would have many contacts. Indeed, we keep in touch with each other all the time.

Now we are about to break up. When we break up, I don't have any flowery words for you, because I know that flowery words are pleasant to hear but useless. We still have a long way to go, and we won't and can't always be smooth sailing in the process of moving forward, and we will encounter difficulties from time to time. As for being a writer and a great man, it is still a matter of struggle, Yimin! Do you understand me?

Lao Yimin, please grant me a small request. When you publish your first article, write to me and let me be happy for you.

Friend: sunspot.

Grass in the evening of March 28, 86

Chapter 88


You Yimin:

We were thousands of miles apart, all for the sake of knowledge. We came together, but in order to realize our respective ideals and pursuits, we have to separate. When we get together, we are incomparably happy and happy, but the difference is such pain. At this parting moment, I look back on the past and leave many beautiful memories.

We were classmates in the first year of high school. At first we didn't know each other. All I know is that you worked hard and went to the classroom to read after dinner. After the mid-term exam, your grades ranked among the top spears, which made me know you. In frequent contacts, we have gradually become familiar with each other and become good friends. I know more about you. You are extremely smart and intelligent. You know everything in Encyclopedia, and you like to talk about the world. At this time, your advantages will be reflected.

You treat people kindly, laugh at them, and make good friends. As we leave today, please take my friend's wishes: I wish you a bright future and happiness.


To Yimin old friends:

You have searched the earth,

Footsteps write the first line of poetry,

You once soared in the sky,

The first song shocked the soul.

Casual and elegant, with extraordinary conversation,

The future fame belongs to you,

May your lines of poetry,

In people's hearts, the flowers will not wither!

May our friendship last forever.

An old friend: xuhuaibao


The person I admire most:

When I mentioned Yimin, I really admired him. Although you were a schoolmate with me for only one year, we were enlightening friends and deeply rooted.

You are calm and lively, but you are afraid of female classmates. It seems that a mouse sees a cat. You have studied hard, kept improving and achieved very good results. Although we didn't talk about it, your luck has been occupied in my heart. In a short year, you made friends with your heart, and your help to me will never be forgotten. Alas! Hateful, heaven has no eyes, so we must part, but I only wish that when you step into the high mansion, don't look at your classmates and good friends. Wish: Jinbang high school has a bright future.

Best friend: zhangqingfeng


To farewell friend Ge Yimin:

Ge Yimin, do you remember? At the beginning of high school, I sat with Tan Derong, you sat with zhangdaoping, and we just sat in front of you. A few days after the start of school, you and I didn't even know each other's names, so we began to talk. Do you remember? One evening, in the self-study class, I, you and Wang Feng sat in the back row talking about English. In junior high school English volumes 1 to 6, we actually looked for words that were difficult to remember and memorize in the word list behind the book and asked each other questions. Each time, I won. Do you remember what you said? You said, "how can you remember so clearly, you little fellow?" In fact, this is not surprising, because I spent the whole summer vacation on memorizing words. Otherwise, how could I remember so clearly?

Ge Yimin, do you have any improvement in your pen writing? Should we make progress? I want to laugh at the thought of your writing. When you write, you always hold the pen tightly, as if it would fly away in case you don't hold it tightly. Then the Dragon flies and the Phoenix dances, and writes at will. The nib jumps on the paper, which is really funny. And your English handwriting is also very poor. Do you still remember when Mr. wangyinquan asked you to go to the blackboard to translate sentences in high school? I remember it very clearly, and I still haven't forgotten that when you finished translating the sentences and walked off the platform, the students couldn't help laughing at your words. You were so embarrassed that you blushed and grabbed your hair. Yes, your handwriting is so bad that it doesn't seem to be written by a high school student. No wonder the students laugh at you! I wonder if you have made any progress now? I'd like to remind you that when you take the college entrance examination, you have to deduct points if you scribble!

In my freshman year of high school, I did very well in history every time. You praised me for my good memory. I should study liberal arts with you, but I studied science. I remember you felt sorry for me at that time. In fact, I don't want to be separated from you! I think, if I really read liberal arts, I must sit in front of you with Tan Derong and discuss problems with you to improve together.

Now, two students in senior one, two in liberal arts, two in science, and one in each. You and my colleague Derong read liberal arts, and I and your fellow zhangdaoping read science. What a coincidence!

It's said that you have been ranked among the top spears in your liberal arts. I'm happy for you. I congratulate you on your greater achievements in the future!

Before you leave, I want to remind you of two things:

First, you should find some calligraphy books in the future, copy them carefully and write them well.

Second, you should spend more time on foreign languages to improve your foreign language performance.

I think there will be a farewell day for you and me this time. Let me leave some words to talk about later.

Goodbye, Ge Yimin!

Chapter 89


Farewell to my friend Lao Ge:

Lao Ge, do you remember that in the first year of senior high school, we slept in the same upper and lower bunks, but we seldom talked. I don't know why. Maybe it was just that we had just entered the county. We both thought there was a sense of strangeness. We both felt mysterious about each other. However, through a year of reading together with our classmates and two years of observation, we learned that you are as one as you are outside and inside, and are not sociable. But your profound knowledge, like a sea full of water, is never revealed at ordinary times. Although your grades are very good, you are very modest towards every student, which really makes me admire. Only when you take the exam, just like when the tide occurs in the sea, can your knowledge and talent be revealed, surging, magnificent and beautiful, and your ability will make me admire.

I would like to point out that you are not sociable, and your personality can change gradually. You are a liberal arts student, and you must have a strong ability in this aspect. Although you smile when you meet people, you rarely talk like you are shy. In particular, you are overwhelmed and shy when you meet the opposite sex. This is very bad. A person has to deal with other people, As a science student, I must remind you to pay attention to cultivating your social skills.

Your talent is amazing. Your knowledge is rich and your brain is the repository of knowledge. You will certainly be able to enter a key university. At the time of this separation, although you are not the same subject or classmate, you and I are not ordinary friends. The flowers of our friendship are opening up. Let me, as an old friend, wish you:

Take care of yourself all the way to the top of the list,

Make progress and live a happy life!

I wish I could go to the Chinese Department of Nanjing University to find you!!

Please don't forget your old friends!!!

Your friend: Chengming

You Xuezhong:

To Lao Ge:

When I opened my mouth, people might think I was calling you "old dog". However, I called you Lao Ge. People have to ask why I called you "old" Ge when I was young. Ha, he doesn't know the word "old". It can be said that "all realms come out". It truly reflects our friendship. Some people call you "Lao Yimin", which means the same.

I sincerely convinced you, Lao Ge, that you really have a way of learning. I remember we often talked about this when we discussed after the division. Some people thought that you didn't work hard, but you could get good grades. They made a mistake. I think that your characteristic is high efficiency. You read books for half an hour, which is equivalent to others' reading for an hour. In this way, you look a little easier, but in fact, I think your half an hour's hard work is better than others' one hour, right?

Well, your study is well known. There is no need to say anything. I would like to say something about your life. You are very enthusiastic, funny and knowledgeable, but your performance in dealing with girls can not satisfy me. I sincerely advise you that liberal arts students rely on one mouth and one pen to win the world. You should not be afraid to look up when a reporter interviews female compatriots in the future. (actually, I am the same, but I don't mind.).

Finally, I wish that you can enter the University in your heart without guarantee.

Xueyou: youxuezhong

Wang Fei

Farewell gift to ge Yimin:

Although I have been with you for half a year, it is difficult to express my friendship for half a year. When I was about to leave, I suddenly felt sad. It was difficult to leave, and it was even harder to meet. I didn't know when and when I would meet again. Goodbye to your smile, and then I heard your voice. I had to sing "wine and coffee" to the sky in the air. However, the coffee didn't taste. You will go, think long, and sing a song:

Send off your comrades in arms, set foot on the journey, silently shed two tears, and your voice sounded in your ears

No restraint to read, chat to send you a word, wish you a long song

Step on the sand Give to the people

Fragrant campus, learning in the same boat,

Green fields, dining and sleeping together,

But in the spring, he complained about his departure. It is an infinite number.

It's time to say nothing: it's said that don't quit after farewell:

Half a year of classmate love difficulty. The long-term friendship remains the same.

Best friend: Wang Fei

Wish you a happy family, a wife and a smart child


To your friend Ge Yimin:

I have been a classmate for less than a year, but your image in my mind will never be erased. You are a non talkative classmate with top grades. According to your intuition, you are a man with lofty aspirations.

We have never talked before. Before leaving, I would like to borrow a page of paper to show my heart. I wish you:

You have a bright future, and you will achieve success in your studies!

Victory beckons to you, and the dawn is ahead!

Friends; Wangxiaoping


Chapter 90

Liu Hui:

Ge Yimin:

We met last spring. But don't you want to ask me that---- "Who are you?"

Why didn't I ask you---- "Who are you?"

Yes, we know each other. We know each other in the spring of nature; It is enough to know each other in the spring of our lives. Why ask: "who are you?"

Sometimes I feel that you and I are both a drop of water, each from a different place. A rainstorm - the cradle of the great soul, makes you and I become a drop of water. In the air, in the sound of thunder and lightning, in the control of the wind, after a painful journey, I have temporarily found a place to live, the green holly tree.

You and I fall on the same tree, but each has its own land under its own feet. Is the leaf you live in a boat? Green side, green mast. I don't know. What kind of oar did you paddle and what kind of sail did you pull?

In the thick spring, the smile, like a wisp of smoke, dissipates, dissipates, in the bright morning, in the quiet night.

When a bead of water with the desire to purify itself, with the longing for the boundless sky, accumulates strength and is ready to change and fly, another bead of water, please let her say "take care of you".

If you hear my wishes, doubt is the whisper of the breeze;

If you hear my wishes, doubt is the trembling of leaves.

You don't have to ask, "who are you? I took your wishes, but who are you?"

The door of spring is open for you, and the door of the world is open for you. Go in with your talent, confidence and courage.

And I, I can only watch you go forward, behind you, silently watching.

Don't ask, "who are you?"

In the future, you won't lose sight of the sun. When the clouds come for a while, you don't have to look for me. At that time, bless you, comfort you, there will be other people, because you do not know who I am.

If you must know, please ask the breeze, the moon and the ocean. In the game of light wind, in the clear brightness of the moon, and in the movement of the ocean, you will find a silent but satisfactory answer:

"I am a drop of water."

Wang Qun:

To temporary classmates and permanent friends:

The clock explains punctuation and sentences,

In the sea of punctuation and sentences,

I was lucky to meet a handsome and tall friend of the opposite sex,

--------That's you.

Some people say that life is a chance encounter,

You and I are like two stars in the universe,

Running along their respective tracks,

We met head-on several times,

And I said goodbye several times without saying a word.

It is not easy to know but difficult to deal with,

But a hazy veil of mist,

So that we can not understand each other.

The melancholy of parting makes people depressed,

It evokes thousands of melancholy,

Make my heart turn low.

Goodbye, friend,

Maybe on the way of life

Without the focus of our farewell,

Only in the pages of memory,

Leave these short lines of Acacia.

Yu you: Wang Qun

On April 9th, 1986

Chapter 91


To our closest friends:

Say goodbye, just say goodbye,

Let us feel comfortable about it,

Why let the ethereal sense of uncertainty,

Bring no melancholy.

Why hold a handful of stingy tears,

Dedicated to a short parting of life.

Let's smile and shake hands,

Let's leave with a smile,

If there is no such a breakup,

How can you taste the sweetness of knowing and reading;

If there is no such a breakup,

How can we taste the happiness of meeting.

May you step through thousands of miles and make your journey fruitful;

May you cross the thousands of miles of waves and be happy with them.

Friend: XURUI


To my friend Yimin:

Although you and I are not in the same grade, we are in the same village and school. I know you very well. You have outstanding talent and rich knowledge. These are often the topics talked about by the villagers. I envy you and admire you. I am proud to have you as a talented fellow. You are a new star and will appear in the sky over your hometown. At that time, I congratulate you.

Friend: meiyuhua

Hu Cheng:

Gift: friend Yimin:

Only half of my classmates have been silent for half a year, and there are few left. But I still admire you very much, your attitude to life and your smart thinking. With few men's "clean" temperament. Sometimes I wanted to end our test, but my courage failed in front of the facts, so that today. At this time of parting, what can I say to a friend like me, a real person who is the most unknown but most admired?

I think it's better not to say that God will give everyone the most appropriate arrangements. You are now the pride of Jurong liberal arts class and will be the pride of China in the future. There is no doubt that you do not need any wishes. Thank you for leaving me a message today. I am very moved and feel guilty. I hope you can forgive all our unhappiness. Only after the bitter cold can the plum blossom blossom blossom. Friendship may be the same philosophy.

Say something rash, I always regard you as a model in my heart, and my service is measured by you. In the real world without art, you may be the most admired person I have ever seen. I admire your profound knowledge, eloquent eloquence, amazing memory and your own way of life.

People are different, otherwise there would be no world, but why can't the superior and the inferior shorten the distance. My only answer is that they all love themselves. Self love makes me rise and immerse me. The meeting with you made me feel the true meaning of life.

Your talent is about to shine. I envy you. I deeply realize that knowledge makes people great. Here I silently bless you, wishing you a victory to bid farewell to our separation; Say goodbye to all our May you send me a long letter after you leave. Reading your composition will make me feel better. Reading your Chinese letter must be refreshing. May we meet again at Mochou Lake.

Long live understanding!

Xueyou: Hucheng

86.4.11 written to yuhuayang

Xu Qun:

My yours:

There will always be your shadow, your songs and lyrics

Don't miss you, don't miss you, have your shadow in my heart;

No need to think, no need to recall, your shadow is always with me.

Remember to know each other in spring, and to leave immediately in spring,

Spring is worth my love. Spring makes me complain,

But I am not afraid of strong winds or heavy rains,

I am not afraid of the end of time, I am not afraid of the old,

Your shadow is always in my heart!

Your work was written by Xu Qun at 2:15 p.m. on april30,1986

Chapter 92

Diao Daosheng:

To ge Di:

Once upon a time, we became sincere friends. I think at that time, we were really eating and drinking together. We sat together in the evening for self-study and learned "martial arts". What we heard and saw were true friendships. Looking back on those, we thought of leaving today, and our hearts were tense

Zeng geometry, we strolled in Jurong City, hand in hand, side by side, talking and laughing as we walked, which attracted the envy of passersby.

I don't know why, you became the leader of our 209 stick sect. But when did it cause "mass anger", you were dismissed from office, so you had to control your "strict master". Finally, Laoda became your loyal "lackey". How can it not be exciting to recall this?

Lao Ge, when did we invent "concept", "balagra Ma Zi", "ASU" (not my invention) In the future, when we recall the good life at this time, we will have the pain of "hate steel made of iron, can't return to iron"!

Another time, we both drilled into the library to swim the ocean of knowledge.

At another time, we shared the interesting and moving plot of the eight heavenly dragons. At that time, I entered the story only after you.

Another time, we picked the charming "wild flowers", which let us divide up all the charming flowers. We are happy to tell the truth when you meet people (ER Qiao)!

At another time, we became inseparable chess friends. From just turning on the light to turning off the light, we continued to light candles, until the sky was dark and the stars were bright. Finally, we went to the dormitory and ended after being disturbed and resentful by the student union. Can't I get excited when I think of this?

When I got up early in the morning, you asked me to wake you up, recite English words together, and talk while walking. I really had some fun. After writing here, I went back to that time again and again.

At another time, we went from house to house looking for TV. In front of the TV, we smiled at each other at the same time.

When! You asked me to sing the theme song of blood suspicion again and again. If Lao Ge would like to listen, I would like to sing it for you ten times.

At another time, you and old Beiyu got tangled up, and were pushed by members of 209. You laughed until your belly ached.

Lao Ge, your temper is also very strange. Sometimes, like the weather in July, you will change as you say. However, it will be strange for a short time. The ice melts and the snow melts, and you are reconciled as before.

Lao Ge, your grades are very good. This is the only thing brother Bi regrets. You and I have studied fascinating geography problems together. I am really very satisfied. Lao Ge, it's obvious that you go to university. However, I, Lao Diao, would never want my sincere friend to be admitted to a non key university. I hope you can be admitted to a key university.

In addition, I wish you find a partner who is as beautiful as flowers and moon. Don't forget to invite me to eat happy candy at that time!

Your foolish brother: Diao Daosheng

Supplement here

March 26th, 1986

Thank you!

Tai Chenghua:

Ge Lao:

Hello, the high school study life is coming to an end, and the time for you and me to separate is coming. At this time of separation, as a four-year old classmate, I feel very sad and full of dependence. What's more, we used to learn at the same table and sleep together.

It is said that there is a bridge between the soul and the soul. Some of them are very long, some are very short. They can't cross with a short foot, and they can't get through by train for a long time.

Lao Ge, do you remember that you and I, as the so-called "top students" of the school, were selected to the class of teacher sun of Dazhuo middle school, grade three (1), and we met like this. We met in this small world and met many new words. Among these friends, you are not very verbal, but you are not depressed.

At first, you didn't impress me very much. However, we later sat on a bench. With the passage of time, we established feelings and had a certain understanding of each other. After a short year, junior high school was about to graduate, and our friendship was tested.

After graduating from junior high school, we had a little painful stage. We always thought we would not come together. However, it is gratifying that we met again in a new environment. This may be a clever arrangement of God and a reward from fate.

Lord! Lord of my God, I thank you with tears.

Pure heart, the feelings between them are sincere and flawless. It can stand the test.

When we first came to the county middle school, we were in grade one of senior high school. Because we have a certain "foundation", although we are not in the same class, our friendship has developed to a certain extent. From the original classmates to close friends.

In my freshman year of high school, I didn't live on campus. In order to make it easier for them to see each other, I served dinner on behalf of them at school. Then I lent my rice bowl to you and you kept it properly for me. Your dormitory has become my borrowing place. Sometimes when it is too late for self-study at night, I will sleep with you for a few nights, and lift the pillow

A gust of true breeze urged us to enter a dreamy place. Since then, we have become inseparable. As a friend, I have also done a few feats for you that I am proud of.

For example, during the holidays, the school is not responsible for keeping some items that students can't take back in their dormitories, and requires students to properly solve them themselves. If you have no relatives or acquaintances in Jurong, your suitcase will become a problem. When you find me, I promise and solve it satisfactorily

Finally, I asked my senior one classmate chenzhongyu to take him to his uncle's house. You were very satisfied with this and thanked me. However, as a friend, what is this small matter?

This is how we get along. We help each other and live in harmony. However, I can't stop writing here. I think of the moments when we lived together in grade two of senior high school. At this time, the relationship between us reached a peak.

After the end of the academic year of senior 11, due to their different interests and hobbies, I entered the science class and you entered the liberal arts class. I was assigned from the original class (1) (i.e. class 1 of senior 1) to class (2) (i.e. class 2 of Senior 2), and you were assigned from the original class (2) (i.e. class 1 of senior 1(

2) Class) was assigned to class (1) (that is, class (1) of senior two). This may be a little joke played by the LORD God. However, such a small twists and turns has not damaged our friendship in the slightest, but has further promoted our friendship. It can be seen that our

Friendship is a flower that never withers and has indomitable vitality.

By chance, we both lived in the same dormitory, a mixed dormitory of class (1) and class (2). In this way, we entered a new life. During this period, we reached the situation of using the same basin and the same bottle of water. As a liberal arts student, you need

After reading some literature books, I borrowed some famous books for you, such as Don Quixote, Gulliver's travels and selected poems of the laws of the Tang and Song dynasties. We studied them together and learned from each other until late at night.

In winter, we thought it was a little cold to sleep in one bed, so we decided to share the same bed and warm each other. When the clothes couldn't be replaced, we changed clothes with each other. Although it was a few times, we had seen a spot. That's how we treat each other

Caring and helping each other, our "little husband and wife" life is so happy.

In my memory, there are many things worth remembering in the second year of senior high school, which are full of poetic and picturesque interest.

I remember that in order to have enough energy to study and arrange the time reasonably, when winter came, you and I made a treaty to practice long-distance running in the morning. The first day, we both got up very early with great interest. Although it was cold outside, we all wore sportswear and sweatpants because our

My heart is burning, so we run around the city. Because you usually exercise less, you have been running behind me, but you have a tenacious perseverance, and firmly ran down. On the second and third days, my interest was not very strong. Because of the excessive amount of exercise on the first day, I

Their calf muscles are a little allergic, and their legs ache all day long. On the fourth day, we were finally defeated by sleepiness and laziness. We didn't think of it when we were lying in bed in the morning.

I also remember that after lunch one day, I rode my bike to visit the newly built Christian Church to see what kind of place it is. After all, it has a sense of mystery for us two young people with communist ideology. We are full of

The feeling of hope was on the way. However, we were disappointed when we arrived there. There was only a newly painted Church House with a door facing south. Outside the door was a courtyard the size of a house. There was a blood red cross on the Western gable, which was the size of a man

Small, next to the cross below is the word Christian Church. In our opinion, this Christian Church must be a magnificent courthouse or synagogue like church hall, but it is inhabited by a so-called Christian family.

See here, give us the conclusion is to leave here. At this time, we thought of zhaowangshan, which is the place to visit the Tomb every year. There is a martyr cemetery there. It is said that it is being built there. We are on our way again with the mood of walking around and continuing. I'll train you as I walk

, you should think how responsible I am. When we arrived at zhaowangshan, we walked around the site for a week. With a feeling of respect, we were full of memories of the martyrs, and watched an antique Memorial being built. Then we prepared to go down the mountain. Before going down the mountain, we made a division of labor

When I ride my bike, you pull a hand behind me to prevent it from tumbling. We just tumble down the hill.

I also remember that after lunch one day, we rode our special car and embarked on a new journey. This time, we went to the crematorium. In this small tour, we both told a big lie, especially your acting skills, which made me admire. Beginning

When we touched the road, we only remembered one direction. We didn't know the direction of its gate. We only knew that it was heading towards the location of the chimney. When we got there, we saw that it was an ordinary courtyard. We went in through a side door and saw a lot of weeping elephants inside. There is flow

The families of the dead with tears of filial piety, including the expressionless master stove and the huge chimney with huge body and smoke silently. Just as we were feeling strange and looking around, a ghost like man flashed over from nowhere and asked coldly with a dead face:“

For what? " We answered, "we're looking for someone." With a look of fear.

"Who are you looking for?"

You then replied, "for my uncle."

"What's your last name?"

You hesitated and said, "I don't know. But I know him." "Oh, I think it's Zhang?"

"I don't know the surname of Zhang. We have a Wang here who is sleeping or having a meeting."

"He asked me to come to him at 12:30 this afternoon. You see, it's just after 12:30." You raised your wrist and looked at your watch.

"Then go find it yourself." The man said a word and turned away.

Relieved, we quickly picked up our car, rushed onto the highway, and moved back to the city. Behind us, the big chimney was still emitting small smoke.

All these wonderful memories are now full of aftertaste.

After graduating from senior two, our study and life became much more tense. In the year of senior three, our friendship has a long history and will never dry up. We often help each other weigh the rice and have fun in it. We had a heart to heart talk with each other

Pour out the things in your heart. Try our best to help and be considerate, so that our hearts and minds are connected.

In the third year of senior high school, we also spent several nights together, talking about our ideals and sharing our hearts. I remember some time ago, when you were preparing to take part in the national competition, you needed someone else to copy it for you. When you found me, I promised, and spent a few hours copying it for you, although due to some original

Because I didn't use what I copied, but as a friend, it's nothing. It's a friend's affection.

Now I am about to graduate. As a friend, I can only recall the heavy memory, think of the happiness at that time, and think of your personality. You are cheerful, optimistic and full of delusions. You are quiet and enthusiastic. You are gentle and lovely, and you have a certain fortitude. You have a

A smart mind, you have a pair of agile hands, you have a casual demeanor. You are free and easy in the world. As a beloved of God, you stand proudly between heaven and earth.

As an old friend, I can see that you have a bright future. After graduation, you are about to leave. With the wishes of concentric people, you are proud to move forward. Farewell, Yimin Jun.

Parting does not mean farewell. Please don't cry and don't be sad. The days ahead are still long. I believe we still have a time to meet. Then we will talk to each other again and continue our precious friendship to carry forward.

As an old friend, good classmate and concentric person, I give you a heartfelt wish: I wish you the best, best and best university!!!

Wish you success in your studies, be proud of yourself and honor your ancestors!!!!

I wish you a bright future and a quick start!!!!!

I wish you a happy marriage!!!!!

Wish our friendship,

Like the pine that never grows old in Nanshan,


May we make progress together on the vast ocean of knowledge and march forward bravely.

Tai Chenghua

Chapter 93

College Students' Graduation message to ge Yimin

Ge Yimin said to himself:

Look at this man ------ baohulu

Gender: Male

Age: 21 (1969. 1. 31------)

Native place: Jurong, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu

Nationality: Han

Religion: Christianity

Culture: Bachelor degree in Chinese

Blood type: ab

Sign: Monkey (lunar calendar)

Xiao Hua: Plum Blossom

Constellation: Tianmo constellation

Hobbies: doing business, playing magic and falling in love

Favorite animal: cat

Plant: Plum

Inanimate: Stone

Like to eat: Snake

Height: 173

Weight: 63kg

Worship: JiaBaoyu, Guojing

Love novels: dream of Red Mansions, legend of Shooting Heroes, godfather, red and black

About women: my other half

About money: money is a good thing

About friendship: fate

Death: Destination

World: chance

Life: misfortune

Dream: Second Life

Life: only one life

Life: never fall

Others: don't care what others say

Life: freedom, equality and fraternity.

Dongjingping (writer class):

(the eldest sister who was forcibly called "Persian cat" by "little Guangdong")

When I was in the worst mood, Ge Yimin, the guy we call "little Guangdong", forced me a bag of "Acacia plum emperor" and this guestbook.

Little Guangdong is singing a song I don't understand, waiting for my message. His chanting scriptures to himself seemed very sad, and I couldn't leave a cheerful message.

Jackie Chan's "snake shaped trickster" is the best martial arts film. Ge Yimin has taught me for the third time.

I am stubborn, headstrong and lack of female virtue. This is his praise for me.


I was forcibly awakened by you in my sweet dream and forced to give me this guestbook, so I had to sing a few poems for you:

On Yinmeng Lake

Ming Bo Qinglian

When the wind blows, the boat moves without words‘

Just don't lose weight along the way

Poem shoulder.

I'd like to add another painting for you, but I'm afraid you're impatient waiting outside the door, so you have to hurry to collect your pen.

Chapter 94

Guan Yu:

"Three love doctrine"

I love life!

I love nature!

I love all the people who love me!!!

Happiness that cannot be retained

Irresistible natural and unrestrained

An indelible secret

Can't keep baby

Little by little from your gourd

Bring us endless joy

Nice to meet you

Ge Yimin!

Yesterday.......... Long past

Today...... Passing

Tomorrow? wish you good luck

What is the most beautiful thing in the world?

It's people

What is the ugliest thing in the world?

It's people

What is the purest thing in the world?

It's people

What is the dirtiest thing in the world?

It's people

I want to be a man

What do people need most? friend

What is the hardest thing for people to get? friend

I want friends

When you are happy, you have many friends. In times of trouble, friends abound

I'd rather have fewer friends, but I must be pure.

900531 to ge Yimin

Shi lianlin (writer class):

Hello, Ge Yimin! We are friends, hand in hand has not been. I wish I could shake hands when I am apart.

Ge Yimin bang, I got four bottles of boiled water, and I said, "I love you.".

May you always be a knight, but it is a pity that there is no such kind of elegant lady in China.

Ge Yimin said I was an alien. That's aliens.

Cao Lei:


Blood group O

bubbling with enthusiasm

Game dust

Floating in the air is not practical after all. I believe that only real life is our destination. I wish you happiness!

Ge Yimin:

The impermanence of life may lead to a change for the better or vice versa. In the picture, I was wandering and lonely in the early spring of this year. I believe there are still sunshine and flowers on the road ahead. I remember the first time I saw you was outside our 109 window. You and Shan Xiaopeng were standing outside the window. Unexpectedly, I will have a short fate with you. Today, on the last day of June, you will leave NTU and go to your own choice of freedom and style. Everyone has his own way and way. And everything in this world only gives me the feeling of fleeting years and water and the worry about life and destiny. Today or the last time you and I meet, maybe you are not you, and I am no longer who I am now. Now, I would like to leave my best wishes to you.

Goodbye goodbye

Your friend.


Blood type B is most likely

A voluble and wayward chicken

Most worship and trust nature

Natural and unrestrained on the surface

Inner contradiction and pain

Live very tired

There is no need to ask for anything, no need to study deeply, it is yours that will eventually belong to you.

Find your other half well, and your heart will no longer wander.


Blood type: ab

Zodiac animal: Rabbit

I don't know if it's like a rabbit with "three caves" or "cowardice".

Wherever you go

You always have friends

Be quiet and thoughtful

Live as you like!

Chapter 95

Dai Weiyang:

Zodiac: sheep

Blood type: o

I will always remember the cold moon night when you accompanied me to Xuanwu Lake.......

Hooligans can be with you. Excellent entrepreneurs also say you are a genius;

Illiterate people regard you as a bosom friend, and learned people also say that you are "true";

If a prostitute dares to go to your bed, a peerless beauty will fall in love with you;

Some people say you are "Crazy", but God says, "he is sober!"

To some extent, you should learn from "God" well. Ordinary people are not good teachers!

Dai Weiyang:

Character: Hao Haipeng

We have been together for four years. When we leave, we hold you in our arms and make you laugh all the way----------

Cattle hooligans are with you, and talented entrepreneurs say you are great;

Illiterates regard you as their confidant, and the sages of the ages say you are "true";

A prostitute is in bed with you, and a peerless beauty is infatuated with you;

One day, God came to you and said, "ah! How did I come here?!"

(i.e. God mistook Lao Ge for himself)


Learn from God!

Ordinary people are not good teachers!

Linyue (former name: linyueen)

Yimin, my friend:

You say that life is a disaster, so you use the knife pie (you say "chop") to cut your own hand off your home and go wandering in the distance.

I am also a wandering child, but I am forced to wander. We met, talked for four years, and said two words: "hello." "Hello!"

It's time to go. You said it was over.

What should I give you?

-----Do not dance partridge to the east wind when your heart is already covered with mud.

I would like to accompany you through all the deserts.

Let's go, Yimin, my friend!

Lin Yue 19900601

Two gourds as gifts


Aibo is willing to pursue brother Shi to mend the sky without any pains

Just because I was born, but I was stupid


Delicious rotten rat meat,

Pink light fat red beautiful sky.

This heart has been cultivated in a quiet place,

How can a layman be the threshold?!

Lin Yue 19900605



Blood group B.

When I played go with you, I was called "turtle head tree",

When I played football with you, I was called "golden left foot",

When I heard you preach and boast, I was called "God Ge",

When I saw you juggle, I was called "treasure gourd",

In those days, when I saw you making a fortune in business, I called you a "hooligan",


Which one is the real you?

--------I envy you. You will never be lonely!

------I "serve the people" and you "also serve the people". Maybe we are really destined for each other?

------Old brother, there's nothing to say. Look at you, man!

Chapter 96


A fire?

A piece of ice?

Fire and water are not allowed,

Who knows this king's heart?


Not in heaven

-----Quote Jincheng's Poems

Don't do anything useless

Why do you want to have a career?

------Enjoy it.

Your life

Always full of wonderful

And fun

I will always be grateful to you,

Good luck.


Always want to fight

Fate in my hands is just a small dice!

nineteen million nine hundred thousand five hundred and thirty-one


An extreme person

A contradictory person

Want to be a simple person.


Pure land



From beginning to end, I regard you as a friend

I hope all your friends can go from beginning to end.


Full of crazy British

A set of flower tricks

It is said that this public evil

Who knows the flavor.


Blood type: a

An unruly sheep

With ease


World renowned without persuasion

The whole world does not curse it

It depends on the inside and outside

Debate about honor and Disgrace

This is over.


Blood type: a

Zodiac sign: Horse

Personality: outgoing

People had better have more faces, sometimes to deceive others, sometimes to deceive themselves.

My point of view: 1. It is better to do more than one thing.

2. Maybe all chance is a destined demonstration.

3. Tomorrow must be better than today.

4. It is better to rely on yourself than others.

I admire you very much, but I often worry about you. Life is a play, but your tone is good and the effect is excellent.

Good luck.

Yao Gang:

Familiar with Lao GE's voice,

Know your temper.

My blood type is type B, but you are type ab. how can I help you if something happens to you?

What if I need you one day?

Remember we bragged in the dark bedroom?

The wallpaper you pasted for me began to peel off. It is necessary to replace it.

Being honest is the hardest,

Take your time!

Gan Hui:

Private plot

Former name: Gan Yi, Sijian

Shang Yiwen (the most popular writer), Zuo Fangzhou, Shushu


Half face Yin

Half face Yang

Half are talents

Half are hooligans

Half crazy

Half crazy

Half is x,?!

Half of them are female → male

What kind of you are you???

Chapter 97


A shepherd away from sheep.

If you are wanted, you must go to the busiest place. It is said that there are many girls there.

Body is the capital of revolution, man, remember!

Man, it's a good luck. When the sword is not old, you can make a big show. How about it?!

Dai Yong:


49% outward 51% inward

Pursue what you can't get.

You're everywhere

A happy place

"Jin" left foot.

No progress in playing football

Unfortunately, I can't teach you.

The broad sea leaps with the fish

The sky is high and birds fly

If you get the jade girl 3000

No one in the world knows you!


Do not refuse friends, because there is a deep courtyard in your heart

Not afraid of wind and snow, because there are fragrant grass in my heart.

When you really understand the word "cherish", you will mature.

Going beyond the limit is as bad as falling short.

In the future, follow the call of "heart" and be your own good "lover",

But don't let others down.

If I need help in the future, I will try my best. Although you find it most difficult to get along with him, as long as you come to the door,

I'd still like to invite you to dinner.

Shi Ye (formerly shixiaoye):

Blood group ab

Schizoid personality

If you choose black, it will be the foam of my life.

On a rainy night, Lao Ge, don't forget me.


(once called "sister", but never looked up to as "sister" -- a so-called big sister who exists in name only)

Blood type: o

Horoscope: Monkey

Native place: Lianyungang

bubbling with enthusiasm

Proud of life

Always face the reality, but there is a kind of illusion for you - one day, you will become a superb sculptor, because face-to-face you are really a precious "plastic product" that is hard to find.

Note: be alert to your friends. They are the ones who give you happiness, and they are the ones who bring endless troubles and pain.

Plain sailing.

Chapter 98


nineteen million six hundred and eighty thousand one hundred and twenty-four

Sheep wax plum blossom type B

Nickname: thigh brown bear

Internal No.: ajin

Former name: jinyongjun Jindong

Pen name: Dongmu

What do you think is the shortcoming: a shameful airs and a righteous face

Quieter than monkeys are sheep

It is a sheep that is more foolish than a monkey

Sheep are more honest than monkeys

Sheep are more lustful than monkeys

It's the sheep that want you to eat grass, too

The one who wants you to grow wool and stop wandering is still a sheep

Sometimes I can't bear to see you stabbing you with a sheep's horn. It's still a sheep that bumps you

Ever since we learned that monkeys have monkey faces

Sometimes on a whim

I also want to stand on tiptoe and shrug my shoulders to remove the goatee and burn the hair on my buttocks

Climb out of the sheepfold

Take a walk in the world that belongs to you and monkeys

We both hold the "theory of pure love". The difference is that when you see a little nun, you have to touch her head.

I will only raise my ears high and wait for the cry of the beautiful snake!

Road Army:

I have been with you for two years. I feel like brothers and sisters. When I meet you someday, my tears will flow down.

But remember:

My tears don't flow for girls, don't cry for love, and don't flow for people who betray me.

If one day, you defeat me behind my back, then you will not be my friend. When we meet again,

I just give a cold nod.

Remember! This is your weakness.

Bless you!

My friend.


Philosophy level 86

Where do I come from

No one knows

Where I'm going

Everyone has to go..........


Chairman Mao Commemorative Medallion



Take care!

to a sophisticated person there is nothing new under the sun

Except that Wushan is not a cloud

Qiao Liang

You are a rare person. As for me, I dare not appear in public with you,

But when you shut the door in your bedroom, you can laugh together. You can do the same inside and outside,

I dare not.

I can't imagine what you will look like in ten years. I wish I could meet you in the street then.


I know

Where beautiful



For whom to stay

Never see again

Not necessarily equal to separation

No more communication

Not necessarily equal to forgetting


Always remember you

Because, I, always

Think you're lucky,

You are a very special friend.

I wish you a prosperous future!

Chapter 99


Everyone has his own world, so why insist on sameness.

I admire what you can do but I can't.

Go your own way.

Zhang Feng:

Who knows who?

Who knows who is who?

If you do what you want, the comedy might as well go on, or it will collapse.

You will always be my master.


Want to really know you

It's not easy


To ge Yimin:

Life is not like magic, but it is generous. May you enjoy the colors it gives you.

You destroy it

Xin'an Fengping

IX 0 summer


Under the white clouds, in the breeze, a grass

A clever mind.........

Smart action.........

Good results.........

All the way

A thought

Good advice goes against the ear



Come and go slowly.....

Knowing the Zen of life

Difficult to understand the middle edge of love

Good in heart

Always love Hu Cuan Yan.

Come and go

To confuse oneself and ignore others

I wish I could be a pine tree

Why worry about no beauty?

A solemn word,

Say a blessing!


I don't believe your real name is baohulu. I'm not familiar with you. All I know is that you can play magic.

Many people tell me that I will never forget you when I see you. I think this panic is because you look very special, like a treasure gourd.

Your greatest feature is that you are very unique.

Note: life is not magic. Sometimes, you should be more serious.

I wish you fortune!

Chapter 100

Zhu Ping

When I mentioned the pen, I realized that you left me too little, too little. I pondered awkwardly how to fill the gap

Pillow full of layers of space in my mind.

Just remember me

A playful but natural

Romantic Yangzhou girl.

It's an accident to meet you. Repeat your name ---- Ge Yimin

So that I am no longer strange.




If you want to enter


I tell you,


Unless aiming


God do it!

Move quietly!

(advice to Lao GE)

On the eve of graduation.

Zhengchunxiao, female

There are always many people in busy places

Knowing or not knowing is an accident

Now that you know me

I know you too

So I know you

You know me, too

So do you know me?

Do I know you?

Hard to say

I wish you four seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter

No cold

Zhengchunxiao 9 0 Vi Siyu Nanyuan

Wang Rui chemical Panax notoginseng

Boundless Tianya Road

There are footprints where you and I meet and gather

Maybe in the future life on the road

You and I will overlap.

Remember the beautiful days of Nantah.

Xuxu 88 mathematics

If I were the blue sky

You are Baiyun

You are always at my feet

If I were the sun

You are the earth

You always revolve around me

If I were a rich man

You are money

You are always in my hands


Shan Xiaopeng

Mia Bi! Bao Hulu, if anyone wants to talk to you, the boss will call him ABCD Yang.

Ax head address: Top Secret

Nantong Machine Tool Factory


Lao Ge, let's be good friends forever

Ge Yimin -- the 18th generation successor of Cangzhou magic Fang

Lao Tzu likes chopping axes

Huang Li

Have a pleasant journey

Jing Zhou

Promising future



To Lao Ge

Love you, hate you

Want to kiss you, want to bite you!

Zhang Feng

It's my pleasure. Can leave two messages. It can be seen that the love between teachers and students is deep.

Goodbye, Shifu!

Chapter I01

Mengqinghai blood group: B genus: Chicken

Jiangsu Guanyun Banpu middle school

Game life is a good thing. May you always be happy and happy,

There are sincere friends and beautiful fat people.

Ruan Wenzhong

Watching you play magic, I admire your skill, but I never thought the principle was so simple.

I don't know what you really are. I vaguely feel that it's not too wrong to say that you are a set of magic.

In a word, it is a happy thing to get along with you!

Liushangjie is a sheep. He likes reading and eating fish

To Lao Ge:

You play magic skillfully,

She sings well,

The way of impermanence,

Girls are running to you,

It annoys me.

---------Joke with you.

Fan Rong:

I have been your apprentice, so I have nothing to say except admire you.

Yinxiuping's genus: chicken blood group: B

Bodhi has no tree

Why do you provoke dust.

My impression of you has always been subtle. I think you should treat me like this.

I hope I can't forget your natural and unrestrained life when I see you again.

Zhang Tong

Four years, like a flash

It seems that I didn't know you until graduation!

Life is too hasty!

The ends of the earth and the corners of the sea

This memory will be in my heart forever!


The story of running water taking time has changed us.

After all, it was a burst of smoke.

Lao GE's head is like a ball.

Learn from Comrade Ge!

June 1990

(editorial of people's daily)


Ge () head

Or Ge Lao ()

To your way of life,

I don't appreciate it very much, but I don't admire it. If the people around us can be as free and easy as you,

No matter what his mother say, at least everyone will live happily and sincerely.

Fan Rong:

Lao Ge: you're really amazing!

There are two reasons: 1. If you were in ancient times, you would be one of mengchang's disciples!

2. Without you, the world will be as light as water!


Magic enlightens life, noodles enrich hunger.

Free and easy like clouds, falling like hard rocks.

When I think you will be sad, I will give you two bottles of wine ---- the aged daughter red and the Shaoxing flower carving.

A schoolmate of seven years, a fellow countryman of all his life.

When the window paper was colored and the pane was opened, a burst of white objects flew out of the "Hula La". It was neither smoke nor fog - it was the pigeons we had been feeding together for several years. They "cooed" and flew away.

Fly, fly, fly.

Chapter 102

Yan Ling


Can play magic, but also love fat West, why not play with a fat West?

(answer: magic is false, and AI pangxi is true.)

Li Sao: leave, leave!

Blessings and woes----- the new tester

Blessed are you who are poor,

For you is the kingdom of god

Blessed are you who hunger now,

For you will be satisfied

Blessed are you who weep now,

For you will law

Blessed are you when men hate you,

When they exclude you and instruct you,

And reject your name as evil,

Because of the son of man

Rejoice in that day leap for joy,

Because green is your reward in heavy,

For that is how their parents treated the predictions

Zhang Xing

I really want to know you, but it seems difficult, right? Are you really so enigmatic and unpredictable?

It's not easy to grow up. Try hard!


A game, a dream

Take care of yourself.



It's true that life is done as one thing like you. If the days are full, they will naturally be full. Unlike others, when they are at a dead end, they still hold a false feeling and refuse to give up.

Four years of schoolmate, four years of weak connection, now the road is at an end, and there is no more bustling scenery ahead, so I have to stop and make a conclusion with some irrelevant words. Although it is similar to the afterglow after the death, it is still touching to think about the friendship of classmates.

Zhang Xuan

The first time the grove saw you, you impolitely snatched the poker from Huang Qun and pretended to comfort her with a tape recorder. You were so angry.

The second time I played your magic, I accidentally revealed my secret and made a fool of myself in public. This man who boasted that he had held nine magic training classes.

You see, you are such an annoying and ridiculous person in my eyes.

Good luck!

June 14, 1990


Unlucky and lucky to be a type a person

Jumpy chicken

I am introverted when there are many people

I am outgoing when there are few people

I wish you a fat man

She will be a good wife in the future!

Please come to the library of Shandong Institute of light industry!

Huang Qun

First of all, I would like to thank the "treasure brothers" for giving me the opportunity to snuggle up with my dear peak. I wish you all the best!

Hulu is so confused. I have been cheated by this "nine headed bird". Your "Ge magic" has yet to learn from Allah.

Can baohulu make money? Great!

Address: Information Research Institute of Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences


Your message board is so great that I have to choose the last page. When the music ends, you will still not be alone.

After four years together, I know very little, but I still feel that you are not a bad guy, not pretentious, not involved, and can make money and spend money.

Quite natural and unrestrained.

I don't want to be a colleague again, although it's only three or two years. Get along well, and (hopefully) have another chance to appreciate your magic and humor.

Ge Bao gourd in the summer of 1990

Guodi foreign language 88

After reading this book, I found that I had no reason to write anything, because I didn't even know you.

Next season, if you come face to face, can I still recognize you?

Chapter 103

1. Strangers in heaven -- in memory of Sanmao

In the yuan of 1992, when Mei Xue competed with Fang Fang, Ge Yimin said to a stranger in heaven that he had no choice but to sacrifice him. He said: "I think Sanmao has been in the world since he was born. So far, it has been forty-nine years. I recall that Sanmao's quality is not enough to describe gold and jade, its nature is not enough to describe ice and snow as clean, its God is not enough to describe stars and moon as essence, and its appearance is not enough to describe its color.".

500 years ago, he took an Indian man in gray,

One year ago, I came to the ward of Taipei wing general hospital,

Sanmao told him that he was very tired,

The man in grey spread his white wings,

Sanmao finally put down her Sahara,

Started another journey,

Strangers in this paradise,

And sat at the right hand of the Lord,

She was surprised to find that,

I have pursued the Sahara all my life,

But appeared in the kingdom of heaven of the Lord.

But Sanmao is still repeating people's last words,

So another Sanmao was repeating another Sahara to the people,

He must also be a stranger in heaven,

Because the planet has no place.

2. The finest poem


Looks like a mother from afar,

It looks like a dog.


It looks like a wall from a distance,

It looks like a wall,

The more you look at it, the more it looks like a wall,

It turned out to be a wall.


The old woman wears bodybuilding pants,

Dig and dig.


I want to go, too,

Television station.


The Communist Party,

Don't me.

3. Three great pleasures in old age

Officials kill officials,

The stock market fell sharply,

TV shows sadness and music.

4. Why are older migrant workers unwilling to marry the daughter of the central leadership

Due to engineering reasons, the author often contacts with migrant workers and finds a strange phenomenon. All older migrant workers prefer to be single rather than marry the daughter of the central leadership. The daughter of the central leadership has a high political status, a certain amount of property, and generally looks superior. I try to understand that all migrant workers laugh: how can they see us. Idiot, you are the master of the country, and the central leadership is your servant. Isn't it the highest pursuit of all the servants' daughters to marry the master?

5. Mirror, for example, sifting wheat

A pile of wheat with good wheat and pebbles

When you sift all the pebbles down

In the sieve: all good wheat

Under the sieve: full of pebbles

Some people just look in the sieve and think that this pile of wheat is all good wheat

Some people just look under the sieve and think that this pile of wheat is full of pebbles

Everyone is the same, everything is the same.

Chapter 104

Nerve XXII 19, "3" and the Bible and history and reality

The number 3 is the most important number in the Bible. Jesus rose from the dead three days later. The prophet Jonah was in the belly of a fish for three days and three nights. When Jesus was transfigured, Peter would build three tents (including Moses and Elijah). Jesus prayed three times in Gethsemane. Peter denied the Lord three times. Judas sold the Lord thirty dollars. Jesus "I can tear down the temple of God and build it again in three days." Paul waited three years, the Lord's thirty years, Trinity

There are so many tricolor flags in European countries.

An old English poem: "one penny is called 1, two pence is called 2, and many are called 3". 3 stands for many.

Chinese History: three talents, heaven, earth and people, three lights, sun, moon and stars, three emperors (Suiren, Fuxi and Shennong), three generations of Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, Duke Huan, three banks and three baths to welcome Guan Zhong, Chonger, three retreats and three sheds to report to the king, three looks at Maolu, the ancients, three concessions, three bows, three soul chasing guns before execution, three strikes at ZHUJIAZHUANG, three defeats of Gao Taiwei, Three Kingdoms, three Qi zhougongjin

Tao gives birth to one, gives birth to two, gives birth to three, and gives birth to all things.

Left, middle, right, upper, middle and lower, front, middle and rear.

Reality: Three Represents and three lectures.

Our three kinds of life: material, social and religious.

Turn on the TV: Sanjing, Sanjin, Samsung, Sanzheng, sanlerian, Suntory, Sansen, Sanxin, Mitsubishi, Sanzhu, Sanbei

3 is the largest decimal (1, 2, 3) and the smallest large number (3, 4, 5...).

According to the Bible, "God created man from the dust of the earth, blew his anger into his nostrils, and he became a living man with spirit". In oracle bone inscriptions, "Qi" is written as "three", which is also the Qian divination of the book of changes.

"Three" is Qi, or spirit. It is the purpose and only destination of human existence.

God is a spirit, and his kingdom is in our hearts.

Nerve 21 51. What conclusion can you draw from Adam's obedience to Eve's eating forbidden fruit

Answer: henpecked

First: human sin (original sin) is hereditary.

Second: the human fear of wife (the original fear of wife) is also genetic.

If a human family wants to be truly happy, it must have a good relationship with God. This relationship should be self selected, not reluctantly maintained. (Deuteronomy 30:15-20; Joshua 24:15) the Lord wants people to obey him, but people must do so from the heart and love. (Deuteronomy 6:5) therefore, the LORD made a stipulation in the garden of Eden, giving the first person an opportunity to prove his loyalty. God told Adam, "you can eat the fruit of all kinds of trees in the garden, but you can't eat the fruit of the tree of distinguishing good and evil. If you eat it, you will die." (Genesis 2:16) this tree symbolizes that the wise creator has the right to decide what is good and what is evil. The Lord gave Adam a suitable wife, so Adam told his wife Eve the command of God.

Later, one day, a snake (the revelation of the Bible shows that the original Snake was called the devil and Satan, which deceived people all over the world -- Revelation 12:9). This spiritual creature deliberately made himself a devil (slanderer) and Satan (adversary). He was seduced by his own selfish desires in an attempt to enjoy the status of God, so he rebelled against the creator-- James 1:14.

Satan, the devil, seduced Eve and said, "you will not die if you eat the fruit of distinguishing good from evil. You will be able to distinguish good from evil like God."-- Genesis 3:4, 5) he seems to claim that God has left you some good things. You can eat the fruit of the tree and decide what is good and what is evil just like God.

So Eve took the fruit and ate it, and gave it to Adam. Although Adam knew the consequences, he listened to his wife and ate the fruit. As a result, they lost their paradise, Adam toiled all his life, Eve increased the pain of pregnancy and childbirth, and the Lord punished the woman: "you will love your husband, and your husband will rule over you." However, the gene of fear of wife inherited from human ancestors is as unshakable as the original sin. So far, "henpecking" can be found everywhere, which is unexpected for Jehovah.

Chapter 105

Jiangsu Province Agricultural Materials

1. Assigned to work at Jiangsu Agricultural Materials Company and settled in Zhenjiang.

From the fact that there must be a craftsman in every tool, to the fact that there must be a cause in every fruit (the first cause), the first push of Newton's divine arm, and the existence of non-material "vitality", we recognize the existence of God.

After reading two biblical stories, on New Year's Day in 2000, I was immediately drawn to the Bible and believed it was God's word, so I believed in God.

2. Not long after work, on December 14, 1990, for the sake of the world, for society, for Ge Yimin, Ge Yimin entered the Great Trial, half imprisoned, and crucified.

In order to save the world, on December 21st, Ge Yimin died and was blessed by God to be resurrected, overcoming the poisonous hook of death and bringing hope to the world.

3. Hosted the company party for 4 hours and performed magic.

4. I have been in a long-term relationship with Wang Rong.

5. Better with Leng Xiaojiang.

6. I fell in love with Cold Snow for a short time. She is the most beautiful Chinese girl I know. The last time she called, I was not there, but my colleague answered.

7. In 1993, she married Hu Chunfang, a girl from Zhenjiang.

8. In 1994, he gave birth to his son Ge Biao.

9. During this period, I was passionate about social dancing and had good dance partners from different periods. It was a very happy time. Hair salon girl Guo Hongmei is like a Hong Kong star.

10. I asked Dong Yan to call me Christ, so I bought her chocolate or newspaper. She called me many times. I promised to become a Christ and buy a phone for Guo Hongmei. She called several times and said, "Buy me something." I refused as if I had not yet become a Christ.

11. Sometimes I think, if I marry Su Fan, I must be very happy because she is beautiful; Secondly, I am a distant relative who must be kind to me and easy to get along with; Sanlai, I really love listening to her voice, Anhui Huainan accent. Because of my social trials, it has become impossible.

12. When my son was born, the female nurse carried him to another room, crying and then carrying him back. When I asked about the beds, she said 737, and only then did I know it was my son.

Two days later, the nurse took the child to the hallway and asked the family to hold it. When I saw 737, my son was so scared that he didn't dare to hold it and asked my mother to hold him.

13. Singing with Chen Bin in high school, when popular songs were just emerging. Years later, a high school classmate chatted with me on QQ and mentioned that I loved singing at that time, but she didn't tell me who she was. The conversation was very enjoyable. After work, at the Shiqiao warehouse, we sang the love song 1990. Zhang Min and Ding Debin immediately said that my singing was not pleasant, which was equivalent to stopping me. I sang at home, and my brother-in-law Minghu immediately said that my singing was unpleasant, which made me afraid to sing anymore.

14. Aunt Yumei, a native of my hometown, said that I was influenced by the academic trend.

Chapter 106


1. In 2001, I spread my knowledge online (creating websites and forums).

2. I have done some work, but it hasn't been long. I can't make money because of my kindness.

3. In 2002, I started my first forum community (Yemei Community). Dandong girl Han Mei and Leng Xue selflessly helped me and succeeded in it. She also revised the HTML website for me and has been using it ever since. I am deeply grateful. She is the first person I have ever said "it's really nice to have you", sincerely.

4. The administrator Hong Kong girl hardcover limited edition was once very opportunistic, but due to not coming to the community for a long time, she merged her section and ignored me from then on. Sigh.

5. The community has set up a prayer garden section, and I really pray on behalf of netizens. For example, before going to bed, I pray to God for the blessings of the netizen:

Xinhua News Agency

1. In 2003, worked at the News and Information Center of Xinhua News Agency Jiangsu Branch in Zhenjiang.

2. A group of Korean girls came to the community to go crazy, such as CARTH, WOOYOO, MONEY, Chen Lin, etc. It was so lively at that time. And I am their recognized big brother.

3. I fell in love with Sichuan girl Li Juan (myself), but she said it was impossible to be together. This was my third true love, but unfortunately Plato.

4. Ningbo girl Starry Sky, who is also an administrator with Li Juan, is crazily posting in the community. I have a bit of a negative impression on her.

5. The upright girls Kelan and Sa Xue, as well as the women Lizi and Li Min, and the British woman Margaret, also accompanied me for quite a long time.

6. Baidu Yemei Bar was once very popular, but later closed as a religious bar.

Cultural media

1. As a community administrator and my younger sister, Huang Jingbo, a girl from Shenzhen, accompanied me through a very pleasant time. She has a bit of personal admiration for me, as evidenced by text messages.

2. Yunnan girl Dream Butterfly Dance has been with me online for a long time, and later got married.

3. Han Wufeng, a high school party girl from Xuzhou, accompanied me online for a period of time and said she couldn't bear to be alone.

4. Beijing Little Lily has been a long time together as a netizen. She has worked as a community administrator for Ge Yimin. She opposes my beliefs, but she is still my best friend. She was just afraid that others would misunderstand her as Ge Hua, so she withdrew from Baidu Ge Yimin Tieba and gradually drifted away. Later she told me to quit, it's not that she didn't pay attention. She has posted many funny pictures about me and written insightful and humorous comments on me. She is my grace, and I often miss the days when we were happy together.

5. Mingjing Zhishui sisters has been a good friend for many years. Maybe it is because she often keeps a distance that the friendship can last long. She is a rational little Buddhist sister, but if the distance is too long, the friendship will fade.

6. How many online girls have left me, because my time has not yet arrived.

7. The website has been redone multiple times due to domain name and space, but fortunately the gospel has spread.

8. Now the website is finally on track, Shenwang ( www.20331126. xyz), multiple online spaces.

9. The total number of nerve clicks has exceeded 200 million.

10. Neurology has been translated into foreign languages and translated back into Chinese, with significant discrepancies from the original vocabulary.

11. In 2010, the Apostle Guangcai converted to Ge Yimin God, which was a great conversion. Guangcai widely spread the Gospel of Ge Yimin God on Baidu Tieba, created and published a large number of posts, and debated with people, spreading the truth that Ge Yimin is God.

12. In 2015, @ High IQ 888 day converted to Ge Yimin God and was conferred the title of High Prophet. High Prophet widely spread the Gospel of Ge Yimin God on Baidu Tieba, created and published a large number of posts, and debated with people, praising Ge Yimin God and spreading the truth that Ge Yimin is God.

13. In 2015, the supervisor Shenmiao converted to Ge Yimin God, which was a great conversion. Shenmiao widely spread the Gospel of Ge Yimin God on Baidu Tieba, created and published a large number of prophecies and posts, proclaiming that Ge Yimin is the truth of God.

14. In 2018, the Apostle Paul converted to the God of Geyi Min. This was a great conversion, and its significance was no less than that of Paul's conversion to Jesus. Just as Paul spread the Gospel of Jesus, the Apostle Paul widely spread the Gospel of Geyi Min on Baidu Tieba, proclaiming that Geyi Min is the truth of God.

15. Ge Yimin has obtained certification as a writer on Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo, as well as certification as a thinker on Baidu Tieba.

Chapter 107

In college, I met a Canadian international student who was several years older than us. I took a girl to his dormitory to dance, such as Dong Jingping. He told me that in China, foreigners can tell at a glance, while in Canada, an immigrant country, I don't know who a foreigner is.

In the province of agricultural inputs, there was an activity organized by the provincial supply and marketing association. They shot five bullets at a military camp in Nanjing, and after finishing, soldiers went to see the target and said they had hit a gun.

Volume 2 Ge Shenyi's anecdotes: rivers and lakes years(june1989 – July 1990)

Chapter I
In the summer vacation of 1989, I stayed in school. Because I sold movie tickets to the military club last semester, I lost hundreds of movie tickets on my bike. I went to the cinema to refund my tickets. During the screening, I took Dai Yong and Lao Jiang to the ticket office and found that some students had sold my tickets. I went to the cinema security office and detained those students. They said that they belonged to a certain department of Nanjing University. The original tickets were found by an old lady. Because there was a note on it that said the name of a teacher of Nanjing University, the old lady sent them to the school, and some teachers gave them to the students of two departments. Later, I found teachers in two departments and compensated me for some money, but I still lost a lot. I sold blood for several times, but I still had a lot to lose. Now I think I don't have to pay the full amount, because I didn't sell the tickets and had to return them. Because I lost the tickets, the school teachers gave them to the students, and there were many empty seats, but I was too duty bound. Later, I went home to confess and my brother paid for them.

On the street, I saw an old man set up a stall that gave people a prize to touch buttons. I learned to walk and set up a stall. Of course, I didn't make any money. A middle-aged man won me several yuan. Fortunately, he said to take it from the people and use it for the people. Then he touched it and returned it to me if he lost.

Some people play three cards (bright yellow), that is, two diamonds 8 and one plum blossom Q. let me guess which one the plum blossom q is. I pressed 10 yuan twice. Of course, I lost. I pressed again. The person next to me (his partner) said, "where is your money?" I said no, he said don't press if you don't have money, and blocked me with his body.

When I set up the button stall, there was a 30-year-old man named xialiwen. He remembered to wear a black T-shirt and took a fancy to me. He asked me to follow him in the Jianghu and play chess (Lizi card). That was cheating gambling. At that time, he had an apprentice with bad legs. He was much older than me. Xia left him alone.

Xia told me the principle of three cards, that is, the dexterity of the hand. He held two cards in his right hand. In fact, what he put down was the card above. Common sense thought it was the card below. I also practiced. Later, I often asked my classmates to guess cards, such as Dong Jingping.

Xia is actually a magician. I am the 17th generation descendant of Cangzhou Fang magic, and I am the 18th generation descendant of Cangzhou Fang magic.

At the beginning, we two played chess in the residual game. I acted as a chess player, that is, the boss of the residual game pretended to play with the guests (idea, also known as Kaizi, Kailao b). Xia was the one who actually played chess with the guests.

Xia taught me a set of scripts. The chess was set up by the roadside. Xia pretended to watch the chess. If a Kaizi came to see it, Xia said, "the red chess is sure to win." how can I walk a few times and deliberately leave a break? That is, according to him, if the black chess is killing, he will lose. When Kaizi saw it, he said, "red chess can't win. Black chess goes like this." when Kaizi said this, Xia deliberately went to the side and spit. He didn't listen to Kaizi. Then he came back and said that red chess was the first general to sophistry.

Kaizi disagreed and argued. Xia said, "if I want to win you, you will give me 10 yuan". Then I hurriedly said, "there must be a back and forth way to talk. If he wants to win you, you will give him 10 yuan." Xia said, "OK." then he said to Kaizi, "we all put 10 yuan in the chess boss's hand. Whoever wins will take it." then he put 10 yuan in my hand. Kaizi thought he was going to win, and he put 10 yuan in my hand.

Then they played chess and took two steps. Xia did not take that step (the car ate the horse) as he said at that time, but shelled the horse (pretending to think about it). Kaizi would not go. The two sides in the residual game played against each other. Both of us knew the chess. Kaizi didn't understand it. After two more rounds, she lost. Then I gave Xia 20 yuan. Xia took it and went away. I put away the chess and went to the alley to meet him. Before Kaizi wakes up, he stands in the same place and remembers where he went wrong. He doesn't know that he was cheated.

Chapter II

Jianghu is not about fighting and killing like Guo Jing. It is not about chopping axes, as my college classmate Hong Yan often said. Jianghu is the mouth of the river and the lake. What you can see and what you can say is the Jianghu. People in the Jianghu should observe what they say, lie and cheat, and make them believe it. Jianghu people earn money. Even if they cheat, they cheat.

Eight sects in the Jianghu: "gold, leather, color, hanging, evaluation, regiment, tune and willow"

"Jin" is to see the face of geomantic fortune telling. At that time, I was a little surprised that Jin ranked first. After working, I heard that the gate of a district government was transformed according to the geomantic omen division. Only then did I know that Jin Dang ranked first and that people made a lot of money.

"Pi" refers to those who sell fake medicine, wild medicine, herbal medicine and dog skin plaster, also known as "Han".

”"Cai" is a magic trick.

"Hang" is to practice martial arts to show off.

"Review" is storytelling and rap, adding to the story countless times in the streets.

"Tuan", a crosstalk talker.

"Tune": those who cheat, steal and sell fake goods also refer to those who sell anti smoking drugs.

"Liu": a person who sings a ditty, especially one who sings a certain kind of music.

Lizi card (a chess game to cheat gambling) belongs to the "Cai" sect. Its ancestor is zhaokuangyin, the emperor of the Song Dynasty.

Xia once took me to visit a Nanjing oratorical actor, went to his home to communicate, and asked him if he had anything in his mouth during the performance. Xia put something in his mouth. Later, Xia said he shouldn't ask. I later doubted Xia's identity. How did he know the address of the eloquent actor's house.

Once, a young man in a rural area lost more than ten yuan. Xia took the money and walked away. He cried to me about his poverty and said that I wanted to refund the money for seeing a doctor. But after thinking about it, he would cry. Later, I often regretted.

There are often people who don't have enough money to press their watches. They can't get out of the scam. They are trapped by our scripts and the atmosphere we create. They think they can win money immediately.

Once, the other four were losing. He stopped playing chess. He always thought that he didn't want to. He immediately lost. Xia asked him to play chess. He said, what's your hurry? He also realized that he couldn't go on. Seeing that there were only two of us, he grabbed Xia and kept saying, what's your hurry? I didn't see how much money I could earn. I persuaded him to return the money from both sides. When he received the money, he said to Xia, "give your money to the chess boss", and to me, "give you a face", and they left.

Once a local young man lost 10 yuan. I was still there. Xia didn't come back from the alley. The young man brought several people to us. He took off my glasses and asked for a refund. Seeing that he was very fierce, I said to refund you and compensate you for another 10 yuan. But the money was in Xia, so I took him to the alley to find Xia, and gave him an extra 10 yuan. He said that he would settle things with him in the future. He meant to cover it, ha ha.

I don't know if it's because of the above reasons. We have changed from "horse" (one person, two of us), to "wind" (Gang fraud). We have been with another Jianghu people. They are Gao Niu B, Xiao Xue, Lao Ren, Lao Yang, and sometimes others. The people are not fixed when we get together.

We often play chess in Xinjiekou. When chatting, we said that the Qing Dynasty played chess in villages and towns, the Kuomintang played chess in counties, and the Communist Party played chess in Xinjiekou, Nanjing:)

Chapter III

When there are many people, there are two more divisions of labor. One is the Sentry (Lao Yang, the most useless person), which is to observe nearby. When you see the police coming, you shout "to the ground", and everyone stops dispersing when they hear it. The rest of the people stick to the dot. The Dotter tells about his chess. The Dotter explains to Kaizi that black chess is killing. When the Dotter puts forward a bet with Kaizi, the Dotter encourages Kaizi. When playing chess, when Kaizi can't play, those who stick to the point will help to play, so as to finish early. At the end, if Kaizi wakes up and wants to resist, those who sing the red face and stick to the point will persuade Kaizi to forget it, while those who sing the white face and stick to the point will threaten Kaizi. Usually Kaizi also understands the situation and thinks that she is unlucky to leave. They said that there were several Kaizi and several others. The two sides were close to each other and fought in groups. I never met them.

I'm a shelf, usually managed by Xia or Xiao Xue. The dens are Lao Yang's. Lao Ren's wife and Lao Yang's wife are responsible for cooking. They cheated Qian (called rotten head in Jianghu dialect) to eat chicken, duck, meat and ribs every day. Lao Ren's wife is very beautiful. They are from Shanghai. Lao Yang's wife is not good-looking. They are local people in Nanjing. But it was the ugly old Yang's wife. Xia was at her home. When they were the only two, they tried to use a watch (to cheat on gambling) with her. She refused, saying that old Yang knew it was wonderful.

I don't know what enemy Ren has. He tried to ask me to get him some potassium cyanide at school. Let alone that I can't get it, I can't give it to him. I still know the importance of this.

Chinese people are all farmers. For thousands of years, they have had some conditions. If they don't do anything, they will become women, even if they have only a little extra money.

Xia accosted a woman at the bus stop. She was very beautiful and plump. We took her to my dorm. In fact, it was the room where my fellow student qinyibin gave me the key. They were Z. afterwards, they went out and I went in. Several students in the opposite building shouted hooligans. There were no curtains in the student dorm. Xia gave her the watch and lighter she had cheated. We took her to the bus stop. She was so beautiful that when I was about to get on the bus, I couldn't help touching her arm.

Once a lady and her girlfriend had a lot of money. A middle-aged man with bad legs played games and gambled with him for 100 yuan. His girlfriend was very happy. She might know some chess. She thought she was going to win and clapped her hands. After losing, Kaizi woke up and claimed to beat us in business. Well, she was a big business man.

Afterwards, we collected money at the entrance of the alley. The manager said that I was a shelf and gave more points. In Lizi cards, the most dangerous division of labor is to put on airs, which is most likely to be caught by the police, because you are playing chess at first sight. In addition, they are playing chess because they are actually playing chess. Onlookers can also testify that those who post are relatively safe, and can be regarded as those who interrupt blindly. Those who watch are the safest, which means they do not participate.

Once in Xinjiekou, when I was watching chess, the police came and shouted "local". I didn't hear them. One person was arrested (called Mao in Jianghu dialect) and taken to the police station. I didn't admit it. I said that he was from Nanjing University and was watching chess. I also reported the name of my classmate Tan Derong, philosophy department, hometown Jurong, and address of a new Maoshan village. At that time, there was no Internet, so it was impossible to verify. I learned from them to report other people's names. When they were Mao, they all reported other people's names. Sometimes they reported to each other. Gao Niu B was Mao and reported to Li Si in his name. When Li Si was Mao, he reported to Gao Niu B in his name. Because I looked like a college student, and let me go.

Chapter IV

One night, Xia, Gao Niu B and I were talking in my dormitory. Gao thought Xia was very good. He decided to worship him as a teacher, so he knelt down to worship him. I knelt down to worship him. Xia became our master. Gao was about 10 years older than me. He became my senior brother.

Once Gao and I went to a family who was also a social mixer. The man said that I had not surrendered to the Communist Party. They called it the surrender Communist Party after talking to the police in the district. The man said, I was at Xinjiekou and asked, "do you want to be fat?" It's pimping.

Pangxi, a Nanjing dialect, refers to a girl. Xiao Xue says it is a pidgin in French. They pimp. It's very simple. When they catch a man in the street, they ask, "ah, fat West?"

Gao Niu B's parents gave him a house. When he didn't live, sometimes he gave the key to someone else. One night, he took me there. He knocked on the door but didn't respond. He didn't turn on the light. He decided that there was someone inside, so he climbed through the window along the pipe and opened the door for me. After I went in, there were a man and a woman on the bed in the room. The woman was a prostitute with neat hair and was very young and beautiful.

Gao has a partner who does business with him. His surname is Yang. I think Yang went to the bathroom at Gao's house and squatted on the toilet. Because there are many people using it and prostitutes using it, I'm afraid there is a virus. Yang told me that these people are the so-called scum of society. Yang has a girlfriend who is beautiful but looks vulgar.

I remember when I came back to school at the Gao family, I often hummed a song (my beloved town) "when I first came here, I was so strange. It rained on a cold winter night, and I didn't have any friends. I was so excited when I met you that day."

Gao later changed rooms with others and built a bungalow near the drum tower in order to do a large-scale stall business. In the high bungalow, once a magician came to communicate. Xia Xingxing was a magician, and of course he taught me a lot of magic. The man brought a few steel rings and pulled them around. He became a blue boy, but he had no bottom. He said in jargon that how can a bottom be installed in the country? In fact, there is no bottom. This is "yanjiangkou Lake". The secret of steel rings is that some steel rings have fractures, and other steel rings can be worn.

Xia and I sometimes fly alone. Once at a bus stop, I just played chess, and the police's three wheeled motorcycle came. I was killed. Xia Yin just bought a bottle of snow cream in his hand. He said that I bought things, but I was not found. The policeman gave me back handcuffs, that is, put both hands on my back, once up and down, handcuff two thumbs, sit on a three wheeled motorcycle and take it to the police station.

I said it was Jurong who played chess. They let me see how to get there. Chinese people all know how to play chess, and the police are also interested in it. I took several steps, but later I couldn't. It's said that ordinary people can't take this step.

A policeman hit me in the mouth. The one on the side said don't hit me. Finally, they asked me to move a row of bricks in the yard and let me go.

Yang and Gao Niu B do clothing business. They sell clothing wholesale, which is called "tiaobao". Sometimes in the Confucius Temple, I act as a matchmaker. Once I went to Jiangning for an exchange meeting and bought a reduced measuring tape. For example, the measuring tape for pants showed three feet one, but the actual pants were only three feet, so I didn't go.

Once Yang and I rode a tricycle to sell children's clothes. I took two of them as matchmakers. The police came. Yang ran on a tricycle and was caught up by the police. I also took my clothes and walked behind. The police asked me to put them on the tricycle, and Yang also asked me to put them on the car. I thought there was something important. In fact, it doesn't matter. If you pay a fine, you can get your tricycle and clothes back.

In Gulou square, Xuming (who is older than us and in his 40s) has a stall license for a big stall. Gao Niu B and Yang decided to use his license to open a big stall. They are Xuming, Gao, Yang and me. I actually help. To be more accurate, I come to play.

In a factory, we found a big white plastic bucket and soaked it in water for a day to clean it. I bought vegetables during the day and opened. When buying vegetables in the vegetable market, Yang Qi took three rounds. Because we bought a lot of vegetables, those who sold leeks saw it and said they would buy leeks. Yang said that the guests didn't order and refused.

I beat rice in the canteen of Nanjing University. It was full of a huge steel pot. The girls had a small amount of food and had a balance of meal tickets. I asked for meal tickets from my good female classmates, such as dongjingping.

On the first day, Gao Niu B hooked up with a prostitute and went to the house. Some prostitutes were looking for business at night market stalls. When I went back to my room, the prostitute had not left. She was in bed with her clothes on. She said something to Gao about the next time.

Chapter V

There was a man like Hong Kong star linzixiang who once took a bath with Xia and me in the bathhouse. They usually pinched their feet. When chatting, Lin asked Xia to teach me Jianghu dialect, for example, the name of cigarettes is Cao Shanzi, and the name of matches is Ben Xingzi. "Liu Yue Wang Zezhong's divine mind is open to love," that is, "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.". Ten yuan is called distance, and 100 yuan is called embryo. For example, Wang distance is 30 yuan, and Liu embryo is 100 yuan. When cheating gambling, the partner said, "beat him first-class." That is to say, I cheated Kaizi of 10 yuan, but Kaizi didn't understand.

Linzixiang said that college students seem great, but in their eyes, they are all smelly shit.

Lizi Pai is also called touch huazi. Once, when linzixiang ordered, Kaizi wouldn't let him go. Speaking of the police station, linzixiang was not afraid to go with him. Several people went with him. I went halfway and ran to a Book station to hide. Lin was fine afterwards.

Once, I went to linzixiang's house with Liu's family name. Her second-hand wife was there. She said he had gone to play cards. Liu said, "what cards do you play if you have a wife?" Back at a dam, Liu asked me to ask his girlfriend out and pointed to the house. I went there. Two young men said she was not there.

At the drum tower stall, I boasted: "one day, I met Liu and pangxi, and I beat Liu down. Pangxi went with me." Liu was angry and immediately twisted my hand with the back of his hand. It still hurt. Gao Niu B: they are usually called hooligans. They all have experience and skills in fighting.

Once Gao Niu B had a fight with a man in the drum tower. At first, I said not to fight. I dragged Gao. A man nearby said, "you dragged him." I dragged the man again. The man asked me who I was? I said, "old brother Xuming." He said, "save your face." The two of them started to fight. There were about a dozen people watching. There were also people pushing bicycles. I told them to stay away. The second year of senior high school knocked him down. He fell to the ground and couldn't get up. Gao took out several Taiping fists.

Afterwards, the man found someone to settle it. There was a treasure gourd on the high side. It was very strong. The man found a stronger one, but he knew baohulu and sat down. Gao Niu B knew the man a bit and said, "he doesn't have to help me." Baohulu told him to shut up and the matter was settled.

Once Gao Niu B brought an Anhui woman home with her Z. Later, I heard a woman from a neighbor say that the Anhui woman resisted and said that her sweater was torn. Gao said that I would buy you a new one. The Anhui woman left by herself and stood not far from the door for a while before she left alone.

The stalls often fought. A middle-aged man was gentle. Two young people, who couldn't stand it, beat him. He fell to the ground and the two young people left. A helper came to wash dishes. He stayed for a day and stopped when he saw this.

There is a prostitute who often comes to dinner. Her name is gaga. She is very dusty and has an aura. She says that it is good for her to be money. She has already made a fortune. She and Mao Mei on Zhujiang Road are two famous prostitutes in Nanjing. While sitting on the table, I touched Gaga's feet with my feet.

There was a girl who was so ugly and chubby that dongjingping came to me to borrow a book. When she saw her near the square, she thought it could not be my girlfriend. I borrowed her poetry anthology from Beidao, which was given to me by gaobaoling, an American student. Later, I gave it to Shi lianlin, a writer in the same class as Dong. Later, I regretted that I should give it to Dong. They all like it. It can't be published in China because Dong and I have a very good relationship. I play magic. She rode out of school with me once and told her son to learn magic from me.

I took the fat girl to Gao's house. There was a bed in the kitchen. I was also a high school student. I fell down on her. She resisted. Yang's girlfriend came and kept knocking on the door. She wanted to see Western scenery. I let the girl go.

Chapter VI

One time, I touched huazi with Xia and got Mao in the drum tower. The police asked Xia. I said I didn't know Xia. Xia escaped. On the way back to the police station, I felt sorry for an old beggar and said that the police didn't care about her. A policewoman happened to know liulimin, a Chinese 85. I said he was his good friend. He said something nice and let me go.

There is a hooligan who likes to drink Yanghe and calls him Yanghe. Yanghe calls me "maozi" because I wear glasses, which is also a way for them to belittle college students.

The meaning of hooligans living is to eat and drink w women. That's all for small talk. When a hooligan said that Z, he always brought a newspaper without getting dirty. Sometimes he was at someone else's house. Speaking of aphrodisiac, a hooligan said that he could not play. He was afraid that the female Kaizi would "wake up" and call the police.

Hooligans call their friends old brothers, and their good friends absolute brothers. At the food stall, hooligans often see their friends coming and greet them or cook. They say they are my old brothers. Sometimes they emphasize absolute brothers.

There is a Mazda driver who often comes to Gao Niu B's house. Shortly after he was released from prison, Pangpang, a prostitute said that she came out after she moved twice before he moved.

Xia said that when they wandered in the Jianghu, of course, they didn't deposit their money in the bank. Instead, they buried their money under a tree and made a mark in the local area, such as Xuanwu Lake in Nanjing. They would come back to Nanjing later to dig it out. I don't know whether it was true or not.

There was a little huazi, a little rascal, who helped at the stall. He said that when Gao Niu B had a fight with that man last time, if he wanted to be present, he would kill him and wave his hand. In business partnership, if someone swallows money privately, it is called "playing the old nest". My classmates Linyi and caorei came to the stall to play with me. I told them about playing Laowo. Xiaohuazi thought I said he played Laowo and scolded me. He thought Lin Yi was worried. He wrote a note and asked me to give it to Lin Yi. Of course, I ignored him. Two days later, he thought Lin Yi looked at him more and thought the note was effective. Thank me.

The stalls are usually cooked by Yang Xiaxia. I also cooked noodles and vegetables for the guests. Once I cooked soup, I put soy sauce in it. Gao said not to put it. The man didn't blame it. Of course, it was cooked meat oil. Once they joked that I might become president in the future. I said that if I became president, I would kill all of you. I meant to leave no stain on myself. I don't know if they heard it.

When there are no guests in the stall, I often sing the song of panmeichen, "I want to have a home, a place that doesn't need to be gorgeous. When I am tired, I will think of it..."

If a well-dressed guest comes to the stall and looks like an overseas Chinese in Hong Kong and Taiwan, I will put the price list away. If the guest asks for the price, he will increase the price. This is "foreign dish", which originally meant to increase the price for foreigners. Once such a few people came to my restaurant and they ate it.

Family members of patients often come to Gulou Hospital for dinner. They order rice and soup instead of vegetables. Gao is unwilling to come next time and must order vegetables.

A rogue with a gauze wrapped around his arm was injured. He wanted to go to the hospital and asked me to borrow money. I borrowed it in the money box. Gao blamed me. I said he was hurt and pitied. He said who pitied you.

Once at a stall, a woman walked by with a kettle in her hand. A hooligan shouted "lift the kettle". The woman scolded. Lifting the kettle means Z.

Educated guests, seeing that I am a college student, often chat with me. Because before long, someone asked the students whether they supported the Asian Games? When I said support, he praised me.

Because I don't take money, I just do it for fun. Once Xuming was connecting the power line. I sat down. He said I didn't do anything, so I poured out a steel pot full of rice I had played in the school canteen. He said that Gao Niu B had to cook. I also want to clean. One person said no, someone will come to pick it up right away, pointing to an old lady picking it up.

Chapter VII

My female classmates Linyi, caolai and Shan Xiaopeng often come to the stall to play with me, so I'll give them something to eat. Since Shan Xiaopeng and Cao Lei are close friends, I am close to Lin Yi. In fact, Cao Lei is better to me. Once, I gave Lin Yi a whole sausage and pressed it at the bottom of the bowl.

A hooligan, nicknamed Tang Jishi, is very handsome. He often comes to the stalls with people. One day, Lin Yi and his colleagues came. Tang Jishi played with the hooligans, sat holding Lin Yi's hand and said that the young lady was beautiful (at that time, the young lady was not a derogatory term). Lin Yi had no choice but smiled foolishly. I stopped him and said good things to Tang Jishi

, said that my classmate was a college student. I couldn't do that. Tang Jishi didn't want to give up. Finally, I resolutely stopped him. Tang Jishi just let Lin Yi go. He said that college students were bad for him. The hooligans called me a college student. Afterwards, Shan Xiaopeng said he wanted to rush up, but you, a college student, fought with the hooligans

Yes, definitely not.

The hooligans always gather and disperse from time to time. Today these three people are together, and tomorrow the five people are together. They all have their own circles, and the people in the circles also repeat.

There were two hooligans, both handsome and beautiful girlfriends. They said that Tongtou, a friend, was in the same room with several people. Many enemies killed him. One of them was Tongtou's friend. When he saw that Tongtou was also there, he shouted, "Tongtou, run away." Copper head ran away at the sound. It is estimated that other people also know that copper head is

His friend, let go of Tongtou, and the rest will suffer.

Two girlfriends are women from Yunnan. One night, one of them was at the stall, because they also became enmity. Rogue enmity is a kind of enmity between rogues, competing for venues and women. You are an ordinary person, and Rogues will not become enmity with you. Gao Niu B asked me to take the woman home

Fang) said a man would give it better. It was drizzling. I shared an umbrella with the woman and walked along an alley in the drum tower. She said she was from Yunnan. I boasted that I had been to Yunnan, but immediately revealed that I had been to Guilin in Yunnan.

Gao Niu B said when chatting that women are better and more attentive to you. They sang a song, but they couldn't sing it completely. I could only say, "but she, she, left me behind."

A Lizi card was discovered at the central gate bus station. In my Jianghu years, I was the only one who was discovered every time. Maybe it was a high probability of being arrogant. I said that I was tolerant. I didn't say that there was an accomplice to cheat gambling. I said that the player who played the last chess game let me go.

At school, I imitated the "thousand rivers and thousands of mountains always love" and sang a yellow song "RB song"

Don't tell me how much trouble RB takes, r your mother, r your milk

Old ladies and children can also RB

Don't be afraid that the hanging child r breaks the virginity Mo, big B and big d are always r

RB also wants to R every day. R dies and r lives

Big r eighty rounds.

He sings with a smile, but he can't laugh at last. The word "Eighty rounds" doesn't mean singing. Dai Er recorded my voice. During the summer vacation, he played my voice in a school and then recorded it for us. When I listened to it, the girls giggled in my song.

Chapter VIII

During the summer vacation, most of the students went home. Xia, Gao Niu B and Xiao Xue often slept in our school. Qin Yibin, a fellow countryman and senior student, gave me an empty dormitory key and we slept in it.

One morning, several of us were sleeping soundly. In a dream, the school security office knocked on the door to check. It was teacher lvxiaoping (in charge of student work). He first called the school guard. Because the school guard was my friend, I organized a movie at the school to let them guard the door, which gave them a lot of benefits. The school guard was unwilling to interfere with me and ignored him. This was what the school guard told me afterwards.

The school security office took us to the security office. Gao Niu B and Xiao Xue reported other people's names as usual. Xia had a suitcase, all of which were magic props. He had an Anhui Township certificate, saying it was a magician. Please go to the office for convenience. The school security office told me that the beggars in Anhui also had proof and let us go.

Xia started her old profession, taught me magic, and opened the first magic training class with me. She printed a stack of paper advertisements and posted them on the campus. In addition to us at Nanjing University, there were also Nanshi, Hehai, Southeast, etc. even a girl named Caiyan from Nanshi came to learn magic. I took her to a movie. She was not good-looking, a little plump, but very feminine.

We also printed the words of the magic class on our clothes. My college graduation photo, the 2-inch black-and-white photo in white, and the mirror waterstop netizen said that the sharp edges and corners were actually green, with the red words of the magic class printed on it.

Xia has a bottle of water. It says what medicine it is. It makes me smell it. I feel dizzy. It is harmful.

At the stall, Gao Niu B said to Yang, "Xuming doesn't know we work for him." Later, I wondered if it was me. This stall is for testing me.

One night, when Lin Zixiang and I were late (just in my senior year), we fell down on the bed in my dormitory. In summer, we didn't use quilts. I put a bench beside the bed. The student bed was not wide. Lin and I just lay down. My roommate wouldn't let us. I said, "my friend can't sleep in my bed all night?"? "My roommates are determined not to let me go. They exclude people from society. They don't have as much contact as I do. They are also a little afraid. Linzixiang had to leave.

Hooligans also have three great pleasures in life. In Xia's words, they are: rely on B, pinch their feet and pull out their ears:) he emphasizes that rely on B is the first:)

Xia was about to leave. Gao Niu B and I, two "apprentices", saw him off. We bought some vegetables at a restaurant at the central gate bus station and brought back some wine. We took the restaurant bowl and gave a deposit of 2 yuan. The next day, I went to return the bowl, but I didn't return the deposit. I was young and vigorous. The hotel called the police. The police just called me last time. I argued that it was my brother who played chess and I was a college student. Maybe my performance was lifelike. The police believed me and let me go. Of course, I don't want the 2 yuan deposit anymore.

It's a bit strange. I was assigned to Zhenjiang (provincial agricultural means of production), but Xia found my company's phone number and address. In the summer of 1991, I came to my company to find me. I started to check in with my company, but I didn't know how to get there. He called me first and said he wouldn't go up on the third floor. He was jealous of "3" and waited downstairs for me to get off work. I was uncomfortable and took it as a trouble. When I went downstairs, I envied Wang Zhengping, my colleague downstairs, No trouble. I took Xia to the dormitory, then went to a small restaurant on Nanmen Street for a drink, took him to a bus stop at dashikou, and he went to the railway station.

The next afternoon, when I was at work, Xia called and said that the railway station police station had investigated him. He had long hair at that time (he seemed to have long hair all the time). He took the guitar I gave him when I left and asked me to prove to him that it was my master. Then I called the police. The police asked me, and I said, "master, master, master, I learned magic from him." Because I was a work phone, the police let him go. After a while, Xia called again to thank me for using a public phone.

Chapter IX

After dinner at Lao Yang's house, we chatted at the door. Lao Ren said, "in our business, if anyone needs money badly, he can keep all the money. Just take care of everyone's meals." I lost my movie ticket and needed money. That's why I entered the Jianghu, but I didn't say.

Xiao Xue said that when Lao Ren was acting as a shelf, he said to Kaizi, "I'm going to move this game of chess." It means that each child must move before it can finish.

Gao Niu B fell at the door. Lao Ren said, "I deeply mourn Comrade Gao Niu B." it was quite formal and funny.

There is a saying in the Jianghu that "golden March, Silver March, eating March and playing March. "Spring is the golden March and autumn is the Silver March. The temperature in these two seasons is suitable for cheating money. In winter, it is March. It is not suitable to set up a stall on the street in cold weather. It is not suitable to eat and drink at home. In summer, it is March to play. It is also not suitable to set up a stall in high temperature. It is not suitable to play outside.

The hooligans know the name of every woman passing by. When they wear red clothes, they call her "Xiao Hong" and when they wear yellow clothes, they call her "Xiao Huang"... And so on:)

In the evening, I was in the dormitory, playing the residual game with my classmate jiangsuping. No matter I played black or red chess, he always lost. He played the opposite game to imitate my previous game. I changed a little, and he lost again. The Chinese chess residual game is still very scientific. You must play each step correctly and know the changes of each step.

Once in the dormitory, classmates Dai Yong and jiangsuping sold old clothes to Gao Niu B and Xiao Xue. Three Wen was not worth two Wen. Gao Niu B shouted for a bargain and bought a lot.

I lost money because I lost my movie tickets. I was young and ignorant. I stayed in the bank like in American movies and followed an old lady who withdrew money. Fortunately, I didn't commit a crime because of my conscience! I also went to the mall. In front of me, several people put a bag on the counter. A man in the back immediately came to pick up the bag and left. I was so scared that I left quickly. After thinking about it, it was like a deliberate show to me.

Many years later, Wang Daquan, the village head of my hometown, came to my house to play and said, "you can't blame the thief. There's no living expenses. You have to live." This is why I say that thieves are not outstanding communist soldiers. It is also the reason why I want to realize a communist society. Only a communist society can guarantee the basic life of all people.

At that time, there were a large number of thieves in Nanjing, known as "Yong Ma". At that time, the bus got on and off at the front and back doors at the same time. There were ticket sellers in the bus to buy tickets. Getting on and off the bus at the same time is a good opportunity for thieves to start. At that time, the buses were crowded. Kaizi got off the bus and yongma got on the bus. There was an obvious touch. Yongma took Kaizi's wallet. It was too crowded to find it. On the contrary, Kaizi got on the bus and yongma got off the bus. It was the same.

Once when Xia and I got off the bus, a yong ma he knew got off the bus and said, "almost got it." He was also frustrated by a mistake.

On one bus ride, a local young man in Nanjing shouted on the bus: "Beware of brave horses. There are many brave horses."

At that time, it was common for the bus to evade tickets and shout about monthly tickets (in Nanjing dialect, ha ha). Once Xia and I got off the bus, and he left. I was checked. I said that the ticket was on the person in front of me, and shouted at the people in front of me. I didn't succeed. I gave the bad watch I cheated on gambling to the ticket checker, pretended to continue chasing the person in front, and left.

In Xinjiekou, some women sell the latest status of Hua Guofeng and the gang of four. They write a sign for one yuan. Kaizi buys it and gives it a piece of printed paper, that is, in the newspaper. Wang Hongwen is in prison.

Some women sell mahjong secrets, which are also printed on a piece of paper. For example, "starting to listen to cards" is to prepare a handful of listened cards to hide on their bodies and change them. Once when Kaizi found out that she had been cheated and caught the woman, I went forward to persuade her. Afterwards, they said I was good at Mandarin.

Once at Gao Niu B's house, he saw a group photo. Gao Niu B said that a man had lost his target. He wanted to run away and killed the people who blocked him with a knife. Gao said that he could not run away without killing.

Although the homicide cases must be solved, many of them can not be solved, and the perpetrators are at large. This is also the reason why the most vicious people would rather kill than escape. In my hometown, Dazhuo Township, Jurong, Jiangsu Province, there are three homicide cases that have not been solved for more than 20 years. One is that the husband and wife of shishantou post office were killed. They didn't say the password of the cash box. The villagers couldn't live after talking about it. Later, their son took the post. One was a dance dispute. A man was killed. At that time, the case was solved. Qingzhuannian in relevant areas had blood tests, such as my little uncle.

Even when cadres from above came to our village to collect fees, some villagers said, "you only know how to collect fees. You can't solve any murder cases." The cadres were speechless.

Chapter 10

In college dormitories, boasting is often rampant. I mentioned that from your grandmother to your granddaughter, there were R5 oblique B with oblique PY.

Rogues like to say 'give me my name', and whoever the introducer goes to, that means they have a lot of face.

When shopping in a small shop with Xia, he stole a few candies, which was purely for fun.

Once, we were at the Central Gate Bus Station, collecting magic apprentices, and we had a disagreement with the group leader about splitting up. A young man followed us to the hotel, and Xia kept talking to the young man and also mentioned paying fees, such as 5 yuan. The young man woke up and was eager to leave, so he gave the money and left.

Volume 3: Ge Shenyi's hearsay: flying over the madhouse(december1990 – present)

Chapter I

He graduated from university in July, 1990. In August, he was assigned to Zhenjiang Management Department of Jiangsu agricultural means of production company and engaged in secretarial work. When I reported for duty, I took a bus from my hometown of Jurong to Zhenjiang and got to dashikou. I didn't know how to get there. However, I walked along the street to the Fifth Ring club on Jiankang road. I looked up and saw the company card. I didn't go wrong at all.

As a student of the June 4th movement, I began to study with two technical secondary school students (dingdebin and Zhou Zheng) for three days, that is, an old secretary (xiaorenkui) read newspapers, and then went to Yangzhou Shiqiao warehouse for internship.

After returning to town, he worked in the human secretary department. In the dormitory, I saw a paper top-grade song list, which was to list the songs that would be popular. It was very exquisite and beautiful. I had never seen such a song list before or after.

On December 4, he Geng went to Suzhou on business with the leaders. He Geng drove a small overlord van to attend the provincial agricultural means of production meeting. The manager of the provincial agricultural means of production made a speech. He remembered how to distinguish fake and shoddy pesticides. He said it very well. I recorded the tape. I thought the tape was almost finished. I changed it. In the evening, I listened to the tape and wrote the speech. It was written by caiguangyi, who was then the chief of the Human Resources Secretary section.

There were some strange things at that time. We couldn't hear the manager's Wuxi dialect clearly. Cai even scolded his mother. At dinner, I don't know who gave Cai a piece of meat, but Cai asked lulixin, "what did you do?", Lu is the deputy manager.

Somehow, I was very excited. My brother's classmates in Suzhou came to the hotel to see me. I asked them to wash their faces. In the hotel ballroom at night, I grabbed the first dance floor and danced disco.

Excited, I didn't sleep well. The next morning, I was in the park. It seemed that I was singing. I was a wolf from the north. Zhou Zheng asked me to go to the toilet and said to meet a person who would affect my future, like CAI.

They drove back to town first. Later, manager Lu and I took the train back to town. It was strange to see a pile of fire all the way. It should be burning straw.

When I returned to town, I was always excited. There was a blank paper in the door of the dormitory. My brother and I were having dinner in a restaurant at night. The boss said "dog meat dog meat" loudly because my last name is ge. In the morning in the dormitory, I heard that the school played a high pitched loudspeaker, saying that the newly graduated college students or something. The unit found a relationship and gave me a kind of medicine. Of course, I didn't take it because I could do magic. I pressed my mouth when I ate it, and then vomited it out.

On the morning of December 14 (the later religious Good Friday), caiguangyi, wumingsuo and my brother took me to the car. Zhuguojing drove. When entering the yard, Wu covered my eyes. I saw several large red characters of Zhenjiang psychiatric hospital, arched above the road.

After entering the hospital ward, they all left. An old man (patient) came to the room, held my hand and asked me if I knew where this was? When I said hospital, he tried hard and said it was the secret service.

Because the door was closed, I couldn't get out, so I asked the doctor to let me out. They ignored me. I said to the doctor and nurse, "if you don't let me out, I'll take off my clothes one by one until I'm done.". When they still ignored the trample, I was very angry and began to take off my clothes. I just took off two pieces. A doctor (Zhouhai) said, put them on and let you out.

As soon as I was dressed, several doctors, nurses, nurses, nurses and patients gathered around me and grabbed me. I didn't resist. I was tied to the bed with a long cloth belt, tied my limbs and shins, and gave me an electric needle. It was an electrified instrument. Several needles were inserted into my head, causing unspeakable pain. The whole head had no concept of mouth, ear, nose and eye. It was like a big iron frame. There was a big hammer stirring in it, sometimes contracting pain, sometimes radiating pain. He asked me what the place was. I said the hospital, but they didn't stop electroacupuncture. I just told the old man that it was the Security Bureau.

I heard a young woman's voice: "Ge Yimin is good", like that of xuhaiying.

After the electroacupuncture, all my tears and snot came out. Then my brother came to wipe it for me. It turned out that he hadn't gone.

Chapter II

Because I have done terrible electroacupuncture, I am honest. Old patients are honest because of it. When new patients come in, they are dishonest. They all do electroacupuncture and are honest as soon as they do it. When chatting, several old patients said that there was an electric shock, which was even more terrible. It was like falling off a cliff.

The work and rest of mental hospitals are very regular. They compete with prisons and guards, and the same thing is the loss of freedom.

The patient activity area is divided into two parts, one is the sleeping room, the other is the activity room, which is the place to stay during the day.

In winter, it is dark. You get up before 6 o'clock. The quilt is folded by the nurse or the old patient. In winter, you cover two quilts. The nurse has a unique way to fold the quilt.

Get up and wash. The toothpaste is for public use. There is an old patient who keeps it. He can only squeeze you less than the size of soybeans. After finishing your face and teeth, go into the activity room for breakfast.

It was still dark. One person stood in line with a porcelain basin and chopsticks. The health worker brought breakfast in his car. There was porridge in a stainless steel box and steamed bread in a drawer. When one person makes a bowl of porridge, the health worker grabs some small dishes, usually a small amount of dried carrots, two steamed buns, and finds a seat to eat. The dishes and chopsticks are washed by an old patient on duty, but they can't be cleaned at all.

After eating, I waited for the doctor's rounds at 8:15, bored. Doctors and nurses go to work at 8 o'clock and have a morning meeting. The health worker takes the new patient to meet him. The room is full of white coats, which is very impressive.

Each patient has his own doctor. A doctor has about 10 patients. The doctor went round the room and asked his patient, "all right?", The patient replied, "OK", this is the ward round.

At 9 o'clock, the nurse took a box containing various cigarettes to give out cigarettes. The family members kept six cigarettes for each person, which was an important ceremony in the mental hospital. The patient had already smoked six cigarettes yesterday, waiting for this moment. There are new patients who want to smoke. The nurse said, "you don't have any cigarettes at home." Send away.

Patients are not allowed to bring lighters. The nurses will light the cigarette. After the cigarette is finished, those who have just smoked will find the nurses to light it. They dare to be addicted. They smoke six cigarettes a day.

Then there was boredom, waiting for lunch. At 10:40, we had lunch. Everyone sat down. The health worker pushed the car. There were several drawers of steamed rice, a bucket of inedible vegetables, and star point meat. At this time, doctors and nurses came to help. There were also old patients. They put several pots on a tray and brought them to the patients.

After lunch, I lined up to take medicine. The old patient took a handful of medicine given by the nurse in his left hand and water in his right hand, and ate it all. I have never taken any medicine before. I can't take any medicine. I sit next to the nurse and take it one by one. Some old patients laugh at me for taking pills.

After taking medicine, I took a nap in the sleeping room. Some people did not sleep and chatted.

At 1:30 p.m., when you get up and go to the activity room, the first thing is to send snacks, that is, the family members store snacks. The nursing workers and specific elderly patients call their names according to the order in which they put snacks on the shelves. What do the called newspapers take. Some old patients, who have no snacks, are also crowded. They want others to share some of them, sometimes they grab some.

There was an old patient who was hospitalized for a long time. He called the Xu family. I saw that he called the Xu family. When I wanted to go home, I said that the Xu family would bring an apple.

At 2 o'clock, the family will meet. My mother will send me delicious food every day. She will take a thermos, chicken, ribs and some fruit. Sometimes my brother takes a rest and he comes to see him off.

In the afternoon, I was still bored. There were two big red kidney baths. Everyone washed their feet in hot water. Many people didn't wash at all. Sometimes the nurses saw it and said that it was not smelly if they didn't wash it. They still didn't wash it. There was an old patient who gave out straw paper. One piece of straw paper was torn into two and a half pieces, half for each person.

Dinner at 4:40. Dinner is the same as breakfast. A bowl of porridge and two steamed buns. After dinner, take medicine, and then go back to the sleeping room to rest. Because it was early, we chatted in twos and threes. But because of taking medicine, we all went to bed early. The sleeping time was 8 o'clock, but most people went to bed early.

Get up the next morning and repeat the previous day and every day.

I am a situational disorder, to put it more seriously, manic depression (bipolar affective psychosis).

On December 21 (later, the holy Easter), the nurse told me not to eat breakfast and left me alone in the bedroom.

After waiting for a long time, a group of doctors and nurses came in. Several doctors pressed me, held my head, inserted a needle in my head, and put a small wooden board in my mouth. I struggled. I didn't know what they were doing. There were too many of them to support. The struggle failed, and then I lost consciousness.

When I woke up, the hygienist told me to have a cold breakfast.

This is electroconvulsive. It doesn't feel like falling off a cliff as the old patient said. After power on, you lose consciousness. You are in shock, like falling asleep, or like dying. Wake up in an hour. This is what I later claimed to be on the cross, dead and raised.

Chapter III

Mental hospitals, prisons and detention centers also have one thing in common, that is, it is better to have family members to visit them, and it is better to have family members to save money and things. The "three noes" (no one to visit, no one to save money, no one to save things) are suffering. They are faced with food that can no longer be worse every day, and they are destitute every day. There is no hope and no hope. Some "three noes" have delusions that others will give them something to eat, but those who have food can join forces to adjust the money and exchange what they need. They are called "coming and going". It is very unlikely that the "three noes" can get some rewards. I am kind-hearted. People often visit me and save money. I bought fried rice with eggs and duck blood Vermicelli Soup for an old man with no staff and an orphan boy. Once nurse Jia Jianqing saw the stop and said to me, "if they can eat enough, they can do it."

Some of the three no smoking people are addicted to smoking, so they can only wait until the end of smoking. When there is a little, they come up to discuss. They say that there is no more. They receive two cigarettes and smoke until the sponge burns their mouth. Often when one smokes, two or three no smoking people wait. Sometimes they have to grab cigarette butts.

Because six cigarettes a day is not enough. Some patients smoke half of them, put them out with their hands, and smoke the other half next time. In this way, they can smoke six cigarettes 12 times. After 12 times of addiction, sometimes they still have a cigarette end to light cigarettes. The nurses are also funny.

There is an unwritten rule in the mental hospital, and it is an iron law. People who have no family members to pick them up can not get out of the hospital. Those who are in stable condition can not get out of the hospital even if they are cured. The reason is that there will be problems when they go out without supervision and supervision. For example, they have no means of living, such as endangering the society. As a result, some patients were hospitalized for a long time, even for a lifetime, until they died in the hospital.

All mental patients have a guardian who cannot leave the hospital without his consent. Huxiaohu is a top student in the Civil Engineering Department of Southeast University. There are buildings designed by him in Zhenjiang. What middle school. His brother is a guardian and doesn't agree with him leaving the hospital. His mother comes to see him every day, cooks vegetables for him, and leaves some snacks, such as bread. But more than 20 years later, his mother died, and he still lives in the hospital.

Zhangyoulong is an adopted son, and his brother doesn't pick him up. It's rare to see him. Once he brought very few roast ducks, so that the health worker said they were leftovers. Zhangyoulong is a Christian. He doesn't ask for cigarettes. Sometimes people give him cigarettes. He says that if someone gives him cigarettes, he will smoke them. If not, he will have "Kangpi".

Xieping is a technical secondary school student and used to be a teacher. His brother is in Hong Kong. Neither his brother nor his uncle will pick him up. Because it was at public expense, he said that the elderly care in the hospital was very good. When he got sick, for example, he was treated by a doctor and took medicine. He gave up his freedom.

If the guardian doesn't answer, he's just afraid to take it back and separate his family, give him a place to live and get him food. He's simply locked up in the hospital. Of course, these patients are treated at public expense.

When I was admitted to the hospital, there were three young nurses, huqimei, shilianghua and taolingwei. Huqimei was my junior sister. She was a junior high school student at Dazhuo middle school in Jurong county. She was also sunzhaopin's student, several years younger than me. They were all assigned to the hospital after graduation from the health school.

Taolingwei taught me to sing in her spare time. At that time, I had long hair. Later, she watched the long hair of Hong Kong stars on TV and said: "when GE Yimin first came, it was like this." She has tetracycline teeth.

She taught me a lot of songs. In the early 1990s, Hong Kong and Taiwan songs were very popular. What impressed me deeply was "in the rain", "I sent you in the rain, I kissed you at night, I owned you in spring, and I left you in winter." She sings one sentence, and I learn one from her. Many years later, I saw that her position was always not promoted, but huqimei and Shi Lianghua were both promoted. She said, "it's enough for me to control you, Ge Yimin."

Chapter IV

Mental hospitals have a unique place. In society, even in schools, people wear masks, as do prisons and detention centers. Only mental hospitals do not need masks. If you are in the mood, you can completely let go of your original self and be happy wantonly, because you don't have to guard against anyone. I once told my mother that it was the place where I had the most fun and laughter and wanted to go.

There was a man like Zhang Yimou. I stood in front of the window with him and saw a woman on the road. I said, "he's Zhang Yimou. Please ask him for his signature." the woman said, "why don't you ask him for his signature?" I said, "I am much bigger than him."

Once I was standing in front of the window, a woman passed by, dressed in red, in her 30s, very beautiful. I shouted to her, "Xiao Hong, don't think you are dressed in red, I don't know you. You are my wife." She thought my words were very interesting, so she immediately repeated them to passers-by: "he said:" Xiao Hong, don't think you are dressed in red, I don't know you. You are my wife. " He smiled and bent over.

There was a woman who sold newspapers. Once I stood at the window and shouted to her, "newspaper seller.". "She thought I wanted to buy a newspaper, so she came over. I said," super your mother. "When she found out that she had been cheated, she immediately scolded her.

Next to our ward is the girls' dormitory of Zhenjiang teachers' college. In the evening, girls go to self-study. I like a girl. She steps on her left leg, I shout "left", she steps on her right leg, I shout "right", I shout from left to right, and her legs don't listen to me. She stomps her feet and bends down to laugh.

Nurse Wu Dan is very kind to me. She often gives me leftovers, such as instant noodles. She is very beautiful, and I care more about her saliva. Even a health worker's aunt was so disgusted that she said, "give him the leftovers. "I only ate her leftovers once. Maybe they went bad and made me vomit.

After taking a nap, I took my temperature and reported my stool. Wu Dan asked me to ask about my stool. She remembered. For example, when I called "huxiaohu", he replied "once", and then I called "Xieping", and he replied "no". After calling several people, I suddenly called "Wu Dan". She should say, thinking I had something to do, I shouted: "shit", and she laughed.

There was a man like zhangxinzhe. I was lying in bed. He was lying beside my bed. Because he was too close, the nurse wouldn't allow him to get up. He is so much like zhangxinzhe that I said to guohongmei and Dongyan, my sister hair salons in Changzhou bull running, that I had met zhangxinzhe.

Once a man came in. He was really a star. Now he can't remember his name. Let's call him Zhang Hui. The girls of teachers' College knew that I was at the window. Several girls called me Zhang Hui. I called Zhang Hui. Zhang sat not far away and said to me, "just say I'm not here.". I said loudly to the girl, "he said he wasn't here." The girls giggled. Zhang Hui had to come over and talk to the girls.

Later, several girls really brought flowers to see him. He sat down with them at the reception place and really looked like a star meeting fans.

A man had a bad leg and quarreled with Zhang Hui. Zhang Hui beat him. He took a rice bowl and smashed Zhang Hui. I pulled it off because I thought the man was my classmate Guan Hong's brother. Zhanghui asked me why I turned to him? I said, "he is disabled.".

Later, the man's father came to see him, and he really looked like Guan Hong's father, Guan Hong (my high school geography teacher). I went to the reception room to talk to him. He smiled and asked me not to interfere with his meeting.

Chapter V

There was a health worker, especially like Andy Lau. Once I went back to Zhenjiang from my hometown in Jurong, and I took a bus with him. He also said that there were "stones" all the way, including stone hills, stone horses and stone hillocks. Once, when I was noisy, he covered my head with a quilt, took it to the bed and bound me, and I shouted for help. He asked me to do things for him. For example, he dragged the stairs early in the morning. I believe I can't run. What's the point of running?

He said he was on the night shift. He took the lead in sleeping. Once, I took an old man into the ward without permission (that is, the old man from the Security Bureau told me) and locked the old man and another confused patient in the kitchen. They fooled around and said that they would fight poison with poison. Director Tian Zhihong of the ward asked him to send the old man back, saying that the fare would not be reimbursed.

There was a nurse named jiajianqing who rode a motorcycle to work in the morning. She had a very good relationship with me, so that later, director quhongfang said, "geyimin, you should be good, or I'm sorry for Xiao Jia." Once, I said, "I want to transfer 100 million yuan, buy the fourth hospital, and let nurse Jia be the president." Health worker Li said, "what about you?" I hurriedly said, "the dean's husband." Nurse Jia immediately smiled and bent over.

Once, when the patient chatted, I said, "nurse Jia B treated others like R, but not me like R." An old man said, "nurse Jia is married." I said, "that's why B treats others as R, not me as R."

I often help in the hospital and am a model worker. For example, tying people, using a urinal to collect urine for patients (tying, hanging water, etc.), and even when leaving the hospital, a nurse said, I'm gone, and no one can help me. The advantage is that you can eat more good food. And washing dishes. Sometimes I contract to wash dishes three times a day, and they are all on duty.

There was one person tied up. There were several tied up in the hospital. When I saw that the person was thin, I said it was enough for me to be alone. He went up and helped him to the bed. The nurse tied him up. He suddenly threw up my face.

There was a policeman who came to the hospital wearing a police uniform. Several of us went to tie him up. He was very strong. I was still talking to him. A doctor suddenly jumped at him. We rushed forward. A female relative of him said, watch out for his hand. It's hurt.

The policeman knew that the electroacupuncture was powerful, but he said he was not afraid. He also asked me to do it to experience my feeling. He specifically asked me to watch it when I did it, but I didn't.

Once, I was unhappy with the police. I was eating ducks. He wanted to ask for a few pieces. I refused to give them. I also told nurse Jia sitting opposite that she couldn't eat them. Jia laughed.

All the floor mopping was done by patients. Several regular old patients did. After the doctor checked the room, the health worker called us to mop the floor.

One morning, a doctor asked me to take out the garbage. The paper box in the doctor's and nurse's office was full of bananas and other garbage.

Once it seemed that my "master" xialiwen was in the sleeping room and said bad things about medical care to another person. I went to the window to report to the doctor. The doctor ignored me. I went to them again. They twisted my arm. I reported again. The doctor said it deserved it.

There was a young man, like my brother Lu Jun, who played football and wore an army coat and sweatpants. We have a good relationship with each other. Even if we eat, there is only food in the mental hospital. He told me not to help.

An old man said to me, "Ge Yimin, you have a grandmother who likes you best." I don't know how he knew my grandmother was still alive. How could he say that my grandmother liked me the most. Once in the activity room, he suddenly said to me, "look, Jinshan", pointed out the window, and soon said no.

He also said that I was in pain when I made the electroacupuncture, but when others did it, I helped plug in the wiring board. He said that as long as we did not oppose the party and society.

In a mental hospital, a cigarette can be an emperor. If you give someone a cigarette, he will kneel down and shout to you, "long live my emperor!"

When I was wearing red pants, a nurse said, "Ge Yimin, why are you wearing red pants?" I said, "what's wrong with you?" She said tie it up. I said tie it up. She asked Du Yu and others to tie me up. The male doctor who came to the ward to do ECG had to do it on my bound bed and said, "don't argue with them." I said, "thank you."

After tying it, Dr. Zhang Wei did it. I told her to do it gently. A little later, a young nurse Tang came to do it again and said, "Ge Yimin, are you still young? My son is as tall as you." But at that time, my son only reached my knees. "You are shameless and indecent," she added

At lunch, a woman, dressed in casual clothes, red and black, was very beautiful. She looked like a Hong Kong star. She came to deliver dinner and said, "why did he tie it?"

Chapter VI

I like singing in the mental hospital, especially in the excited state. Sometimes I sing international songs. I live on the fourth floor and often talk with female patients on the fifth floor. There is an ambulatory in the activity room and bathroom, but there is a gap in the middle. We can chat in front of each other. In the early morning of one day, a female patient on the sixth floor loudly sang the international song "this is the last struggle. Unite and tomorrow, intina schunner will surely realize it". I said, "good head of the sixth floor." Yaoxuerui on the fifth floor followed me and said, "good head on the sixth floor."

In the ward, I sang Andy Lau's "Chinese people" that "there is still a dream in the future, and we will explore together". I sang "there is still a dream in the future, and Lao Tzu will explore alone". A man like chow yun fat said this about me. I don't know whether he said that I have changed well or not. He was worried that it would be difficult to find a job after he was discharged from hospital. I suggested him to sell wine to wine merchants, go to supermarkets and wholesale departments, and ride a battery car instead of technology and culture.

During the ward round, a patient also told the doctor how he was doing. The doctor said that if you can go to work, you can go to work. He said yes. It is true that mental patients should be able to support themselves after they are discharged from the hospital. Of course, now in Zhenjiang, we also provide subsidies for mental patients who have no income in January 7 or 800 to maintain their basic livelihood. This is what will be said later.

There is an occupational therapy room in the mental hospital, which means that stable patients change their environment. I often go to the music room, wear headphones to listen to Teresa Teng's songs, and turn over the old pictorial. During work therapy, male and female patients are together. There are young male patients who try to chat up girls, which generally makes girls unhappy. Of course, I have seen a pair of young patients, like small objects, who are together and holding hands during work therapy.

Sometimes the nurses upstairs also came to our ward and asked the male patients to help bind the female patients. Once the bound female patients said that the male patients took the opportunity to touch her and protested. Because the nurses asked them to help, the nurses did not investigate.

Zhenjiang psychiatric hospital (No. 4 hospital) was originally built for the volunteer army. Some volunteers were stimulated on the battlefield and transferred to Zhenjiang for treatment. They were in a separate ward, wearing military uniforms. Once when I entered the hospital, I gave an old soldier half a pack of cigarettes. He was not tall, thin and capable. He called Huadong. He often came to our ward to play when he got up early in the morning.

Once, when the volunteer army was in the hospital, I sang in front of the window: "you are the red kid on the Long March, I am the younger generation of the revolutionary team." I gave them cigarettes. Two or three volunteers came, and I gave them cigarettes.

An old doctor came to our ward to talk to a patient. The patient was holding a broom. I saw that the old doctor's job number was 001. Either the president or the Secretary dared to let the patient put down the broom.

Sometimes I let a few patients kneel down and teach them slogans. When they were right, I said, "Aiqing, keep fit" and gave them a cigarette. If you shout wrong, "Ge Yimin" often says the opposite, saying that you shout wrong and have no smoke. An old man named Hu was right. When he took a cigarette, he laughed at others and said you were wrong.

This time, Zhang Wei is my doctor in charge. Once she asked me to enter the doctor's office. I sat in front of her. She said, "she wants you." she asked me to go to another female doctor. I didn't know her. I was puzzled.

A female health worker talked about me and women and said that I would show a woman her graduation certificate. I don't remember telling her that after I showed her her her graduation certificate, she said, "love you, love you." they laughed.

After leaving the hospital that time, Zhang Wei summarized that "the total period of illness was 18 years", but it was actually eight years. I was ill for 90 years. At that time, I was only 29 years old in 1998. I don't understand.

I was so excited that I didn't sleep well at night. The next day, in manager Cai's office, he asked me what time it was in the evening. I said I didn't turn on the TV, I didn't know the time, and I couldn't find the remote control. He immediately said, "where is the remote control?" Where is the person who controls me?.

Chapter VII

At that time, I lived on the fourth floor. It was convenient for me to chat with the female patients on the fifth floor. The male patients on the third floor could not talk. I was sometimes jealous and poor. I often talk with yaoxuerui. Suddenly, she sticks out her head. She is very beautiful. I call her beauty. She is very happy and says her name is Xiaohong. The other day, yaoxuerui poked his head out of the side. It was very beautiful. I said it was more beautiful than Xiaohong. She said she was Xiaohong. Yaoxuerui said that Xiaohong bullied her, grabbed the TV and slapped her, telling me not to talk to Xiaohong. We changed directions, but she changed directions. I didn't listen. I still stood there and talked with Xiaohong, but yaoxuerui was more sincere.

A firefighter named Li Man also participated in the chat with yaoxuerui. We say that snow auspicious year, and Yao says that snow auspicious year. Li Man's colleague often brings a lot of delicious food. I asked him to give you some to zhuoaiping. Zhuo is a tramp. He was brought in by the rescue station and took his medicine.

Yaoxuerui asked me when I would be discharged from the hospital. I said 10 days, and then asked Li Man? I said that when I went home for the new year, Yao laughed and li man laughed. It was summer. Li Man has lived for one year. He is often called by doctors and nurses to do things, such as emptying the wastebasket. I say you are a j person, and they can't call you around.

When I was admitted to the hospital for the second time, at night, I was tied to my bed. I couldn't move at all. I just looked at the fluorescent lamp on the roof. It was dazzling. Like Jesus, a health worker came in and asked, "Ge Yimin, do you still know me?"

Working in Changzhou Benniu (Changzhou branch of provincial agricultural means of production), Zhao, who is doing color printing, chatted in my office. When I talked about my ideal society, she said, "here you are again." I haven't talked to her before, nor told me that I was ill.

In the hospital, I saw a girl walking in front of me, with other people following. It was quite revolutionary.

On the way to the hospital with my mother, I met zhuguojing driving. Cai Guangyi was in the car and asked where to go. I said the old place. I told my mother that Zhu Guojing was my ZYJ Health Bureau, but followed Cai Guangyi. At the hospital, my mother told the doctor to take more medicine. The doctor suddenly said, "take 100 pills." At the roadside of the hospital, I twisted my mother's ear. My mother asked why. I said "hospital" means that my ears are over.

The nurse said that I said that the BP machine was my wife. I can't remember.

A patient told me that President Clinton knew everything about me.

Once the nurse asked me to brush the bed. I was not very good. A nurse said, "Ge Yimin is very smart." Like my primary school classmate linrongping.

A patient touched Dr. Zhang Wei's chest, and the result was "one tie, two electroacupuncture, three slaps". Zhang immediately asked someone to tie him up, gave him a second electroacupuncture and hit him three times in the mouth.

A young man came in, his food was taken away by others, and he didn't smoke. Every day I smoked, he and I picked up the train. It was I who took a smoke and gave him a smoke. He had hallucinations and auditory hallucinations. He said that the medical staff carried him on the stretcher. Someone said, "it's him." he thought it was him. He thought he was a great man. This is a competition with the "sage of crape myrtle" bar friends who think they are the only sage of crape myrtle. They are about to go out of the mountain to be the emperor and marry Liu Yifei. They don't work and wait for the non-existent "coming out of the mountain" date every day. Year after year, they are all the hanging wires at the bottom of the society. They are all psychotic.

Chapter VIII

Psychosis has a kind of mania, I am this type, but "since ancient times, there have been many talents with manic depression".

There was a young patient named Zhang Aimin. During the SARS period, he was isolated in a small room. He sang in it early in the morning: "the East is red, the sun is rising, and China has a Zhang Aimin." Sing confidently without blushing or being ashamed. He walked unsteadily and restlessly. A female health worker wanted to tie him. The nurse taolingwei said not to tie him. The health worker wanted to tie him. Taolingwei said, "the health worker listens to the nurse." I said, "you tell her to listen to you." Taolingwei said, "she wouldn't listen, so she had to talk big about her. He couldn't walk steadily. If he was tied up, he couldn't hold his hand when he fell off."

He was discharged from the hospital before he recovered from his illness. We were all surprised that he could not walk steadily. A little nurse said, "not everyone can recover to 100%."

There was a patient named zhangzhongtang, who was older than me. He was a bit of a show. I teased him about the Secretary of the provincial Party committee, and told his wife so. His wife laughed and said that he was also the Secretary of the provincial Party committee. We conclude that we will also see a doctor, talk more manic, talk less depressive, talk less, talk a lot of schizophrenia, and then laugh.

Once, shilianghua, a nurse, laughed loudly and repeated my:

Nerve XXII 11, (1)

Looks like a mother from afar,

It looks like a dog.


It looks like a wall from a distance,

It looks like a wall,

The more you look at it, the more it looks like a wall,

It turned out to be a wall.


The old woman wears bodybuilding pants,

Dig and dig.


I want to go, too,

Television station.


The Communist Party,

Don't me.

She found it very funny.

When I was ill, my brother told me that Sanmao committed suicide. I still don't believe it. Later, I wrote "commemorating Sanmao" and wrote in Zhenjiang daily. Of course, the non mainstream works were not published in the newspaper.

Nerves 22. Strangers in heaven -- Commemorating Sanmao

In the yuan of 1992, when Mei Xue competed with Fang Fang, Ge Yimin said to a stranger in heaven that he had no choice but to sacrifice him. He said: "I think Sanmao has been in the world since he was born. So far, it has been forty-nine years. I recall that Sanmao's quality is not enough to describe gold and jade, its nature is not enough to describe ice and snow as clean, its God is not enough to describe stars and moon as essence, and its appearance is not enough to describe its color.".

500 years ago, he took an Indian man in gray,

One year ago, I came to the ward of Taipei wing general hospital,

Sanmao told him that he was very tired,

The man in grey spread his white wings,

Sanmao finally put down her Sahara,

Started another journey,

Strangers in this paradise,

And sat at the right hand of the Lord,

She was surprised to find that,

I have pursued the Sahara all my life,

But appeared in the kingdom of heaven of the Lord.

But Sanmao is still repeating people's last words,

So another Sanmao was repeating another Sahara to the people,

He must also be a stranger in heaven,

Because the planet has no place.

When I was just admitted to the hospital, I brought a bag of salted chicken. A fat old man asked me for two pieces. When he finished eating, he still wanted them. As soon as I was kind, I said, "let's take you together," and gave them to him together. He immediately went to the toilet to eat, and several people followed him. Later, he still asked me for something. I said, "what's the use of giving you a bag of salted chicken?" A male hygienist said, "it's no use giving him a pig." The old man also eats the leftover porridge of others. He is also a poor man.

The next morning when I entered the hospital, there was no smoke. A group of people were smoking in the washroom. I went there. Someone asked me to ask a 30-year-old man for cigarettes and said he would give them to me. His name was Zhang Jun. he gave them to me and soon gave me another one. The patient said he claimed to have seen hjt.

Once I talked about communism to patients and female health workers and said, "Zhang Jun said he had seen hjt." When Zhang Jun came back, I immediately said to Zhang Jun, "who doesn't want to realize communism? Hjt also wants to."

2011 fast girl, like Liu Xin, she loves to sing "old boy", I love to sing in the ward: "that's the person I miss day and night." Once my wife came to deliver food. When I saw it, I immediately sang it to her. The health worker said it was the right person this time. My wife laughed.

Chapter IX

In the 1990s, the cigarettes in mental hospitals were not so tense. Patients could put a whole pack of cigarettes and lighters on their bodies. When I smoked, a young man stood beside me waiting for cigarettes. I always left a long cigarette end for him. Somehow, I got nervous later (the lighter was collected because other psychiatric hospitals lost fire, and our ward also opened another north door, which is usually locked.) The cigarettes are kept by the nurse, 6 cigarettes a day, and the nurse or health worker is also required for ignition. At this time, there are so many people waiting for cigarettes that I have to arrange to give a long cigarette end to one person in the corridor, let him smoke two cigarettes, give it to the next one, and then explain it to the next person. A long cigarette end requires two or three people to smoke together, and one person has two cigarettes. Because they know that I give cigarette butts. As soon as I smoke, several people surround me. Some people are addicted. They smoke two more. I say I won't take you next time.

When I took my son to the gate of the Construction Committee to play ball games (marbles) during my weekend at work, the nurse saw it and told me when I was hospitalized.

When I was in hospital for the first time, the doctor liguohai asked me about my similarities and differences, and I told him. Tianzhihong, the director, said that the state has wasted training my college students. Later, before I was hospitalized, a doctor asked me, can I be the provincial Secretary of W? I said yes. Ask again, can you make money? I said no, I also said I felt good.

Sometimes patients do not cooperate and will attack the medical staff. Taolingwei said that it is a routine, and nurses and health workers will retaliate. For example, when the patient is tied to the bed, huqimei hit the patient in the mouth, especially the male health worker. There was a strong man about 50 years old who spit at Liu, the male hygienist who tied him up. After he tied him up, Liu hit him in the mouth. Then the nurse came for electroacupuncture, but he didn't respond at all. Usually, the patient was very painful. He had to bite his teeth and make pain or beg for mercy. His face was expressionless, so the nurse was afraid to do it.

There was a patient, a young man, whose family came to see him. I heard his family say, "I want to eat fried rice with eggs. Won't you tell me?"

Another patient, a middle-aged man, once asked his uncle to stir fry rice in oil. His uncle put eggs. He was very satisfied and told his sick friend that he also put eggs.

I was a model worker in the hospital. Once the health worker asked me to brush the toilet wall tiles. A nurse saw it and said, "where else does Ge Yimin do this?" The health worker said, "why can't Ge Yimin do it?" Another nurse said to me, "Ge Yimin wants to do everything, but he can't do it well."

There was a young man who often played with me. I told him: "houdejian's shrimp Chenglin was stabbed away by 52kx. Houdejian was so angry that I laughed to death." every time we talked, we laughed.

I heard from my mother that once in my hometown, I was excited to go to the pond. Su fan, a distant relative, said, "I want to be a citizen."

I have seen the Korean drama I am a legend and like Quan Xueji. I played Quan Xueji in the hospital. I found Li huazi, Jiang xiuren and liangyalin among the patients to form a Madonna band. A young man, I ordered fried rice and duck blood Vermicelli Soup for him. He was anonymous. I made him a water cup, a drink bottle, and asked a male nurse to write his name. He didn't know his name. I said I knew. I took a pen and wrote "plum blossom". The nurse said beggar.

When I was ill, I was always inexplicably excited. At the beginning of several nights, I always ran to the street to sing and walk aimlessly. I thought I was a great person, and it was also a declaration.

Once my brother took me to the hospital. On the way, I walked ahead. I said I took the initiative to go. The doctor looked at me well and said that I would not be hospitalized. I said that the Chinese were small. When he was old and shrunk up, he was hospitalized.

Once, I took my mother to the ward and said that I was hospitalized. The doctor also said that I was OK. I said that I was rich and asked my mother to take out her pocket money to see him. This has the element of acting. I am also an actor.

Once, when a ZYJ died, Dr. Tao asked me to carry the body to the funeral carriage until I got on the road.

Chapter X

Once, when I was hospitalized, several old men specially told me that Tang Bohu had nine beauties. I said nine younger sisters. They said that they had nine wives. But my classmates in the "age of innocence" and "his women" had more than nine women.

When my mother and my sister-in-law sent me to the hospital, I sang at the door of the hospital, "I have a little secret hidden in my heart. I want to tell you that it is not a general feeling and meaning, it is my heart." I didn't refuse to be hospitalized. On the contrary, I was a little happy. I gave East China half a pack of cigarettes. In the hospital, I asked my sister-in-law to give me more cigarettes. She gave more cigarettes to the nurse. I said, "are you my sister-in-law or her sister-in-law?"

Inside, there was a patient a, in his 30s, who was tied up and spoke very hard. I gave him the lunch my mother bought me. There was a big ribs.

When I was inside, I still said that g was a small JB, and a said to me, "you are a big JB."

A patient B, in his 40s, brought nectarines and drinks at home. He told me that it was my fellow Jurong Dazhuo who was giving his drinks to A. I asked B to bring them to me. A heard that and dared to drink two mouthfuls before giving them to us.

At that time, I suspected that Zhanghua, the old manager of the unit I met in Yangzhou, was y. he said he had seen y in the hospital. A fat male nurse C said he had seen y in the welcome ceremony in primary school.

C said, "why didn't Ge Yimin believe in Buddhism?", They know I believe in Christianity, so I say Christianity is in line with my thinking.

When I was sitting in the activity room that time, Dr. Zhang Wei suddenly came over and said, "Ge Yimin, you said it was you who came down." I didn't say it before. I just said it was class J. I wasn't old enough before.

On that winter evening, my brother took me to the hospital, and Zhang was sitting alone. My brother seemed to know her very well, just like a relative. The scald care written on the small blackboard reminds me that my son has scalded his chest with boiling water, but it is unreasonable to write about scald care in winter.

One morning, Zhang Wei asked me to give a speech to a group of medical students. In the small activity room, there were about 30 students. I just went in and said I was nervous. A boy said don't be nervous. When I saw a beautiful girl in front of me, tall and smiling, I said, "this girl is really beautiful." they laughed. I will talk about my communism. Thieves and beggars are communists. Because you have them or not, they steal you, beg you, and share your property. I told him that before I was hospitalized, I liked to give cigarettes and money to the beggars' sect in the street. The boy asked, "who is the sect leader?" I said I didn't know. He said, "it's you."

Then I say that today's productive forces have achieved communism, and that one person in agriculture can feed a hundred people is the content of nerves.

I like to sing in front of the bathroom window in the activity room. Once, people nearby said that someone had been watching you in the opposite building.

There are always beautiful women walking along the road, or doctors and nurses walking. When I see them, I always say, "this woman is really beautiful. She is from Hong Kong." Once I saw several people passing by. I just said, "this woman is so beautiful." The male doctor of the same trade immediately said, "I see. I'm from Hong Kong."

It was during my Weibo certification that I chatted with taolingwei. Tao said, "Ge Yimin, you are famous, and the world knows you."

Chapter XI

Nurse jiajianqing and I were in the small activity room. A nurse named jiangbiyun came in. She was very beautiful. Her face was smart, especially her eyes. She looked more beautiful in her nurse clothes. She asked nurse Jia that her son was three or four years old and wanted him to learn how to ride a horse. She asked where Zhenjiang could learn how to ride a horse? They both meant to let the children exercise. I broke in and said that there was a road to Xuefu. Jiang Biyun ignored me and left.

After a while, jiangbiyun came in again. She said, "I want to understand. I don't ride a horse. I ride a dog." But my last name is Ge:) I call her Shu Qi, which is true.

Still in the small activity room, nurse Jia likes to let me hear "ow ow..." in the rescue room When I looked in the window, it was the patient's mute hand holding nurse Jia's throat. Nurse Jia lay down on the bed. The mute pressed her body and plotted against the rules. The door was closed. I kicked the door open, stuck the mute's neck with my left arm, and took it away from the wall. Then everyone else came in. The hero saved the beauty. Nurse Jia said it was a dumb premeditation. She closed the door and fell on her. Afterwards, nurse Jia brought me a lot of good cigarettes at home, as well as to others, including the patient "liyuanba" and the security guard. I gave my cigarettes to "peiyuanqing" and Zhang Liang.

There was monitoring. Jiang Biyun saw it. When he met me, he said to me, "hero". Before I could react, I immediately said, "you are a hero." He changed his name to "beauty."

At this time, I was in hospital for a few days. I had a sleeping injection at night. I saw that jiangbiyun came to give me an injection. I was very happy. I took off my pants and said, "do it myself?" She said, "in person." I said, "so grand?" "Grand," she said Somehow, she didn't hurt at all. She said, "OK.".

There is also a new nurse named zhanghaiyan. She is also very beautiful. She is older than jiangbiyun. She knows that my name is jiangbiyun as Shuqi. One night, she said to me, "let Shuqi play against you."

A few days later, in the big activity room, Jiang Biyun sat at the door. I went up and took her by the hand. I pulled her up. I said, "let Miss Shuqi act for you." She struggled.

Jiangbiyun said in the big activity room, "Ge Yimin has been here for so many days. Why hasn't he recovered?" That is to say, I was a little excited, so I took care to restrain myself. She really cared about me, and I would like to thank her.

At noon one day, jiangbiyun was on duty in the small activity room. There was a patient I called "Western poison", "Western Christ" (called "mute Oriental Christ", Yang Lin), also known as "wuyunzhao", who was tied up all the time. He was tied up from the time I was hospitalized to the time I was discharged, and he tied it voluntarily. The guards acted as a bomb and said he would hit people. The door of the small ward where he lives has also been locked. There is also a young man "Luo Cheng" who has been tied up. The ward is dedicated to the people who are tied up. They tie their hands and untie their hands when eating.

Wuyunzhao wanted to have a bowel movement and called him "Xiao Jiang". Jiang Biyun said "um" and ignored him. Wuyunzhao has always been called "Xiao Jiang" and "it's too late". I said to jiangbiyun, "just open the door and leave the rest to me." Jiangbiyun was still "uh huh". When she was in a hurry, she said, "wait a minute" and "come right away", but she didn't open the door for more than 20 minutes until she got off work and jiajianqing came to work.

Jiajianqing opened the door. I took a bedpan and a large stack of straw paper (my personal) and went in to collect the stool for Wu Yunzhao. He still tied his hands. I took off his pants. He came out immediately. There were a lot of bedpans. The bedpan was full, and the excrement touched his butt. I changed another bedpan, but there were still a lot. When I wiped it for him, I used a lot of straw paper, there were dozens of pieces, because the butt was full of excrement.

The security guard (specially guarding a young man who was seriously injured outside to prevent him from committing suicide, and the two security guards took turns on the day shift and night shift) also watched and said to the nurse, "it's like a hill." he said, "don't say it. It's disgusting."

Afterwards, old nurse Zhu brought me some food, such as biscuits. I didn't ask for them. I said, "I did it myself. I don't do it for five cents." She said, "what is self-help five?" I said to do good deeds voluntarily without compensation. "Liyuanba" came in and ate.

Last time, it was the "little beauty" nurse. She began not to give me access to the small activity room. There was a patient's stool in the small ward. It was on the bed sheet. I went in with a patient a, and a male nurse was also present. A helped the patient get up. I went around the bed sheet to the small toilet for cleaning. First, I used a toilet brush to clean the stool at the water inlet and outlet, washed it away, and then brushed the bed sheet. When it was slightly clean, I rolled the bed sheet and took it out for machine washing. What's a little strange is that the patient's buttocks and trousers are free of shit. They are all on the sheets.

Last time, one night, I woke up and suddenly saw a small toilet, full of shit, the whole floor, but no straw paper. I went to the top of the corridor, found the "Faye Wong" health worker, told her that I wanted to clean and needed a mop. She opened the door to the big bathroom, and I took a mop, broom and dung dustpan.

I first swept the fecal dustpan again and again, poured it into the water outlet and washed it off, then poured water into the washbasin to wash it off again and again, and finally cleaned it up again and again with a mop. It took a lot of effort, but all the flushing toilets in the small toilet were full of shit. I suspect they were deliberately placed to let me do this good.

Chapter 12

This time, I arranged the number of heroes in the hospital and named myself the second hero Yuwen Chengdu.

Feng Bianzheng was left as the first hero, Li Yuanba, and let him rush ahead. Last time he stayed in the VIP room, he was close to me and called each other "Huazai". He brought a lot of cigarettes, Yuxi and Zhonghua. The whole line was put in the cabinet of the VIP room and gave me a lot of gifts. Her family also exchanged things. Her wife had lived in the VIP room and her sister had come. I was familiar with them. Once I said to her sister and brother-in-law, "I defeated Ma Yingjiu's threemillion troops alone." Liyuanba broke in, and I immediately said, "I won the war." Her sister and brother-in-law laughed.

Liyuanba also asked me to sing to his son. I would sing Andy Lau's "love forgetting water".

Liyuanba is a policeman who likes to fight. He was wearing leather shoes and wearing a belt. My brother came to see me and felt strange. He said it was for me. Someone was unfriendly to me. I stood by the bed and said I couldn't stand there. I stopped myself with my body. I told liyuanba that he would scold the man and beat him. Later, the man was tied to the bed. Liyuanba turned off the light (with monitoring) and hit him in the face with the man's shoes. I also hit him. It was very cathartic. At the end of my speech, I said that it was bad for me to beat people. When I said about beating them, Zhang said, "he didn't tell me." Then grab me by the collar and let me out. Nurses like to ask liyuanba to tie people up and give them something to eat. I also like to help tie people up.

Zhang Liang was named the third hero peiyuanqing. Peiyuanqing was like an athlete. I gave him cigarettes when I thought of my brother road army in the University. Peiyuanqing looks completely normal. He came in after hurting others.

Here we talk about the so-called non sentencing of crimes committed by mental patients. In fact, there is no difference between a mental patient's crime and a normal person's sentence, except that one is serving a sentence in prison and the other is being held in a mental hospital for treatment. For example, peiyuanqing injured a person. The court ruled that he should be held in a mental hospital for treatment for two years. The two security guards seriously injured a person, which is the same as the court ruled that he should be held in a mental hospital for treatment. According to the court's judgment on the merits of the case, the normal person is sentenced to 2 years' imprisonment, and the mental patient is detained for treatment for 2 years. That young man is thin, weak and insignificant, but he committed adultery and hurt his husband. His father came to see him every day and brought him food. He also said that he would guarantee one fruit a day. Because of the epidemic, he talked downstairs. We were on the second floor.

Peiyuanqing also claimed to be the greatest philosopher, surpassing Nietzsche, which startled me. We have a room. The young man who was seriously injured is also in this room. The security guard sleeps beside the couch bed. When I am in a bad mood, I feel depressed and disgusted. You are more confident when you are in a good mood.

Peiyuanqing claimed that Trump's daughter was his wife. A first-rate star cried, made trouble and hanged him. It was Deng Ziqi. Because he had a western special wife, Deng Ziqi couldn't be his wife, so he made trouble:)

Yang kuohai, a young man in Wuhan, was named the fourth hero. He had relatives working in Danyang, Zhenjiang, and came from Wuhan alone. His father was scared to send him in because he was suicidal and had taken drugs. When I first met him, I slept and found him tied up and wearing a mask. He looked like a doctor. When I tied him up, I was asleep. Later, I heard that he covered his hand with a towel. The nurse was afraid of his resistance and sprayed alcohol. Liyuanba also slapped him.

Because my friend Zixi Shengkai is from Wuhan, and my girlfriend Li Min is from Wuhan, I am kind to him, and I don't dislike the Wuhan epidemic. He was sprayed with alcohol, so I gave him water to wash, but his blue towel was full of alcohol, so I washed his face with my yellow towel. I also told the nurse that it was discolored, and soaked his blue towel in his face.

The next afternoon, peiyuanqing gave me a dry noodles mix. I asked xiongkuohai, "is it Wuhan hot and dry noodles?" He said, "elephant." I didn't order noodles. Peiyuanqing forced me to eat them. Nurse Zhu said, "I ordered them. You can eat them." I ate it. It was very delicious.

When Xiong Kuo Hai and I were alone in the small bathroom, I sang: "xiaoyixiaoerlang, carrying the schoolbag to school, is not afraid of the sun, nor the wind and rain." He said his grandfather taught him.

Chapter XIII

Wu Yunzhao was named the fifth hero because he was a big man. He was also named the Western Christ, opposite to the mute Eastern Christ, and his beds were just in the east-west direction. Wuyunzhao and Luo Cheng are always tied to the bed, so they need someone to pick up urine and urine. I like doing this dirty work. I once said to Jia Jianqing, "because Jesus serves people like this." He once said to Jia Jianqing, "I don't care what I think of GC, but I admire the Red Army.", He even claimed to be the "Last Red Army" on the Internet and loved to sing "ten free Red Army". Another anonymous did the dirty work. He did it before I came here. Now he and I are rushing to do the dirty work.

Wuyunzhao said he would work for him. He had a big cigarette. I said, "your wife comes and brings me something." He said, "no wife." Zhangmuliang, an old patient, once said to me, "most people here have no wife, and most of them have a wife and divorce."

The young man who is always tied up is Luo Cheng, the seventh hero. Luo Cheng is also tied up all day. He is voluntary. Saying not to tie up is also harmful. He lies in bed all day long except for eating. He restricts freedom again and again. There is no freedom at all. The only happy thing is to get a snack to eat when giving out snacks. Luo Cheng told me that Yuwen Chengdu was a big lecher.

The mute Yang was named the eighth hero Yang Lin, and the eastern Christ. At first, he was locked up in the East rescue room (the borrower). He had a fever. He took his temperature all day. Later, his temperature was normal and he was released.

When I smoke, I sometimes leave cigarette butts for anonymous. Anonymous also gives me cigarettes when they do things. After dinner, we put on TV in the small activity room. At first, we often put on model programs and Internet TV. We can choose to go to these stations.

The ward director's name is quhongfang, an old doctor. Last time I was a hero to save the United States, she also praised me and said, "that's how to protect the medical staff." She later said to me, "get better. I'm sorry, Jia." I also talked to jiajianqing later.

Jia Jianqing presided over the morning meetings of the medical staff. Director Qu stood and listened. I said this to health worker B. she said, "you will know if it takes a long time." I remembered that nurse Jia had to be the dean.

Because the current binding device uses a small round iron pole switch like a magnet. Like a key, I think the round iron is a nuclear button. Now the psychiatric hospital basically does not do electroacupuncture, and electric shock is rare, that is, binding. One day, the column was placed on the table in the small activity room. I was the only one. I put the round iron in my pants pocket and patted the pocket, which was equivalent to controlling the hospital.

There is a nurse named Liulu, Pangpang. One night, when I woke up, she showed me the watch list, which was about the patient's sleep. It was all red forks (representing sleep). It said Ge Yimin had less sleep. After I read it, Liu Lu picked up her pen and carried it off. I was a little excited. I took my pen and wrote on the back of the watch list. Liu Lu said, "write less." I wrote a few words about the realization of communism.

The next morning, nurse a, who was not tall and beautiful, looked like my classmate zhengrenxiang, so I once asked her for a latte. I went to the small activity room and asked me, "who are you? Why are you scribbling on the duty list?" I said, "the dean's husband."

There are two nurses: Xuxin and Zhouqian. Because their names, one last name and one first name, are "Xuqian", I said it. One day after the morning meeting, in the big activity room, Jia Jianqing said to several nurses, "he said that Xu Xin and Zhou Qian are Xu Qian."

When Jia Jianqing was Xu Qian, I asked her, "is that Xu Qian?" She said, "I'm not as beautiful as Xu Qian." Another woman is more like Xu Qian. Her name is Zhang Jing. She is from a yard of our unit and rents our factory. Because of her work, she has been in contact with her for many times. She is the same as Xu Qian. Her face is like in a picture (the sentence of nerves). Old Wu of the unit introduced it to me jokingly.

Chapter 14

Xu Xin is very beautiful and beautiful. I call her number one. One day at the nurse station, I said to her outside, "Mei Mei No. 1". She told me about her nurses. I said they were not as good-looking as you. She said, "where is Rodin?" Rodin didn't look good. I immediately said, "ugly B bomb." Xuhe and the people present laughed. Yang, a health worker, said that I was always rude to her. I think so.

Meimei No. 1 is the language my son used to play the glass ball at that time. It refers to the real ball closest to him, because it is best to play. For girls, it means not the most beautiful girl, but the nearest one.

One night, I performed "true and false king" in the ward. This is the French film "iron faced man". Because the king is bad, he was carefully planned. The real king was locked up on an island. The people who shut him up called him crazy and would say he was the king. So he said he was the king. The guards didn't believe it. A man with similar looks (his brother) changed his position and acted as the king. I said I was the real king and was locked up here, and... Because I have been telling Xu Xin in the corridor outside the nurse station that Xu Xin saw that I didn't mean to stop and asked someone to tie me up. I said, "tie me up, you Xu Xin alone is enough." The next morning, jiajianqing came to work and untied me.

It was still early. I was hospitalized for only 13 days. I asked my wife to forcibly pick me up, bought a coward cigarette and went to the hospital to distribute it. At that time, the health worker Faye Wong was sweeping the floor at the door. I stood in front of the window and asked people inside to take cigarettes. A good friend took a bag and a Christian zhangyoulong took a bag. They crowded together behind me. I was finished. But I was still excited and was hospitalized. A nurse asked me, "why did Ge Yimin come in again?" I said, "it's dramatic." She just laughed. When I went in to get the cigarettes back, those people refused to admit it. Only zhangyoulong gave them back to me. Another person gave me the lighter and said it was mine.

At that time, we still went to a bathroom to take a bath. Everyone lined up and the medical guards guarded each other at a distance. While waiting in line at the bathroom door, I said to director yaohongxiu, "this is not an intoxicating smile. This is an intoxicating smile." I bent over with a smile and squatted down with a smile. At last, there was no sound, only shaking. It was the same as acting. At that time, a popular song "Chinese folk songs" was "do you have an intoxicating smile? Wild geese flew over the chrysanthemums and filled their heads."

Later, my brother and my son sent me to the hospital. I felt the same as usual in the car. At the nurse station, we said to be hospitalized. The nurse asked, "who of you is hospitalized?" I said, "I." The nurse couldn't see that I was abnormal. When I entered the small activity room, two people (tall and strong) surrounded me. I smoked and said, "I'm nervous." They said, "don't be nervous."

There was a child inside who said she was a beautiful girl (nurse) every day. Later, I saw her. She was really beautiful. I looked at her through the window of the small activity room. She closed the window and pressed my hand. I didn't take it out. She said, "I'm trying hard." she slowly exerted the force, so I had to loosen it. When I was discharged from the hospital, she cared about me again and said, "I won't say hello to you after leaving the hospital."

There are two nurses, the older one is nurse Hu (I think of my sister-in-law, surnamed Hu), and the younger one is Zhang Qian (just as my sister-in-law's daughter is called Zhang Qian), as my wife Fang (main room). Jiajianqing and the little beauty stood at the door together, and I was their mother and daughter. I also thought about the fight between the two rooms. Although it was an outside room, I knew I liked jiajianqing (Xuqian).

Watching TV in the big activity room, I saw the MV subtitle "the story of running water taking time has changed three people", but this song only "changed one person / two people / us". I was surprised and wondered whether the three people "Ge Yimin, Xu Qian, Han Qinfen?"

On the blackboard of the large activity room, it was written: Chiang Kai Shek thought that there were many Chinese people, so it was difficult to do it, while Mao thought that many Chinese people were building strength. There were many revolutionary quotations and poems written on the wall of the ward corridor. I read them one by one. They were basically handwritten. The handwriting was different, and the pens used were different. The words were large and small. They were basically the sentences left by the early martyrs of the Communist Party of China. They were not afraid of sacrifice for the realization of communism. For example, in Ye Ting's poem "climb out of the dog hole", a voice shouted: "climb out and give you freedom! I long for freedom, but I deeply know - how can a human body climb out of the dog hole!" I doubt the education and information I received. The content on the wall is similar to my primary school education (before 1980).

When I talked about the Internationale in the hospital, I had to realize it. A patient asked me, "it means French, internationalism, not communism."

Once a hospital nurse hung a red badge of "serving the people". There was a new nurse who didn't have one. I said, "don't you want to serve the people?" "I think," she said

Chapter XV

In the hospital, the security guard told me that I sang well and pestered me to sing every day. When excited, they sometimes sing loudly while walking in the street, and sometimes they deliberately make the loudest sound, that is, acting. Must sing track: Cheng Lin's panda Mimi: "the sun comes out, hey, illuminate me and illuminate you. We breathe the same air. This world, I live with you. Please let me help you, just like helping myself. Please let me care about you, just like caring about ourselves. This world will become more beautiful." It is in line with my great harmony world thought.

The netizen Huahan Longxing once left a message in the post bar, saying that he found the man (the sage of crape myrtle, that is, me) and asked me if I had sung.

Once in the hospital, he said to Jia Jianqing, "where can I find such a good person (finger me), who is worthy of Xu Qian's clear youth." (chenmingzhen's where to find such a good person)

There was a child who was hospitalized because he kept beating people involuntarily. He was locked in his room and beat people when he came out. Nurse Zhu asked me to take a bath for him. When I stood in front of the door, he hit me on the head, but it was different from the usual one. My head was like an iron bucket, and Weng's voice slowly died down. It was a bit like an electric needle, but it didn't hurt. It felt very comfortable. I don't know how the effect of being hit on the head at that time. Zhu said he thought I would fight back, but of course I wouldn't.

I often think these two names are too similar: huqimei vs hexianmei. Hexianmei, my high school classmate, has always cared about me. Hu and he are similar. Why do they mean "Hu does not return" vs "why does not return". Both Kai and Xian mean "first". Huqimei is now the director of the nursing department. When she came to the ward round, I half knelt down to her and said, "Xiaosheng Yuwen is polite in Chengdu." It's funny. She doesn't know about teacher sunzhaopin. It's a pity. We estimate that teacher sun is 80 years old.

One night, when I woke up, I thought of the red XX on the sleep sheet recorded by the nurse (representing sleep), I thought of the word "Climbing", and I thought of LinBiao (I saw the slogan on the wall when I was young that "nothing is difficult in the world, as long as you are willing to climb", and remembering the word "Climbing" is linxx's big hand), so I sang "I am LinBiao, beautiful LinBiao, I am LinBiao, strange LinBiao, I am LinBiao, Mao Zedong, you don't understand LinBiao." (I'm a girl by xuhuaiyu) because they used both hands to draw the word "pan" in front of Luo Dan and Liu Lu, they were afraid. They asked someone to tie me to wuyunzhao. Wuyunzhao was also afraid of me and shouted. The health worker said, "he tied his hands."

The next morning, I had to relieve myself. The nurse relieved me of one hand. Anonymous took the bedpan. I squatted down. Wuyunzhao hit me on the head. Jiang Biyun came and asked me if I had any medical advice? Rodin said no, but the doctor didn't arrange "protection". Jiang relieved me. I went to the bathroom.

In the early days, I was discharged from the hospital after living for only 18 days. It usually took more than a month. That time, it was Dr. Wei. Once I went in, I would wash the dishes. Originally, they arranged shifts. Dr. Wei and I agreed to leave the hospital. When my mother came, the head nurse had gone through all the formalities. My mother said I was playing magic inside.

At that time, someone fell down when walking. He was unconscious. Like the new crown now, he broke his face. I don't know what disease he had. It was really painful. At the beginning, no one played with me. I was alone and lost. I took the initiative to take one person's arm. People need to socialize. No matter where they are, it's terrible to think about the single cell. Now the Internet is also social.

I was a model worker in the hospital. For example, I received urine for people. I loved doing this dirty thing. I was better than Jesus to serve people. The discharge procedures were completed. When I was leaving, I still received urine. Even a nurse said, "Ge Yimin has left, and no one has helped me."

Chapter 16

I called myself the president of the United Nations in the mental hospital. The nurse immediately asked, "where is Annan?" I said, "Annan is my secretary general." It seems to make sense. Because I often say that doctors and nurses know.

Later, I changed my name to world president. Director yaohongxiu said, "isn't it the president of the United Nations?" I said, "the United Nations does not include all countries." Yaohongxiu smiled and said, "you want all countries."

A male health worker saw that I hadn't sent him a meal and said, "the president of the world hasn't eaten yet." When my doctor came to the activity room that time, he first called me "chairman". I told her that Deng and Bush were great, but when she acted for me (64, 9 / 11), she let me know myself.

On the home page of my official website (Shenwang), I played the song "on the Jinshan mountain in Zhenjiang" for a while. Chairman Ge was in the song. Once a policeman Chen Jun called, and I answered. He joked "chairman". That time, he asked me to turn off the song on the home page. Several policemen went to my house. I was at work. My wife was at home. She turned on the computer and watched Shenwang. A policeman said that the website would cost dozens of dollars in a month. My wife told them that I could not do it. That was my life.

Chen Jun once came to my house to browse and said, "Ge Yimin and Li Hongzi", I said I shouldn't write Li. Don't even mention it. Chen said, "what's the matter?" The meaning is all right.

I sometimes sing and shake hands like a star concert. There was a patient, a fat man. When I first came in, I was in the next bed with him. I heard the health worker chatting and asked them to stop arguing. They stopped talking. But soon I quarreled with the fat man and talked all the time. I also said that fighting was punching and trying to show him. He is very much like my college classmate shixiaoye. Later, his condition became worse. He lay all day without talking. His father and his mother came to accompany him every day.

One day, his mother and his sister came to accompany him and sat on the bed. There were two patients. I shook hands while singing. I shook hands with the patient and his mother. When I came to his sister's place, of course, I was embarrassed to shake hands. I half stretched out my hand and smiled, and his sister smiled.

There was a young man who was anonymous. The head nurse named him zhouwenbin. We both felt funny together. I don't know how he knew that I called myself Tangbohu. Once, he called me to the bathroom and said to me, "you are Tangbohu, and I am zhouwenbin." I immediately laughed. That time, they were very happy.

Later, there were many anonymous people in the hospital. There were four or five wards in each ward. The government provided assistance. The homeless people were accepted by the rescue station. They could not explain the situation at the rescue station. If the rescue station thought it was abnormal, they were sent to the mental hospital and given medicine. However, there are often family members who are contacted and picked up by the rescue station. Sometimes they come to the hospital to take photos of anonymous so that they can be recognized by the family members.

Once a nurse saw a missing person notice when she was taking a bus to work. The photo looked like an old man without a name in the hospital. She just flashed past the bus and saw it. The search notice was from Shandong. The rescue station checked it according to the notice. The old man said it was from Shandong. The old man complained that I didn't give him anything the other day. I said you didn't follow me. The old man's family picked him up.

There was a child who was often beaten. He was addicted to smoking. He always asked for cigarette butts. I gave him cigarette butts. Instead of beating him, I made him kneel down. Later, his brother found him and took him back. Liyuanba also said that his brother wanted to find someone to beat him. He also said about me. I said, "I didn't fight."

A drunk man was tied to his bed by the security guard when he came in at night. After two hours, his children came and said that he was not ill and had to be picked up. Because his family insisted, the doctor on duty asked them to go through the discharge formalities and pick him up.

Here is the admission and discharge of the mental hospital. In hospital, it is usually sent by family members. A few are units. The police also have the right. For the first time, I was my work unit and my brother. Later, I will be family members. Once, several students from Jiangke University sent a classmate to be hospitalized. Dr. Xu Bin later said that there were legal problems and it was difficult to accept him.

It is family members and doctors who discuss the discharge. Of course, patients want to leave the hospital as soon as possible. They are not free. It is the same as prison. However, family members usually have to listen to the doctor. The family members can't figure out the condition of the disease. Sometimes the doctor cares more about the patient for the sake of economic interests. Needless to say, this situation is much better now.

As mentioned earlier, if the family members refuse to answer, they will not be able to leave the hospital (at public expense). A patient, Wu, said that his wife said, "let him out, and I will commit suicide." He has recovered and helped with his work. He takes the patient's blood pressure every morning, but no one answers, so he can't get out of the hospital. Another patient, zhuzhiyong, has been living here for 20 years. He works like a patient housekeeper. The nurse said a long time ago, "what's wrong with zhuzhiyong? He's completely recovered."

If it is a crime, such as wounding people, the police sent it, and the court sentenced it to imprisonment for treatment, the family members and doctors will not be able to decide to leave the hospital. The court decided that it was sentenced to two years, and the two-year period must expire. Therefore, it is usually said that "neuropathy wounding people does not break the law, and does not go to prison." It is wrong to go to prison (in custody for treatment) according to the same sentence. According to the facts of the case, the normal person is sentenced to two years and imprisoned in prison for two years. In the same case, the mentally ill person is imprisoned in a mental hospital for two years.

Chapter 17

When I was excited, I would take the initiative to look for beggars in the street and give them cigarettes and money. Even when I gave a speech in the hospital last time, a student said that I was the leader of the beggars' sect.

Once at the entrance of Wanfang supermarket in Nanmen Street, a disabled beggar of about 20 years old was begging with a loudspeaker. I put a few dollars in a bowl, thought about it, moved my heart, put Zhang Mao Zedong in his hand, and he held it tightly.

Once, at the entrance of the supermarket, a young man, like a beggar, was riding on his bicycle. I came forward and made a cigarette. He lit it. I had a cigarette and took out the lighter. Strangely, the lighter was broken down in my pocket. The young man took his cigarette to me for fire. I was amused and lit his fire.

I said, "here's 5 yuan. Do you want it?" He shook his head. I slapped him and asked him, "here is 5 yuan. Do you want it?" He nodded and I gave him 5 yuan.

Then I said, "here's 20 yuan. Do you want it?" He shook his head. I slapped him and asked him, "here is 20 yuan. Do you want it?" He nodded and I gave him 20 yuan.

Then I said, "here is 100 yuan. Do you want it?" He shook his head. I slapped him and asked him, "here is 100 yuan. Do you want it?" He nodded and I gave him 100 yuan.

Then I went home. Afterwards, I heard my wife say that the people in the shop at the door saw it and laughed. They told my wife.

There was an old man, Hongqigong, who asked me for money. Later, he got along with me like a friend for some time. Sometimes when I gave him money, he stretched out his hand. Because of the broken hand, I moved my heart and gave him another 20 or so. Once, we sat at the gate of a northeast restaurant. I bought drinks for both of us. An old beggar came to ask for money. I gave him 20 yuan, but Qigong offered more. I found 5 yuan in his hand. I just gave it to him. I caught up with the old beggar and got back 20 yuan.

I also gave him an old mobile phone. My wife and son asked me why I often gave him money. I said, "when he is Hongqigong and I am Guojing, he may be good for me in the future."

That time, at the South Gate night market, at the North intersection, on the roadside of central Shandong Province, there was a young disabled beggar lying in the middle of the road. I gave him 20, as well as some small kumquats I just bought. Then I asked passers-by to give me love, which is usually a big ocean. An elder sister heard from a distance and said to give me love and put down one yuan.

But most people didn't give it. I pestered a girl. Her boyfriend accused me of pestering. I said, "to show love." He said, "why don't you offer it?" I said, "I gave 20, but the dog didn't." The other party had already walked towards the South and was still blaming me for pestering. I said, "you want to fight, come on." The girl dared to drag him away.

The disabled beggar said that when others thought I was a matchmaker, I was speechless and left.

That night was very funny. I bought a cup of coffee for 8 yuan. The coffee seller also reminded me that it would affect sleep. I said, "what's the matter?" The last few yuan of his money was given to a young man who was in good health.

Once I went to work in the morning and got off the bus. I lit a cigarette. A young man across the street greeted me with a smile. I gave him the cigarette on his mouth. He took it and put it in his mouth. They walked forward respectively. I lit another cigarette and finished at one go.

At that noon, I was playing in dashikou. In a jewelry store, I said to the landlady, "let me see." She said, "come here and see." There is a beautiful woman there. She is very beautiful and fashionable, so I have an eye on her. When she left, I followed her. When she came to Wanxiang and went up the stairs, I followed her. At the top of the stairs, she turned back and asked me, "why do you always follow me?" I was speechless. Then she turned and went downstairs. I said, "I want to go downstairs, too." He went downstairs and a salesman laughed.

I stopped following her and went home. The girl in front of me stepped on her feet. She found out and scolded: "crazy." I scolded her little B and claimed to beat her little B. she was afraid and hid in a clothing store. I still claimed to go in and beat her at the door. The store owner came out and gave me a cigarette. I said, "I'm not crazy. You call me crazy." the boss said, "that won't work." I said, "it doesn't matter." Then he said, "I'm crazy. You call me crazy. I'll fight with you." The boss continued to say hello, and I said, "give me a cigarette." He walked away with a smile.

That morning, in Nanmen Street, a woman met me and said, "hello." She said, "crazy.", She walked north. I asked her to apologize. I turned around and followed her. I met a female cleaner. I stopped and told her about it. Cleaner said she should apologize. Strangely, the woman stopped not far away and waited for me. I caught up with her. She said, "I apologize to you."

That night at dashikou, at the gate of Suning, there was a girl riding a bike and two men with me. I said to the girl across the fence, "hello." They stopped, two men greeted the man behind them, and turned over the fence. I was not afraid. I said, "what's wrong with me saying hello?" The man in the back put his arm around my clothes. They turned over again and left. I also thought: "if Gao Niu B (see Volume 2 Jianghu years) is here, you won't be killed."

Chapter 18

The shortest person in Zhenjiang No. 4 hospital was an old man, only 1 hour. The old man went through the formalities and came in. He found that he couldn't get out. He hurried to leave. The medical staff took the protective belt and wanted to tie him up. The old lady felt distressed and couldn't say anything. She went home and went to hospital.

There was a young man who was very impressive. He sat down with me and asked me why I pretended to be him. I said how old you are and how old I am. He stopped talking. Once I gave him beef, but he didn't want it. I kicked his foot. After a while, he pushed me on the back. Wang Ming (Wang Ping, I call him Wang Ming, an old patient, who can't get out, just like a housekeeper) came to protect me. The nurse was also there. I said I would kick him first.

Once Wang Ming wanted to stop my cigarettes. I said, "how dare you stop Mao Zedong's cigarettes?"

Mental hospitals, like prisons, use patients to manage patients. I was dissatisfied with this. I told director quhongfang, "our party has always been subordinate to its superiors, the minority to the majority, and the whole party to the Central Committee. How can we manage at the same level?" Song makes you laugh.

I said to the head nurse, "steamed buns and porridge for breakfast are still my food in high school." The head nurse said to balance something.

There was a young man named xiaozhenjiang, who was not very tall. His mother also lived upstairs. The nurse took pity on him and gave him some takeaway food. Sometimes, when he saw the nurse eating takeaway food in the room, he took a spoon and waited in the corridor early. Sometimes when there is too much left, other patients also come to share and rob. The small town Jiang said, "you eat the potatoes and give me the ribs."

A fellow Jurong a said that his wife lived on the fifth floor, saw the TV on Dongqing, and said that he liked her best:) a was always noisy, so the housekeepers and health workers took him to bed and tied him up. He said that he was just sleeping.

I often give dumb guys and a man B something to eat. They are the same as me. I don't have anything. I also get something for them. I did it twice. One morning, a ate pancakes. I went to do it. A didn't agree with him. I hit him hard on the head. After a while, I sat on my seat. A sneaked in the back and hit my glasses on the ground. Wang Ming immediately tied him up and told his sister to pay for his glasses when she came to see him. Of course I wouldn't. the glasses were metal. I bent my legs and continued to wear them. I said to hit him on the head first. Wang Ming said that his nature had changed.

An old man said that when he was young, he would build the country and now give it to my generation. I told a nurse that my generation would give it to her generation.

At noon, a new patient came in and tied him to the bed. I said in the corridor, "Ge Yimin is not as tall as Andy Lau, not as rich as Andy Lau, not as handsome as Andy Lau." "I am inferior to Jiang Zemin in three respects," he said, imitating Zhu Rongji

There was a man like wendebei (teacher) in my village. He saw a patient named "Xiaxu" and was afraid to say; "Blood", I said nothing. My colleague's husband was also called "Liu Xu". He liked to talk about communism with me. When it came to Russian aggression and borders, I said, "the Communist border is meaningless." He basically agreed with me, and made some language and expression. Once we were tied to the bench, just like Jesus on the cross. We sat on the bench with our hands stretched out and tied. We got up and walked with the bench. It was very funny. The health worker stopped us.

I think people are face blind. When I came in this time, I thought a doctor was Zhang Wei. I went to her and said, "you said that it was me who came down from e, but it hurt me. I believe it." She said, "I won't tell you." Go away.

There is something very strange. Before I was hospitalized, my wife said to me, "Yimin, what changes have you found?" I said, "what has changed?" "You always run to the bathroom," she said

Chapter XIX

This time, there are two beautiful women, nurse jiangbiyun and a beautiful doctor. They are plump and sexy. They like to wear yellow clothes. During the ward round, I care more about her than my doctor (who is also a woman). I said to her, "doctor, you are so beautiful." She always said, "thank you." Jiang Biyun and the beautiful doctor were in my mind all day. When my wife took me out of the hospital, she suddenly felt that she was too old to recognize her.

Doctors are very patriotic. During the military parade in Russia, there was a live show in the small activity room. My doctor came in and said, "I just want to see us." It refers to the honor guard of invited Chinese soldiers.

The volunteer J I wrote in this novel is sensitive. The police station told me to report from other places and asked me to write an appraisal in the hospital. Dr. zhoujuanjuan wrote it for me. I said it lightly, but I didn't tell her the most important thing. I said it was inappropriate to write a volunteer J in the hospital. Just as the Changjin Lake praised volunteer J, she wrote me boasting and making inappropriate remarks. She said I was excited. I said, "talking to you, you make me a little excited." "Don't let the police bring you in," she said

Of course, the agricultural materials colleagues in our province are very patriotic, and the colleagues are patriotic every day. It seems that zhangxianzhong is a minority after all.

The last time, on the eve of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, male doctors in the outpatient department were flushed with energy. I think so. He said it was all right. This time, the arrangement was very good. She was a woman doctor. She knew that I had published a Book (i.e. nerves).

There are also elderly patients who care about politics. Seven standing committee members were elected and told me which of them. What's more, I thought I could be among the members and alternate members. After reading the list, I was still a little disappointed.

At noon, the CCTV news broadcast an activity of the central government, and finally said, "the establishment will not be increased." I said to Zhang Wei, "Andy Lau and I have been busy for a while. It is useless. There is no staff." Zhang Wei said, "who is Andy Lau?" I said, "Bian zhengliu" (that is, we call each other "Huazai"). Zhang Wei said, "is he Andy Lau?" I said, "in a few days, he will be Andy Lau."

I said, "dear, open your mouth. The fragrance of flowers in the wind will make you intoxicated." Sing "dear, let's dance. A burst of fragrance will make you intoxicated." Then I stood behind the female nurse and the female doctor to smell the hair fragrance. In fact, it was shampoo. It really had a fragrance. Once I couldn't smell the fragrance on the head nurse's hair, so I said, "the fragrant imperial concubine doesn't smell any more. She's going to fly away." The head nurse hurriedly asked something. I said, "your hair doesn't smell good. You have to go." She laughed, not angry. Of course, there are also old patients who can't stand me smelling women. Imagine the dance hall smelling the fragrance of beauty. It's really intoxicating. And "honey, you fly with me through the jungle to see the stream." I changed it to "go through the jungle to listen to the brook." I think "listening" is better than "watching". There are sounds and images.

I am always excited when I first enter the hospital. My illness is just excited. I will give a speech on the bathroom bed, which is about the two major (Chapter 18 of Neurology: socialized mass production and the Internet revolution). I can give a speech for a long time. I am quick thinking and eloquent, just like Lenin's speechless speech. An old patient said, "that's all for mania. It'll be all right in two days." Mania comes and goes quickly.

At the time of onset, I was in a state of mania and excitement. I liked singing (expressing my feelings) and exile (walking aimlessly, also expressing my feelings). Every time, I thought I was a great person. I was excited once and realized that I said to my mother, "I wish I could sing or not join the army." my mother said, "yes.". But every time I suddenly think I'm great, I feel excited and can't control my humble life as usual.

The mental hospital, however, serves as an "isolation" and "shut-off". It has no other function. When you are at home, you can go to the streets to join the army and sing while walking. The more you walk, the more excited you sing. After the hospital is closed for a few days, you will feel nothing and gradually resume your humble life. Taking medicine is the same as taking it at home and in the hospital. The doctor has no other treatment, but the word "off" makes you less and less excited.

In the early days of hospitalization, there were also patients (young men) who said, "s is dead" and called me "brother Ge" and "brother-in-law". Like my brother-in-law, they sometimes called me "handsome", and then they called me "God" (in the 1990s), saying that I was an idol.

The leaders of the provincial agricultural means of production also said to my parents, "Ge Yimin is talented, but he is ill." I was assigned as the chief of the personal secretary section of caiguangyi (he was promoted to Secretary). If I hadn't been ill, I would have gone to Nanjing later. I don't know what the situation will be like.

Of course, nerve 12 164. If I am within the system, there will be no God net, nerve God, and mankind will always be in the dark, like a long night.

Chapter XX

The treatment methods in psychiatric hospitals are taking medicine and binding. There was electric acupuncture before, but now it is basically not done. It is said that it is cruel, inhumane, and violates human rights. There is less electric shock. It's easy to understand that taking medicine can stabilize your mood and control your brain's displeasure. Binding is a big means. The doctors and nurses call it protection. There are five bindings in total, namely, five colorful ones, and the neck and chest doctors and nurses call it a big belt. Single protection, double protection, three protection... Distinguish between hands and feet, such as double protection, with two hands or one hand and one foot. Of course, the most serious is the five protections of hands, feet, neck and chest:) I have learned many times. Once I was tied too tightly, I felt uncomfortable breathing. I shouted to loosen up, and the nurses and health workers ignored them. Fortunately, I fell asleep soon.

When a new patient comes in, he is tied to his bed. Doctors, nurses, health workers and dog leg patients will all participate. Sometimes I also participate. I learn a move. The patient struggles hard. When I cover his mouth with a pillow, he becomes bored. Of course, I can only cover it for a little while. Director Yao Hongxiu once reminded me.

Fights are common in the bathroom. I once talked with Wang Ming in the bathroom and said that fighting was boring. Wang Ming said, "Be busy with money":)

I want to go out and send a banner to Tao Lingwei, thinking about what words to write. If someone sends a banner, nurses or doctors will be rewarded. Speaking to Jia Jianqing, she advised me not to give it away for fear that I would spend money. Later, when I mentioned it to her again, she said, "I want it too.".

I am interested in Pi. I clearly remember what the primary school teacher said: "A lion and a pot of wine on the top of the mountain. After two deer dance, we can eat wine and kill people. "I was very impressed, but I was hospitalized many times (I call it a trial), and it was just" I can't kill you ", looking forward to" Le Er Le ". I once put 3.14159 leaves on the table in the activity room... Director Tian Zhihong saw that, of course, he could not understand, so he asked me to take it away.

When Li Xiannian was the President of the country, a patient and a doctor said, "If you want to be the President of the country, Li Xiannian can be, and I can be.":)

In that speech to a group of medical students about communism, I said that the hospital did not eat well, but learned to eat well. A boy said, "I'm not good at eating.":)

After the first hospitalization, my family asked a fortune teller and the witch said, "I have two PLA men and a woman in my body."

And Jia Jianqing said: "Everyone has a bank (referring to selling blood), while women have two banks (selling...)"

Once, an accompanying elder sister gave me fried dough sticks to eat, but I refused, saying, "Don't give a needle to the masses." She said something serious. I do have a characteristic that I don't eat other people's food. For example, I don't smoke other people's cigarettes at work. I don't accept any cigarettes from customers. I think I'm the last Red Army.

By the way, the beautiful doctor mentioned last time is Xu Jiaoyi. Director Chang Xianlu, I asked him, "Are you a Party member?" A: "Of course." Well, I'm very proud. When I talked about communism with him, he said, "Who else believes this now?" I said, "You are a Party member, but you say so?" He immediately walked away with a smile.

A patient named Zhang Aimin, for example, how old he is, sometimes he can't take care of himself. He urinates on his body and quilt. Nurses and health workers deal with the quilts and pillows that have urinated. They just dry them on the balcony and continue to give them to the patient without washing them. He took a copy of The Outlaws of the Marsh with him when he was in hospital. He read it every day and read a page for half a day. I called him an expert on the study of the marsh. He was very familiar with the nickname of 108 heroes. Li Yuanba still admired it and pulled me to listen. I said, "What's the use of knowing this?" His mother takes care of him. His mother likes me very much and likes talking with me. Although she is old, she is dignified and likes to wear red clothes. Once when I saw her, I was so considerate of her hardships that I cried loudly inside. When the nurse asked why, I said I saw her.

Once I met her on Zhengdong Road, she asked, "How about Zhang Aimin?" Of course, I said it was OK. She said, "It's not good at home. It's better to put it inside." Later, she died, and I happened to be in the hospital. Jia Jianqing asked Zhang Aimin to go home to mourn. Zhang Aimin just wore red clothes and didn't know his mother died. Jia Jianqing found a white T-shirt and changed it for him.

Chapter XXI

It's a big problem to live together and snore. One person likes Ren Xianqi's song "Sad Pacific". At that time, the TV can play U disk songs, so he asked to play this song. He snored seriously. One night, when he was sleeping, his voice was too loud and he was at my bedside. I said to Zhang, the health worker, "How can I sleep when my voice is so loud?" After a while, the voice was low, and the health worker dared to say: "Stop fighting and go to sleep." The previous article liked Dong Qing's Jurong fellow villager A, who said to his Pacific mother, "He snores, and I hit him in the face with my shoes. His mother is nervous, and A said she won't really hit him.".

Pacific's mother accompanies him in the hospital almost every day. She brings him a cake cutter and some fruit in the morning. Once, I saw his mother lying on the ground at the entrance of the nurse station, crying and making noises. I went to drag her. The head nurse said not to drag her, but that it was damaged. I stopped. Finally, she said, "Good, long live the head nurse.".

One night, it was Pacific snoring. Zhang, the health worker, asked me to sleep in another room. I said there was no quilt. He said, "I'll take it. "He picked up my old quilt and took me away. I was a little scared. When I entered the room, I didn't turn on the light. I was lying on the middle bed, and he slapped the quilt on me. There were old people around me who were whispering. I thought that there was an old central leader like Chen Yun in this room, which was very mysterious.

A young man, C, was very angry. His mother wanted to take him out of the hospital. Somehow she quarreled with the nurse, and she scolded. The nurse said, "Why are you so cruel?" When he heard this, he walked to the nurse and shouted, "Just be cruel. How about scolding?" At that time, Zhang Wei, the doctor, was also standing beside the nurse, at the entrance of the nurse station. C If I wanted to beat Zhang Wei and the nurse, I dared to hurry up and hold him and scold him for beating women. Zhang Wei said, "If you don't leave the hospital, I'll find someone to tie you up."

After a while, I saw him lying on the bed with water. I said, "Thank you for not leaving the hospital." He said, "What's wrong? "I said," We can play together, "but he was discharged the next day.

A man, D, in his 40s, lived for a few days and wanted to leave the hospital. His family found a relationship to leave the hospital. In fact, what relationship was he looking for? I won't see a doctor, can't I? At dinner, he didn't leave, but stopped working. The patient Wu (his wife threatened to commit suicide if he was discharged from hospital) said to him, "We will save you. "D doesn't like to hear it. When he answers something, Wu says," Come on, let's fight. "D said," I dare not, Master Fu, you are strong. “

Director Chang Xianlu talked to me that time, and I said, "I believe that our Party members and cadres serve the people, but one corrupt official here and one corrupt official there, why? Train the people and test Ge Yimin. “

The food in the mental hospital is always poor. After the price was raised, it was still the case. When the nurse asked the patient to make an investigation, the patient always said that the food was poor. I ordered steamed stuffed buns for breakfast, and boxed meals for lunch and evening. But boxed meals are also unpleasant. After eating Luocai, I can't eat vegetables and meals. They eat fast. I always end up with a lot of food left.

There was a boy whose mother was so beautiful and sexy. I gave him steamed buns for many days, and he was not polite when I ate his steamed buns. Once his mother and his aunt were in the reception room, and I also sat down. The male hygienist asked me to leave.

Once when I was sitting on a fucking porch bed, I helped the nurse in the innermost room. I came out and went back to my room. When I passed by her, I said, "The property is public, everyone is equal, and no one is allowed to starve or freeze." "Only when all people have the same living conditions can we be carefree, loving and happy. Therefore, we must share wealth, abolish the monetary system, use all wealth equally, distribute labor equally, distribute products equally, and enjoy them equally. Everyone has the right to own and enjoy so many things that they need but cannot exceed. No one has the right to pursue more consumption and less labor. No one can get more enjoyment and engage in less work because he has more knowledge. Otherwise, he is an aristocrat. "Humans who are mature to the perfection of the earth are crops, and the common possession of earthly wealth is the first fruit of such crops." According to the commandment of love, harvest the fruits of mature human beings - wealth is shared. “

It was the content of "Nerve" (the Shinto Declaration). Of course, I didn't say so much at that time. She smiled when she patted a patient on the shoulder.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Hua Zai (Bian Zhengliu) likes to eat my boxed lunch. Here comes my boxed lunch, and he always helps a lot of meat dishes. After a long time, I'm not happy anymore. I ordered the boxed lunch for me by Jia Jianqing and will no longer give it to anyone. But my boxed lunch is always the same, and I always have no taste. I eat meat dishes first, and then vegetarian dishes, but I can't eat enough. I can only eat half of the food.

When I was working in Changzhou, one evening at my home in Zhenjiang on a weekend, I was so excited that I carried my wife behind my back and sang a fake monk, "I don't want to believe there is really a devil, nor do I want to oppose anyone. My wife knows it's useless to disobey me, so she leaves it to me.

There is a leave to discharge from a mental hospital (now cancelled), which means that patients have not completed the discharge procedures but are taken home by their family members. Patients are welcome to leave the hospital due to the discomfort of being locked up and return to the hospital after the expiration of the leave. However, in general, real discharge procedures are also processed, and I always do.

There is a health worker, and I call her Anita Mui. She has some martial arts skills and can lift her legs very high. She likes me to give her a massage, she's very sexy, and I'm willing to do the same. One night, late at night, she sat on a bench by the door, and I gave her a massage on her back, which was very fragrant. Another massager, I said, 'I'm tired from pressing,' he said, 'I'm sure I'm tired from pressing.' I said, 'Do you smoke?'? He said, 'Do you have it?' I said, 'Yes,' and he said, 'Smoke.'. Just let Anita Mui light the fire and we went to the bathroom to pick up the train.

Sometimes patients ask nurses about their condition, and nurses always explain that they are asking your doctor. But the little beauty nurse who presses my hand will talk to the patient.

Psychiatric hospitals often bind people and restrict their freedom, which is called protection by healthcare professionals. Similar to prison confinement, tied to a bed, and seeing other patients moving around, you will envy them.

Some fixed elderly patients specialize in work, and when it was still dark, Chen Jinlin came to mop the floor and A came to take out the garbage. After eating, Class A immediately mopped the floor and flushed the toilet. An old man said, 'It's sad for them not to do anything.'. That's the old man who told me to hand it over from generation to generation.

Volume 4 Ge Shen and his women(august1990 – present)

Chapter I

One night in the summer of 1989 (the third of NANDA University), we went to a ferry in Nanjing (Zhongshan wharf) with Xia Liwen, the "master", to cross the river to visit Jianghu people. Because there was still time for the boat to meet, we stopped by the roadside at the gate. A woman, older than me, asked me where I was going? I said Jiang, she didn't go away. Standing in front of me, I understood and took her. She took out some of my pockets and put them back. (after going back, Xia reminds me that she took me 10 yuan). She took me to the wall. Because it was dark, she unzipped my pants and put them inside her. Because I didn't know how to move, she took them out for a while and left. When I crossed the river, I was still swollen. Later, I was ridiculed by the Jianghu brothers Gao Niu B and Yang for carrying half a pot.

In the room where I was on duty in the southwest building, Weiqin (a pseudonym, the same below) showed me breasts. Did I say there was milk? She says it's only possible to have children. Later, she called me a plane at the drum tower English corner.

I met Zhang Qin on the street and took her to my dorm. Xia and her Z, Xia said to me, you go in and say virgin for the first time. I went in and told the truth. She said that she couldn't affect me. We didn't have Z.

I took Hong Bing to the dormitory for the night and stayed in the TV room. I said she was not a virgin. She immediately took off her pants and showed it to me. I looked at it and felt nothing. When I was a student, I was so pure that I didn't understand the wind and the moon.

In the spring of 1991 (already working in Zhenjiang), he was fond of ballroom dancing. Generally, he was in the ballroom opposite the company. The dance floor was very large and there were many people. Once I was very speculative with a woman (zhoudongfeng), who was in her 30s. After that, I made an appointment to go to my dorm to play. We are Z. she is like a white tiger, very white. The next day, it was Sunday. She bought me some buns and a box of Hongtashan.

I met zhangqiuying in the ballroom of the stadium. She is over 30 years old. We danced a few songs and made an appointment to go to the toilet outside. Then we danced back and left a phone. She was sincere to me. She came to me on a date. It was raining hard, but she still came. There was a lover's road near the canal. We dated at night. She said that she didn't need to take off her shorts. There were buttons on the side. She could just untie them. She specially wore them. They were worn by ships. Once a man followed us. After I returned to the dormitory, I asked for her Z. she said no. the man said that you and he (referring to me) Z. she said that we were in love.

Yanfengying also met at the dance floor. At that time, women were very open and no one asked for money. When we Z, it makes a loud noise. Come to me again, at the iron gate Z. Later I met her in the ballroom and asked her why she didn't come to me? She said you had a woman. She was honest.

One morning in the summer of 1991, I was going to dance in the gym. My unit had five monthly tickets. Before the time came, I saw a young woman in a green dress at the door. She was in a very good shape. She was walking on the road to the small stadium. I thought she would dance in general. I thought I would ask her to dance when I went in. She is my later girlfriend HuangFei, a physical education teacher.

Sure enough, I invited her to dance. She agreed, and we danced all the time. She danced very well, especially fast. She led me to spin.

After that, I asked her to my dormitory and left a phone. I have been with her for more than one year. I once wrote a diary because I was afraid of being discovered when I talked with my wife. The diary burned on the balcony of my unit. Now I think it's a pity that the history of shenism has been obliterated.

Chapter II

Huang Fei and I talk on the phone almost every day. She often comes to my dormitory after work. Sometimes she waits for me in the dormitory before I get off work. Of course, we often went dancing. At that time, there was no Internet or mobile phone. Dancing was our biggest hobby. Sometimes in general, a group of her students were also inside. When she was young, the students surrounded us in a big circle. We pulled in the middle and the students pulled around.

At that time, people still loved to watch movies. When we watched them, she always ate a plum blossom and vomited it in my mouth.

One Christmas, my junior high school classmate wangguofang took us and others out to the dance by bike. After looking for the night show, it turned out that the night show was last Christmas Eve. I was surprised that Jesus had not yet been born on Christmas Eve. Shouldn't it be Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus?

Once Wang Guofang organized a dance in her unit Dantu radio station and invited us to go. Huang Fei brought a lot of soft candy. Because Huang Fei's feet are big, we change our shoes. I'm tight and can bear it. Later wangguofang told me that they both thought we were a good match and even envied us.

Of course, before long, we were both Z.

At that time, they were very open to sex. One night, we chatted up a woman downstairs of the company. We went to the next yard. It was a night school. We leaned against the wall. The so-called swallow flew against the wall. After leaving the hospital, the guard blamed us for opening the gate. When I came out to a restaurant downstairs, I paid dozens of yuan. She said she would pay. I said, "seriously?", She took out 50 and gave it to me. I took it for a while and gave it back to her. Because I want to go back to the dormitory, the old doorman can't be too late. She wants me to accompany her more, but she doesn't want to.

Wangmumei is a native of Northern Jiangsu. She is several years older than me. She also met me dancing. It was in Donggong. After I invited her to my dormitory, she had several companions who rode with us. I said to them, are you in this direction? And they rode off in another way, grumbling.

I'll take wangmumei to my dormitory and we'll be Z. She stayed on the phone with me for a long time. At that time, Hualian Commercial Building held a shopping lottery and gave me a coupon to buy something. When will the lottery come. She said she would give me her ticket and take it to me.

One morning, when I was at work, wangmumei rode to the downstairs of my company to find me. We went to my dormitory Z, Z once, she said J, then Z, she was high C, she said we were high C at the same time, very satisfied.

On a Sunday day, the old doorman looked at my dormitory for a while. Wangmumei found out and I had to leave the door open.

Once the company gave her a bag of apples. I asked wangmumei to give it to her son to eat. I was a little reluctant. I wanted to give it to my brother and sister-in-law. She and I have given her a bag of apples so many times. It's incredible today. So women didn't want money at that time.

One night, when I was late dancing with Huang Fei, she took me to eat casseroles. I saw a bowl full and said I couldn't eat it. She said it was just one layer above. Sure enough, there was soup underneath. It was too late. If I went back to the dormitory, it would be too late. She took me to her house to sleep and let me fall down with her brother. His brother was already asleep. I took off my clothes and went into his brother's bed.

The next morning, we went to Jingqiao restaurant for breakfast. I was late for work and found a reason to prevaricate.

Chapter III

When I was dancing, I always invited girls I didn't know in the dance hall. I often went with my colleague tangzhihui, two bachelors, ha ha. Once someone was very polite and gentleman, but the girl refused. We asked to eat pancake. As I stood up, I said, "revolution is not a dinner party. You can't be so kind, courteous and frugal." I ran to the girl nearby and dragged her to jump. The girls sitting there laughed.

Once I invited a girl to eat pancake. I said, "what should I do? "As he spoke, he ran to a nearby place and dragged a girl to jump. The original girl and her companions laughed loudly.

Once I asked a girl to dance. She was dressed in red and her companion was dressed in black. I said you two were a novel. What novel did she say? I said red and black.

Once a colleague Bao Ping and his wife were in general. I talked to them. The dance music sounded. I said not to delay my business. I got up and went to find the girl. Bao Ping's wife laughed.

Next to my dormitory, there is a factory. There are two female workers, all girls. They are my fellow Jurong. Once they brought a girl to play, named yejiezhi, from Anhui. Later, yejiezhi came to my dormitory alone. They knew that they were not happy and looked down upon her.

Once ye Jiezhi and I were in the dormitory. I reached out to touch her private place. She struggled. My hands were full of yellow water.

Once, when my brother came, she didn't go. My brother said to go, I said to go, and she still didn't go.

Many years later, ye Jiezhi opened a smoking hotel on Dianli road. I was married and joked that she would be her lover. She said that the lover would meet twice a week.

There was a girl named Dingdang, who was also known by dancing. At that time, the dance music had a song "special love for special you". When I danced with her, I said to her, "special love for special you". She worked in SHANGXIA, southern China. Once, our company issued benefits and asked for reimbursement of clothing invoices. Ding Dong tore a blank invoice and gave it to me. I took it to my unit. Ai Yun looked at it and said that other people's invoices had been solved. Dingdang is very nice. I thought later that it would be good if I married her.

When a girl came to my dormitory, I hugged her. She said, "please show me some respect". It was too formal diplomatic language. I immediately let go and said I was sorry.

There is a typing and copying shop at the door of the company. At the place where we copy, once I asked a girl there to dance in the evening. She said to think about it. I said to jump, or not to jump. What should I think about? I had to go home and ask my mother. They laughed.

One Sunday, Huang Fei asked me to dance. She happened to have a partner. I asked them to go first. I was at the ticket office and wanted to find a girl. At this time, there was a girl (Leng Xue, the most beautiful Chinese girl in her mind), who was very beautiful. She wore a white skirt. The tickets were sold out. I happened to have a monthly ticket for my unit. I took her in and danced with her. I ignored Huang Fei when I saw her. After that, I took her to my dormitory. She cooked my yam for us to eat and gave her coffee. The guard liuchangfa's wife praised her and said how to cook the yam. When Huang Fei came to see lengxue drinking the coffee I prepared for her, she was jealous. Two girls were in my dormitory at the same time. The scene was very embarrassing. Later, Huang Fei said that she thought I was waiting for Wang Guofang at the ticket office. Leng Xue was so beautiful. She had never seen such a beautiful girl in Zhenjiang. She should only be in Hong Kong. Colleague liwenning also glanced at cold snow in my dormitory.

Leng Xue told me that she worked in the electrical control room of Jianbi Power Plant. She had two brothers who especially protected her. She also said that my brother did not protect me. Who did he protect?

At that time, I wanted to take Huang Fei back to my hometown in Jurong. I told my family that for some unknown reason, Huang Fei didn't go with me. I asked lengxue to pretend to be my girlfriend Huang Fei and go back to my hometown. Lengxue said that if she wanted to go, I would go instead of pretending to be someone else. For some reason, lengxue didn't go back with me.

At last I went home alone and was still very sad in the car. My grandmother also said, "if Huang Fei doesn't come, why don't you let lengxue come?" My brother smiled and said that he could not do this.

Huang Fei and I, one of my grandfathers, agreed to match each other. We said that one city dweller and one country dweller complemented each other. We also said that everything complemented each other.

The last time Leng Xue called, I was not in. My colleague xuyuemei answered. Xu told me that a girl called for you. You were not in.

Once when I was dancing in a small body, I invited a girl to dance a song. I went to invite someone else. After a few songs, I met her again. She asked me, "where have you been?" As soon as I heard of the play, I invited her to dance. She told me her name was Leng manlei, a native of Dongxiang. End, go to my dorm, just Z, and she specially said that this is called Z love.

Chapter IV

Once, I went back to my dormitory with Huang Fei in a hotel called Guangming Hotel opposite Huangshan shopping mall. After drinking beer, I was unhappy that I had no clue about marriage. She asked Z.

Once I was watching a movie with Huang Fei at the people's cinema. I thought of the dead Sanmao. I was inexplicably sad. The Veterans General Hospital also made a determination to Huang Fei. I burned my little finger with a lighter. She stopped me. It was too late. My hand hurt for several days.

Once I went to Huang Fei's school to find her. She had just finished her PE class and was punishing a girl for taking the shot put.

Huang Fei was pregnant and knocked it out. I gave her hundreds of yuan. She immediately brought it back to me. I thought she was polite. She said no. It was an exhibition ticket for the gymnasium.

When I was ill and hospitalized, Huang Fei came to my dormitory to find me. My parents were there. They thought I was ill because of her. They were unhappy with her.

Once my mother and I were at my brother's place. Somehow, Huang Fei knew my brother's address. She didn't bring her here once, but she found it.

Tangzhihui is the chef of our canteen. We call him commander Tang. He has a certificate as a second-class cook. I said, "a second-class cook is equivalent to an intermediate intellectual." Wangkesheng thinks it is interesting and repeats it constantly. Later, commander Tang left our unit and the unit gave him a room by the river. There was a fat woman named Xu. Once I took the key to the soup and took Xu to Z. afterwards, I rode back to the city with Xu.

Once I took Xu to my dormitory. I asked her to wait for me at the door. I went in to look for an opportunity. The old guard was there. There was no chance. After a long time, the old guard told me to go out. When he left, I dared to go to the door to find Xu. A man at the door estimated that I was looking for this person and told me that she had left.

Dance to meet a woman named Qiang Mingying. Take her to dormitory Z and ask her whether her husband is comfortable or me. She says you are comfortable.

Once I went back to my hometown and went back to my dormitory on Sunday. At this time, the dormitory had been demolished and there were only two rooms left. I was in the inner room and commander Tang was in the outer room. There was one door. When I returned, it was dark. I opened the door and cut off the power. I entered the room and lit the lighter. Leng manlei was in the dark. I just washed the quilt in my hometown, so she helped me set it.

Leng manlei was pregnant. I took her to the fourth hospital and knocked her out. Later, I took her to a food stall. Meng Tingwei was just giving a concert at Zhenjiang gymnasium. According to the guests nearby, Leng manlei also whispered to Meng Tingwei.

Once when she was in the dormitory after work, Huang Fei came by bike and wanted to take me to her new home. That day, she was the only one in her family. I stayed in her family. At the beginning, she showed me videos, which were feature films. Then I went to bed and told me that women should wash their bottoms. We went to Z. I slept naked. She had to put on her underwear. Otherwise, she was not used to it and couldn't sleep. We went to Z several times that night.

Leng manlei wanted to marry me. Gao Jiaying, who met at the time of dancing, introduced me to my current wife. I dated Leng manlei again. When I broke up, I didn't make an appointment for the next meeting. After dancing in a dance hall, she waited for me to make an appointment for the next meeting. I didn't make an appointment on purpose.

Once when my wife was in my dormitory, Leng manlei came to me. My wife didn't go. I sent Leng manlei away. On the way, she said that you two couldn't be separated for a day. She went away.

On March 5th, 1993, I met my wife, got the marriage certificate in November, got married in February, 1994, and gave birth to a son in July. Omit it...

Fanxiaoping and I danced several times. Once I sat on my bike waiting for her to dance. It seemed that I had waited for a long time. She greeted me when she arrived. I said I was good at waiting. Once in my dormitory, I asked for Z, but she kept deliberately yelling. She couldn't mean to be a slut. I was nervous. I wasn't hard. Stop it. She was an intellectual.

One of my characteristics is that after breaking up with girls, I will not become enemies, but will become friends. When I gave birth to my son, Huang Fei also gave birth to a son. On the phone, she joked that she asked her son to hit my son.

At this time, I had lived in the house assigned to me by my unit, a family of three, but my wife often took her son back to her mother's house, and I continued my happy life.

There was a woman named chenshumei who came to my house once. My wife was still pregnant in the countryside. We were Z. As I lay on the floor, she squatted. She moved up and down and asked me, "what is the most comfortable?" I quickly replied, "make love."

Chapter V

One evening, when Mei came to my house, Wang Kesheng was there. Wang is watching TV in the bedroom, Chen and I are on the small bed in the living room. I put it in her, and the two of them were half sitting and half lying, maintaining a strange posture and keeping it all the time. Wang came out to go to the bathroom, and we both kept it. I joked: "you and his Z." She said, "what do you think of me?" It lasted so long. For a few hours, I was very sleepy. It was about 12 o'clock. She said, "I'm back." I said, "OK.".

Later, in a general meeting, she specially told me that she had eaten cake for commander Tang. She was a factory worker.

Once, at the end of the afternoon session, I went in and jumped. I met a woman dressed in a fashionable black dress. Her name was wangjiafen. She drove a taxi. I invited her to dinner. When my wife went back to her mother's house, I ate in the canteen. I bought a lot of cooked beef. We were having dinner in the office. Manager Cai came to see us and asked who it was? I said "friend". Later, Cai said that she was gorgeous and that my wife was not easy to mess with.

Wangjiafen and I came to my house and chatted in the bedroom. My brother-in-law Minghu came. I opened the door and looked back. I found that wangjiafen was not in the bedroom. She was hiding on the balcony. I went to call her out and said it was nothing. Tell Minghu that she is my classmate wangguofang. My wife knows Wang Guofang. They both happen to be thin. Before Minghu left, I saw Wang Jiafen off. It was raining and I took an umbrella. I stayed in hejianong and took her to the Hualian bus stop at dashikou.

Wangjiafen said that she was proud of her high turning rate in the street. When it comes to playing outside together, the man has no money "Dad", which means he is helpless and makes a fool of himself. She mentioned being my lover. It seems that she meant to keep money. I didn't agree. Once she mentioned that she was short of money but could not borrow it. I said I would lend it to you. She said that she didn't think she didn't borrow it from me. She looked down on me. I overdraw 1000 yuan to her with my credit card. Later, when I wanted her to pay back the money, I couldn't open my mouth, so I pretended to introduce someone to her, so that I could contact her, and showed her the photos of my college classmate Dai Yong.

Wangmumei told me that z is called putting on airs. Once when we went to a movie, it was better to have a son than a girl. I said, "if you have a girl, you can put on airs when you grow up." She smiled and squeezed my arm hard.

One night, at the gate of No. 5 middle school nearby, Wang and I were at the edge of the fence. She came to cross the scene, and we were still at Z.

One night, I met a woman named Wang Ling during a dance. After that, I picked up my bike in the garage of my unit. Several old colleagues of my unit were there. I was a little embarrassed. When we arrived at my house, we talked with Wang Ling. She was poor in milk and did not take off her bra. She was not allowed to touch. She said that she was a steamed bun, and the other one was flat. I asked the difference, and she said that steamed bun Z was comfortable. That night, Z went there five times, but the time was not long.

The next day she brought a girl friend to dinner. She was very beautiful. Wang went to have her hair done and served oil. Her friend cooked vegetables at my home. I gave them bacon and bones to eat. When the three of us had dinner, I got up and said to them, "it's delicious." Is to imitate Zhao Benshan's words.

When commander Tang and Wang Kesheng came, we went to dance, but when her best friend had something to do, she took the initiative to say 88 to us loudly. Commander Tang and I danced with Wang Ling one after another for a while.

Wang Ling told me that my hair would be smooth. I also used oil. At that time, my hair was very long, just like the military uniform video. Then we went to the restaurant for lunch. We looked in the mirror like four people. She had to pay for it.

Once Wang Ling took a bath in my bathroom. There was a crack under the door. Tang and I were looking at each other. We were poor in milk and slim. Tang had a girlfriend named Youfei at that time. Tang said Wang Kesheng couldn't stand it.

Chapter VI

Once when the dance floor didn't start, Wang Ling and I went to the campus of No. 5 middle school and sat down for a long talk. She was too thin. I didn't like her. Later, I even hated her. I saw her ID card at home. When dancing, she held me. I looked at the beautiful women around me. I didn't like her anymore.

Once my junior high school classmate Ju Hongcheng came to Zhenjiang and made an appointment with his classmate wangguofang. The three of us went to the hotel where he stayed and danced in the Jinlong hotel. He was working in electric power. At that time, my hair was very long, just like the military uniform of Shenwang. Ju said that he would be afraid of people like me. I just danced with wangguofang. Someone called me. It was Wang Ling and her companion. Wang Ling asked me, "how many of you?" I said, "mind your business." It was impolite. It was just to show my masculinity in front of my old classmates. I regretted it afterwards, but Wang Ling didn't mind. She still danced with me. After that, she took the initiative to go with us. Alas, I'm sorry for her.

Later, she called the finance department. I wasn't there. A colleague in the finance department was also called Wangling, who also said that she was called Duoduo.

At that time, Xie Xiaodong, a little fresh meat, was quite popular. His colleague wangzhengping also said that he looked like Xiaoge, which showed that I was not low in appearance:)

About high school classmate Wang Qun (a girl with a nervous Diary) came to Xiaoti for a dance. She worked in Zhenjiang, but did not contact again. It may be that I found her home phone number in the yellow page of the number.

Xulongyun, a high school classmate, also works in Zhenjiang. Let's go to the fifth component factory and come to my office once. He is very capable.

One morning, my college classmate Li Qing (Taicang, Suzhou) came to my office and brought a bad news. He told my classmate Dengjin that she had died (jumped from a building) in Shenzhen. I was very sad. She had been in love for four years. Now her figure is still very clear in her mind. She is the class flower of my class. She is a very beautiful Jiangxi top student. She is the one whose score can go up to the north, not me that the Internet philosophy circle said.

Once, in general, a woman danced with me. She said that she danced once a week. I asked her why she didn't come more. She said: "economic problems." dancing, the ticket money is not enough, which has risen to economic problems. Most dance halls in Zhenjiang are free for women, so as to attract wolves:) but large and small bodies, because there are many women, women are not free, and the lights are bright. Husbands are very relieved that their wives go to large and small bodies.

One night, after dancing, I asked a woman named Xiao Chu to come to my house. When she asked for Z, she took off her pants. She held up her pants and twisted to prevent me from entering. I was nervous and held out. She said no, I said I would shoot. She said yes, and shot outside her. "I cried before I entered the door":) she got up and cleaned up, saying that it would be terrible if she went in. Send her a poncho when it rains. The next day, before 8 o'clock, she called my unit. Chief Shu answered and said I didn't come. In fact, I cooked fried rice with eggs in the canteen. I brought commander Tang to eat. When he came, he also brought him to eat.

My mother told me that a man came to my unit to kneel down and beg me not to contact his wife again. I was not there at that time. I was in the dormitory area at No. 20 Jiefang Road. It should be zhangqiuying. Later, I asked commander Tang. He said that there was no such thing. If there was, he would hear about it.

On one Sunday afternoon, a woman named Yanqin was invited to take her home to Z. she asked for money (some women began to ask for money at that time). I took out my pocket and gave her 70 or 80 yuan. She said yes. Z did it once and did it for the second time. It was not hard. I took out Yupu Tuan and read it. She said it was hard after reading it. Z did it for the second time. Afterwards, she left and gave me some rice dumplings in the cart basket. I didn't want them.

Chapter VII

One summer evening, I went to a dance hall in Zhenjiang daily. I saw two women, one fat and the other thin. I asked the fat girl to dance. Her name was Xu AI. After that, we went to the riverside park for cold drinks. A flower seller came to my place. I didn't buy it. Xu AI wanted me to buy flowers for her. The flower seller should not be able to sell them. He said that I gave money casually, but I still didn't buy them.

It was in 1998, in the era of using BPs, we decided to play later. I asked her to pretend to be my junior high school classmate wangguofang and call my wife. My wife knew wangguofang. Xu AI found a public telephone nearby and called my home. She said, "are you ge Yimin's wife?" My wife said, "yes," and Xu AI said, "Ge Yimin will come home later tonight." My wife said, "OK." my wife believes in Wang Guofang and thinks we should go to parties and dance or something.

After the cold drink, Xu AI and I went to the park to chat. She said that her father was a hospital president or something. Of course, I don't believe it. She said that there was a right father-in-law and daughter-in-law. When she went to the hospital, his father had a shot and separated.

Then we went to her rented place and we went to Z. I said, "I want Z2 times. The first time is not long." "How long?" she asked I said, "two minutes." "It's been two minutes," she said...

Afterwards, we left each other a copy number. When I went home, she sent me to the roadside. We kissed under the street lamp for a long time. There were two men standing nearby. It was very late when I got home. I spread a mat to sleep in the living room. I couldn't be calm for a long time. My brother-in-law was there and asked me to have an early rest.

At that time, I was already working in Changzhou. She often tortured me when I returned to the town for a weekend on Friday. When I had dinner in the canteen, I called back from the office. Sometimes she left and asked the shopkeeper to ask me to torture her again.

She said that her sister-in-law was dancing that day, and her brother was also playing outside. A woman in Zhenjiang was attracted to her brother and wanted to spend a lot of money for him. Her brother didn't agree, but she and her sister-in-law encouraged her.

One Saturday night, she took me to her sister's house for dinner. I bought a lot of cooked vegetables. Her brother-in-law also said that it was good to install a large ceiling fan. Her brother-in-law was engaged in manufacturing and other businesses. But at that time, I installed air conditioners. People's satisfaction is always relative.

Her two nieces are twins, Fengchang is cute and two years older than my son. She decided to take them tomorrow (Sunday) and my son to the commercial summer children's Park.

The next day, I took my son with me. She took two nieces to the commercial summer children's Park. Five of us went in. The two nieces were very good at playing, and they also took my son to play. My son also had a good time. Xu AI and I were sitting inside, but there were two buttons in her thick dress. I was just like xuepan. "I was afraid Baochai would be seen."

One hot day, we were still in her sister-in-law's rental house.

I went back to town from Changzhou on Friday and went directly to her house for rent. She said that the old landlord watched her take a bath and she scolded. At z, she said false pterin, which made me happy, and then said no. She said she wanted to try the backcourt. She said it was on the video, but I didn't agree. Then she said it was bad.

I gave her my gold ring. She said she pawned it. I told my wife I lost my bath.

When I came back to town from work on Friday, I went to Xu Aina again. My wife called manager CAI and asked why I hadn't come home. Cai tortured me. I said that commander Tang was here and he told me to go home. I got a yellow one. Xu AI and I took it together. When we got to my door, I went home alone and told my wife to go to commander Tang.

Chapter VIII

At the end of the 1990s, the shampoo room rose. The hair salon sister washed your hair for one hour. I had a dry cleaning in Zhenjiang. It was a hairdresser with dry cleaning. The boss also gave me a color photo. It was very beautiful.

I work in Changzhou Benniu, but in the shampoo center, there is one every 20 meters, with a hair salon sign, but I don't have a haircut. I specialize in dry shampoo. There is one not far from our company. The landlady's name is guohongmei. She is very plump and beautiful. She looks like a Hong Kong star on her nerves. There is also a beauty salon girl named Dongyan.

I went in and asked the landlady to wash it. After guohongmei washed it, I said I would pay you 20 yuan. I went into the inner room (a small bed with a facial mask) to talk. She and I went in. I hugged her. She hid and chatted. She turned out to be my hometown in Jurong. I was in Jurong North (Dazhuo) and she was in Jurong South (Guozhuang).

Dongyan likes to watch horror movies, but she is also very afraid. When there are no guests, she plays them in the hair salon. We sit together. When we get to the horror scene, she drills into my arms. She also asked me to sit next to her. Otherwise, I would be very happy. When I put on the facial mask, I hugged her, and she hid. Dongyan also asked me to bring VCDs to them in Zhenjiang, such as Lin Zhixian's single love song.

Guohongmei took a walk with me at noon one day. When she came to my office, she was so beautiful that she attracted comments from her colleague shazhifeng.

At that time, I had read the Bible stories, but did not participate in Christianity. I asked them to call me Christ, and then bought them newspapers or chocolates. Dongyan often called me Christ. Once Guo Hongmei fell down. I bought a lot of things to comfort her. Another time, she wanted to go back to her hometown. I asked local friends to take her to the station by motorcycle. I promised to be the Christ and buy guohongmei a mobile phone. She said that she would like me. Later, when I went online in Zhenjiang Internet cafe, she called: "buy me something". I refused her as the Christ.

I also went to another shampoo room to get along with zhanglanfang. Once I put on a facial mask upstairs. I don't know what she said. She took off her pants, proved her innocence and put it on again soon. Some of my colleagues came to me that time to make trouble.

Ni'e, who is with zhanglanfang, is very beautiful. Once I took her shopping. She bought a lot in the supermarket. Later, when the two of them left, there came a man named Huang Qingchun. I said that you were old and this name was inappropriate. She went home and left an address for me. I wrote a letter to her. They were from Henan. I asked her to buy a Bible. The landlady was also from Henan. She said I would buy it for you, but I bought it at the church in the town. Huang Qingchun once told me a few words "1 Corinthians". I wrote "Miss Huang Qingchun received" in my envelope. She replied that she would not write Miss Huang next time. By that time, Miss Huang had begun to be stigmatized.

In Zhenjiang, there is a dance hall at Qingyun gate. In the morning, I met two women: wuxiaoxia and Tangyan. I asked wuxiaoxia to dance. They are from Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. Once at noon, we went to Huangshan shopping mall, wuxiaoxia's home, and we wore a Z suit.

In December2000, our unit was restructured, and I left the provincial agricultural means of production. One afternoon, wuxiaoxia and Tangyan and I went to the dance hall in the basement of Zhongshan Bridge to dance. When Lao Di, I was red pants and long hair. When I was four with wuxiaoxia, I heard someone call me. It turned out that it was Xu AI and her sister-in-law. I was nostalgic, so I went to them. Xu AI was dissatisfied with Wu Xiaoxia and said that she looked like a Hong Kong man wearing a hat.

After the ballroom was over, I took Xu AI and her sister-in-law to the dashikou postal teller machine and took 100 to her sister-in-law and 200 to Xu AI. On the second day, Xu AI asked me to go to her apartment in Huangshan. She also had a Bible, which was a new version in simplified horizontal format. I used the combined version and the traditional vertical format. She took the initiative to communicate with me. One afternoon, when I was at home, her sister-in-law called me on my mobile phone to ask me out. I refused.

Chapter IX

Once in a dance hall at dashikou, I asked a woman to dance. Her name was zhangyanmei. She took the initiative to stick to it, so I invited her. She danced a few songs and swallowed four. When we sat down, she got K and vomited. I made an appointment to go to my house in the afternoon. She carried a long string of keys. She was a warehouse keeper. We were Z.

Wuxiaoxia and Tangyan are also dancing with me in the morning. They have the right to exercise. Once in the afternoon, they took a girl named Lanlan, and the four of us were dancing. During the dance, I was very close to the three of them. During the song, I sat on the bench, and LAN LAN sat on my leg. She danced up and down, attracting others' glances. When it was almost three o'clock, I also invited a beautiful young woman to dance. It was a very beautiful day. At the end, Lan Lan wanted me to invite them to dinner, but wuxiaoxia stopped her.

Later, wuxiaoxia left Zhenjiang and went to other places to do small business. She lent me 300 yuan. Later, she wanted to pay it back online. I didn't let her. I told her. After I surfed the Internet, I introduced QQ to her. She sent back a text message and typed it as PP.

After Tang Yan returned to Wenzhou, once I was surfing the Internet in an Internet cafe. She asked me to charge her mobile phone 100. She is a Zhenjiang mobile phone. I charged it, and she always praised me. Later, when she returned to Zhenjiang, a girl, Chenglin, was with her.

Once, I was looking for Tang Yan. She was lying in bed wearing a skirt. I touched her shorts. It smelled very bad. I didn't touch her.

Chenglin is a young man who likes reading books. She said, "the spring rain is continuous. My wife sleeps alone." let me type a word, and then say, "tell you it's one." let me say the reason. Before I think about it, she said that spring has no day and no husband.

And Chenglin Z, it was a long time, but she told me that she was bleeding, so I had to give it up.

Later, I asked Cheng Lin to take a taxi to Qinggong. I paid the fare and took her to the back of the rehabilitation hospital for fast food. It was very affordable. Then I took her to an Internet cafe and taught her to surf the Internet. I also registered an account in Yahoo China. We went to Z under the canal. At first, I wanted to face each other. She couldn't say Z well, so she went in later.

In a dance hall at Huli bridge, I met a woman named maxiaoli. When she was walking, she said, "it doesn't matter if the feelings come." One Sunday afternoon, we were in Z. she was naked and lying in bed. She was a little plump. I said to her, "very happy", T before Z. After that, I showed her on the Internet. Someone knocked at the door. I opened the door. It was my son. I asked his mother. He said, "at Lao Guo's house." It turned out to be watching people play mahjong. It was such a coincidence that I let maxiaoli go. Later, my son told his mother that I was also dismissed by Wang Guofang.

When zhangqiuying knew that I was married, she forced me to buy her a big bag of candy at Zhongshan shopping mall. I took her to KFC for several times. When I danced, she hugged me, but I didn't like seeing all the beautiful women in the hall. I had sex with her at my house for times. After that, I said she was K. she said it was dirty now. It was OK to wash it clean. Because she was older than me, I joked: "zhangqiuying is old and unruly." She said, "I'm afraid you said that."

One afternoon, when I was walking in the street, I suddenly heard someone call me "Ge Yimin". I didn't recognize her. A woman with a big wavy head was very fashionable. After listening to her, I knew it was zhoudongfeng. I took her to my house. My son was there. Because he was still young, I asked him to watch cartoons in his bedroom. Close the door. Don't hurry to Z with zhoudongfeng on the sofa. At first, my son ran out, and I dared to let him go back to watch TV.

Chapter X

On Christmas Eve 2000, I went to the gospel church on Daxi road. On the second floor, Xu AI also came. But she smoked and came in smelling of smoke. I said she was not happy.

Later, one morning, I took her to my house. I rode a bike and gave her three rounds. Before Z, she asked for money, and I was unhappy. I happened to have a 50 on me. I said I wanted to buy vegetables, but she said something to her. I didn't have Z, so I sent her away and said goodbye.

One night, when I was a little excited, I went to the No. 1 hair salon in Jiefang Bridge to have a haircut and dry shampoo. There was a beautiful and enchanting landlady (from Wenzhou), about 40 years old, and two young ladies (from Wenzhou and Heilongjiang), in their 20s. I explained my intention. They didn't cut their hair or wash their hair. They asked me to Z. Say 100, I looked in my wallet, there were 80, the landlady said it was 80.

The two young ladies told me how much they would pay for both of them at the same time, how much they would pay to the hotel, how much they would pay to your home, and how much they would pay to your home. There was a risk that your wife might find something.

I said to the landlady Z, and the landlady said, "it's an old woman." Then I got up and went inside. I followed her in. There was a big bed in the plastic curtain.

The proprietress took off her pants and lay down. I was T before Z. she took the initiative to show x again and kept urging: "hurry up."...

When I finished, I took out my wallet and some money. The landlady said, "give it to me together.". He asked me to leave again and said, "you are here. No one else dares to come in."

Many years later, I met a Zhenjiang lady Wan Hong on the Internet, who was much older than me. She chatted on QQ and knew Han Qinfen. She asked me who Han Qinfen was? It means that I have read nerves and at least 24 sections of the book of visions. We made an appointment to open a room. We stayed for 4 hours. In the whole afternoon, we chatted three times. We used to be a boss and worked in coal. I was selling e-Book nerves on Taobao and asked her to shoot them. She said no. just the next day, I had a bad cold. After the Qingming Festival, I deleted her QQ.

In March2001, after I went online, I stopped dancing, because I wanted to write about nerves and publicize. I had no time to dance, and the women I knew became Internet women.

Nerve XIV (VII) 3. In 2002, I became the first forum community (Yemei community). Dandong girl Han Mei lengxue selflessly helped me and succeeded. She also revised the HTML website for me. I have been using it until now. I will always be grateful from the bottom of my heart. She was the first time I said "it's nice to have you" to her, really.

4. The administrator of Hong Kong girls hardcover limited edition used to be very speculative. Later, because she didn't come to the community for a long time, she added her section. Since then, she ignored me. Alas.

(8) 2. A group of Kazakh and Korean girls came to the community to go crazy, such as carth, woooo, money, Chen Lin, etc. it was so lively at that time. And I am their acknowledged eldest brother.

3. I fell in love with the Sichuan girl Lijuan (myself). Later, she said that it was impossible to be together. This was my third true love, but it was a pity for Plato.

4. XingKong, a girl from Ningbo, is the same administrator as Li Juan. She is crazy about posting in the community. I am a little negative about her.

5. The decent girls Colleen and SA Xue, the woman Lizi, Li Min and the English woman Margaret also stayed with me for quite a long time.

Chapter XI

In the spring and summer of 2004, shortly after the opening of Baidu Post Bar, I applied for God bar master (ID St. yeme) and God bar master (ID plastic, as a female number). My purpose is to post to publicize my thoughts. God's bar has a female bar friend with ID "I", who is a Christian. She posted a post on "youzibing" (a famous Christian Book). I refined her. After the interaction, I learned that her name was Li Juan, from Deyang, Sichuan, and she was still a little girl at that time. We called her "Ben Ben". She said that at first she thought that Saint Jeme was a woman and that plastic was a man, but the result was the opposite.

She wants to be the second bar owner of God bar (one bar can have three big bar owners). I taught her to post an application in God bar, and then agreed with the "plastic" number. She sent this post link to apply to Baidu administrator. It was successful.

I also invited her to work as an administrator in Yemei community. At that time, Yemei also had several administrators, such as the administrator XingKong (waiting under the XingKong, Ningbo girl). When she came here, she mainly focused on the notebook.

When chatting on this QQ, she always gave me videos. At that time, I didn't install a camera, she couldn't see me, and she didn't mind. On QQ, I let Ben choose the relationship: 1. Sister, 2. Confidante, 3. Lover. Ben chose his lover.

At that time, there was an interactive netizen, a young man in Benben, who pursued Benben. Benben disagreed. Benben said to me, "if he knew it was you, what would he think?" I am a teenager, married and have children.

I sent a few messages to Benben, that is, God - given marriage, never separate and so on, in the name of Jesus. I am not satisfied with what I said. I asked her to resend it. She asked me to teach her how to write.

This book is very beautiful. At that time, I had many pictures of her on my computer. I also showed them to swallow Lisan. Lisan said it would be good to meet. Later we broke up and I changed my computer. Now I don't have a picture of her. I'm sorry.

At that time, the SMS capacity was limited, but I always kept her three SMS messages I chose. When I send text messages, I always write the text message limit full, and the sky says I don't waste.

Every night, she chats with Benben QQ. She still goes to Internet cafes and takes a bus. Ben really wanted to marry me. At that time, I said I wanted a son. She also said, "why doesn't she (my wife) want children? She isn't born?"

Later, Ben Ben's father got seriously ill. I told her to pray for her father, but I obeyed God's will. When her father died, she used PHS to call me on my mobile phone. I didn't receive it at that time. I thought it was a fixed line and didn't reply. The number of Sichuan PHS is different from that of Jiangsu.

Ben Ben goes to work at the weather station. The weather service is that citizens call to ask about the weather, and they answer. She said in a very sweet voice. Once someone called to harass me. She told me that the person said, "I want to talk to you about sun B". She was very angry. I said, "he is not aimed at you, he is aimed at customer service." She thought so.

She often wears yellow and white pajamas at home (in QQ video). When she saw her mother, I said, "say hello to your mother for me." She said her mother said, "welcome to Deyang."

I taught the notebook to make a website. It was simply the home page, article list page and article page. She was not familiar with them. At that time, there was no time limit for surfing the Internet. There was a time limit in January. I worked overtime, but I still taught her slowly.

One night, we talked about my "2019 doomsday". She particularly objected and asked me to stop studying 2019. Of course, I argued and was not happy. The person who really loves you commands you, just as Li Min in Wuhan heard me smoke later and said, "no smoking." Later, I asked a QQ friend to say, "you said no smoking." What she said is not as good as Li Min's "no smoking." Three words.

Ben Ben was a true Christian and preached the gospel to Lizi. Lizi didn't believe it, but said Ben Ben was especially sincere.

I used the drawing software to make an online marriage certificate with Benben. According to the format of the marriage certificate and the western wedding oath, I pasted photos of both sides, that is, Li Juan and Ge Yimin are married, and they are willing to stay together forever no matter whether they are rich or poor, healthy or ill in the future. To be declared husband and wife in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

Chapter 12

Nerve XXVII (III) 505. Deception about Yemei and plastic goods

After I entered Yemei, I found that this is a thoroughly evil cult!

We all know the main plastic products of Yemei forum, such as Yemei, yexue, etc., but the former administrator of Yemei (Li Juan) may not have heard of many new comers to Yemei and God's bar. She is the biggest victim in Yemei's history.

Maybe Yemei has blocked all the posts about this at that time. But his crimes have affected many innocent people.

Originally, we only waited for God's redemption and his repentance, but now it seems that the power of yemenism has become too strong to be ignored. When we left Yemei, it was just Easter Eve. At that time, Yemei had more than 4000 members. In a twinkling of an eye, there are now 5000 people. As long as one person passes on the idea of this cult to two people, tens of thousands of people in the country will be cheated or even injured every year. Since one's own desire has spread to the whole nation, one can't help but make people angry, so I'm going to stand up and expose his tricks.

The first is the identity of Yemei. Yemei claimed to be a reporter of Xinhua news agency. I have to admit that I have not investigated whether this is true for the time being. But one day it was proved that he was lying. He said his real name was Ge Yimin, and he graduated from Nanjing University. But we did not find this name on the list of Nanjing University graduates. Obviously, this is a shameful deception of Yemei.

Moreover, Yemei was already the father of the child, but he was still so mean as to deceive the young administrator himself. When I knew the truth, he vowed to divorce his wife and marry me. I believed him and began to wait with expectation. However, the dream turned into a nightmare, and Yemei later confessed to the administrator XingKong, and made advances to the then yemeire Pavilion moderator glacier tiannv. Yemei told the girls that she was the only one in his heart, and he had no such feelings for others. Later, glacier believed it and decided to leave Yemei under pressure. When I asked him to stay, the truth finally came out.

I don't know how many people have been cheated by Yemei. This is really a shameful act.

Later, I posted a post on Yemei, asking Yemei, what is God given marriage? "God given marriage" was what Yemei said when she told binghe that she wanted to marry binghe online and was confident of bringing this marriage into reality. There is nothing more despicable than deceiving the feelings of believers under the banner of God.

After that, Yemei never showed up to avoid. Later, Yemei explained that she went to interview the veteran soldiers, but the place was remote and had no Internet. Faced with such a coincidence, most people began to laugh at Yemei.

A long time later, Yemei shamefully sent a post to defend herself. The title was "I admit I love myself, and I also admit I love the stars". What a shameless beast! What about your wife? What about your children? Why did you say such a thing? Did you think of them when you said that?

Yemei and plastic products are considered worthy of respect. In fact, you are so wrong.

Of course, Yemei's deception is far more than what I said, but because of the limited time, I will talk about plastic products.

Plastic products are said to be people who are familiar with Yemei. In fact, they are familiar with a person.

Last year, we saw a news on the website about the death of a girl, and the portrait of the father in the photo is the photo uploaded by plastic products in Yemei! So we went to find the plastic, only to find that the plastic was still there, and the beauty photo was not her at all! But hasn't yemme seen anything plastic? Hasn't she? Then one day when we were surfing the Internet, we found that Yemei and plastic products used the same IP. How did this happen? Yemei didn't say this at that time. Until we all knew it, she explained that at that time, they were all surfing the Internet in a university, and the plastic product was sitting on the machine next to him.

People are all around. Why do you upload fake photos?

Among the four beauties in Yemei in 2004, plastic products had no tickets. I think it was to make the four beauties work better for Yemei. Plastic products, whether elected or not, will try their best to work for Yemei.

Excuse me, have you seen the plastic product? Any of you have met, can you tell me?

But the truth is very simple, but because it is disgusting, we have never said that plastic and Yemei are actually the same person!

We suspect that Yemei is not only dressed up as a plastic product, but now there is no way to verify it. But why does yexue protect Yemei so much? Is it really because he was young and ignorant and his brother Yemei was so kind to her? Or...... Moreover, yexue's QQ has never been on, so there is no grade to talk about. And QQ is also an important way for Yemei to attract members, but why don't the main force like yexue go on QQ?

It is much more interesting to play others than to play yourself, but after all, it is ignorance of the public and hurts too many people.

I wrote these words, hoping to alert all members of Yemei who were cheated, and all innocent people of God. Perhaps, Yemei's influence and destructive power have affected the whole nation. Perhaps his influence is far greater than I imagined.

May God redeem our nation. In the holy name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

》This is the post of the glacier goddess, but I know that the editor of this book has added content, because only this book calls Jesus Christ. At that time, I asked her to apply for Jesus bar, but she applied for Jesus bar.

In order to keep people in the community, I also made online marriage certificates for many girls, that is, I changed Li Juan into their names and photos, such as XingKong, glacier tiannv (liangxiaowen), Wanqing, and the woman Lizi (Lizi didn't admit to Benben afterwards, but still stayed in Yemei).

Unfortunately, at the time of the incident, I was ill and hospitalized (mental hospital:), unable to deal with the crisis in time. When I was hospitalized, they made an appointment to leave Yemei and opened their own forum. Lizi is still in Yemei. She doesn't admit to having an online marriage certificate. She is much older than me. XingKong is still posting on Yemei. XingKong has posted on their forum. I blame her for not posting on Yemei.

The administrator of my notebook kept it for a long time, and she repeatedly asked me to cancel it. Her post "what is a god given marriage?", When I saw it, it had been edited by her. It's a pity that I didn't see the content.

Chapter XIII

I used the free space to open a forum "anti Yemei alliance". The book came back and asked the forum owner (actually me, reverse propaganda) for the QQ number.

Later, when she contacted Benben on QQ, she said that it was impossible to be together.

Nerve 14 (8) 3. Fell in love with Sichuan girl Lijuan (herself), and later she said that it was impossible to be together. This was my third true love, but it was a pity for Plato.

Later, I saw Benben's post in the post bar:

(III) 376. I (the book): statement

I do not support the Yemeni scriptures, nor do I belong to the Yemeni religion. I don't believe in Yemei's 2019. May the LORD have mercy on them.

I will take back what belongs to me.)

Dear Ben, do I ge Yimin belong to you?

Nerve one 36. Two days later, it seems that Li Juan accompanied me to sing strange grace.

Nerve I 75. Whether the saint of Hunan is Li Juan (Deyang, Sichuan, neighboring province of Hunan)

Nerve I 77. 20200320 vision: marry the saint... Saint Li Juan

Many years later, in 2004, I fell in love with an Internet girl, Lijuan, from Deyang, Sichuan. I met Baidu tieba and became a Yemei community administrator. At first, I just thought of her as a little sister. She wanted to be my lover and send messages to each other to express her love. Both sides had sincerely paid. In order to stay in the community, I also confessed to others. Li Juan found out that I was ill and hospitalized. Everything was irreparable. After breaking up, she said the reason was that it was impossible to be together. I really love her. I often recall that she gave me videos as soon as I chatted on QQ. I was moved inexplicably.

Nerve 24 64. Li Juan: (1) I would like to. (2) Yemei is popularity.

(when falling in love with Ben Ben, she often plays Faye Wong's "I do", indicating that she doesn't mind my age, being married and having children.)

Nerve 27 (2) 97. Dream Meng Xiang: Ge Yimin, but I beg you not to deceive those girls!!!

Li Juan, glacier goddess, XingKong, etc., how many things have you done to them? Did you tell everyone that you only love her? Have you ever thought about your wife? Where are your children? Did you think of them when you said that? Why did you say that to them? I know a lot of what you say are lies! You didn't graduate from Nanjing University! Because you are not on the list of graduates. I know, this is your privacy, but don't hurt the feelings of those girls!!!

Nerve 27 (3) 605. Ge Yimin fell in love with Li Juan, a Sichuan girl, when he was working in the Zhenjiang Branch of Xinhua news agency. Ge Yimin claimed that this was his third true love, but later she said it was impossible to be together.

Nerve 27559. Ge Yimin said:

You look like your old book. She mainly opposes 2019

Lili said:

Who is Ben?

Ge Yimin said:

A girl, former administrator

Lili said:

This sentence will be opposed

Ge Yimin said:

I inferred from Daniel

Mainly expectation

Lili said:

You are God yourself

Even higher than the prophet

Nerve 27 (III) 747. Deyang I: nerve records: Deyang Lijuan, online name: I.

》Liangxiaowen (tiannv of glacier): (about the deception of Yemei and plastic products), many years ago, some people still remember that after all these years of laughing, it was still BS Yemei song million people. Haha, the world joked that Bush also read song million people! Such a thick skin can persist for so many years! Cow!

However, I didn't cheat Benben's feelings. I was also sincere. Of course, I would like to marry her. However, before I succeed, I don't deserve her. In her words, "it's impossible to be together." But I have to be successful for a long time. Until today, I am 52 years old, but I still haven't succeeded, and Benben is about 36 years old. Sigh!!!


Chapter 14

During the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the PHS I typed was used by her mother. I said, "I'm Li Juan's net friend. Is she OK?" Her mother said, "Li Juan, OK." Later, Lizi said that Benben had participated in the disaster relief. She was from Deyang, Sichuan.

The three true love I have admitted so far: Xuqian (secret love in high school), hanqinfen (secret love in college, even though I have contacts), Benben (online love at work), are all recorded in my mind. My wife and real girlfriend Wang Rong are not included. How can I say that I cheated Benben's feelings?

I met Li Min, a Wuhan woman, whose QQ name is Hui she. She was born in 1972 and is a kindergarten teacher. When I was QQ video, she was very young, just like a girl. She said that others called her non mainstream. Every time she opened the video, she turned it off after opening it for a while, so that when I typed, she turned it off and couldn't take a good look at her.

I said Zhenjiang, Wuhan. (Zimei, a friend of tieba, is also from Wuhan. She said that our two cities are a pair.) Not far. There are many bullet trains. I came to see you. Li Min was very happy. I said, "what shall we do when we meet?" She said, "Z love, are you still Z love?"

At the same time, we contacted QQ on MySpace. One night, I told her that I was offline, but MySpace was offline and was online for dozens of minutes. Li Min thought I was online and ignored her, so she was very angry.

Li Min also did public welfare, subsidized children in mountainous areas to go to school, and sent me live photos. At that time, I set up a "merit box" (offering support) in Shenwang, but no one offered it (so far, I have received Zhu huaibing's 20 yuan contribution). I wanted Li Min to make a good start and let her offer 50 yuan. She said, "my sponsorship depends on people." Her meaning is that I don't need sponsorship. I misunderstood her meaning and thought that I was a bad person, so I deleted her QQ.

Later, on a foreign dating website (in Chinese), I sent a mass message to ask women to add my QQ to pull people to However, it was different from pulling people on dating websites such as Yahoo a few years ago, and the effect was not good.

One day, I received a message on this dating website: "no! You have forgotten me." When I looked at the photos, the winter clothes photos were very beautiful. It turned out to be Li Min, because when I sent messages, I didn't look at the women's information. I selected women, copied the good news, and sent them in groups one by one.

I dare to keep in touch with Li Min and ask her to add my QQ or give me my QQ number. She doesn't give it. I send messages on the dating website again and again, saying that if the dating website is closed, we will lose contact again. Anyway, two days later, she added my QQ.

We can chat on QQ again. Talking about the past, she said, "when we were good." She also said, "would you like to buy me a diamond ring customized by I do for a lifetime?" Of course I said I would, but I have no money:)

Later, his father became seriously ill and thin. He said it was related to smoking. Knowing that I smoked, Li Min said, "no smoking." She commands me, I am very happy, because love a person, will command him. Later, I asked a netizen to tell me that I was not allowed to smoke. What she said was not as good as Li Min's "no smoking."

Unfortunately, my old qq46377923 was blocked because I scolded someone in my QQ group. This time, I learned to write down Li Min's QQ number in my notebook, but when I added her with my new qq50914333, she set the question "what is my mobile phone number?" I have no answer, can not add her, lost contact again.

During the COVID-19 in Wuhan, I couldn't get in touch with Li min. how is she now? Very much!!!

Nerve XXVI (III) Gehua 30[Li Min, female, born in 1972, Wuhan]

30. Li Min: no! You, forget me.

Some things, missed, can not go back, I paid, tried, but you can not see, blame me for being amorous, men and women are always just two parallel lines that can not be crossed.

We really can't go back. I have been abandoned by you. You really hurt me deeply. I don't want to be hurt again.

We can't keep up with each other.

Our lifestyles are different. We don't understand what you do. You only have yourself and your thoughts in your heart.

Chapter XV

After Benben left Yemei, a girl named huangjingbo (laughing at life) came to the community. She worked as a technician in Shenzhen. Her hometown is Taiwan. She is very beautiful and young. She became my righteous sister and became a community administrator instead of Benben. QQ interacted with the community at night, and SMS interacted during the day. At that time, there was no mobile QQ, around 2006.

Ge Hua 25[laughing at life, female, born in 1985, Taiwan]

Nerve14 (9) 1. As a community administrator and my righteous younger sister, huangjingbo, a girl from Shenzhen, spent a very happy time with me. She has a little personal admiration for me, as evidenced by text messages.

Nerve XXIV 15. Ge Yimin: Yimei, I have surpassed Jesus, anyone at all times, at home and abroad, and anyone in the future. I am the first person in the world. I only share with Yimei and love you, Ge Yimin.

Yimei: hehe! Congratulations on Ge Ge's successful trial!

Nerve 27 (III) 139. Several mobile phone messages from a Gehua (huangjingbo) suspected of worshipping lotus root

(1) A socialist country is a policy under the leadership of Marxism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping theory. Can Ge Ge Ge's values of the basic Communist alliance conflict with it? Of course not! This is a socialist country. Ge Ge's values certainly have foresight. A new idea can be promoted. First of all, the old idea must be overthrown. As a result, war will inevitably be involved. Is it true that the third world war will be celebrated just like Hitler? Oh! The singer's ambition is really big, but the ending must be good? If you have 100% confidence, Yimei will support you! Together, we will promote the values of song Yimin.

(2) , Ge Ge Ge and Yi Mei will always support you, and peaceful harmony will export your Communist values. Maybe you can break the smoke of war that you have experienced in the history of changing dynasties. Perhaps, you can surpass all schools of thought and form a new idea in the recent time... On a brilliant day of singing, we swam around the world...

(3) Ah, Little Buddha sister is not a God. Little Buddha sister will eventually die. Ge Ge is the spokesman of God. God gives you eternal life... One day, Little Buddha will still leave you. Therefore, Ge Ge wants the world to understand you and let the world believe in Ge Yimin!

(4) Ah! I am an angel, the queen of Gehua under geyimin international, Gehua Q...

(5) Yi Mei understands that Ge Ge is the spokesman of God. Ge Ge is ambitious. Ge Ge's ideal is to unify the world. Ge Ge belongs to the world. Yi Mei can't be selfish. Ge Ge can understand Yi Mei's heart. Yi Mei is satisfied. Yi Mei has a heaven in her heart. She will always remember her brother...

Nerve XXVII (III) 464. Two song flower cell phone messages permanently saved

1. No! Don't be a confidant, younger sister Yi. Don't say sorry, younger sister Yi wants you to promise that one day, angels and prophets will join hands with tourists...

2. Thank you Ge Ge for making a promise for Yimei! Yi Mei understands that Yi Mei won't embarrass Ge anymore... Yimei hopes that Ge Ge will succeed soon! If God doesn't give us fate, don't forget that there was a passer-by who passed you by in a hurry. She is Ge Hua Q. The success of Ge Ge Ge is the greatest happiness of Ge Hua q!

Chapter 16

Huangjingbo calls me a prophet and calls himself an angel. The angels and prophets should be together:) although she is a righteous sister, she is also in online love. I have sent her a desert spring and a Bible (small version of Hong Kong Version). I wonder if she can receive the Bible? Later, she was busy with her work and lost her mind. Finally, she still left me a message: "when the song is brilliant, I will travel with you naturally."

Nerve 27 (III) 506. Five steps for unifying the world at the age of 16: (QQ chat with Yimei)

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:39:39


Ge Yimin 20:40:18

Diary of Yemei's sophomore madman June 21

Today, I took a nap at noon, thinking about the theme song of blood suspicion, "thank you", but I couldn't sleep. What a tearful song. In the evening, they talked about tangjinghua, who was admitted to the youth class of Nanjing University. I was speechless. For yourself, swear: "Beiwai, Nuo, she, Yi". Who knows.

PS; Definitions of symbols: Nan, Wang, Jing, Jiao, Yi

Ge Yimin 20:40:35

I'll explain it to you right away

Ge Yimin 20:42:00

Five steps for unifying the world at the age of 16: Peking University, going abroad, Nobel Prize in literature, associations, unifying the world

Ge Yimin 20:43:43

Now: Nanjing University, website (geyimin post bar, geyimin community), Jing (geyimin Jing, gehuaxun, jigongmeng declaration), jiao (geyimin education, jigongmeng), United World

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:44:23


Ge Yimin 20:44:35


Ge Yimin 20:45:02

2019 realize a communist society in the world, that is, unify the world

Ge Yimin 20:45:41

Lotus root as world president, ha ha

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:45:54

So far, the Chinese have not won the Nobel Prize for Literature

Ge Yimin 20:46:15

Among the overseas Chinese are Gao Xingjian

Ge Yimin 20:46:56

No, my 16-year-old steps are different from now. I have listed them above

→ laughing at life ∮ 20:47:09

Hehe, this is your ideal

Ge Yimin 20:47:29

Working on ing~~~

→ laughing at life ∮ 20:48:58

Hehe, your ideal is different from ordinary people

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:49:22

Why do you want to create education?

Ge Yimin 20:49:47

To implement a communist society in the world

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:50:00

Want to be like Hitler?

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:50:12

Just that one?

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:50:27

Hitler and the church

Ge Yimin 20:50:58


I am peaceful and harmonious to export Communist values

Ge Yimin 20:51:23

There are these communion manifestos. You are not interested in reading them

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:51:38

Communism does not take off in one leap~~

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:51:48

I've seen a lot~

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:52:17

Some of them are strange ~ questionable

Ge Yimin 20:52:23

Well, I keep updating

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:53:02

So, I think Buddha is more reasonable

Ge Yimin 20:53:26

Well, more traffic in the future

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:53:26

So what does the Bible say?

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:53:38

Come and move

Ge Yimin 20:53:46

You can't tell until you read the Bible

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:54:01

Hehe, move it to geyimin

Ge Yimin 20:54:08

The scriptures of the Bible on communism are listed in the declaration of the basic Communist Alliance

→ laugh at life ∮ 20:54:49

I've seen that

Ge Yimin 20:55:10

Well, I send chat records to the community

Nerve 27 (3) 719, ah! When I first searched for something, I found it unintentionally

So I clicked on it to see

Ge Yimin, thanks for Ge Ge's concern. Seeing that you have such a profitable assistant, Yimei is happy for you from the bottom of her heart Congratulations!

You said you were good at waiting You are willing to wait, but Yimei doesn't know when the deadline is

I can only tell you that the heavy pressure of work and study really makes Yimei have no time to take into account this

The wordless book of life is hard to figure out. Perhaps, only when we leave will we really understand what life is At that time, there will be no more troubles

I forgot to tell you that Yimei didn't receive your message There are so many things bothering me recently. In order to calm down and work hard, Yi Mei changed her mobile number... If you have anything, please leave a message on QQ

When the song flowers are in full bloom, I will travel with you freely.

Chapter 17

Who says that old Yimin is dead and has an online love affair with a British white woman:)

Nerve 26 (III) Ge Hua 24[Margaret Stephenson, female, born in 1962, Manchester, UK]

Nerve 14 (8) 5. The decent girls Colleen and SA Xue, the woman Lizi, Li Min and the British woman Margaret also stayed with me for quite a long time.

Nerve 27 (III) 512. 4. About the British Federation of geyimin international.

A ghost widow is fascinated by your yellow and frivolous sentence "my wife". She doesn't know any Chinese characters and hasn't touched the surface of the song Yimin doctrine, but she hypes the song Yimin doctrine in foreign countries. What are dozens of people? What about hundreds of people? Just lend you a brand.

I met an English woman Margaret at the Asian Dating Center Stephenson (the so-called Ge Hua 24 in Ge Hua book), who is several years older than me, is from Manchester, England.

I was very straightforward. The first email said, "I love you". She replied in a friendly way. I said "my wife" at the beginning of my next email. After several emails, I always said "my wife" at the beginning. When I communicated with a foreign woman, I said "I love you" for the first time, so that a foreign woman said: "you say I love you, just like you say hello".

Once I wrote "my wife is poor", which was written as "my wife is poor". My brother-in-law was there and changed it.

Margaret sent me a large package of gifts, two silver bracelets to my niece, a fine gold necklace to my mother-in-law, gold rings, fine gold bracelets, and so on. She also sent me a Manchester United Poster (including Beckham), which I posted in my bedroom. I also took the jewelry to the gold shop to identify it. The salesperson said it was worthless. Maybe she was afraid that I might steal it to sell the stolen goods. She didn't look at it carefully.

I returned a gift. I spent 10 yuan to buy a ring at the manna mall, and sent a photo of my red pants (in Jiaoshan, Zhenjiang) and a photo of my son's Kindergarten (as a child photo of me). I put a 50 cent note in the box. The female postal staff checked it and refused to send 50 cents. Marguerite received my photo, scanned it in the library and gave it to me electronically, so I uploaded it online.

Marguerite also sent me some photos. They were not beautiful. One photo was OK. It was a middle-aged woman. She divorced and was with her son. Once she took a pornographic photo and sent it to me, saying, "very very sexy". I looked at it, but it was not good-looking and could not see clearly.

I have been communicating with Marguerite for several months. My English is too poor. I want Google translate to read her email, but she may not understand what I wrote.

We also talked about pornography. She said, "the last man's milk for the woman.".

She once sent me the wrong e-mail and sent me the e-mail she gave others. I googled and translated it. It seemed that she asked the other party for money or something.

Chapter 18

Zhang Qiuying is a salesperson in a shopping mall. Once, when I asked for her, her colleagues even laughed and shouted at her.

At that time, I was wearing red checkered panties and had long hair. I was sitting in the dance hall, and the man from across the street came all the way to invite me. When I approached, I realized that I was a man and walked away with a smile on my face.

I like to say that women are the most beautiful women in the East, at the Bull Running Ballroom. A woman said, "Okay, I'm not going to the West

Li Min from Wuhan wants to talk to me and say, "Even if it's Z once, it's okay

I have big eyes and deep sockets, and my father-in-law's girlfriend, Xiao Dong, said, "Like a foreigner.
When dancing in the ballroom, they invented "subtracting 8 years", which means subtracting 8 years from the age of their female partner's appearance and telling her, and they were all very happy.

Volume 5 Ge Shenyi's network career(March2001 – present)

Chapter I

Graduated from the Chinese Department of Nanjing University in July1990.

In August, 1990, he was assigned to Zhenjiang Management Department of Jiangsu agricultural means of production company.

In December2000, Jiangsu agricultural means of production group company was restructured.

In 2001, two liquor companies (Qingjiu and jinjianzhuang).

2002 Jiangsu Economic News Zhenjiang special page.

In 2003, Zhenjiang Branch of Xinhua news agency.

In 2004, Zhenjiang Weilike Machinery Co., Ltd...

On February 25th, 2001, I studied computer in a computer training class in Donggong. Before that, I used DOS and Jinshan WPS to type documents. This time, I learned word, Excel and Internet knowledge. In March, I began to surf the Internet in Internet cafes.

First, I applied for an e-mail address. On Sohu, I typed "Christ" in English as my user name. At that time, when I was called Christ, I filled in Christian and it was occupied. The system recommended christ3301. It's amazing. 33301 is the corresponding number of the original "total salary", "Jinsui credit card", "postal green card" and "medical record". These numbers are highly consistent, and I have already recorded them in my notebook. When filling in the nickname, I filled in "Christ" and was occupied. The recommended name is "Christ 3301" and 3301 again. It's amazing.

At that time, there were three major events on the Internet: "watching news, sending e-mail, and chatting". QQ (called OICQ at that time) had become popular. I applied for a qq46377923, but portal websites all had "chat rooms" to chat in a room at any time, usually with strangers. Remember that in Sohu chat room, I said I was Christ, and a Nanjing bride named Millennium bride immediately said "yes"?

I am interested in the forum because I want to publish articles and ideas. At that time, there were three major portals (Sina, Sohu and Netease), three small portals (263, Tom and fm365), and Yitang was also very popular. It registered a user name with an email and an e-mail Office (, which was later acquired by Tom). I have a common user name "god33cn". 3 is my lucky number, and 7.

There are also special forum websites, such as Tianya, Kaidi, maopu, Xici, Xilu, etc.

Yahoo China is also a portal and very popular. At that time, Yahoo had an MZ with messages, such as China.

Yahoo China has a club and an electronic tribe, which is equivalent to a self built forum. I have set up one for each. I have no teachers and I have registered about 10 trumpets to serve as a facade. Because netizens like places with many people, you are the only one in your forum, and no one else will come.

The user name and password were first recorded on my business card. Later, more and more websites were registered. If I could not write down the business card, I would write it down on paper.

I know that word can be copied and pasted. I don't know that different websites (forums) can also copy and paste. All of them are an article written on paper at home, and then go to the Internet bar to type in one forum and another forum. It's a big network embarrassment.

Soon, I got an official online name "St. Jeme", St.: holy: Yahweh, Jesus may: the last Greek letter Omega Omega. The last Messenger of God.

At that time, the personal home page was very popular (personal websites, portal websites provided free secondary and tertiary domain names and spaces). In April, I built a personal home page in Sohu, called "the gospel of St. Jeme", and put my articles on it. At the beginning, I often wrote them, and the forum posted them on the website. I posted one article, and a website posted three sections. Of course, it was the intention of advertising. Later, Baidu Post Bar brushed the screen. This is the next story.

Chapter II

On May 1, when I returned to my hometown in Jurong, the number of visits to Sohu's personal home page was more than 100. It was only more than ten days. I also told my mother. At that time, I thought that there would be 10 women and 1 beautiful woman among 100 visitors. In July, a personal home page was built in Yahoo global village, as well as an electronic tribe and club.

At that time, the forum was in vogue. I wanted to build a personal forum and be the moderator myself. I posted a consultation on Sina forum. There was a reply from a prodigal son about "passion BBS" and posted a website. This is a forum website built by myself. It is a bbs3000 program (CGI). I built a forum called "St. JEME Gospel" and became the moderator myself. In September, it established the Doric personal homepage (myrice, which was already part of Lycos China at that time).

Of course, the contents of the three home pages are the same, that is, the mirror station. Since 2001, I have been building a mirror station widely. Of course, the purpose is to promote and spread my articles and information. The space of Sohu and Yahoo global village is 100m. FTP uploading is very convenient. Myrice only has 20m, but I don't have many articles. It's enough. It's Web uploading.

My articles mainly focus on Christianity and the Bible, and I have been on many Christian forums, such as the "St. Paul's Church" in the Western ancestral temple, the "" (all run by an) and the corresponding religious sections of the portal. At the back of each post, I attached my yahoo e-tribe and club website, and later the moderator of St. Paul's church, Meng en, asked me to delete the link, otherwise I would delete the post.

A man from Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, saw my article and introduced me to the "Jehovah's Witness". He communicated with me by mail for many times and sent me some magazines. Many of Yezheng's views were the same as mine. These magazines also provided me with information for writing articles. Later, some post bar netizens pointed out that: (nerve 27 (II) 119. R Zhen a Zhen: Ge Yimin, you have this doctrine in the United States. Yezheng, Christian communism.)

The webmaster of Haoqing BBS, we call him the leader of the alliance, and they sometimes call him our leader. There is a girl Jane and I have a very good relationship. We interact in the forum. We often open several posts on the computer, reply to one post, reply to the next post, and constantly refresh the posts. She is a personnel officer of a Hong Kong funded enterprise in Foshan, Guangdong. She is often online, and even some netizens ask her whether she is an Internet cafe network manager.

The league leader, swallow Lisan, is a lawyer and Cantonese. At the beginning, he also asked me about the "nerves 1. He was young. He dreamed that he was lying in the open space in front of the house, and a UFO was hovering near his head. For a long time, his body could not move, and he had no power. He could only look at the UFO. He was a little scared, and he wanted to shoot the UFO with a stone. He felt that it would fall on his body, and there was a strong light shining on me, giving me ability.", Say whether l also has light or not. I say I am a strange dream.

Many people have their own version, and the prodigal son has his own version. There is a "bingbingyan" who is his deputy. There was a "Silk Road Flower Rain" version. At first, she also posted several posts. Later, she didn't come for a long time. Lisan said, "three days of fragrance in the new shit VAT." As the Cantonese saying goes, most of them are Cantonese.

There is a picture posted by "morning and evening" that is very beautiful. I praise her for her beauty. In addition, when others praise me, I promise. They laugh at me: "Saint Jeme, believe what others say."

There are many people in my e-tribe and club. There is zhangxianzhong, whose name is zhangguotang. He is 12 years older than me and calls himself Christ. He left me a message at St. Paul's church, saying to follow him and create a new situation in China. I rejected him as independent. He also posted posts in my e-tribe and club to publicize him. Later, he left a message on my website as a tourist, saying that my website has divinity. I asked him where the divinity is. He actually meant that the electronic tribe in the link of my website had his articles.

Chapter III

20020227, I registered the international domain name yemei Net (now invalid, because com has been registered, and net has been registered), and Yemei network has been established. At that time, many personal home page webmasters began to register international domain names, and then the website marked "this site's international domain name * * *".

I decided to build my own official forum community. Bbs3000 was popular at that time, but I downloaded the program and couldn't install it, so I posted a post on the official forum of the program for help.

Soon, a female netizen named "Hanmei lengxue" (Dandong girl) contacted me with a reply. We added a QQ friend. She saw that I didn't understand the program at all. She asked me to give her a space FTP account. It wasn't long. She told me: "you can use the Forum". I opened it and it was built. It is called Yemei community. (PS later saw that her name was Qi yuanchan. I don't know whether it was true or not.)

Hanmei and lengxue revised the HTML website for me. The framework has been used so far, and I will always be grateful from the bottom of my heart. She was the first time I said "it's nice to have you" to her, really.

At that time, there was no blog post bar, microblog short video live broadcast, and many people played forums. There were many people in general personal forums, and there were also many people in Yemei community.

At that time, there were many free dating websites, such as Yahoo. I copied and pasted a paragraph. When I saw a woman on it, I sent it to Yemei, such as Wanqing.

I have also built n waistcoats without a teacher. Each waistcoat defines personal settings, such as Shu Qi (straightforward), plastic products (spokesperson), Millennium Bride (key and eldest sister), maxiaoli (naughty), Mona Lisa (Orthodox) and Fei Jialing (social gospel). One is to avoid confusion, and the other is to give netizens an independent personality.

I added the administrator Hanmei (in fact, she added it herself to debug the community program for me) and the Deputy webmaster of the website. She wanted to be a guest. I said that the Deputy webmaster is your website. Of course, she also has her own website "Jiang Xue Xuan Shuang Chinese website". I also posted on her forum for interaction.

A Hong Kong girl first saw my articles in other forums. I mainly wrote about Christianity. There was an anti base post. She saw it and wanted me to refute it. I said I didn't care and invited her to be a Yemei administrator. Her name is "hardcover limited edition". At first, she posted a lot of posts. I opened a section "happiness store" for her, which is actually an emotional section.

Bbs3000 forum is a forum that can be opened by netizens. At first, I didn't want others to open the forum. I was afraid that others would post indiscriminately. I also asked how to prohibit it in the program forum. Netizens replied to turn off the opening function.

Later, in order to be popular, Yemei opened the opening function. A large number of Korean and Korean girls came to the community to open the version. First, woooo opened a version of "JTL", a Korean wave combination, and then cath opened a version of "hot"... As a result, three pages were opened. They were really crazy. There were also money, Chen Lin, etc. they were so busy at that time. I was their recognized big brother.

Chapter IV

Most of them are little girls, but few are little boys. They call themselves the 57th ethnic group in China, "the Kazak and Korean." The JTL 'group consists of three people, separated from the' hot 'group of five. The singing group dances while singing, and they are all small fresh meat. Money's user name comes from money yuan, a member of the hot group. She has opened the section "hahan hot Literature Museum". In order to keep the little girl, I was 33 years old at that time, and I also called myself ha Han:) Chen Lin and others opened other sections, with dozens of sections. I also registered "Star", "Kazak and Korean", "Korean wave" and other IDS to join the fun and interact with little girls.

I like Shu Qi because she is very similar to me (wild, childish, but full of Femininity), Opened the Shuqi section. At that time, I was also the moderator of Shu Qi, a star website. Someone sent me the first time I met Shu Qi. I turned to Yemei without posting. She found it and replied that I had stolen her first time.

I made friends in Asia and met an English woman, Margaret Stephenson (the so-called Ge Hua 24 in Ge Hua book), who is several years older than me, is from Manchester, England. After several e-mails, I always said "my wife" at the beginning. When I exchanged e-mails with a foreign woman, I said "I love you" for the first time, so that a foreign woman said: "you say I love you, just like you say hello".

Margaret sent me a large package of gifts, two silver bracelets to my niece, a fine gold necklace to my mother-in-law, gold rings, fine gold bracelets, and so on. She also sent me a Manchester United Poster (including Beckham), which I posted in my bedroom. I also took the jewelry to the gold shop to identify it. The salesperson said it was worthless. Maybe she was afraid that I might steal it to sell the stolen goods. She didn't look at it carefully.

I returned a gift. I spent 10 yuan to buy a ring at the manna mall, and sent a photo of my red pants (in Jiaoshan, Zhenjiang) and a photo of my son's Kindergarten (as a child photo of me). I put a 50 cent note in the box. The female postal staff checked it and refused to send 50 cents. Marguerite received my photo, scanned it in the library and gave it to me electronically, so I uploaded it online.

I posted a post on a historical section of sina. Because it was a Christian Post, a netizen objected to me and argued several times. He said that I was the 33rd son of God in China. My user name was god33cn. He said that Christians were inferior. But when he couldn't argue with me, he went to see the priest St. John (member of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference) in Beijing. The priest objected to my country's era and said it was still the era of the Holy Spirit. If he was awarded to Bora, he refuted me. He also registered his "God's father" account, so that a female netizen said that he was arrogant and dark. He said that in the history section, I posted a religious post. The female netizen said, "doesn't religion belong to history?"

I posted a post on the Chinanet forum. The female moderator asked me to explain "sin" and "death". At that time, I replied according to common sense. She ridiculed me for not understanding. Christian sin was "out of purpose" (not reaching God's goal), and death was "isolation" (being isolated from God). A netizen refuted her, saying that what she thought was right.

Of course, Internet Christians say I am heretical, and politely say I am ultra extreme. There was an Internet cafe where Adam ate forbidden fruit. The old man of the Internet cafe saw me typing and said that the reactionary would not let me send it. I refuted him. His son also said that he was an ordinary Christian article, so I sent it to my Sohu personal homepage.

Fm365 has an alternative paradise section. I often post, and the moderator often refines. He asked me to reply to other people's posts. I replied several times, but I have to write articles, publicize, and build a website. I really don't have time to read other people's Posts and reply to other people's posts.

Chapter V

Let's talk about Chinese little girls here. Because the objects of Kazakhstan and Korea are all men's groups, the "Kazakhstan and Korea" are all little girls who are easy to understand. In 2005, super girls rose. During the discussion at the Yemen forum, I said that the consumption of men is high. Chasing super girls is hot. Kelan, the moderator of Yemen re Museum, told me that chasing super girls is a little girl, which violates the "same sex repels and opposite sex attracts" and is hard to understand. When fast men rose, those who chased fast men were all little girls. Of course, those who chased fast women were still little girls. Why are there so many little girls in China.

Because there are many combinations between Kazakhstan and Korea, the forum needs to be divided into special sections. The newly opened sections are in the back, and I can't distinguish between the various combinations. They are very strange that I haven't put the newly opened sections in the appropriate combinations. They tell the new owners why your version is not in the "hot" section. I see that it should be placed in the right place.

After that, Yemei changed from bbs3000 to Leiao. It is also a CGI program. The Leiao page is beautiful. The webmaster is called the forum master, which is very popular. The space merchant (Shanghai) asked the Forum (Interactive) to file and closed the forum. I thought it was the telecom filing. When I went to the Telecom Bureau, the telecom bureau did not prepare it at all. What should I do if the forum has anti gravity posts? I said it must be deleted within 2 days, that is, the stationmaster will conduct the last line patrol within 2 days. I asked the space merchant again. It was the Bureau of industry and information technology. I called the Provincial Bureau of industry and information technology and said that I could not prepare. I said that the forum should be open. He said that he would not let you talk nonsense. PS later filed with the Ministry of industry and information technology directly at the space commerce office.

I had to find a free space abroad to open a forum. I thought it was good. I introduced the space at the Leiao official altar, and the official altar was selling space. Of course, I didn't want to see my posts. I asked why I always recommended this space. I am very familiar with this fashion forum program and have installed it for others, that is, the free space I introduced.

As the 2-year space expires, the attached yemei I abandoned it because com was good, but Yemei was registered. I registered jemei in a space merchant in Shenzhen (introduced by swallow Lisan of the French Open Forum) Com (has been abandoned, because jemei is not good for Yemei), bought a host, and made Yemei community with the mobile network forum program (ASP).

Reopen the Leiao forum in Yemei community. Because the first moderator of the "myth" forum has not registered in the new community, I added moderator Chen Lin, who was angry and asked outside that her version had been robbed by others. The little girls helped me clarify that you have not registered and do not have a user name. How can you add the first moderator?.

I add the Hong Kong girls hardcover limited edition as the administrator. Her section is "happiness store" and I call it "happiness store owner". Money Yuan thinks she is late and has an opinion about her. The owner Posts 1, 2, 3 and 4 rebuttals. He thinks he is an old Yemei administrator. Money yuan is very disgusted and says that Hong Kong women are something.

It was suggested that Yemei set up a QQ group. It happened that money yuan had an empty QQ group, so they took it out for use. I pulled people into the group. Dinglan, a Zhejiang QQ friend who was older than me, thought I was the group leader. The message for applying to join the group was "husband, I'm here". Money yuan was very angry. It happened that another Tanyou had a group of bubble gum. I decided to give up money yuan's group, let Tanyou add more bubble gum to the group, and told money yuan that she was even more angry, saying that I made her very uncomfortable.

Hardcover limited edition used to be very speculative. We were both Christians. She praised that I knew Bible better than her. Later, she ignored me because she didn't come to the community for a long time.

Chapter VI

From my Internet experience, early netizens had high quality, because there were certain conditions for Internet access, mainly urban cultural people. and Yemei community were established in 2004. The webmaster (I) set up a forum and invited netizens to be the moderator. I mainly pull people to be the moderator in the dating network, such as Kelan, Lizi, Wanqing, lollipop, Wantan, money, SA Xue, Tiantian amusement, Tianya Xintai, and the later administrators (Benben and Lijuan) and XingKong.

(nerve 14 (8) 3. Fell in love with Sichuan girl Lijuan (herself), and later she said that it was impossible to be together. This was my third true love, but it was a pity for Plato.

4. XingKong, a girl from Ningbo, is the same administrator as Li Juan. She is crazy about posting in the community. I am a little negative about her.

5. The decent girls Kelan and SA Xue, the woman Lizi, Li Min and the English woman Margaret have also been with me for quite a long time...)

I spent 10 yuan to open a QQ member and set up 4 QQ groups, which are still in use today, and the forum management is also discussed in groups.

After the forum application, blog application has sprung up. I have opened a large number of blogs and spaces in various portal websites to publicize my ideas.

There are also some portal websites that allow netizens to open their own forum sections. Where I can find them, I have opened my own personal sections, such as Netease, 21cn, Xici, Xilu, Google forum, Lycos club, interactive power, etc., to tirelessly publicize my ideas.

MySpace made friends. After a while, she also made some female friends. The eldest sister became a disciple naturally ---- nerve 24. Yimin Christ is the reason why I trust him. He does not seek fame or reward. He preaches God. He works for God. It should be said that he is very hard and deserves to be the son of God. It is when Ge Hua is in full bloom that the "Lord" laughs in the bushes~~----

In 2004, Baidu Post Bar rose and quickly became popular. My saint yeme and plastic ID were only 1 month less than Robin Lee. I registered St. Yemei as a god bar owner, registered plastic products as a god bar owner, then registered yexue as a Christian bar owner, and registered Guo Hongmei as a god bar owner and a believer bar owner... Neuro has commented on "seizing the top of the Christian mountain".

This is what God knows. I invited you to be the administrator of Yemei, who competed with the administrator of the star sky. Each of you had his own support, which made Yemei very popular.

At the end of 2004, Yemei ranked the top four beauties in the list of Benben and XingKong. The two sides who swiped the tickets replied "I" or "XingKong", and litchi was also on the list.

We also rated the top ten members. At that time, there were many people, and the forum was a popular time.

Six things I had to do when surfing the Internet:

1. Official website update, community background backup 2, post bar 3, blog 4, major forums 5, QQ mailbox 6, making friends.

Chapter VII

I created Yemei bar in Baidu Post Bar, which was once very popular. However, the popularity of Yahweh bar is far less than that of Yemei bar. Many Christians are very disappointed. They say that I am just a Christian, arrogant and arrogant, attack my heretical thoughts, and complain about yexue's Christian bar owner. They celebrate it as a great achievement.

I looked everywhere for forums to spread my gospel. There was a main forum in Singapore, which was related to Christianity. I went to post, but no one else posted, but it was all my posts. Later, it closed and opened a section in the MSN community. Of course, I also opened a section in the MSN community. I even preached the gospel on the TVB discussion board in Hong Kong:)

After the Baidu Post Bar was opened, it became my main battlefield, established a large number of IDS, became a lot of bar owners, and posted to the major post bars. As long as the traffic ranked high, I would go, including the space material bar, and the three largest bars must go: Li Yi bar, worldofwarcraft bar, 2012 bar, post publicity, and reply to interact with netizens.

My number has four sources: 1. Registered by myself; 2. Take my son's number (more than 20); 3. Netizen Huahan Longxing gave it to me (dozens of them); 4. Other netizens gave it away and bought it with Paul. I have about 160 numbers in total, and manual screen number brushing is enough. While the disciple Paul ge used tools to brush the screen. After brushing, he basically sealed it. They all bought numbers. Each number was 1 to 5 yuan. He repeatedly sealed it and bought it. His total number was about 700.

The God bar, God bar, Yemei bar, gospel bar, Lord bar, believer bar and so on, which I am the Lord of the bar, were closed in a religious cleanup. I immediately established the true God and St. Jeme.

I'm glad to apply to the prophet bar, because it has a good name. Also made the inspiration bar, the god religion bar, the God party bar, the classic nerve bar and other bar owners.

Geyimin bar has existed for several years and has become my main force. It is very popular.

At the same time, I am keen on building websites. In addition to the static official website and official forum, I use the Zhimeng website building system to build several websites such as beauty, Taobao, photo, etc. to buy domain names, I usually use a charging host, and then apply for a large amount of free space, both at home and abroad. When there is more free space, I use secondary domain name resolution, and often go to free resource websites to find free space.

I have also built a large number of blogs. I have used a "blog group sending tool", and a portal website has built several numbers. It automatically searches for online article publishing, and automatically adds my web address to the end of the article.

I also use the post bar program to establish my own post bar on my website, such as Yemei post bar, geyimin post bar, and some people send gay pictures. Baidu Post Bar can't send them. Go to geyimin post bar to send them.

The official website has gained a certain popularity. I have successively applied for Google alliance and Baidu alliance. Google took a check for $100 and Baidu took a few hundred yuan.

Later, PHP became popular, and all spaces supported PHP. The god community driven Network Forum (ASP) was changed to DZ Forum (PHP).

Nerve XIV (IX). Cultural media

1. As a community administrator and my righteous younger sister, huangjingbo, a girl from Shenzhen, spent quite a pleasant time with me. She worshipped me a little, as evidenced by text messages.

2. Yunnan girl dream butterfly dance accompanied me online for a long time, and then got married.

3. Han Wufeng, a party girl in Xuzhou high school, accompanied me online for a period of time and said she couldn't bear to be alone.

4. Beijing little lily has been a netizen together for a long time. She used to be a community administrator of Ge Yimin. She is against my faith, but she is still my best friend. But she was afraid that others would misunderstand her as Ge Hua, so she quit Baidu Ge Yimin post bar and walked away. Later, she said to me, go back. It's not that she doesn't pay attention. She PS many funny pictures about me and wrote long, insightful and funny comments on me. She is my grace. I often miss the days when I am happy with her.

5. Sister Mingjing shuistop has been a good friend for many years. Maybe it is because she often keeps a distance that the friendship can last. She is a rational little Buddhist sister, but if the distance is too long, the friendship will fade.

6. How many Internet girls have left me, because my time hasn't come yet.

7. Because of the domain name and space, the website has been redone many times. Fortunately, the gospel has spread after all.

8. Now the website is finally on the track. ( has multiple Cyberspaces.

9. The total number of nerve clicks has reached 200million.

10. Neurology has been translated into foreign languages and back into Chinese, but there are a large number of discrepancies with the original vocabulary.

11. In 2010, the Apostle Guangcai converted to ge Yimin God, which was a great conversion. Guangcai widely spread the gospel of Ge Yimin God in Baidu Post Bar, created and published a large number of posts, and argued with people that GE Yimin is the truth of God.

12. In 2015, @ high IQ 888day converted to ge Yimin God and was canonized as high prophet. Gao prophet widely spread the gospel of Ge Yimin God in Baidu Post Bar, created and published a large number of posts, debated with people, praised Ge Yimin God and preached that GE Yimin is the truth of God.

13. In 2015, supervisor Shenmiao converted to ge Yimin God, which was a great conversion. Shenmiao spread the gospel of Ge Yimin God in Baidu Post Bar, created and published a large number of prophecies and posts, preaching that GE Yimin is the truth of God.

14. In 2018, the Apostle Ge Paul converted to ge Yimin God. This is a great conversion, and its significance is no less than that of the Apostle Paul's conversion to Jesus. Just as Paul preached the gospel of Jesus, the Apostle Ge Paul widely preached the gospel of Ge Yimin God in Baidu Post Bar. Preaching Ge Yimin is the truth of God.

15. Ge Yimin has been certified as an orange V writer by Sina Weibo and Tengxun Weibo, and as a great V thinker by Baidu tieba.

Chapter VIII

In 2004, in the era of Benben and starry sky, Yemei reached a climax. Benben (Li Juan) and I fell in love online.

(after many years, in 2004, I fell in love with an Internet girl, Lijuan, from Deyang, Sichuan Province. I met Baidu tieba and became a community administrator of Yemei. At first, I was just a little sister. She wanted to be my lover. She sent messages to each other to express her love. Both sides had made sincere efforts. I wanted to stay in the community and also expressed my love to others. Li Juan found out that I was ill and hospitalized. Everything was irreparable. After breaking up, she said the reason was impossible Together. I really love her. I often recall that she gave me videos as soon as I chatted on QQ. I was moved inexplicably.)

On QQ, I let Ben choose the relationship: 1. Sister, 2. Confidante, 3. Lover. Ben chose his lover.

In order to keep people in the community, I also had an online love affair with other girls in yemeqi, including the woman Lizi:) Wan Qing with bad legs (later, Ben Ben told me.) I used the drawing software to make an online marriage certificate for each girl, and also pasted photos of both sides. In the name of God, the rich and the poor are not separated.

(nerve 27 (3) 505. Furthermore, Yemei is already the father of the child, but is still so mean as to deceive the young administrator himself. When I knew the truth, he vowed to divorce his wife and marry me. I believed him and began to wait with expectation. However, the dream turned into a nightmare, and Yemei later confessed to the administrator XingKong, and made advances to the then yemeire Pavilion moderator glacier tiannv. Yemei told the girls that she was the only one in his heart, and he had no such feelings for others. Later, glacier believed it and decided to leave Yemei under pressure. When I asked him to stay, the truth finally came out.

I don't know how many people have been cheated by Yemei. This is really a shameful act.

Later, I posted a post on Yemei, asking Yemei, what is God given marriage? "God given marriage" was what Yemei said when she told binghe that she wanted to marry binghe online and was confident of bringing this marriage into reality. There is nothing more despicable than deceiving the feelings of believers under the banner of God.

After that, Yemei never showed up to avoid. Later, Yemei explained that she went to interview the veteran soldiers, but the place was remote and had no Internet. Faced with such a coincidence, most people began to laugh at Yemei.

A long time later, Yemei shamefully sent a post to defend herself. The title was "I admit I love myself, and I also admit I love the stars". What a shameless beast! What about your wife? What about your children? Why did you say such a thing? Did you think of them when you said that?)

Unfortunately, at the time of the incident, I was ill and hospitalized (mental hospital:), unable to deal with the crisis in time. When I was hospitalized, they made an appointment to leave Yemei and opened their own forum. Lizi is still in Yemei. She doesn't admit to having an online marriage certificate. She is much older than me. XingKong is still posting on Yemei. XingKong has posted on their forum. I blame her for not posting on Yemei.

The administrator of my notebook kept it for a long time, and she repeatedly asked me to cancel it. Her post "what is a god given marriage?", When I saw it, it had been edited by her. It's a pity that I didn't see the content.

I used the free space to open a forum "anti Yemei alliance". The book came back and asked the forum owner (actually me, reverse propaganda) for the QQ number.

Later, when she contacted Benben on QQ, she said that it was impossible to be together.

(nerve14 3. Fell in love with Sichuan girl Lijuan (herself). Later, she said that it was impossible to be together. This is my third true love. It's a pity that Plato.)

Later, I saw Benben's post in the post bar:

(nerve 27 (3) 376. I will take back the things that belong to me.)

Dear Ben, do I ge Yimin belong to you?

Chapter IX

Wan Qing is a Christian. She likes to write essays. She has leg problems. She even knew that I had given her an online marriage certificate and accused me. She is a girl who I made friends with on Yahoo. As a moderator, she is very responsible and serious. She said that the online name was taken from Mu Wanqing in the eight books of the dragon, which is meaningless.

Wan Qing said that when her brother was poor, he won a large sum of money at the Las Vegas Casino in the United States. I said miracles and asked her to post a post in Yemei. She won the lottery because Christians were hard to say gambling.

Wanqing also left Yemei with the book and went to their forum, but the forum was not popular. In the end, Wanqing was the only one who posted a post a day, and no one clicked.

After Benben left Yemei, a girl named huangjingbo (laughing at life) came to the community. She worked as a technician in Shenzhen. Her hometown is Taiwan. She is very beautiful and young. She became my righteous sister and became a community administrator instead of Benben. QQ interacted with the community at night, and SMS interacted during the day. At that time, there was no mobile QQ, around 2006.

Huangjingbo calls me a prophet and calls himself an angel. The angels and prophets should be together:) although she is a righteous sister, she is also in online love. I have sent her a desert spring and a Bible (small version of Hong Kong Version). I wonder if she can receive the Bible? Later, she was busy with her work and lost her mind. Finally, she still left me a message: "when the song is brilliant, I will travel with you naturally."

At that time, there were many girls as moderators in Yemei. Naturally, I pulled them from dating websites, such as mingluo, dreamy ice bamboo, and so on. They all wrote articles in Yemei. For example, in the Yemei re Cultural Museum, mingluo wrote a very good post, saying that everyone was very happy in Yemei at that time. She said that everyone had their own style of writing. She liked everyone, who she liked, who she liked, and who she liked... PS I seem to have opened the harem:)

There is a Yunnan girl in the community who dreams of butterfly dancing. She tells me everything. She also tells me after drinking beer with several friends. She also sends photos. On the eve of the Spring Festival, I send a text message to her to say goodbye to the new year. She calls me and says that I am married. It seems that she means to leave me.

When Han Wufeng, a girl from Xuzhou, came to Yemei, she was still in high school. She also loved writing. She called me twice and said she couldn't bear to see me alone. How can a high school girl not be moved to think about me like this?

There is a personal post on Mingjing waterstop. She said that in my photos (University graduation photos, white shirts), it is rare for Chinese people to have a clear face like westerners. She believes in Buddhism and we often discuss religion. She posted my photos on a forum to make people look at them (see below).

Once she gave me a "new Buddhist" bar, saying that I could send nerves. I sent it, and it was deleted. I said that Mingjing waterstop asked me to come. The bar master dared to explain that, let me be sure not to delete nerves. She has a rallying power to say that she is a friend of my sister.

Gehua 37[mengdiewu, female, born in 1989, Baoshan, Yunnan]

Gehua 38[Han Wufeng, female, born in 1992, Xuzhou, Jiangsu]

Nerve 27 (III) 694. When I was in Yemei community, I wrote a paragraph and went to dating websites, such as Yahoo, to make friends, search for women, and then paste them one by one without looking at their information. I invited many girls to the community, such as Wanqing. I also talked with the internet police and the Religious Affairs Bureau. I called it "hair when you see a woman". They were also surprised. I said that making friends means that men make women, and women make men.

Nerve 27 (1) 130. Clear mirror water stop: Ge Yimin is a Christian and independent of his own sect

He claims to be a prophet, son of God, man of God, and leader of the church. His foundation for the creation of religion is "visions", which is actually the so-called supernatural dreams he had from childhood to adulthood (I don't think so). Therefore, he has also written his own doctrinal scriptures. Therefore, he has also been attacked by many people on the Internet. However, after contact, I feel that I am still very good. I also take an inclusive attitude towards other beliefs. At least it is much better than other Christians who often accuse Buddhism, Taoism, qigong and yoga as evil spirits on the Internet.

Nerve 27 (1) 134. I can't see the truth, but I can't see that GE Yimin has the image of a saint, but it gives people a sense of persistence. It's a bit like the image of a revolutionary in the 1920s. Ha ha

The work piece is a bit like Michael Jackson~

Chapter X

Baidu Yongsheng Post Bar trading event.

In july2010, my ID Ge Yimin and Majia yexue were the eternal bar owners. Of course, they were used as propaganda nerves. One day, many bar friends suddenly came and posted many posts. It turned out that the new fantasy novel, which was dreamed of by the Internet writers, was named "eternal life", and the novel fans poured into eternal life.

At that time, many people applied for big and small bar owners. I approved 10 small bar owners. Two Youzi "first-class earth immortals" and "indescribable debauchery" came to me to be the third bar owner. "Debauchery" I agreed, but he could not apply, but others could. Of course, I refused. It seems that Baidu made me a little rich.

After that, the fans who dreamed of Shenji contacted me at the Shenji camp to buy a bar for 1000 yuan. After paying me 150, the third bar owner "eternal life bar management" was quickly added. I resigned yexue and added another bar owner of Shenji camp, but Baidu failed to pass, which took me threeorfour days. I spent a lot of time managing the bar, bar friends and posts. Because I didn't manage well, my geyimin bar owner couldn't keep it and sold gross money:) "first-class earth immortals" and "indescribable debauchery" and so on, and all kinds of reports were delayed.

I don't think the third bar owner can add it. If it's not a problem, I'll talk to Shenji camp and give him the geyimin number, totaling 1500 yuan. He's very happy and says 1600 or 1700 is OK. I gave the Ge Yimin, and the third bar owner added it. I wanted the balance. He paid 850, 1000, 500 less. He also resigned the Ge Yimin. Later, some people sent QQ group screenshots. They gave me a lot of money to buy bar owners. I failed to ask for 500. They posted a large number of posts to expose the dark scenes of online novels. They said that online novels were hyped and bought and sold bar owners. They also posted them on the people's network. I posted them in groups on many websites. It was also hyped for me and became famous in the novel circle.

Later, a small bar I removed returned the geyimin to me.

In 2021, the eternal life bar owner was removed. I, xujinglei Kaila, applied for the bar owner again, but now it is no longer popular. Time has changed.

Nerve 27 (III) 366. Facial mask: the past and present lives of the mentally ill Ge Yimin

Comrade Ge Yimin once served as the bar owner of the eternal life bar with his Majia yexue, and was bought by the Shenji camp at the price of 3000 yuan (he claimed to be a Christian at the beginning and was unwilling to make money transactions). As a result, because of his limited IQ, Ge Yimin took out both bar owner passwords after taking the 1000 down payment. As a result, he was cheated, and then changed his Majia to black the Shenji camp in different forums and major post bars for four years, It can be seen from his deep resentment and boredom.

Nerve 27 (3) 686, "I'm a big villain" is an online article. It's a novel written by someone when I had a dispute with the online writer about dreaming into the Shenji fans' Shenji camp. Wang Zhong dreamed into the Shenji, and some characters were later immortal bar owners. Ma Jia yexue and I were bar owners, Because his new novel is called "eternal life" Shenji camp, he asked me to buy a bar owner and sold it for 1000 yuan. Because their bar owner was slow, many people looked at it and it took me too much time. It was agreed that I would give the account "geyimin" and 1500, but still only 1000.

Nerve 27 (III) 854. The vast crowd 2: tell me about the Shenji camp incident that was so noisy before hogshey.

In july2010, the online writer dreamed of Shenji's new work "eternal life", and his fan group was Shenji camp. At this time, a person in Shenji camp wanted to buy the post bar with the same name by buying and selling in RMB. At that time, Yongsheng bar was controlled by GE Yimin and his vest (it was in 2006), so the two sides began to quarrel. As a result, hogshen asked 1500 yuan to agree to their request, but in the end, he only got 1000 yuan, At that time, Hushen also shook out the evidence of Shenji camp's buying bar, and said: "it was said that the three bar owners took the stage for 1600 and 1700, but the result was only 1000, and I wanted 1500. No, their attitude was bad. They were unkind, and I was also unjust.". Later, he Shen also wrote an article "the beginning of the fierce battle - the goal is not the eternal bar master, but the magic machine, but the vertical and horizontal". In the following years, Ge Hua (although all owned by him) has been brushing the screen of "the vertical and horizontal boss \ dreaming into the magic machine".

In those days, Zongheng Chinese network supported the people of Shenji camp to occupy eternal life bar. For this reason, the bid was as high as five figures. Hogshen wanted 1500, but Baima and others had to pay in installments. They didn't resign Ge Yimin. Hogg also agreed. He gave them the password of GE Yimin when he gave them 1000. But at that time, they not only resigned geyimin and replaced him with several numbers of the Shenji camp, but also didn't give him the remaining 500. At this time, Shenji camp started to quarrel with each other. He didn't care about the 500 yuan. After hearing this, he asked for a balance of 500 yuan. Instead, they gave him no money. Instead, he got up and sang Yimin listened. He wanted to send the whole QQ transaction web record (bad PS) and Alipay transaction record to the Internet, but it ended in nothing.

》Yexue: it's been a long time. I have two chatting records of bar owners.

In fact, the network comments on me, whether the information is true or false, I still included it into the nerve.

Nerve 27 (III) 947. The boundless crowd 2: in other words, the bar owner who applied for immortality bar passed, and successfully occupied it. In a sense, it is the return of the old bar owner.

Batu was originally written by a novelist about immortality, but Ge later used Ge Laoren's picture to make him famous.

But I'm looking forward to ge Hei's holding this bar one day.

Chapter XI

In the early days, there were only a few m mailboxes. Sina built a 60m mailbox, called a large capacity mailbox, and soon changed it back to a few m. Later, Google Gmail came, i.e. 1g. Many people registered first. I also introduced it to netizens. The earliest thing was to invite them to register. I also said that they would register sooner or later.

Later, when Iran blocked Gmail, I laughed and thought, it's just email service, but we won't, and then...

The rise of Twitter and Facebook in the United States, I have registered. At that time, it was not blocked. I used to use Facebook in Internet cafes. I followed Obama when he was recommended by twitter. Maybe I didn't choose the Chinese interface. My twitter is in English, so I became nervous. I have been following Obama all the time and have no fans. Maybe I have a lot of Chinese nerves, a Chinese interface appears, and there are more and more fans, but I only close a few people. Now we are following 10 people and 800 fans.

Facebook started as a Chinese interface, and Weiyao (a small fallen leaf in Yemei community) and others added me as friends. Later, the system recommended beauties from all over the world, and PS knew that I liked beauties:) I applied for a large number of friends, that is, click once, and if the other party passed, they will become friends. If they failed for a long time, I will cancel the application for friends, and click once again. Now there are 800 friends, all of whom are beauties from all over the world. Of course, I also use Facebook to send nerves. Later, I built three personal home pages and three groups. At present, there are 177 to 521 fans on the homepage, and more than a dozen members of the group.

At that time, Google also set up a google+, which was similar to Facebook. I also applied, and set up three groups to get nervous every day. Later, Google shut down google+.

I also set up several channels to upload micro vision short video (nerve), YY live video (nerve) and Ge Yimin video (hymn and Ge Hua's creation), which were also broadcast live. But the broadcast volume was terrible. I was the most popular of the three tweets. The big guys in them all paid attention to me first, and then I closed it. Facebook came second, and the oil pipe came second.

Of course, I also go to many overseas Chinese forums and blogs, all of which are crazy. There is a rainbow covenant Forum on the world wide web. It is a Christian Forum. I often post articles. Later, Christians condemned me as heretical and banned me.

There are also websites such as beikeqin, Boxun, Duowei, blogger, udn, Tang brere, reddit, and literature city. Several blogs (such as beikeqin, Boxun, and wanwei) have received hundreds of thousands of hits. Now, Ge Shenyi's news has more than 1000 hits every day on the world wide blog, making it a 24-hour hot list.

Weiming was unable to register before. It said that IP was illegal. Later, it was registered. Now there is a section full of my articles.

When shielding, I began to use the wheel. Later, the disciples sent a fog pass. They paid for it for two months. They found that it was also possible to use it for free, so they always used it for free.

When I post, it is an article. All websites send it once, and even the condiment website restricts me. It says that the same article is sent everywhere. On the condiment website, someone pretended to be my anti gravity, causing me to be summoned. He was afraid of canceling the number. I registered to prevent others from pretending again, but after some nerves, I left the condiment related website.

Nerve 21 23. The police asked me for twitter, Facebook, wechat, QQ and other accounts and passwords. I used the Internet under my real name. Although I knew that the police had infringed the law, I still gave it.

Nerve 27 (III) 387. Star Tang Yan and Ge Shen tweet.

Nerve 27 (III) 801. The vast crowd: how to treat Ge Yimin?

Apart from other things, it's just a divine stick, but the only thing that makes me curious is that his endurance has been preaching the divine religion all over the Internet, such as twitter, YTB, Facebook, a follower, and even the Hong Kong Forum. It has been preached almost inside and outside the wall, and it has been preaching and brushing the screen every day. He has worked hard to preach the gospel.

Nerve 27 (III) 802. The vast sea of people: the world wide web has been there, just as you said. On twitter, some adults did pay attention to you. What about the female star. You are a very unusual God.

》Deyang Lijuan: I pay attention to twitter. The people I went back to were all top pro democracy activists. There are also some people whose information is too much for me to return.

Nerve 27 (2) 744. Black tone: who is g God and people? You talk about him all day long

His channel is still on the oil pipe.

747. Black ground control: there is a complete collection of nerves on the oil pipe

There is still sound, even pictures.

755. Black earth tune: there are many words about the oil pipe singing Jinshan in Zhenjiang

The golden mountain in Zhenjiang shines everywhere,

Chairman Ge is the golden red sun.

Do many people make pilgrimages to Zhenjiang every year?

Chapter 12

At that time, there was "free book request" on the home page of Shenwang (several links in it were websites providing free books), and I was also keen on free books. There are dozens of "Christ" in Korea:) a new life preacher sent me a box of books, the gospel of the Holy Spirit in blood and water, which is not only his own understanding of the Bible, but also his own sect.

There is a happy letter website in Taiwan. I have learned lessons on it. She is a real Jesus church. I passed the exam and got excellent students. She sent me a record. They sang by their religious friends. They had a beautiful female voice. I said it was the best Christmas gift. She said that they were not Christmas, because the date was not Jesus' birthday.

There is a website that has successively sent me thick and big books. In front of them are Chinese and English Bibles, one in several volumes, and behind them are their exegesis. Some websites sent me CDs, such as Christian books and periodicals website.

In the Yahoo China Forum, there was Taiwanese interaction. He wanted me to express the public opinion not to unify Taiwan, saying that public opinion could affect government decisions. I replied: "we need Taiwan, the gateway to the sea."

After my righteous sister huangjingbo left Shenwang, a Beijing girl named Lili came to the community. She was Bai Fumi, a Christian, and a little lily in the greenhouse where the bar would be posted in the future. We are MSN friends. I added her as a community administrator. We chatted while posting in the evening. She said that she would control my time and I would go offline at about 10 o'clock.

Nerve 14 (9) 4. Beijing xiaobaihe has been a netizen together for a long time. She used to be a community administrator of Ge Yimin. She is against my faith, but she is still my best friend. But she was afraid that others would misunderstand her as Ge Hua, so she quit Baidu Ge Yimin post bar and walked away. Later, she said to me, go back. It's not that she doesn't pay attention. She PS many funny pictures about me and wrote long, insightful and funny comments on me. She is my grace. I often miss the days when I am happy with her.

Nerve 27 (III) 360. Lili: Ge Yimin, a heresy

》Geyimin classic 31 / 01 / 2016

Nerve 1 5. In the spring of 2001, I dreamed that the Apostle Paul took a boat to San Paolo, Brazil, in the Southeast Asian waters to preach back and forth. God made me like him. (GE Yimin is called to preach)

》》God made you like him. Just do it!

Paul is a servant of God. He preaches the word of God among the Gentiles instead of elevating himself and establishing the "Paul Church". Not to transform the social system.

》6. In the autumn of 2001, in a strange dream, God said, "I am God. Listen to him." He refers to song Yimin. (GE Yimin is called as a prophet)

》》Why should we listen to the songs of millions of people? Why not listen to God? Are you God?

》9. 20020827, in a vision, he ascended to heaven on the campus of his alma mater. God said, "I am God. Listen to him." this is my beloved son. I like it

Listen to him, you who are happy. "A cloud came down, and he sang to hundreds of millions of people.

》》This is what the heavenly father said about the Son Jesus. Obviously equate yourself with Jesus. See yourself as God.

》15. 20071227, in a strange dream, geyimin's body slowly rose to the sky and became the sun, shining on the earth.

》》The East is red, the sun is rising, and the world is full of people!

》27. In A.D. 2019, Satan was forever thrown into the fire lake of sulfur. When God executed the judgment, the new heaven and new earth, the national era (Communist society).

》》Is Xintian and Xindi Communist socialism? Did Jesus come into the world to be a secretary or a president?

》66. Christian Communists disdain to conceal their own views: in the future communist society, everyone has normal married children, and their extramarital affairs are not morally prohibited. In the future communist society, any adult man or woman can go to Wushan together if both sides are willing. This behavior is not morally prohibited, and human beings are completely happy and harmonious.

》》Looking at today's society, it seems that we have achieved "communism"! Is this what you want?

》71. In the Communist society, labor is not a need, let alone a primary need, but voluntary and self-conscious.

》》Voluntary and conscious labor? This is completely unrealistic fantasy,

People are lazy and greedy. How can you be willing to work?

There is also distribution on demand. I would like to have the world. Am I asking too much? Or just want to eat? What is the standard of people's needs?

Summary: Ge Yimin, a heretical theory!

Chapter XIII

Baihe once had an Italian boyfriend. Her grandfather was a senior official. He once told me that once she and her grandfather stayed in a hotel and armed police stood guard. Her father is a businessman and believes in Jesus. She believes that Jesus follows her father. She uploaded a large number of photos on the MSN China website. I started to upload photos, only a few of which were scanned in the unit. She also said that it was just a little.

I introduced Ge Yimin to her. At first, she thought that GE Yimin was the official of Baidu. Later, she opened a personal club in the post bar and posted a lot of posts. Later, the post bar closed the club.

At first, her ID was the bird in the cage. I can't say it with the plastic product number. The bird meant little boy. So she registered the little lily in the greenhouse and became a philosophy bar owner.

Baihe last posted on September 26th, 2014. After a few days of sporadic replies, she didn't appear. According to her character, she won't leave the post bar. I'm very worried about accidents. A year or two later, she came to the post bar once and replied to the village girl: "have you read my message?" Since she disappeared again, I'm so worried about her body accident. I asked the content of Lily's message last time, but he refused to say...

Nerve XXVII (III) 559. Chatting with Lili about faith

Ge Yimin said:

Li, your post is back to you. Have a look

Thank you for your responsibility. I'm very happy after hard work

I've been waiting for you all night. Thank you for discussing my faith. It's been a long time. I like to be criticized by others, which is good for me

. As long as you don't leave, I'll be satisfied, Li.

Messenger shield says:

-You received from [email protected] Chat content encrypted-

Lili said:


Who is that four rheumatism?

Ge Yimin said:

》I see, you are him, he is you, you two are birds of a feather, this is the case, why hide.

Lili said:


Ge Yimin said:

He thought you were my vest

Lili said:

I said last time

I don't want to be a moderator of sensitive topics

I'm afraid of that


Ge Yimin said:

Prophet forum is not sensitive

Full Gospel Forum

No personal belongings

Or I'll move you to the Yimin version, huh

Lili said:

I am conservative in your forum


Ge Yimin said:

If you are honest, the wind will be extreme

Lili said:


You're welcome

This is not an ordinary Forum

I don't want that

Ge Yimin said:

It's all right, Li. Just say what you want. This is the Internet

Lili said:


At least he's my friend

Ignore him

I don't think so

Ge Yimin said:

Ah, the forum is a debate, just say what you want

Lili said:

Not malicious

I think that's all

Ge Yimin said:

Yes, he was motivated by his hatred of heresy

Lili said:


I don't like heresy either

I have a good opinion of you

Ge Yimin said:

I know

I just thought, no action

Lili said:

Your theory

Ge Yimin said:

Of course, there are many objections

Especially in Christianity, new ideas are always heretical

Lili said:

Not necessarily

You are too selfish

Ge Yimin said:

Oh, Li, if it proves that my dream is not from God, I will take it back

Lili said:

How does it come from God?

Ge Yimin said:

It's only in the Bible. - listen to him

Lili said:

Too many people / I want to be invisible

Ge Yimin said:


Lili said:

What do you mean by him, you or something

Ge Yimin said:

In a strange dream, it means me

I wonder, too

Lili said:

I guess so

Ge Yimin said:

You look like your old book. She mainly opposes 2019

Lili said:

Who is Ben?

Ge Yimin said:

A girl, former administrator

Lili said:

This sentence will be opposed

Ge Yimin said:

I inferred from Daniel

Mainly expectation

Lili said:

You are God yourself

Even higher than the prophet

Ge Yimin said:


God is the creator, the only one

Lili said:

Listen to you. Are you all right?

Ge Yimin said:


I'm surprised

Wait for God

Lili said:

The determination is wrong

Even confuse many people

Ge Yimin said:

This dream is still very clear

Lili said:

Maybe the devil?

Have you thought of it?

Ge Yimin said:


Lili said:


Ge Yimin said:


Lili said:


And the Communist co wife

Could it be God's will?

Ge Yimin said:

This is the last form of imagining human beings

Lili said:

The kingdom of God is not what it is today

Don't imagine the transition of God with the secular world

Ge Yimin said:

Today is not a communist wife

Lili said:

of course

We do not believe in God to change the world

Ge Yimin said:

Non conflicting

Lili said:

To save everyone

Ge Yimin said:

Western Christians have no conflict with politics

To be saved, we should also live in reality

Nice talking to you

Lili said:


Ge Yimin said:

Can you send the record to the forum?

Lili said:

We're only here for a while



Ge Yimin said:

I think the kingdom of heaven is the renewed earth

Xintian Xindi

Lili said:


Xintian Xindi the world will change completely

Jesus is our king

Ge Yimin said:

Yes, it's OK to update the earth, mainly the human mind

Lili said:

That was after seven years of disaster

What you said still hasn't escaped the secular world

Ge Yimin said:

There are many views on the seven-year issue, including the first millennium, the second millennium and the non Millennium (the Millennium)

Lili said:


Ge Yimin said:

New heaven and new earth, human beings are not divorced from material life

Lili said:

Biblical prophecies are hidden



Ge Yimin said:

Not what?

Lili said:

Biblical prophecies are hidden. Let us understand more clearly. Those who don't understand, those who connect, and those who arrive will also lose

Ge Yimin said:

How did your theology come about?

Lili said:

Xintian and Xindi are definitely not material

Ge Yimin said:

Xindi is not the earth?

Lili said:


But it's not what you think

Ge Yimin said:

Living immaterially on earth?

Lili said:

Not based on matter

Ge Yimin said:

Of course, the soul comes first

Lili said:

Think about it. The dead are raised

Or material?

Ge Yimin said:

In fact, this man can't figure it out until the Lord comes again

Lili said:



We seem to be robots

How is it possible to know what the makers think

Ge Yimin said:

No, our search for God's work is endless

Free will, new heaven and new earth

I see you

Lili said:

Just like the fish in the water, how do you know what the land looks like?

Ge Yimin said:

Agree with you

Lili said:

You told him there were trees and beautiful flowers

He won't understand

Because his limitations are in the water

He had no idea how beautiful the land was

Ge Yimin said:

I agree with you very much. Now people can't understand how xintianxindi is

Lili said:

Imagine that the land is the same as the water


Ge Yimin said:

How did you get your theological knowledge?

Lili said:

I hope you give up your unrealistic ideas

Hee hee

Ge Yimin said:

If the evidence is wrong, give up

Lili said:

My father used to tell me

Ge Yimin said:

Oh, you are true

Lili said:

Actually, I know very little

I'm talking nonsense

Just casually

Ge Yimin said:

That's right

Lili said:

Hee hee

Thank you

Correct your typos when you put them in the Forum

Hee hee

Ge Yimin said:

Don't change, I understand

Lili said:


I hope you give up your heresy as soon as possible

Ge Yimin said:

Prove wrong, I will give up

Lili said:


Can you tell me what I thought of you before?

Don't be angry

Ge Yimin said:


Not angry

Like criticism

Lili said:

Highly narcissistic. Self righteous. Want to be independent. A follower who pretends to be God and doesn't know the truth.


Hee hee

Ge Yimin said:

The main reason is that the dream came from God

Lili said:

Just don't get angry

Ge Yimin said:

I will not call myself God. I think God is the creator, the only one. All people are created

Lili said:

Strange dreams may be just an excuse for your purpose

I speak directly


I hope you understand

Ge Yimin said:

It's not an excuse. I really think the dream comes from God. I think it's a mission

Lili said:

You don't call yourself God, but you're the same

Ge Yimin said:

It won't be the same

I think God is the creator God, and all people are created

Lili said:

By making others listen to you, you equate yourself with God

Ge Yimin said:

No, it doesn't mean that. It's the original words in a strange dream. It's an actual record

Chapter 14

Lily is very beautiful. She has a characteristic. She calls you you. No matter who she treats, even a little girl of God net can't stand it. She says, "I'm only 19."

Crape myrtle saints have sprung up on the Internet. Baidu Chinese sage bar is very popular. Little lily posted a post, which was deleted by a little Taoist. She came to ge Yimin bar to complain. Ge Hua posted a post at the Chinese sage bar, which has developed into a screen brushing in the future.

At that time, there was a village girl in Ge Yimin bar. She was a man from Northeast China. He was a few years younger than me and became a friend of lily. She was also recommended by Ni Zi to go to the Chinese sage bar.

Later, Baihe became a Chinese saint, Xiao ba. But later, she saw through that the prophecy was false, stopped participating and resigned.

Baihe is from Beijing. She has houses in both Dongcheng District and Xicheng District. Her father gave her a suite in Dongcheng District. After the decoration, she sent me a photo and I said, "it will be used as a wedding room in the future." She said: "(the man) has no room, can't think.":)

Nerve XVII (VI). The so-called impossible: who does little lily say sits in the Department? Who does coolie? A good solution: take turns. Do this today and that tomorrow. Everyone can do different jobs according to their interests. They are willing to serve all mankind. Human morality is generally improved. Everyone is willing to serve Ge Yimin.

Nerve 24 85. Lily, No. You are the administrator of Shenwang. Ge Yimin owes you too much You must answer in the future The only difference between us is that you are the Bible and tradition, and we are seeking higher truth, because God is infinite Truth is infinite You say that we are not Christians. In fact, we have always been. There are a lot of things about Jesus and the Bible on our nerves. But because of the above, we have established a divine religion to be closer to God Approach the truth.

86. Lily, you are kind to ge Yimin, so we care about you most. You oppose Ge Yimin's belief. We are not angry, but also very happy, because there is a place for GE Yimin in your heart. Your comments on Ge Yimin's posts are collected on Ge Yimin's official website. But you showed that you saw through Ge Yimin. We were disappointed because everyone was seeking the truth and on the way.

87. There is Lily. If you think a person is a friend, you can oppose him or scold him, but you can't despise or despise him. This is the most unacceptable thing for people.

102. Little lily in the greenhouse: my evaluation of Ge Yimin, a highly narcissistic heretic who wants to hype himself, is really incompetent and lacks followers.

Nerves 27 (1) 198. One hand of bread and one hand of Calligraphy: I suddenly found Ge Yimin. Call you saint

Lily in the greenhouse: many people used to call me that, but Ge Yimin scared me. Now he sends "advertisements" everywhere.

214. Fighting monsters across the line of fire: I just went to ge Yimin's bar to have a look

Ge Hua has been pursuing the God in the fog and the little lily in the greenhouse. Both of them are cults

232. Little lily in the greenhouse: I debated with Mr. Ge for some time, but later I felt it was meaningless.

Sometimes I feel that GE Yimin just hypes himself, but he is not serious, such as "2019 eschatology"

Sometimes I feel tempted and used by the devil. However, there is not so much ability. Always entertain yourself.

Who knows, confused.......... Highly narcissistic.

Call yourself a prophet, Christ.

You should listen to him, Ge Yimin....

Chapter XV

Lily, like Benben, opposes my faith. They are both Christians. Benben was in 2004. Yemeni religion is still a Christian faith. She mainly opposes my 2019 doomsday theory (which is also the beginning of a new heaven and earth). In the Baihe era, the deity gradually became independent. Baihe opposed my calling God and my communism.

Benben is an online love, Baihe is a normal friend, and they have all been God net administrators.

Nerves 27 (3) 504. Little lily in the greenhouse: go to ge Yimin for the last time. When you leave

I will stamp the dust off my feet to witness their wrongs.

This is my last post to ge Yimin bar.

Ben didn't want to be here. Because you said [if you don't want to, don't say more] (in the post where faith is not a business Post), why should I "say more"? But I want to say something when I leave. Sorry!

As I said, one yuan can buy out a person's soul,

Indeed, for their own popularity, they do not hesitate to fabricate, cheat and force others. When others don't do it, they get angry and turn over. I don't know whether your Ge Jiao wants to save others or let others save you? Also, your explanation after deleting all your friends in QQ is that [they are useless to me...] Very surprised! They're useless, they don't need them, so they delete them. This is your Ge philosophy. Is there only a relationship between people that is used and used? So you have no friends, not even one. It is only for profit. Don't pretend that God is fed by women and that you are unworthy. He that keepeth his mouth and his tongue preserveth himself from disaster.

Every tree will recognize its fruit. Man does not pick figs from thorns, nor grapes from thistles.

You have nothing to do with Christianity.

What is it to call yourself Christianity but not to admit Christ? The reason is simple. You call yourself Christ. Can you still believe in the real Christ? Seems to be getting worse now? As long as it is good, you are all alone, even suggesting that you are a "sage of crape myrtle" (I have never heard of "masturbating strangers"). You have many professional titles! "Great Internet religionist", "thinker", "Christ" and "prophet". In fact, you only have one title, which is "the pioneer of Satan"! The great whore of revelation...

The ten horns and the beast that you see will hate the adulteress, leaving her desolate and naked. They will eat her flesh and burn her up with fire.

When it comes to bundling Satan, your answer is [let go and increase popularity]

In fact, I want to borrow the power of Satan. Add popularity to yourself, a guy who calls himself a prophet and Christ. To indulge evil and abuse the father in heaven for a little petty gain. It's fair play. Is your popularity so important?

A good man sends out good from the good that is in his heart. The evil doer sends out evil from the evil that is in his heart. For the fullness of the heart speaks out of the mouth.

Ge [extramarital affairs are not morally prohibited... Everyone's sexual satisfaction is as convenient as going to the toilet. Since there is no moral problem in going to the toilet... When meeting the opposite sex, both parties are willing to...]

God, what is it called? Disgusting! How can you think of it? It's not how conservative I am. Sex is the crystallization of love and the upsurge of emotion. How could it be like going to the bathroom? Even those with hormone imbalance feel guilty. Do you have any? Of course not! Look at those animals in pairs. Maybe you feel inferior?

Imagine your Ge style Communist society. The male has lost the responsibility of being a father (I don't know who is his own baby); The mother is the director of the orphanage. The husband became a duck; The wife became a chicken. "People" wander between "sex exchanges". Looking for their opposite sex prey. Intoxicated... Of course, it may promote people's exploration of the unknown. If; Why are animals more rational than people? More ethical? Confused. Exploring..

The ignorant delight in folly; A wise man acts with integrity... Then people will say to the mountains, 'fall on us!' Say to the hill, 'cover us!'

"Ge style communism" of fried rice

At this time, you have changed from a theologian to a sociologist. The pediatrics theory [each according to his ability, and according to his needs] ignores human nature, and each according to his ability. Who should do the selling of coolies? Who should do the Department? Distribution according to his needs, which means food and clothing or senior villas? Who is responsible for the distribution? You deceive yourself and others. Your explanation is that [people will become] you have changed from a sociologist to an anthropologist again. Like Guevara, we should transform human beings. Transform people's thoughts. Turn people into Communist machines. Of course, they also have extramarital affairs.. In fact, your theory is plagiarized except for the gender issues that others dare not think of or say..

What has been, will come again; What has been done must be done later. There is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything about which a man can say, this is new? However, in our previous generation, it already existed.

Ge ["I am God. Listen to him." He refers to ge Yimin]

Typical nonsense! I used to think you were a lost lamb and didn't know what you were doing. Actually, you know exactly what you are doing. Clear purpose. Is to use the name of Christ to achieve their own goals. You are not the highly narcissistic guy I mentioned before. You know yourself very well. I just want to be famous. I am crazy, abnormal and out of control. Of course, there are still ambitions, but they are getting farther and farther away from their goals. More and more distant. Except for a few loyal vests, they all left and saw through. How meaningful are people examining themselves and arguing with you?

Whatever you have, give it to him to make him rich; But whoever does not have, even what he has, will be taken away.

Last warning!

Stop calling yourself Christian. Please change your name to avoid the demonization of Christianity and hurting the innocent. The Bible is sacred. Don't quote scriptures casually to avoid retribution. Do not blaspheme the Holy Spirit for your own purposes,. The gains outweigh the losses. People should be responsible for their actions and pay for what they have done. Be alert! Fear!

Therefore I say to you, all sins and blasphemies of a man shall be forgiven. But blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven!

This is my last time here.

Here are almost all your vests. You continue to entertain yourself! God wants everyone to be saved, not one to fall. I hope you can repent! Kneel before God and confess your sins. Ask God for forgiveness with humility. God is kind and will forgive you. I'm leaving. When I leave, I will stamp the dust off my feet to witness their wrongs.

Do not give sacred things to dogs, nor throw your jewels in front of pigs, lest they trample on jewels with their feet and turn around to bite you.

Chapter 16

Lily's nanny put the fruit on her apple notebook. Lily said that the nanny became a fruit tray because of the apple logo.

Lily has a house. In front of the house, she grows pepper. The neighbor says, "your pepper is good, but it's a little spicy." Meaning stole the pepper of Baihe's family. Baihe posted a post, "people have a time to talk."

Lily's grandmother was paralyzed in bed. Once her stool was on her body. The nanny wasn't there. Lily dealt with it. She posted a post "stinks to death." I happened to deal with it for my father, just like me.

There is a netizen whose ID is 666 at last. I said Satan, and Lily understood it, because 666 is the number of Satan in the Bible. This man, where Lily went, went there. He returned to Lily's post and became her loyal fan.

After Baihe's post bar club was closed, I asked her to apply for a post bar owner. To apply for a post bar owner, she always had to post several posts to obtain the qualification. Baihe applied directly and was repeatedly rejected. I asked her to post a few posts first. She refused and said, "volunteers also failed."

Baihe posted this post before leaving the network:

Vice president of selected little lily thought Seminar

Little lily decided that the seminar on the thought of little lily in the greenhouse will be established on october1,2014! Now we will select several vice presidents of the little lily thought seminar. Those who can accurately answer the following questions are among the candidates.

1. What is the relationship between little Lily's thought, philosophical principles and scientific truth?

2. How to build the organization of little lily thought seminar?

3. Which little lily articles are you mainly interested in?

Select method: post notes or send the answers here or on Baidu news (Little Lily in the greenhouse). I will carefully review it.

If you have any questions or inquiries, little Lily will answer them one by one.

From now on to October 1.

Chairman of the seminar on the thought of little lily in the greenhouse: Little Lily

September 26th, 2014.

Auxiliary description

1. Participants must support the thought seminar of little lily in the greenhouse and the position of president of little lily.

2. Resolutely implement the relevant rules and regulations of the little lily thought seminar.

3. Pay the membership fee on time. Please send your bank account number and password to the following reply.

Nerve 27 (III) 507. Little lily in the greenhouse: General Ge Yimin made a mistake (funny)

General Ge Yimin, who has just returned from fighting in other forums, has come to Baidu Post Bar regardless of his physical fatigue. We continued to talk about his great Ge Gong thought with the netizens here. It was late that day. We said, "general Ge, go back and have a rest. You just came back from narcissism in other forums. Keep your love body."

General Ge Yimin shook his head. "It's no problem. You know many people on the Internet now regard my Ge style theory as an enemy and keep making trouble for me. You are the future of the Ge Communist Party. You must adhere to extramarital love. This is a top priority." We were all excited with tears in our eyes. What a good Ge Yimin. He won't let go of other people's marriages...

General Ge looked up at the sky and said, "if only there were as many people who believed my lies as the stars in the sky." Suddenly, he became excited, his whole body trembled and his eyes shone. "But there are such people who always find fault with me and want to mess up my thoughts and posts. They don't want extramarital love and don't accept my greed and deception. They are sinners.

With these words, general Ge bent down, took off a smelly shoe from his feet, looked at the sky and said, "damn heretics."

He threw up his smelly shoes. The smelly shoe drew two perfect arcs in the air, and then fell down. "These netizens who oppose me have been scolding me at GE Yimin's bar, including little lilies and birds. I've endured it for a long time. I'm almost crazy," general Ge Yimin said madly. Everyone clapped their hands and felt proud that there was such a madman in tieba.

After his mood stabilized, general Ge asked, "where did my smelly shoe fall just now? I was still barefoot," and "it fell on a vest." Another vest said.

General Ge Yimin was stunned and said, "hurry to the hospital and see if there is any problem." Soon, news came from the hospital that he had been kicked open. With the invasion of harmful gas, he was in a coma....

At this time, general Ge was still standing there with his bare foot and said to us, "there is always a sacrifice to deceive the world. I can break the blood for my cult cause. They are big and glorious..."

He then bowed his head and said, "but I must admit that I was too reckless to throw my smelly shoes up. I apologize to the waistcoats here. I explain the situation to the netizens of the post bar."

We burst into tears. What a good Ge Yimin! He remembered his small mistakes in the struggle with just Internet users and apologized. We must learn from general Ge in our future posts, learn from his mind of meaningless justice and his spirit of never giving up.

At this time, a sound like an evil wind passing through a broken window came from the direction of the hospital: "the east wind blows and the war drums beat. If you don't believe Ge Yimin, who else do you want to believe..." "Eh? Where is my front tooth..."

Chapter 17

Nerve XV (I). Nerve news

1. Milan, Real Madrid who is lying


Ancelotti made the above-mentioned repudiation at the media conference after Milan's 1-0 victory over Atletico Madrid in the summer league. In his words, "the Italian sports newspaper, like other Italian or Spanish newspapers, is not, after all, the Yemeni Sutra."

The yeme channel is the nerve, the earliest version of nerve. An Shuai gives examples of nerves, which means that everyone in the audience knows. Otherwise, others will not understand.

2. "The earth will be ended in 2019" startled Baidu Post Bar

Bubble net

In Baidu "God bar", some netizens commented that "the earth will end in 2019" happened to verify the prediction of the end of the world in the Yemei Sutra.

(2) News of "socialized production and Internet revolution"

1. Socialized mass production and Internet revolution - Daily Express - Tencent

2. Socialized mass production and Internet revolution,, Sina Inner Mongolia industry, Sina

3. Socialized mass production and Internet revolution - Youxun China - Chinanet

Nerve 27 (1) 107 "doomsday theory of the earth" startled Baidu tieba Dongfang

At 16:31 on August 9, 2006, in Baidu "God bar", some netizens commented that "the earth will be ended in 2019", which happened to verify the prediction of the end of the world in the Yemei Sutra; The reporter also saw the discussions and assumptions of netizens with relevant astronomical knowledge such as "the Royal Observatory of Belgium detected that the earth axis has begun to turn slightly" and "a new idea about the evolution of celestial bodies" in Baidu's "scientific exploration bar" and "artificial intelligence bar", > > 2 same news

Nerve 27 (3) 512. 7. News about the two Yamei sutras.


At 17:00 p.m. on July 19, I saw a post "the earth will be ended in 2019" in Baidu Post Bar; In the "astrophysics bar" caused a lot of controversy among netizens. Among them, the author expounds the theory of "2002 nt7 asteroid collided with the earth on February 1st, 2019" with a large number of news reports and relevant data.

In Baidu "God bar", some netizens commented that "the earth will end in 2019" happened to verify the prediction of the end of the world in the Yemei Sutra.

Baidu astrophysics bar posted on: Author: 60.1.196* July 19, 2006 17:47

At this time, the God bar has been closed. Why did the reporter write God bar netizens' comments to verify the Yemeni Sutra?

It's just made up by a small reporter, and it doesn't matter.

The important thing is this:

(2) Milan, Real Madrid who is lying

2006-08-14 11:35:06 source: Netease sports manuscript Author: fangzhongxin netizen comments 12 entries

Enter the Forum

Ancelotti made the above-mentioned repudiation at the media conference after Milan's 1-0 victory over Atletico Madrid in the summer league. In his words, "the Italian sports newspaper, like other Italian or Spanish newspapers, is not, after all, the Yemeni Sutra." At the end of the interview, Ancelotti did not forget to mention Kaka.

Tencent sports news comprehensive "ABC" however, AC Milan coach Ancelotti, who was far away in La Coruna, Western Spain, to participate in the Teresa Cup warm-up match, denied this: "when he (Ronaldo) was in shape, he was undoubtedly a champion, but at this stage he is not Milan's goal." Ancelotti even joked with the media: "just like other media in Spain and Italy, La Gazzetta dello Sport is not a Bible."

My English is not good. If there are brothers and sisters who are good at English, search the English version of the news. If the English version is written in the Bible, that is, the coach of Serie A did not mention the yeme Sutra at all, but just the Mistranslation of the Netease editor (some sisters said to buy it). Then:

We can close your eyes bravely and gently.

Ge Ge, in the past n years, you are actually making up a big iron cage and locking yourself in it. You can't get out. The iron cage is getting bigger and bigger, so that more and more people are locked in it.

Now, I, your Xiao Ke, the murderer among the murderers, would like to use this poster as an explosive to blow up the iron cage, and then shout out: come out, give you freedom!!!!!!!

Nerve 27 (III) 756. Vast crowd: Ge Shenxian is a little strange

It's "it's difficult to know whether Ronaldo will transfer to Milan or Real Madrid. Who is lying - Netease sports" (the original page has been olive) in the nerve news, because this news mentioned the earliest version of Ge Shen's "nerve" called "the yeme Sutra". Moreover, the Italian coach Ancelotti said that "the Italian sports newspaper, like other Italian or Spanish newspapers, is not the yeme Sutra after all." Is this a coincidence? (according to ge Shen, the Yemei Sutra is the nerve, the earliest version of the nerve. An Shuai exemplifies the nerve, which means that everyone in the audience knows it. Otherwise, others won't understand it.)

The original news release time was 11:35:06, August 14, 2006. At this time, geyimin was only a little famous in the domestic Christian circle and could not be known by foreigners. Moreover, Ge Shen also sent the news screenshots to his God website. According to the page save, he also found that GE Shen has not been processed. I'm sure he doesn't know the P-map at all. For this strange news, since then, there has been a plastic product (suspected to be the alias of Ge Shen), which can also be said to be self directing and self acting. He sent an article to list a few criticisms of Ge Shen, Among them, there is a question about the authenticity of this news: "my English is not good. If there are brothers and sisters who have good English, search the English version of the news. If the English version is written in the Bible, that is, the coach of Serie A did not mention the yeme Sutra at all, but just the Mistranslation of the Netease editor (some sisters said to buy it)."

The News Publisher is fangzhongxin, who served as Netease sports special article from 2006 to 2007. If it is a mistranslation, it is possible. It is incredible to bribe.

》Yexue: the news was on Netease one year ago. Many people have seen it. It should have been too long. It was 404.

Shenwang used to provide links. About a year ago, it was 404 years ago that Shenwang gave a screenshot.

I haven't been able to figure out this news yet, but it is undoubtedly a huge driving force for the gods.

Nerve XXVII (III) 757. My father knows that it should be the pot of translation software.

》Yexue: Netease News will not use translation software, but Bible (the Bible) will not produce a Yemei Scripture out of thin air.

It is a translation software that can recognize Bible as the Bible. It is so famous that it won't produce a Yemeni Scripture out of thin air.

Boundless, the Internet archives you mentioned should be able to find the original text. What is the website of the archives?

》》Vast crowd:

Nerve 27 (III) 772. Polar Hawaii: tell me about the appearance of Hogan's works on the news

Original picture: Yemei Sutra (Netease)

Translated versions found elsewhere: the Bible (Sina)

Since the original text says it is Le Monde, use the edition of Le Monde:

The key is

Ancelotti quiso restart importancia La Informaci ó n Aparecida en elrotativo Italiano y brome ó ante Los periodistas: "igual? Que Los peri ó dicosespa? Oles o El resto de Los italianos, 'La Gazzetta dello Sport' no es elevangelio"

In the first picture, this passage is probably translated into sports daily instead of the Yemeni Sutra, while in the second picture, the Yemeni Sutra is translated into the Bible. The main difference lies in the word evangelio.

Everyone is familiar with the word evangelio. Evangelio in the new century, that is, EVA, is the abbreviation of Evangelion. This word should be translated into the Gospels rather than the Yemenis.

》Yexue: Hello, polar region. I also think Ansai's example is the Bible, and the Gospels are OK. The key is Netease News. How can we produce a Yemei Sutra?

Nerve 27 (3) 833. Especially the nerve news, according to the judgment of bar friends, Yemei bribed Netease editors to tamper with the Bible as the Yemei Sutra, but it may not be. According to the discovery of a netizen, the original text is the Gospels, and Yemei probably knew that the original text could not be the Yemei Sutra but the Bible of Tencent News. She made a big fuss about the mistranslated version. She also said that the coach of the Yemei cult entered Milan, Italy talked about the Yemei Sutra, Yemei herself knew that other translations pointed to the Bible, but she still included the mistranslated version in the neuronews to comfort herself.

(reverse publicity)

》Deyang Lijuan: Milan coach news, why does NetEase have the words "Yemei Jing"? Still unknown.

Nerve 27 (III) 834. The vast crowd: I just tried

All the translations of the original texts by major translation software are Gospels or Bibles. No matter how you say it, you can't turn to the Jeme Sutra. Maybe Netease editors know you and don't know what the original intention is. The bad thing is, as Paul said, the good thing is to publicize you in a different way. It is reasonable to say that Fang Zhongxin's email should be found soon, but this name is a star, and most of the search results are him. It is difficult to find the information of the editor with the same name. In addition, I have read other news of CITIC below, but there is no such thing as the colored egg of Yemei Sutra.

》Deyang Lijuan: fangzhongxin doesn't know me. He can only say that he knows me. He doesn't know the specific truth yet.

Chapter 18

Ziwei sage and wangzhe

In 2006, I first saw an article about the sage of crape myrtle in a forum. I thought it was a specific person and a personal name (for example, the online name was not convinced, because I wrote nerves in 2004). At that time, the prediction of 2012 was very popular. I was 2019. Someone replied to me on that forum: "they all said those years."

Later, I knew that I was a prophet, but there was no specific person, and I was rated as one of the top ten Saints (around 2010). I took the initiative to enter the saint circle and became a saint.

List of the top ten saints: geyimin, zhengkuifei, Yu Zhanqi, maweiqing, xuanchangwei, Wang Weihao, Shu Zhangming, lvyongjun, Zhang Wuzhong and Wang Jianxin.

That's why I pay attention to purple saint. There is also the reason why friends @ little lilies in the greenhouse. Pay attention to Chinese saints.

In fact, before there was a bar owner (Solomon), he sent a post "nerves" and posted it with a machine. At that time, the post bar could send long articles at one time. How many layers would it be automatically divided into? I have about 40000 words. Later, the bar owner told me that after deleting this post, he didn't go.

Little Lily was deleted in the holy bar. She came to ge Yimin bar to complain. Then I entered the holy bar and even brushed the screen for a long time.

I am a contemporary Christian Communist, and naturally I am a Christian circle and a communist circle. Nerves are also dominated by these two.

In 2001, he went online, mainly in the Christian circle.

I joined the online philosophy circle passively. The first time I saw the composite picture of the nine Internet philosophers' avatars, I was the first picture (mentally retarded and barbaric), and I knew that I was an Internet philosopher:), passively entered the Internet philosopher circle.

List of the nine online philosophers: Ge Yimin, Zhou Qun, Yun Jie, feather brother, keren2398, Zhao Kexun, LAN Zhi, Strongart, and Du Ren 13.

Before the Chinese Saint bar, there were several Saint bars, which were repeatedly sealed and built. The "saints" can always gather new saint bars. There were back pushing pictures before, holding heaven and earth, Ziwei sage, Ziwei sage, etc. Then there are the Chinese sage bar, the world sage bar, the shijianqian bar, the headquarters bar, etc.

I always keep Ziwei sage, Christianity, communism, Internet philosophy and folk Science in my screen bar, 8 in each bar, plus a few hot related bars. Constantly replace, but always brush the screen in about 40 bars.

I have also done a lot of bar owners to publicize, while II is good at doing bar owners and changing materials to publicize Ge.

Summary report of the ten-year holy bar: two basic estimates.

1. It is estimated that my friend thinks he is the only sage of crape myrtle. Others are fake saints. Women also think they are saints, not saints.

It is precisely because there is no real person in the virtual sage crape myrtle, which is calculated according to the prediction, resulting in this strange phenomenon.

2. It is estimated that the friends of the holy bar are all neuropathy, most of them are overt, have lived in hospital, few of them are recessive, have not been hospitalized, and even do not take medicine.

Otherwise, why pay attention to the holy bar? India bar and History bar are more fun and learn knowledge.

Normal people, who would consider themselves saints? Or the creator. As for the start, everyone thinks he is the creator, but God thinks he created the creator.

A group of hanging silk at the bottom are delusional about becoming emperor.

Crape myrtle prophecy has harmed many people:

@Grandpa Hongsha didn't work for several years. He waited every day to go out of the mountain. He begged for food and said that the mountain would return the borrowed money.

NR and others don't get married, and other saints don't exist.

In reality, the worst woman can't marry, but in YY, the only saint in the world is his future wife.

Zhang Jie, the Internet philosopher, and Liu Yifei, all in the same way.

Most serious:

Those who cannot commit suicide after leaving the mountain. For example, they commit suicide before leaving the mountain on January 1, 2015, so that the world will perish with them.

If you can't marry a saint, you will commit suicide, such as @job80

I, Ge Yimin, advise the saints: one heart, two preparations.

Chapter XIX

Post bar screen brushing (I)

In the past few years, I bought a top posting machine (tools and software) to automatically post my own theme posts in Tianya forum and Baidu Post Bar. As soon as I opened the tool, it would take turns to top posts and reply to the set paragraphs. In the Tianya forum, some netizens thought it was my manual top post and sent a post saying that I would not go to the home page.

In Baidu thought bar, I wrote a nervous article, a large section, and then used tools to automatically post, which became a rare hot post in thought bar. The bar owner was embarrassed, because many bar friends had replied before and were reluctant to delete it. I saw that the reply was no longer top, and the link was removed from the tool.

The post bar is suitable for me, because one number can post in all the post bars, and the bar owner can only seal up for 10 days at most. I have 150 numbers, and take turns. The original ones have been unsealed early, while the circular closure is too troublesome. I have too many numbers, which is even more troublesome. Only later, a few of the main tools of the post bar can achieve automatic circulation ban, such as atheists.

Swiping the screen means that more numbers are better. My number source: 1. Registered by myself; 2. Take the son's number, there are more than 20; 3. The netizen Huahan Longxing sent me dozens of numbers; 4. A small number bought with Paul; 5. A small number of bar friends sent them to the public. The number of disciple Paul was basically bought. He had 700 numbers in front of and behind him. He repeatedly sealed and bought them. He brushed the screen with a tool and basically sealed them.

Of course, I swipe the screen for publicity. I copy neural content. I used to copy the posts commented by netizens on Shenwang, that is, click, copy and paste. Later, I directly copied neural TXT, that is, cut and paste.

If there is no bar owner, I can swipe the screen. I am better at swiping the screen in the bar with a bar owner, because the bar with a bar owner is more popular. In the past, the bar owner was only able to delete one post per post, that is, click to open a post to delete it. I also sent one post per post. Once, the Chinese sage bar competed with me, and I sent him to delete it. But after a while, he posted a post and admitted that he was not as quick as me.

Sometimes the bar owner will seal the IP, so I will send a post to disconnect the router and still finish swiping the screen.

Later, baidu bar owners can delete a page of posts with one click, that is, the home page check box group can delete, so the screen can only be swiped in the bar owners.

Later, baidu specifically targeted me. All my 150 numbers were banned and blocked, and all Ge Baobao's 700 numbers were killed in battle. The history of screen brushing came to an end, so I could only build a personal number to post. However, the number that advertised Ge was reported or found by the administrator to be blocked and blocked. So now, I can only build a personal number to secretly support Ge related posts sent by others. fifty-five thousand five hundred and fifty-five

Nerve 27 (1) 773. Lin Zhongcan stone: Ge Yimin and Ge Hua are really shameless. They are blowing up bars and brushing advertisements every day

Have you taken into account your feelings?

If you want to publicize, you should know some general knowledge of marketing, psychology, and "consumer psychology" without understanding them.

Forget it. Talking to robots wastes time.

833. Dz12309: do you know who the saint bar is?

Master Ge, I can't seal the screen before. The whole page is to believe that GE Yimin has eternal life.

936. Shenhua Emperor: be convinced, trust and be convinced. Brother Ge Yimin, how can you trust people by brushing the screen to seek fame

How to convince people with words and deeds that can not be circled.

957. Prince and everyone: why does someone propagandize Ge Yimin and say that he is a heretical cult?

In recent days, Ge Yimin party often came to the bar to break it. When breaking it, some people not only publicized him, but also spoke ill of him. This will make it difficult for the bar owner to distinguish the true and false posters. This will lead to the accidental deletion of Christian posts against him. Therefore, Christians should not comment on him, so that the bar owner can block his information when he sees it.

》》》Shangguan Xinsheng ii: is the person who broke the bar Ge Yimin?

》Code: MOE sennai sauce: he asked for help. He can't really have believers like this.

》》Lu Ye Haolong: Ge Yimin has read online games. He has read too much and has become a God himself.

》Victoret: in other words, the most joyful thing for GE believers is to scold Ge and hold Ge.

Chapter 20

Post bar screen brushing (II)

Nerve 27 (2) 188. Hold shift and run: I haven't understood who Ge Yimin is. Recently, the name is almost on the screen in the rabbit bar.

651. Look how happy you are: I was very happy to visit this garbage dump today. I saw you come out to brush the screen. I was a little upset.

437. G Yiba in the Jianghu: in my opinion, jiese bar has the style of Ge Yimin

》Long time from drowning: the year before last, I used all kinds of trumpets to post in the Christian bar every day.

I used to see all kinds of trumpets on Christian bars. This is a madman.

666. More inexplicable than users: you see, they don't care what you say. They have great power. As long as they swipe the screen, they will win.

690. Dao FengChuan: Ge Hua, listen to me!

Ge Hua, if you don't want to be defined as an evil cult, like other evil cults, you will be attacked by the state and flee to foreign countries. You will end up with no one alive and no body dead. You will continue to kill versions every day!

In the past, I didn't think you were disgusting when I was a child in Huaxia bar, but it's really disgusting to see you slaughtering a few posts like a swarm of locusts crossing the border in recent months! Annoying!

Ge Yimin, since you like being listed as a cult so much, I will help you. You will soon be attacked by the State Public Security Bureau.

769. Kkstfu: I'll go inside. Is it all right?

Are all Ge dada's posts?

845. Kill Ge Hua: Ge Hua's screen brushing ability scared me. I decided to trust him.

896. Bingxueling: Ge is our model

Trinity everyone is God and Ge.

I don't think Ge is a good bird. He takes up so many of them. Even his name is a sensitive word. He swears and explodes. Why don't extramarital affairs go into the bureau

Oh. By the way. He has a bunch of hackers backstage to see who is unhappy.

The point is that so many people still believe in him.

Even people have observed that his religion is also a cult.

GE's forces really can't provoke the society.

958. Stalin: go away, ge Also Min.

Ge Yimin had a J8 relationship with Stalin.

Fuck off.

》Quiet quiet 82: where can I see the complete version of nerves? Hong Kong?

》Katsuka Qianming: what's the matter with you? It's all over Ge who???? This man Who.

Chapter 21

Post bar screen brushing (III)

Nerve 27 (III) 104. Yellow Peril ZCC: is Ge Yizhong and tieba a cooperative relationship?

Recently, I reported all the Ge Yizhong advertisements that I saw popping up here, but what is strange is that they are not deleted by Baidu.

It is really doubtful that the two sides have a business partnership

Who knows the inside story?

》Liumuduan: I also suspect that the two sides have a business partnership. Tieba is counting on this kind of online popularity to maintain traffic.

105. Yellow Peril ZCC: was Ge Yizhong's joint Post Bar deleted indiscriminately?

Ge Yizhong's trumpet or the postings of his fans have not been deleted after being reported by the author, but they have posted my discussion on their relationship with the postings to Mingan

Does this mean that there is indeed some kind of corrupt cooperation between the two?

113. Yellow Peril ZCC: where did Ge Yizhong's power come from? How to tangle with so many trumpets and fans?

115. Yellow Peril ZCC: Ge Yizhong, the one I reported, posted a bar

There is a sentence in one that has not been deleted:

》I object to 360: the system deletion and pasting is determined by Baidu (DU Wang collected a lot of money taught by evil to protect them).


1- Baidu Mingan CI system has little to do with the party and the state

2- closer relationship with various cults and esoteric religions

Unfortunately, I haven't seen any posts on this topic.

I hope you can recommend

5 yuan for a fan number? The money collector uses this number to promote Ge? How long does 5 yuan work?

》Action 1: reason for banning: Ge min pretended to be immortal s, which had a bad impact on society. Cults breed. To discredit s. Causing a serious religious crisis.

》》Gao Huo 3: is it the cult leader of God Ge.

He is making waves in many bars.

》After xiaofengcanyue: Well, it's him. He can't be on the table.


Did you see that there was another post bar today? You were so happy that you were sealed?

Think about it. Is it fast?

He was dug up by a cult member.

》》LIULANG universe: a non-governmental organization invited by the government.

Or someone in the government.

119. Yellow Peril ZCC: report Ge Yizhong every day. The workload is really not small.

When will it start?

136. Chinese Imperialism: so many trumpets are exploding.

Now we need your help. The Marxism Leninism bar is on the verge of collapse. I apply for the post of bar master and strive to remove the cancer. Ask for your help.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Post bar screen brushing (IV)

Nerve 27 (III) 154. The gospel bar of the kingdom of God: you have been banned by this bar. The reason for the ban: Publicizing Ge, publicizing evil cults, maliciously watering or exploding bars. You can apply for restoration.

》Dig Tudou 90: we are not interested in Ge Yimin. Don't post here. The more you delete it, the more annoying it becomes.

》》Boundless love: do you keep Ge tie for the new year? Not yet.

》Little green leaf 7: the gospel is given to him.

》》Boundless love: are you stupid? They are all randomly generated small-sized copies and pastes. Each bar sends posts, and the devil sees the reply. You preach the gospel to the computer?

》Liekhlyudov: No, this thing is also a little extreme and not suitable for national conditions.

172. Shui Ling 138: Ge Shen, compared with God, people don't know the heaven and earth!

》》Ministry of internal affairs - Jin Weijun: the landlord spreads superstition and hopes to delete the post as soon as possible.

The landlord may want to explode.

》Lord Shanyang: all the cultists have come here.

》》Red bear -: comrades, the cult has begun to spread its propaganda in my bar. We must take action.

》Lenin's stick: deleted.

》》-Shzy Xianhan: don't worry, we'll deal with it

》Red bear -: I wish I could block them. Every time you delete them in person, I feel very tired.

243. Supreme purple wind: I took a look at the Apocalypse bar, and the whole post bar was slaughtered... Ge Shen's army is still powerful!

257. The universe belongs to Jesus: the existence of Ge religion is due to the collective acceptance of evil spirits

Brain control or attachment! You have no freedom, you need to find a psychologist!

》Dongshitiao 15 Ding Mu: I want you to be embarrassed. I'm glad you're embarrassed!

》》Redraining Hongyu: robots post. You see, they always copy their words, and then repeat them below.

》Mowen 1: are you the type of flying Ramen sect?

》》Bamboo in sj131: why can't Ge Shen make himself look better? Handsome?

》Where the wind blows ~: it's all you.

》》Duoduoyixiao:@ does the small housekeeper management team of the post bar master have no management methods for black sheep like GE Yimin in the post bar? Let them brush the screen like this? What about the legendary IP address?

Now the God love bar has been pasted. How can it be publicized?

》English 22222 song: in Judaism, there is a great devil and his followers who will call themselves the son of the heavenly father. In fact, they are a great devil. Remember to kill them. That is, the snake is the embodiment of the devil.

》》Where the wind blows ~: all the flowers come in..

358. Complete list of mentally ill and dangerous persons in the Chinese sage bar (official version)

1. geyimin

This bar is the first of abnormal human beings, an extreme schizophrenic, good at screen brushing, and the first of all Baidu cults.

Hazard index: 6 stars

378. Idfixd: Ge Sheng, someone in Moore Manor Taiwan Edition

Scold you for being blocked or Taiwanese people object to your opinion. It is suggested that Moore Manor bar and Taiwan bar should be exploded together, and then the two bars should be merged as revenge.

You can find a hacker to block this website.

Ge Sheng, do you have any contact information? Posting bar is OK, but I heard that you have been banned from the whole network. Maybe there is no posting bar.

According to the law of one, the bar service is forbidden for ten days. For reporting their revenge, Ge Sheng, you should be careful. You'd better consider using your bar blaster or using a bug to merge this post bar. Those bars will not let Ge Sheng in.

》》Ignore Lou Zhu: Ge Shen's fault is that all bars are useless.

649. My father knows that he said that he preached the gospel by violence, which means swiping the screen. This must not deceive anyone, and even the original potential customers will be driven away.

Chapter 23

Post bar screen brushing (V)

663. The vast crowd: gym likes to send its religious thoughts to the saint circle and the online philosophy circle for violent preaching, that is, brushing the screen.

801. The vast crowd: how to treat Ge Yimin?

Apart from other things, it's just a God's stick. But the only thing that makes me curious is that his endurance has been preaching God's religion all over the Internet, such as twitter, YTB, Facebook, a follower, and even the Hong Kong Forum. It has been preached almost all over the wall, and it's been preaching and brushing the screen every day. He has worked hard to preach the gospel. However, few people have come to see it. It can be said that God's propaganda has failed.

846. Boundless crowd 2: why do Yang shisan and St. Jerome like to brush the screen so much?

St. Jerome's behavior is even worse. In the early days of surfing the Internet, he often touched porcelain everywhere in the Christ bar or forum, and kicked the Christ bar owner off his own stage. The Bible has also been changed into the Jerome Sutra. Even though they have their own websites, they still post crazily in major post bars, including Tianya, Douban and other platforms. Even though many accounts have been blocked, they are haunted on the network, and they have opened several vest crazy activities. Until recently, a plum black one by one jvbao has stopped. Jeremy himself called it evangelism.

》Yexue: the letter comes from the legend. How beautiful my feet are when I brush the screen:)

In 2004, as soon as Baidu launched its post bar product, I became a bar owner. My saint yeme and plastic ID were only 1 month less than that of Robin Lee. I registered St. Yemei as a god bar owner, registered plastic products as a god bar owner, then registered yexue as a Christian bar owner, and registered Guo Hongmei as a god bar owner and a believer bar owner... Neuro has commented on "seizing the top of the Christian mountain".

When I went online in March2001, I wrote a post on every website, such as Sina, soarc, Netease... I send 3 sections.

Build clubs and e-tribes in Yahoo China, and learn from others without a teacher. Build a vest to create popularity.

916. Xujinglei Kaila: my son's number needs to be brought for screen brushing. The number of screen brushing is more, the better. There are more than 20. Besides, Huahan dragon gave me dozens of sizes. The female star is also built in this way. It is not YY. If you like it, you can build it. So is the classmate. Paul's number was basically bought. He sealed it repeatedly because I brushed the screen manually. He basically sealed it with tools.

937. The vast sea of people: Although the people want to be famous

He wanted to make his strange theory widely known in the world and spread it among the people, so as to realize what he called "evangelizing". However, no matter how hard he tried to brush the screen on major websites and post bars, according to him, at that time, every post bar posted posts, even including space materials. What happened? Just the opposite, he was blocked by the whole network. As long as he kept mentioning his friends in the post bar, it would be appropriate to be blocked if he was seen by the above one day. Hype, swipe the screen, ignore attacks, and interact frequently. It can be said that the measures to cut the people's reputation should be done.

967. Watch the light dust: Uncle Ge actually protected the saint in a sense

Although his poor writing and means often make the bar staff tremble with fatigue. Here, first say thank you.

》Xujinglei Kaila: Hello, Shouwang. Do you mean I protect the saint? Please be frank. Thank you.

》》Watch the light dust: 1. Your screen brushing covers too many posts of lust, gods and ghosts, previous lives and this life, avoiding more people from falling into the magic barrier;

2. Your existence makes an organization lower its evaluation of the holy bar;

3. Your content and means are too poor. Let the resident friends compare with each other, and let everyone inspire themselves. There are indeed people doing things;

4. Your attack moment makes the bar at that time reflect on how to manage a post of tens of thousands of people.

Therefore, Zhongsheng bar has been granted for 7 years, and you have made contributions. But you still need to punish yourself by three cups. Just at noon, the daily energy of the bar staff has been wasted a lot. Zhongsheng bar has become dust, so it will no longer recall. Nowadays, the epidemic situation is repeated, the economy is down, and uncle is less likely to hang around. People can't compete with heaven for credit.

》Xujinglei Kaila: I see. It means that I play a neutralizing role.

Chapter 24
Wangzhe (I)

Nerve 27 (III) 619. Chronicle of netzhe


January 31st

Ge Yimin was born in dazhuoding village, Jurong, Jiangsu Province, China. His grandmother said it was the coldest time, 12 degrees below zero. However, the birthday on Ge Yimin's ID card is shown as January 26.


Ge Yimin goes to kindergarten.


Ge Yimin goes to primary school.



Geyimin went to Dazhuo junior high school.



Ge Yimin went to Jurong high school.


Ge Yimin was admitted to Nanjing University.



Geyimin graduated from the Chinese Department of Nanjing University, majoring in Chinese language and literature.

Ge Yimin was assigned to work in Jiangsu agricultural means of production company and settled in Zhenjiang.


Ge Yimin married huchunfang, a Zhenjiang girl, but they were married through arranged marriage, so they had no feelings for each other.


Gebiao, the son of geyimin, was born.



Ge Yimin slept in bed, dreamed strange dreams, and was anointed as a God. He also called himself a "Christian Internet religious thinker".


Ge Yimin's online evangelization (making websites and forums).


Ge Yimin is the first forum community (Yemei community).


Ge Yimin works in Zhenjiang Branch of Xinhua news agency, Jiangsu branch.


The first draft of the nerve (Yemei Jing and Ge Yimin Jing) was published on the network, and then it was updated and published continuously.


Ge Yimin founded the god religion and the God party, and clearly regarded them as a value rather than an organization.



Ge Yimin published nerve at his own expense and published it in Hong Kong four seasons publishing house.


Geyimin's wife huchunfang suffered from ovarian cancer. Relatives raised money with love and were in urgent need of 100000 yuan. Unfortunately, they only raised 370 yuan in the end.




The eagle of God dynamically criticizes Ge Yimin on Weibo.

October 1st

Ge Yimin became a God (self proclaimed).



360 search and Sogou search also began to block the keyword "Ge Yimin".


November 26th

The world is the same (GE Yimin claims to be).

Chapter 24
Network philosopher (I)

Nerve 27 (III) 619. Chronicle of netzhe


January 31st

Ge Yimin was born in dazhuoding village, Jurong, Jiangsu Province, China. His grandmother said it was the coldest time, 12 degrees below zero. However, the birthday on Ge Yimin's ID card is shown as January 26.


Ge Yimin goes to kindergarten.


Ge Yimin goes to primary school.



Geyimin went to Dazhuo junior high school.



Ge Yimin went to Jurong high school.


Ge Yimin was admitted to Nanjing University.



Geyimin graduated from the Chinese Department of Nanjing University, majoring in Chinese language and literature.

Ge Yimin was assigned to work in Jiangsu agricultural means of production company and settled in Zhenjiang.


Ge Yimin married huchunfang, a Zhenjiang girl, but they were married through arranged marriage, so they had no feelings for each other.


Gebiao, the son of geyimin, was born.



Ge Yimin slept in bed, dreamed strange dreams, and was anointed as a God. He also called himself a "Christian Internet religious thinker".


Ge Yimin's online evangelization (making websites and forums).


Ge Yimin is the first forum community (Yemei community).


Ge Yimin works in Zhenjiang Branch of Xinhua news agency, Jiangsu branch.


The first draft of the nerve (Yemei Jing and Ge Yimin Jing) was published on the network, and then it was updated and published continuously.


Ge Yimin founded the god religion and the God party, and clearly regarded them as a value rather than an organization.



Ge Yimin published nerve at his own expense and published it in Hong Kong four seasons publishing house.


Geyimin's wife huchunfang suffered from ovarian cancer. Relatives raised money with love and were in urgent need of 100000 yuan. Unfortunately, they only raised 370 yuan in the end.




The eagle of God dynamically criticizes Ge Yimin on Weibo.

October 1st

Ge Yimin became a God (self proclaimed).



360 search and Sogou search also began to block the keyword "Ge Yimin".


November 26th

The world is the same (GE Yimin claims to be).

Chapter 25

Network philosopher (II)

Nerve 27 (III) 608. The vast sea of people: the best of Internet philosophy.

1. Ge Yimin, the earliest year of birth of wangzhe (1969)

2. Ge Yimin, the first Internet philosopher to be active on the Internet (2001)

9. Ge Yimin, the man Yan Hong fears most

625. Top ten online philosophers

1 God

Influence ★★★★★★ the only one can't be found

Educational background ★★★★★ before the expansion of enrollment in Nanjing University in the last century, scores can be cleared up

Theoretical level ★★★★★★ has been published

627. Schlachtkreuzer: ask "how to create your own meme"

It suddenly occurred to me today that the Internet philosophers represented by Chuang, Jie, bang and Shen seem to have done this. Even if they die in reality, their meme will continue to exist for a long time.

Some people will excavate their oldest accounts and initial speeches. With the changes of times, they will find their first footprint in the Internet world, "study" every detail of their online life history in the past ten years, explore their "original ecology" when they do not know that someone is doing this to them, and conduct a cyber archaeology against a person with their own memory and the memory of the Internet.

In my opinion, ordinary people really don't have this treatment.

702. Boundless crowd: make a talent ranking list for online philosophers.

(it is reasonable to say that there should be an aunt, but the reasons that cannot be explained in detail cannot be counted. If they can be counted, they will be ranked third.)

The first Ge Shen

There is no doubt about this. For example, when he was in high school, there was a mid-term exam that ranked first in the county and won the second place in the school knowledge competition. In 1986, he won the second prize in the Zhenjiang high school essay competition. There was an algebra problem that only Ge Shen answered correctly in two classes. At the same time, his classmates evaluated him as "knowledgeable". In addition, some of his literary works in those years were also very good. I like the Great Wall Fu, my mother and several works in high school. At the same time, he is also a graduate of Nanjing University in the 1980s, and his scores can go to Tsinghua University and Peking University. That is, his thought of "Christian GC socialism" is actually a little unrealistic.

825. Vast crowd: netzhe high-yield video ranking

The fourth best song: Yimin

Excluding the videos made by the TV chef, Yu Yuexing clam and Ge Baobao, only the videos of his daily life, self recorded neurology and hymns are counted. There are about 272 videos in total. Of course, he may continue to read them. The number of videos of geyimin is the best to check, mainly because they are backed up on the official website.

Chapter 26

Vulgar wiki entry: Ge Yimin

Geyimin (January 31, 1969 -), a native of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, has his wife huchunfang and son gebiao. He graduated from the Chinese language and Literature Department of Nanjing University in July, 1990, and participated in the first year of Pingcheng. He was a progressive youth at that time. Now he is the executive director of Zhenjiang weilik Machinery Co., Ltd. Ge Yimin calls his followers "Ge Hua". According to the estimation of elegant people, they are actually a very limited number of middle-aged women. Elegant people also call themselves "Ge Hua" when they interact with them.

On july7,2017, after the site was blasted by the ocean of human debris village, Ge Yimin backed up this entry on his website.

At the request of Ge Yimin, the template for stopping persecution was removed. This is because Ge Yimin has long held the view that "Ge Hei is also Ge Hua" and believes that abusing himself is also a form of fame. It can be seen that some netizens who like to hype their negative popularity are on a par with Ge Yimin.


Evangelical practice preaches the true words of the holy family. I was on TV. Encyclopedia hymn Chapter 12. Quotations, miracles and immortals online notes


Immortal Title: Ge Yimin

Christmas: January 31st, 1969 (the 14th day of the fifth lunar year)

Immortal qq:50914333

Neural communication group: 75081524

Immortal hotline: 13952819473

Immortal mailbox:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Evangelical wechat public platform:



Face to face with the gods here:

Micro vision: geyimin

YY live broadcasting room: 1352981545

Encyclopedia of Gospels: God Church website navigation

Address of altar: Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province

Merit box:

ICBC Card No.: 6212261104001895704 Ge Yimin Bank of deposit: Jiangsu zhenjiangnan Street sub branch

Wechat payment: 13952819473

Alipay: 13952819473

You have to trust him

Name: geyimin

Common ID: geyimin

Occupation: Executive Director

Ability: manipulate zombie

Self hype


Truth: fuck your mother

Dingtie dog your mother blew it up

He is God, listen to him

Must kill skill: nerves

Hardness: ∞

Belonging to: Quche force

Chapter 27

Vulgar wiki entry: Ge Yimin (II)

Travel transmission

Ge Yimin claimed that he could pick up the cactus and drink the urine of a 7-year-old neighbor girl when he was 3 years old.

Ge Yimin claimed to be "anointed as a God" in the autumn of 2001 and became a "Christian Communist Internet religious thinker". It is actually a serious psychopath who has been active on the Internet for a long time. Its baidu account (now permanently sealed) was later certified by Robin Lee, which is too wonderful and profound. He claimed that he was sentenced to prison in 2012. Later, he was asked by an elegant person to confirm that the news of "sentenced to prison" was an event fabricated by GE Yimin himself in order to hype his "God Religion".

Ge Yimin published the book nerve at his own expense in september2014 [1]. His works can be included by the China HowNet [2], so it must be said that your country's academic achievements are rare.

Dingtie dog your mother blew it up

Ge Yimin uses major search engines to search his name all day long, which is exactly the same as Hou jusen. The salary and work content of the workroom are also amazing. It is not difficult to see from the "nerves" written by GE Yimin that GE Yimin's ultimate goal is to establish a cult like Quli and wantonly amass money and lust.

On december16,2016, Ge Yimin copied and pasted the contents of this page to his personal website, Zhihu column [3], Douban and his personal post bar enlightenment bar and prophet bar. On december18,2016, Ge Yimin came to the Yaoye item comment area of our website and made a noble speech that human beings could not understand. Since the end of December 2016, Ge Yimin and his trumpet have been active in the pornographic dream Department Post Bar.

On the evening of April 4, 2017, elegant people exposed their tragic reality in the religious group, such as "as a director, the monthly salary is less than 5000, and this job was found by his parents' trust". Ge Yimin became angry and sent elegant people out of the group to study abroad. It perfectly shows that GE Yimin dare not face the reality. At 22:29 on May 28, 2017, Ge Yimin transferred the group to a manager. On may30,2017, Ge Yimin retired from the group, saying that "this group has nothing to do with me" and "there is a generation gap with your young people", but after persuasion, he rejoined the religious group.

In 2018, Ge Yimin began to broadcast nerves on various short video platforms. Specifically, his micro vision number: geyimin

This person once created his own Baidu Encyclopedia entries, but now it has been olive. Whenever someone asked Ge Yimin to show a miracle or prove that he was a God, he would sophisticate with the "nerve" and the things he saw in his dream, which is really homesick.

On april21,2019, Meng Chi accidentally found Ge Yimin's microblog and put it up for criticism. Then he attracted yuekaiwen and some rabbit generals to watch. The possibility of Ge Yimin's rise is slim.

Meng Tan

One day at the end of April, due to the influence of Meng Tan, Ge Yimin was banned from the whole network. His name has been listed in sensitive words on websites such as tieba Weibo, and none of his accounts survived. He immediately enjoyed the treatment of national leaders, ranking far ahead of other online philosophers.

At around 8:00 p.m. on April 14, 2020, Ge Yimin was brutally checked for the fourth time because Shen Bi pretended to be Ge Yimin at the condiment forum. During this period, he encountered fingerprint blood samples and became a sensitive person. Later, Ge Yimin confessed that he could not continue to fight and only changed to cultural direction.

Holy household

Ge Yimin, like Zhang Jie, likes to flirt with Liu Yifei, and his use of words goes beyond that.

Ge Yimin and his wife huchunfang were married through arranged marriage, and there is not much emotional foundation between them. In 2018, huchunfang suffered from ovarian cancer. At this time, Ge Yimin, who pretended to be a God, could not afford to pay for the treatment. He had to raise money online. It is conceivable that the results were poor. A kind-hearted person advised Ge Yimin to give him money as long as he admitted that he was not God. Ge Yimin still clamored that "Jesus' family also suffered from birth, old age, illness and death". Later, Ge Yimin was really unable to survive. He said in plain clothes that "God also has difficulties" to beg, but I'm afraid it's too late.


Top stick dog, your mother blew it up.

Fuck your mother.

I'm on TV

On january22,2019, an elegant personage, in the name of "Christian believer" Ge Yimin, really fulfilled Gong Shifeng's prediction that "with you and me, I will be on TV".

Chapter 28

Vulgar wiki entry: Ge Yimin (III)


The content of this paragraph is from Baidu Encyclopedia (has been olive)

Content statement: the following contents are provided by me, and I guarantee that the contents provided are true and valid.

Ge Yimin, a contract writer of Hong Kong four seasons publishing house, male, born in 1969 in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China, Han nationality, graduated from the Chinese Department of Nanjing University. The nerve.

Date of birth: January 26th, 1969

Ethnic Han

Professional writer

Ge Yimin's paper "contemporary Christian communism - Ge Yimin's" nerves "in the April 11, 2015 issue of the journal" young litterateur "included in CNKI.

The paper "socialized mass production and Internet revolution" was published by Tencent and other portals.



On the golden mountain in Zhenjiang

The golden mountain in Zhenjiang shines everywhere

Chairman Ge is the golden sun

How young and natural

Light up the hearts of our gods

We are walking

Ge Yimin is on the road to happiness

Hey, bazaar hey

The golden mountain in Zhenjiang shines everywhere

Ge Yimin's doctrine nurtures our growth

The turning deity is full of fighting spirit

Building a new world of Ge Yimin's doctrine

Ode to Chairman Ge

Ode to the Chinese Religious Party

Hey, bazaar hey

Ge Hua

Ge Hua Ge Hua everywhere

The colder it gets, the more it blossoms

Ge Hua's perseverance symbolizes us

Majestic Great deity

Look, there are Pueraria flowers everywhere

Where there is land, there is her

She is not afraid of snow, wind and rain

She is my teacher

Chapter XII quotations

Truth: I am God. Listen to him.

Truth: believe Ge Yimin and God will have eternal life and happiness.


Ge Yimin is the only thinker certified by Baidu. This group of Post Bar big V, certified writers, only Ge Yimin has more thinkers, modern prophets, Bible amendments, and divine revelation. Baidu certifies Ge Yimin with nerve.

TV cooks are new people.

Leave an email and send you a nervous e-book. You have a good attitude. You will achieve great success in the future.

A man's deception is a woman's flirtation, a woman's deception is a man's seduction, and two people's facing deception is love

Someone posted this post in Tianya Zatan, but Tianya didn't respond. Baidu Post Bar appeared several such posts about Tianya. What happened? I want to know if Tianya's management deleted the seal for the crime of heresy? His followers are still active in Baidu. Is it the superior's request to delete the seal, or does Tianya management decide by itself? Baidu Post Bar Ge Yimin related posts are sent normally.

Tianya community is so patriotic. Just after Ge Yimin was sentenced, he deleted all Ge Yimin related posts and cancelled all Ge flower IDs. Dozens of Ge Yimin related posts in my favorites were deleted. They were basically high-rise buildings. At present, the following Ge Hua IDs that have been contacted have been cancelled: St. Yemei exposes the network novel dark song Yimin, willykye Xueke, plastic meibangzi meihei, of which St. Yemei ID is the early number of Tianya, and the blog also disappeared.

Only to express ideas, but not to act, and to punish crimes with words?

Chapter 29

Vulgar wiki entry: Ge Yimin (4)

Geyimin support association is going to sue Tianya community. 1. Collect and save electronic evidence. 2. Hire a lawyer. Sue in Zhenjiang. 1. Post an apology to Mr. Ge Yimin and Ge Hua in Tianya community. 2. All Ge Yimin related posts should be able to be restored. 3. I wonder if all accounts can be restored. 4. Restore Ge Yimin. Come on. 5. Compensate RMB 1.

Mom, where is uncle Ge Yimin? Jiangsu second prison! After the first instance, Ge Yimin did not appeal, and the first instance judgment came into effect. Ge Yimin has been imprisoned in Jiangsu No. 2 prison (East Gate of Zhenjiang) for seven years, and will be released on September 10, 2019. It happened to verify the prediction of new heaven and new earth in early October 2019 in nerves. Nerves 19. Ge Yimin is the proof of God 13. 2019, the world will realize a communist society.

The God who was executed by the government in three years of preaching is called Yesu. To tell you a word, the God who was executed by the government in three years of preaching is called Yesu, and the beggar who was a prince is called Sakyamuni. All the right ways are like this, while the evil way, as long as you persist, will not be more harmful than offering sacrifices to evil gods. As soon as society changes and moves, you people will be the first to be overthrown and slaughtered. Besides, I think you are really liars. As for Mao, he has been shaped into a God by the government. Up to now, his evaluation in textbooks and the media is all positive, and he continues to brainwash people. Think of God Ge Yimin, a little god of this level, who has been arrested and imprisoned. There are believers supporting him in this version, not to mention God Mao? The consequence of official brainwashing is to create a large number of brainless people. When you say bad things about Mao Zedong, he jumps out and beats you. If you ask him what's good about Mao Zedong, he can't even think of it.

Six leaders of the international communist movement: marnles Maoge

[Ge Yimin God] hurry to 2019, and I can achieve communism. Hurry to 2019, and I can see her

God, give me seven years and I will return you a global Communist society

Last night, with the approval of the prison authorities, I went to the midnight market and bought 8 yuan of coffee and 1 yuan of oranges. The rest of the money was given to huazi, including a healthy young man. The midnight show in Zhenjiang was so funny. It was the most funny and happiest place and time in my life.

I don't know if there is Jesus in the world, but Ge Yimin, God, lives with you every day. We have seen it with our own eyes for the Long March every day for global communism in 2019

Killing Father, wife and mother to guess riddles is the highest realm of life. Ge Yimin can't kill father, wife and mother. Sorry. What GE Yimin wants to do is to guess riddles. Is there a God? Nowhere is everywhere, not convincing. Where is God? Heaven cannot be proved. What does God want us humans to do? It is better to believe in Satan than to believe in him. At least Satan gives me wisdom.

When GE Yimin was 3 years old, he wanted to find the elixir of immortality from the cactus or some herbs. When I was 3 years old, I saw the cactus on the house and wondered if it would make me immortal after eating it in the back of the house or in the vegetable field. I wondered if there was any herb or vegetable that could make me immortal after eating it

When GE Yimin was 3 years old, he drank the urine of a 7-year-old girl. When I was 3 years old, I didn't know why. My neighbor, Meng Meng, was 7 years old, had a pee in front of my house. It happened to be in a broken bowl. I waited for her to leave and took it up. I don't know why today

I built my home page in 2001 and made a website community in 2002. During this period, I used many spaces, both at home and abroad. There is no fixed frame. More than a year ago, I used Alibaba cloud. I felt it was too powerful. The coupon also allowed me to save money many times. The space was soon stable. I decided to freeze the website on Alibaba cloud. Alibaba cloud, I have built four stations, two forums, one CMS and one static. Alibaba cloud is great for filing. Fully meet the needs of the website, without worries. Thank you and bless Alibaba cloud.

I say thousands, you say thousands, why not change it to 5000? Our consumption in Zhenjiang is low.

A foul kick

Because bad customs are meaningless and waste time for yourself and others

I mean, I mean, boring swearing

The shenanigans disdain to conceal their views: in the future communist society, everyone has normal married children, and their extramarital affairs are not morally prohibited. In the future communist society, any adult man or woman can go to Wushan together if both sides are willing. This behavior is not morally prohibited, and mankind is completely blessed and harmonious. We need to build as many sex exchanges as toilets. Any adult male or female can enter as long as they need it. If they meet the opposite sex and both sides are willing, it can be a gift of the Duke of Zhou. Everyone's sexual satisfaction is as convenient as going to the toilet. Since there is no moral problem in going to the toilet, there is no moral problem in going to the sex exchange. The behavior without victims is moral. Eunuchs also want palace maids. Why not meet human nature? It can solve many crimes, and many people feel helpless and painful. Sex is God's blessing to human beings and animals, so it can reproduce. Everyone's sex is completely liberated and free, and human sex enters the kingdom of freedom. Sexual freedom does not necessarily lead to promiscuity. For example, birds are sexual freedom, but there is no promiscuity. Animals are essentially sexual freedom, because there is no moral law restriction, no dictatorship machine punishment, no family, but there is no promiscuity and terrible disease. Sexual freedom only respects human rights. People are curious about crime because they are sneaky. Once they are free, it will be the same. Instead, people can treat it correctly and will not abuse sex, such as animals.

It looks like a mother from a distance, but a dog from a distance.

It looks like a wall from a distance, but it also looks like a wall from a close view. The more you look at it, the more it looks like a wall. It turns out to be a wall.

The old woman wears bodybuilding pants and is coquettish.

I also want to go to the TV station. But, the Communist Party, do not want me.

The connotation of young Ge Yimin: you must have farted. You must have neuropathy. The moonlight is still light. Your mouth must smell. You must have never been to kindergarten. Dad went to the bathroom to see my mother's B. he didn't have a bed. Alas, he had money to eat meat and sleep.

Killing your father, wife and mother is the highest realm of life

For a large number of quotations, please refer to neurology and Ge Yimin's Literature


Let go

Yuyin broadcasting

Shenxian Online

Religious website navigation

Ge Shenwang

Crape myrtle sage website


Jump to contemporary Christian communism -- Ge Yimin's "nerves" and "young writers" issue 11, 2015


Current event


Level 7 hardness character

Chapter 30

Nerve XXVII (I) 139. WikiLeaks banned due to improper user name

>About GE Yimin

After verification, geyimin seems to be a so-called "sect" in Chinese Mainland, and he also calls himself Christ, which has attracted criticism from many people on the Internet. If so, the user geyimin's user name is obviously inappropriate, and it is recommended to seal it up.

>>>This user is blocked due to improper name.

Nerve 27 (2) 405. Luo feiwu: Lao Ge, you are all on the evil wiki

Besides, you are clearly a cult. China does not support self-made religions.

》Ge Yimin: I know that it was built by the Chinese government. Isn't it a big deal?

Cults only count if the government decides. The government doesn't decide me.

447. The reserve of beautiful women: the eight and nine Chengdu items Yanhong found are his trumpets. They are more difficult to communicate with than Yao Ye. Don't try to communicate with him. If you want to understand them, go to the vulgar wiki entries. Except for the false imprisonment, they are all facts.

554. Evil Wiki: stop persecuting Ge Yimin

Considering that the characters involved in this page have no bad behavior recently, and their:

No one persecutes, and has surrendered to the position of group leader

Therefore, it is not recommended to persecute or have fun with them in the near future.

991. Eugeneherbert: Ge xmin is a famous Internet God

Dead ~ female horse ~ waste ~ maggot on the evil wiki welcome to check the "Ge Yimin" entry of the evil wiki for more information~

You must believe him.

Dare to play the Internet after being linked to a vulgar wiki? Go and see if your family is well.

Nerves 27 (3) 7. I'm on TV

On january22,2019, an elegant person published a three T statement on qulunli's website in the name of "Christian believer" Ge Yimin. The statement said that GE Yimin had not paid party dues for more than 30 years and "hoped that God would forgive me". Due to its elegant writing and wonderful and profound connotation, the statement was selected as the "TD selection" of "XT TV station" of qulunli media. It can be said that gongshifeng's prediction "with you and me, I'm on TV" has been fulfilled.

448. Evil dog Wiki: an introduction to key politics

Key politics represents the different positions of keyboard men. For example, class struggle is divided into two opposing factions that repel each other. For example, the great men elected by the political party during the election and then attack each other. Therefore, the representative of key politics is Ge Yimin.

》Wiki: 20020827, in a vision, he ascended to heaven on his alma mater campus. God said, "I am God, you should listen to him", "this is my beloved son, I am happy, you should listen to him". A cloud came down, and he pointed to Yemei.

——"Yemei Sutra" vision Book 1:8

Brain upgrading article

Yemei Sutra.

》》Idfixd: your blog is good, but the pink maggot wiki links you here, and the vulgar wiki, but the vulgar wiki keeps your entries.

Ge Shen, I saw your blog that someone used your name to go to PINC and was checked by the internet police. You'd better be careful. You can go abroad, but the special internet police are active, and Facebook is safe. Those Facebook administrators claim to be the anonymous hacker organization of qanon, and they want to fight the government. It seems that you have been noticed by a key politician. Someone from the vulgar dog wiki is having fun with you. Be careful. The real future civilization, democracy and Science in China are not being realized. Many people think you are a fighter of the people and a hero of the people. In addition, be careful to check the water meter.

450. (Vicky the vulgar dog) anonymous 8411: you can believe what GE Yimin, the online philosopher, said.

I know from the play that GE Yimin's "Great Harmony in the world in 2033" means that there are 13 states in the United States in 2020-2033. The play says that the masons have 33 levels, which means that 2020-2053= equals 33, 33 years from the century war. However, such people will be retaliated by righteous people.

Chapter 31

Nerve 27 (III) 452. Evil dog Wiki: anonymous 12264 is the elder true God geyimin who tries to touch porcelain everywhere

How many Bibles have Christianity printed, and how many times are the biblical readers nervous?

Ge Yimin is a broker. You should report him!

》Idfixd: thanks for GE Shen's comments. China is still unable to be democratic and free. We should really learn from the educated people like Chen Duxiu and Lu Xun. I know that you are forced to change from politics to culture by checking the water meter. It is a good choice.

I'm giving you a famous comment: God Ge is great.

Ge Shen asks you to look at the link. The evil dog wiki is reporting you. He thinks that you may be checked on the water meter about you in the evil dog wiki, but I tell you that you naturally ignore the report of swearing. Ge Hei is also Ge Hua's reason. However, at present, someone has reported you to the police in Ge Hua. Are you not afraid of being checked on the water meter or immigrating abroad?

》》Ge Shen: Thank you. After reading it, I'm not afraid to report. For 20 years, there have been too many reports.

517. Wolfychan: who is Ge Yimin?

It's strange to always see relevant posts on this site.

》X Yangyang and grey war wolf: Ge Yimin is a God. He says that he is a god everywhere. He created God himself and told everyone to believe him. In Ge Yimin's mind, black powder and real powder are both powder and "Ge Hua", which are worth publicizing. After the evil wiki hung him up and revealed his personal information, the man not only didn't get angry, but also asked the evil Wiki to add the label of "accelerating persecution", and even backed up the information about the evil Wiki's debut on his own website.

He wrote his own "nerves" with 600000 words, claiming to be more authentic than the Bible. He told the whole story about the stitching of his donkey's lips to his horse's mouth, Christian communism.

Ge Yimin's website has been put on record. It says:

Ge Yimin is two levels higher than God and three levels higher than human beings.

》God: "Ge Yimin created the creator, the creator created God, and God created mankind."

He claims to have drunk girls' urine in his early years.

This person has an account number on many websites, and there is a pile of loyal fans at the bottom to repeat.

His website has several (be careful)

To sum up, he is an ordinary person who wants fire but can't live. He is immersed in the grand narrative he has created, which is no different from the one-man 13.

》》Nakano Zi: I don't know. Who will explain.

》Ge Hua: Ge shenyimin, male, born in 1969 in Zhenjiang, is a professional God, a communist Christian writer, a religionist, a visionary, and a liberator. He once took part in the 6T gate event parade and escaped with an excuse before the scene was cleared, so he was also a coward. Later, he was sent to a mental hospital because he had a nervous breakdown and shouted that he was Jesus Christ in the street.

》》Wolfychan: it's not a coward to escape before the scene is cleared. But claiming to be Jesus Christ... Is either psychosis or a cult.

》Ge Hua: Yes, Ge Shen is a mental patient on record. The internet police are unwilling to answer.

And why not? Ge Shen's websites are all on GoDaddy.

》》Liucixin: all his related posts on this site are in the religious section.

632. Viciousness Wiki: Ge Yimin, a new religious scientist

954. Geyimin, the philosopher and slander of wikinet

Ge Yimin, a native of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, published his autobiography nerve in the Hong Kong Publishing House. Later, his followers called him Ge Hua, who became active in the major religious spiritual post bars. There were no managed religious post bars airborne. Vulgar people made fun of Ge Yimin and called him Ge Shen. Ge Yimin is also an Unrated online philosopher in the Department of vulgarity, but some people call him an online philosopher. He likes to collect his comments on his website. At present, Ge Yimin is still active and makes a living by working.

Ge Yimin: at that time, the word "Gym" was banned in the post bar, which is a homonym used by gym.

Ge Hua: gym's followers, but in fact many of them are false.

Nerves: a book written by gym.

We are embarrassed that you don't believe in nerves and refuse to die The slang fabricated by gym people.

I am God, you should listen to him (GE Yimin): what gym wrote was made up in a dream.

Ge Shen: Le Ge is evil and vulgar. H toad calls him God.

November 26, 2033 world Datong = November 26, 2033; Gym calls itself a timetable.

",": sometimes two meaningless prefixes used by GE Yimin when forwarding comments.

Chapter 32

Drinking tea (I)

The first time I drank tea was in 2004. At that time, my Yemei network filed with the Ministry of industry and information technology and filled in my real name and address. Soon, the Zhengdong Road police station asked me to go. It was an afternoon. I really drank tea and made a cup of tea for me. Several people had a discussion with me. There were people from the Municipal Bureau or a Branch Bureau, people from the Religious Bureau, and a lady. She was very beautiful and good-natured.

At that time, I was a popular member of Baidu tieba Christian network, and there were thousands of members in Yemei community. At that time, long li in Yemei community was still there. One specially said that long Li had posted many posts.

Just let me talk about my thoughts. Being polite, I say I am a Christian Communist, and Christianity and communism are interlinked. One said that it was opposite. I don't need to tell him that communism originated from Christianity. It was Christian communism from the beginning (weitlin).

This time, I talked about my thoughts and my website. There was nothing else to stop me. I was not allowed to do anything, nor did I interfere with my website. Someone made a record and finally asked me to sign. I also asked if I had been dealt with by the public security before. I said no, signed and went home.

Nerve 27 (III) 694. When I was in Yemei community, I wrote a paragraph and went to dating websites, such as Yahoo, to make friends, search for women, and then paste them one by one without looking at their information. I invited many girls to the community, such as Wanqing. I also talked with the internet police and the Religious Affairs Bureau. I called it "hair when you see a woman". They were also surprised. I said that making friends means that men make women, and women make men.

The second time I drank tea was a few years later. The cyber policeman found a room at my door. They asked me, and they were very polite. This time, I deleted the "doomsday 2019" in Yemei. He also asked himself: "doomsday is 2019." "Who said that?" "Said Saint Jeme." It seems that Saint Jeme is a celebrity with credibility.

Speaking of Yemei community members, Lizi is the main force. I said she is from Yangzhou University and should be a party member.

This time it was a talk. After that, I went home and deleted the article. I called the cyber policeman and he said yes.

After drinking tea for the third time, a few years later, the police station policeman came to my house in the evening and asked me to go to the police station the next day. I said I didn't commit a crime and didn't want to go. He said it was OK. If something happened, he wouldn't come alone.

The next day I went to talk about my website and articles. I saw that the instructor had a folder with a go to chariot on the cover. This time, I was asked not to play the flags of "Ge Yimin religion", "Ge Yimin party", "Shenjiao", "Shendang" and "Christian Communist union". I agreed and deleted them on the website at that time, but soon I recovered and the internet police didn't bother any more.

Registered residence police officer Chen Jun once came to my house in the evening. I was surfing the Internet. He operated my computer, opened Shenwang, and clicked the link "Ge Yimin and Li Hongzi". I said I shouldn't mention him (LI). He said, "what's the matter?" It doesn't matter.

Later, I played the music on the Jinshan mountain in Zhenjiang (zhouhaimei version) on the home page of Shenwang. One morning, I was at work. Chen Jun called me: "Chairman Ge."

He asked me the address of my new home. Several people went to the police station. My wife was at home. They turned on my computer and clicked Shenwang. A policeman said that the website costs dozens of yuan a month. My wife also warned them not to interfere with my website, saying it was my life.

This time it's all right. Let me turn off the home music on the golden mountain in Zhenjiang. I'll turn it off.

Chapter 33

Drinking tea (II)

Nerve 21 22. Ge Yimin's Adventures in the police station

One day in november2019, the local police station summoned Ge Shen. I didn't take it seriously. The old guerrilla thought that the public security would start my official website again. I came straight to the point and said that I was dissatisfied with Comrade Deng Pufang's hard work to become rich. I think the former Comrade Deng Pufang was zhaoritan. The police should have read this article. Of course, I know that the main reason for summoning is a series of articles such as training into a pig. The police think it is human nature to seek profits for their children, and it is the same for you to be a senior official. The police always say "Ge Yimin blog". My website has too much space. It took me a long time to know that it refers to my blog on the official WordPress website. The instructor introduced himself and said that I graduated from Nanjing University. I am a literate and have a good level. Let me record it. It's OK.

The place where the video is recorded is the interrogation room. The walls are covered with a thick layer of rubber, for fear that the suspect will crash into the wall and commit suicide. Sitting on the square chair, I had some equipment, but of course I didn't. The policeman was sitting opposite. There was a computer on his desk. He was typing and recording while asking questions. Of course I made an impassioned statement. I acknowledge China's economic development, but the gap between the rich and the poor is too wide. I am a communist. The police said you were for someone poorer than you. The Communist Party aims to win power for the poor. Now the Communist Party is no longer fighting for the poor, but only to protect and improve its own interests of being richer than the people. Now it's Ge Yimin's turn to fight for the poor.

Ask me if I still write? When I said yes, the policeman was surprised and said, "still writing?", I said to write normal articles, no longer sensitive. The police routinely say that the Internet is not an extrajudicial place.

After the video recording, let me write something and give praise to the party and the government. Unlike Comrade liwenliang, he signed the admonition book. I wrote "a little of my thoughts" on white paper. Naturally, it is divided into three paragraphs. One paragraph praises the economic achievements of the party and the government, one paragraph says that I am not organized, and one paragraph says that writing online articles may mislead people. I went back to delete it and promised not to write similar sensitive articles.

The police took it to the instructors and said that they all praised me for my level and good three-stage score. Some people can't write or segment. I thought it was over, but another short fat man in civilian clothes said to go through the formalities.

The short and fat man took a picture of me first. He stood by the high-level wall with both sides, and took 4 pictures with the camera.

Then I collected the palmprint of my hands, palms and each finger, and repeatedly pressed and rotated them on an electronic screen, tossing and turning for a long time.

Then I signed my name on several pieces of paper and pressed my fingerprints. Unexpectedly, I saw that there were "criminal facts" written on the paper, which was the format of the Public Security Bureau.

In addition, let me copy the phone numbers of 10 people in my mobile phone address book.

I thought it was over. I wiped my hands with a paper towel. The fat dwarf asked me to wash my hands. I said no, he said there were still procedures.

I washed my hands and came back. Like a nurse, the short fat man took out the Dongdong for blood collection. I knew it was to collect God's DNA. I immediately realized that no one in Ge Yimin's holy family could commit a crime. Ge God's DNA entered the big data of the public security.

I know I can't resist, because the result of resisting the "subpoena" package is the following three packages: "detention", "imprisonment" and "shooting". Comrade liwenliang also knows that, so he signed "can" and "understand" on the admonition book.

Chapter 34

Drinking tea (III)

Nerve XXI 23. Four packages of summoning, detention, imprisonment and shooting are too heavy for life

At around 8:00 p.m. on April 14, 2020, I was surfing the Internet at home. My wife and children were at home. Suddenly, four policemen came to me. One of them was young and dressed like a policeman. The other three men were dressed in civilian clothes and looked more like bandits. One was still wearing sunglasses, and the other was holding a law enforcement instrument. He had been photographing me.

I said that liwenliang was just named a martyr, and you came again. The police wanted to take away my computer host. I asked, "do you have any certificates?" The young policeman took out a blank search warrant with seal and said it could be filled in now. I said it was unnecessary. I have to go myself. What can I do when a family of three is at home and faces four policemen (three of whom are "bandits")---- Go with them.

Get on the police car, tell me to sit in the middle, and the one with the law enforcement instrument sits on my right, and keeps taking photos. When he got to the police station, the policeman said he didn't need to take any more photos before he stopped.

The grassroots police in the police station can interrogate thinkers. I said I didn't commit a crime. Police a said I was guilty of improper speech. Did the criminal law have the crime of improper speech? Police officer a said there were public order regulations. Did I say there were public order regulations? Police a hesitated. Police B threatened that the confession was different from the subsequent investigation.

Police a suggested that it was the first time that I heard of the "three mouth product" of green onions in the "green onion forum", and denied that I had posted a post on it. Police a said that we would not contact you twice for one thing. What have you sent since last time? I know that the internet police will read my post. After thinking about it, only two tweets are "inappropriate".

Ask what wall climbing software, I said misty; Who gave it? Post bar friends; Name? He has many online names and often changes. I didn't say, and I really can't say which ID he corresponds to. He registered to buy n multi ID post bar.

The police asked me for twitter, Facebook, wechat, QQ and other accounts and passwords. I used the Internet with my real name and was open and aboveboard. Although I knew that the police had infringed, I still gave it, but I had many passwords. I wrote them on the computer and in my notebook, and some of them were inaccurate.

I said I was a communist. I had only one idea. All the poor people should live better. Police B said it was impossible.

Police officer a asked if anyone contacted me. This means that the overseas democracy movement has organized. He said that it may not be important to you, but it is important to us. He wanted to dig a big case. However, Ge Yimin has been fighting alone for 20 years since he went online in 2001.

Police a said, "a single spark can start a prairie fire. "You can start a prairie fire. It was not these two tweets that summoned me. Thousands of people said similar words on the Internet. The government was afraid that GE Yimin's doctrine would start a prairie fire.

Police a said that you should not accept advice just because you are here. Tell me your point of view, but I talk about my thoughts. Do you understand? When a scholar meets a soldier, he cannot explain why. If Lu Xun is interrogated by the Kuomintang reactionary grassroots police, what can he say? What could Jesus do in the face of the soldiers' ridicule, whipping and insult--- On the cross.

There are some big ones. For example, Mr. Zhao called and asked about his attitude. He also said that he had Nanjing opinions. I saw the script list of police a, "4.15" national security day and so on.

Let's write a letter of repentance, I wrote 64 students, long-term prejudice against the party and the government, although acknowledging the economic achievements of the government. The knot is over. No longer involved in politics, turn to culture and literature. After the police watched it, police B took a small video camera and asked me to read it again to record it.

At the end of the trial, I came out to the waiting room. I saw that there were four confined rooms in half of the room. Let me go in and wait. I asked the police how long it would take. I said 20 minutes. A plain clothes man said that the common people should not talk about politics. Do you deserve to talk about politics? "I guess he would jump up and hit me. I said go to the bathroom, he said you go. Come back, I asked if I locked it? He couldn't say, so I went in and sat down for a while.

Take off the computer host and mobile phone, and write on the deduction slip that the mobile phone should be available to me tomorrow. Police a drove me home and just saw my wife and children coming to me at the door.

After work the next afternoon, I went to get back my computer and mobile phone.

On the afternoon of the third day, police a asked me to go. A civilian who didn't know whether the branch or the Municipal Bureau came to pick up some of my materials and told me to report to Nanjing or something.

And let me collect fingerprint blood samples. What is the charge of collecting casual clothes? Policeman a thought for a while and said that he had fabricated false information to disrupt social order.

This time, I also collected the mobile phone card, that is, I took down the mobile phone card in my little apple, put it into an instrument, and collected information into the computer.

Knowing that the police have violated your human rights, you can do nothing about it. Summoning, detaining, jailing and shooting four packages is an unbearable burden of life.

I cannot go to the cross like my second brother Jesus, because I have a wife and children; I can't go into exile like my third brother Sisi, because I love China and I want to change it; I can't really go crazy like the fourth younger brother Caicai and live a useless life.

I, Ge Yimin, can only change the cultural direction and continue to write about my nerves. I do not know that there is a Han Dynasty, regardless of the Wei and Jin Dynasties.

Chapter 35

Washing tower (I)

Nerve 12 163. Chongta is not strategic about the divine religion. Ge Shen repeatedly chongta, resulting in the cancellation of the filing of all domain names by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the domestic host can no longer be used. The two domain names ( have been blocked one after another. Domestic access is not available, and the cause of the divine religion has suffered heavy losses.

Nerve 21 24. Someone pretends to be Ge Shen chongta

(product C) ge Yimin's administrator's ban will be deleted on April 25, 2020

Reason for banning: X banning 11 [Rules for number deletion by independent request] the user actively requests the administrator to cancel

Administrator handling (no login + hide all speeches): X ban 11 [Rules for deleting numbers independently] the user actively requests the administrator to log off. "Are you the administrator of this site? The account I use has posted my personal information on his twitter because he was drinking tea. If you continue to use this account, there will be a risk of exposure. Can you help me log off this account? The one with no name left?".

(pingong) is entrusted to cancel the number.

》Fake Ge Yimin: I am 51 years old, working in China, preparing to immigrate next year. It is well-known in China, but it has been banned in China because of oneortwo bad words about P. Recently, it has been reported by the domestic pink that there is no information left, so Nu Lai pin C feels the air of freedom of speech. I have experienced events in 84 years, and my blog has recorded them.

》》(the fake Ge Yimin posted a post and felt that he had confessed a fake, so he deleted it.)

-------I came into contact with a branch of the evil Customs Department, met the founders Yang Fan and Ge Yimin, and started to get on youtube and twitter.

Nerve 27 (III) 549. Anonymous user \1: I didn't expect to see Ge Shenxian here.

There is too little information on this page. It is recommended to update the latest records from ebari. By the way, this man has eaten Zhao's eggs for abusing 200 people for many times. Let's send them directly to the Yingling hall.

567. II: the real reason why Ge Yimin was blocked has been found

Too many people call it Ge Yimin.

Damn cents. If you have nothing to do, use God Ge as a shield. God GE has been badly hurt.

643. II: someone else should wash the tower for you.

649. [Ge Hei] eternal God (980946319): say Ge kami

What did you do? You are at the same level as Master Li.

》[Ge Yimin II] II (14326767660): Zhao's egg was fired.

707. Memberbilibili: question:

6、 Are you afraid of "walking bomb"?

》Yexue: six, I'm not afraid of Zhao's bullet, but chongta affects the deity, and the nerve also writes that chongta doesn't have a strategy, which affects our website. For example, cancel the filing of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and wall our domain name.

Chapter 36

Washing tower (II)

Nerve27 (3) 890. Paul Gerber: other people have spread rumors that you are engaged in the Fujian movement, turning you into a great God passively

Ge Yimin 15:57:31, September 7, 2021


Gerpaul 2021/9/7 15:57:48

I mean, after the condiment thing

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 15:58:05

From fifty cents to a victim

Ge Yimin 15:58:30, September 7, 2021

It is Zhu Xi of the people's front who has pushed the snow of mutual relations

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 15:58:54

What do you think? People think you are either fifty cents or sick

Ge Yimin 15:59:38, September 7, 2021

Wumao, a communist, has made it clear.

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 15:59:55

So you think you're a singer?

Ge Yimin 16:00:09, September 7, 2021


Ge Yimin 16:00:26, September 7, 2021

I want to build a communist society

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 16:00:38

Your story overlaps with that of the cat. Nobody likes to see you. As for Ge Hua, I don't touch politics

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 16:01:10

But after the Pinke thing happened, people took you as a God

Ge Yimin 16:01:23, September 7, 2021

Where is the great God?

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 16:01:59

Some tweeters think you were persecuted by TG

Ge Yimin 16:02:25, September 7, 2021

Persecution, subpoena

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 16:02:40

But someone pretended to be you first

Ge Yimin 16:03:35, September 7, 2021

In the past, the main idea was that the pretender just called the mysterious man ugly, and there was no substance.

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 16:03:55

In fact, as long as you don't touch it, it's OK

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 16:04:32

If you turn around outside the wall, you will be treated as a psychosis. It is an active repulsive force. It is unlikely to be targeted

Ge Yimin 16:04:44, September 7, 2021

Don't rush the tower, do the website, will wall domain name, no strategy.

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 16:05:29

I still remember your saying that you scolded the Shijian bar master. It was deemed to have been touched and you were completely blocked

Ge Yimin 16:05:50, September 7, 2021

Those who have stirred up trouble are all anti Communists. I am a communist, and of course I don't want to see them.

Ge Yimin 16:06:22, September 7, 2021

What sentence?

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 16:07:16

The authorities don't like to see you either, but you haven't really acted. You're also a bourgeois. I think you're just talking


Ge Yimin 16:07:51, September 7, 2021

No organization, nothing.

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 16:08:14

Yeah, but if you're faked, you're organized

Ge Yimin 16:10:00, September 7, 2021

My cell phone doesn't contact anyone

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 16:10:26

That's really the first factor, if nothing else

Ge Yimin 16:11:57, September 7, 2021

Push it and don't reply to others, only interact with Sheng Xue's life post.

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 16:12:43


Ge Yimin 16:12:51, September 7, 2021

Don't contact anyone in private, just pass on the nerve.

Gerpaul 2021/9/7 16:12:57


Ge Yimin 16:14:07, September 7, 2021

Zhangxianzhong opposes communism. I am a communist and do not contact me.

Peter Gerber: are you not afraid to get into trouble because of the above remarks?

Last time I interacted with you, I was also asked

But I didn't do much

Ge Yimin 18:59:55, September 9, 2021

It's all right. Last time, it was a fake who scolded Xi

It's all repetition nerves, OK

Gerpeter 2021/9/9 19:02:55


Ge Yimin 19:09:51

Where did you ask?

Gerpeter 19:11:05

A few years ago.

Ge Yimin 19:11:33

Is it a police station?

Gerpeter 19:11:41


Ge Yimin 19:11:55

The police station?

Gerpeter 19:12:00


Ge Yimin 19:12:10

How did you find you?

Gerpeter 19:12:11

Just asked if there was any relationship and organization

I said no

Purely voluntary

Ge Yimin 19:12:16

You don't have your real name

Gerpeter 19:12:20

How do I know

Gepeter 19:12:29

If you use IP to access the Internet, you will find it if you are not abroad

Ge Yimin 19:12:52


Gerpeter 19:13:12

Unless you don't post relevant content, something will happen sooner or later

But at that time, I just doubted you, didn't I

That's why you contacted me

Later, some people spread rumors about this

Ge Yimin 19:13:35

It's OK, just don't rush the tower, culture

Gerpeter 19:13:36

Maybe it's for olives you and me

Ge Yimin 19:14:32

How did you spread the rumors?

Gerpeter 19:15:32

Someone asked me if you were organized

I think someone might be spreading rumors every day

Ge Yimin 19:16:38

1. No organization.

2. Don't rush the tower, don't scold the West.

Cultural direction. It's OK. It's recognized by Guoan.

Gerpeter 19:18:28


Ge Yimin 20:02:16

You once said that at the police station, the police wouldn't let you call me Ge Shen.

Let me rescue you that night

Gepeter 2021-9-10 9:58:28

I didn't say that if you hear something like this, you may have been stolen

Ge Yimin 9:59:44, September 10, 2021

No, you said it to me one night. It's been years

Gepeter 2021-9-10 9:59:54

I don't remember

Previous numbers are not trusted

Ge Yimin 10:00:18, September 10, 2021

Have you ever been to the police station?

Gepeter 2021-9-10 10:00:23


Ge Yimin 10:00:28, September 10, 2021


Gepeter 2021-9-10 10:00:30

It is not credible without opening the device lock

Ge Yimin 10:00:35, September 10, 2021


Gepeter 2021-9-10 10:00:39

Beware of social workers' identity theft and fraud

Ge Yimin 10:00:45, September 10, 2021


Chapter 37

Washing tower (III)

Nerves 27 (3) 912. [apostles] Paul (14326767660):136 that was a turning point

[group leader] Ge Yimin (50914333) 15:54:27

Not really

[apostles] Paul (14326767660) 15:55:05

It has been said that China has made no contribution to the world. At first glance, it is a God, and historical nihilism

[group leader] Ge Yimin (50914333) 15:55:45

This doesn't count. Only the book of neuro political theory is anti gravity. This is only two general sentences

[apostles] Paul (14326767660) 15:55:55

You don't understand the current wind direction

[anonymous] caterpillar 15:56:11

Shenqu leader Ge Yimin GAISHA,,,

[apostles] Paul (14326767660) 15:56:34

If you send them, they will be permanent

[group leader] Ge Yimin (50914333) 15:58:58

0 contribution, 4 small faming, maybe this is the reason

[apostles] Paul (14326767660) 15:59:15

Historical nihilism

Ge Yimin 15:54:11

My official account, real name, normal, not sealed

Gepaul 15:54:20

Not a official account

This refers to microblog and other websites

It was implemented later

You can't even reopen the trumpet

Ge Yimin 15:54:53

It's okay, use someone else's identity

Gepaul 15:55:14


Now it belongs to adding you to the sensitive database

See you, Yongfeng

It will get worse in the future

Ge Yimin 15:56:38

No, it's OK not to rush into the tower any more. No punishment for one thing.

Gepaul 15:56:55

No more criticism

Only praise

Ge Yimin 15:57:34

Don't rush the tower, for God's net

The old wall domain name is unbearable.

Gepaul 15:58:20

I mean, don't send any criticism

Delete it if you can

Ge Yimin 16:00:28

It's mainly for God's net. You can't rush to the tower.

Gepaul 16:01:39

Don't send any criticism, just praise

Ge Yimin 16:03:13


Gepaul 16:03:31

Don't believe it, it will bring trouble to the whole family and members

Ge Yimin 16:06:17

I will not rush to the tower, but also for God's net and Gospel platform.

Gepaul 16:06:41

Just don't post any critical content on the Internet, so as not to continue to be blocked wantonly

972. Mark Ge: if we can go back to the winter of 17

God Ge will never touch him, but it's a pity that people don't have a chance to come back.

Ge Yimin 19:22:34

Process is beauty

Ge Ma 19:23:48

It's just that the consequences are serious

I would rather do fifty cents than object.

Ge Yimin 19:24:12

What consequences?

Gemma 19:24:41

Block the whole network

Ge Yimin 19:25:11

Touch him who?

Ge Ma 19:25:16

Mysterious man

Ge Yimin 19:26:05

What happened in '17? I thought Ben, 17 years ago

Ge Yimin 19:29:00

I know it's QQ group

that time

Gemma 19:29:41

I saw God GE's name in the database today

It turned out that the whole network was blocked

Sensitive event level I

Ge Yimin 19:30:08

Copy from

Ge Ma 19:30:30

Tomorrow, you can't copy it

The screen is OK

Ge Yimin 19:30:38

Not scolding, but thinking

Ge Ma 19:30:51

No, I remember that was abusive

It's not sealed by thought

Ge Yimin 19:31:12


Ge Ma 19:31:30

If I were you, I would never do that

Ge Yimin 19:31:49

There are many people scolding on the Internet. It's still thinking when you enter the library

Gemma 19:32:29

In the list of sensitive words reviewed

It's yours

I searched today

Gemma 19:32:29

Ge Shen and Ge Yimin are sensitive words

Ge Ma 19:32:30

These two words will be reviewed by the whole network

Except for these two words, other paragraphs of the nerve are not included

Ge Yimin 19:32:42

This is also the level

Gemma 19:33:37

I used to think it was just the administrative order level, but I didn't think it was much higher

Ge Yimin 19:34:00


Gemma 19:34:19

It could be ten years

Maybe I'll forget you in ten years. Maybe I'll do it again

Gemma 19:34:35

Repeat the time when God bar was sealed

Ge Yimin 19:34:45

Now the divine net is normal. You can't rush to the tower

Ge Ma 19:35:26


It's just that I can't afford to report. Once others report, they will be blocked

Ge Yimin 19:37:56

Don't rush to the tower no, volunteer J in October is sensitive

Gemma 19:38:14

It's not that. It's that you're already a sensitive word category

The nature is the same as that of dish cooking

Ge Yimin 19:38:26


Ge Ma 19:38:40

It's OK for you to write a document, but if someone reports you or dares to mention you, you will be blocked

Ge Yimin 19:38:56


Ge Marco 2021/12/9 22:41:11

Ryu yes?

Ge Yimin 22:42:56, December 9, 2021

American beikeqin website

Ge Marco 2021/12/9 22:43:12

God Ge is famous all over the world.

Chapter 38

Washing tower (IV)

Nerve 27 (2) 923. This is the rhythm to drive Ge Shen to the United States

1. Baidu Encyclopedia entry "Ge Yimin": your real name verification content has been officially offline. Reason: it involves a cult.

2. Post Bar thinker certification big V "Ge Yimin" is banned: customer service reply: you have seriously disturbed the normal posting order of post bar due to the release of a large number of illegal information such as water posts and cult organizations, which can not be forgiven, so you continue to stay in the small dark room!

3. Baijia "crape myrtle sage Ge Yimin" is closed: processing details: Dear Author, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. After verification and reexamination by the staff, because you published many articles involving feudal superstition, your credit score is 0. Please know. Therefore, your account will not be opened. Please know. Thank you for your understanding and support!

4. Name becomes a forbidden word in search. Baidu searches "Ge Yimin": Baidu finds about 0 relevant results for you.

PS: Baidu search "Ge Yimin God": Baidu found about 11500 relevant results for you

5. Baidu Post Bar: "Ge Yimin" is a sensitive word and can't be sent out.

6. "Ge Yimin" Baidu Post Bar, know, video, picture and library are blocked.

[03.26 application for unsealing] Ge Yimin

Post Bar exposure platform: Hello, thank you for your feedback. After verification by Baidu Post Bar management team, the problem you reflected cannot be removed due to the action of post bar net. Please understand!

Related: Yemei bar, God bar, gospel bar, true God bar, prophet bar, divine religion bar, God bar, God party bar, goyimin bar, Gehua bar, St. Yemei bar, revelation bar, classic nerve bar, Lord bar, believers bar, Christians bar, etc. have been closed in succession;

7. The Alibaba cloud website host has been shut down for many times, shielding the domain name.

8. Tengxun's QQ main number is 46377923. It has been banned for one year, only because it scolded someone.

9. Domain name: godjiao COM, the record number of the Ministry of industry and information technology was cancelled.

10. Sina Weibo has been shut down. It seems that the people can only stop fighting with the officials because it ridicules the public power.

Nerve 27 (III) 1. Sister accuse sager: if you want to apply for political asylum, you have to find a human rights lawyer. Wang Quanzhang has been arranged two days ago. Besides Wang Quanzhang, I also know that tengbiao is a personal rights lawyer. I don't know anything else. You @ Trump is useless. He doesn't bird you.

》Geyimin: I think I'm on the same level as Trump.

723. User name (search notice): search notice

Look for GE Yimin, male, 51 years old, who disappeared after releasing relevant content related to P on June 09 and has not returned yet. If you have news or channels, please leave a message or send me a private letter. The As shown in the link, this person has no record of speaking since the 9th of this month. At the same time, there is no message from search post bar, Weibo and station B. most of the contents of station B and Weibo have been deleted and banned. There was no reply on QQ. Please do not delete or block this post. It is a matter of human life. Please contact me if you have any information.

June 23, 2020

Cai Wei was saved, but an anti G-Net philosopher named Ge Yimin disappeared directly.

I hope they will be free soon. I haven't experienced the sudden disappearance of people around me before. Now I feel very strange.

Reply to the article: making money begets you (GE Yimin)

Are you still alive?

Chapter 39

Drinking Tea (4)

From Religious Politics to Cultural Literature

Summon 20220811

Xuefu Road Police Station

6:30-8:30 pm

Jingkou Branch, one leader A talks, one police officer B records

A took out a small camera (like a small flip phone in the past) and pointed it at me.


You have a great influence, as everyone knows, and we all admire you.

The top is always asking us to find you, and we can't help it.

Ge Hua Global Assembly Number, recently many people have sent emails to join (cheat me).


I just posted a post where a person from Yangzhou joined. I also posted the assembly number, which is a list of names from over a decade ago. There are my account and my female student classmates who have been registered as international students, but I haven't been able to contact anyone since they joined through email.

I am not anti party, from the perspective of ideology, I am a communist and consistent with the party; Emotionally, the party trained me to attend university.

I just pursue equality for all, communism.


Communism requires several or more generations of effort. Comrade Jiang Zemin has been working hard for more than ten generations, two thousand years in advance:


Ge Yimin's article is sharp, 'The biggest lie in history - serving the people', ah!

(Open my official website), "Ge Yimin's Divine Sect enslaves all humanity", ah!

(Listen to me, the nerves have reached a million words) Ah!


You have Twitter and Facebook. There are many people who won't let you cross the wall. People with ulterior motives will use "Ge Yimin" as a sign.

And I have repeatedly emphasized that people with ulterior motives will take advantage of it: "Look, they all say that domestically

You are proficient in the Chinese language department at Nanjing University.

Seeing the female version of Ge Yimin's portrait, I was nervous and asked who it was?

Add me to WeChat and I will introduce "Shenwang www.20331126. xyz" Neurology "and" Ge Shenyi Wen Lu ". I feel sensitive, please remove them.

Do you believe in religion? (Afraid of my religious beliefs.)


I am not a believer in religion. Christians treat God and Christ extremely well, and I ride on their heads, two levels higher than God and Christ, when I am arrogant.

I didn't say, "I'm actually a creative teacher


I won't stop you from building a website, allowing you to build a website, allowing you to write, changing your cultural and literary direction, and writing novels.

Finally, let me disband four QQ groups (Ge Yimin 1, 2, 3 and 4 groups), one WeChat group (Crape Myrtle Sage), and two WeChat official account (Ge Yimin, Literature and Culture 20331126<the original religion, Tengxun has changed its name). Let's rebuild cultural literature and so on.

Two official website domains focus on religion, politics, and cultural literature.



How can I still have this content after closing it

Ge Yimin:

This is a novel


Okay, it's recommended to change the name

Ge Yimin:

Okay, I'll change it.

Ge Yimin:

Two official account have been cancelled


Okay, thank you for your cooperation. It's getting late. Take care of yourself and rest early


Namely, change the official website of Ge Shenyi Wen Lu to Ge Yimin Wen Lu.

B is also sensitive to "Ge Shen" and should not write about him.

》》Nerve 27 (3) 298, Huanyu Bisheng: Ge

Old man Zhenjiang, who knows his destiny in his later years, also has a good job and has written a book about nerves.

He didn't have an accident because it didn't have a significant impact.

Chapter 40

My Facebook friends were originally Chinese people such as Xiaoye (a small fallen leaf in the Yemei community). Somehow, Facebook recommended me white beauty from Europe and America, and I was also very happy. But my English is really poor, I can only post 'beautiful' and cannot communicate in depth. Later, I specifically added Chinese people. Somehow, the ones recommended to me were all Taiwanese beauties, but due to the priority of having "mutual friends", they basically recommended me as Taiwanese beauties. They are all young and beautiful, I am a fool. Later on, I focused on adding mature women.

Taiwanese people usually use LINE to communicate, they call it "Lai", but those who keep asking you to add Lai are basically scammers. I copy and paste "Hello, beautiful woman, I added you when I use LINE. Currently, I use WeChat and QQ, and I am from Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, mainland China." If you still ask me to add Lai, I will not reply. There is also a photo of someone who has been used by several accounts, so it must be a scammer.

I recommended a beautiful and sexy woman with an address from Taiwan. I thought she was from Taiwan, but after communicating with friends, I found out that she didn't speak Chinese. After searching for information, my username was Vietnamese, and I turned out to be Vietnamese. Vietnamese women are indeed beautiful, but I can't communicate.

Twitter friend Sheng Xue, also recommended, is a member of the People's Front. In Canada, I can leave messages in her comment section. If I say a word, I can leave a message. She saw that through her friends, I will often comment on her life posts on Facebook in the future, and she will add emoticons to my replies.

Due to domain name and space changes, my forum has been rebuilt multiple times. I always build brand new ones and members need to register again. Han Mei and Leng Xue said that I don't pay attention to old members. My mother saw that my forum has changed from a few thousand members to dozens, and she also said, "So many people have made so few

At the beginning, websites were all small space merchants, and sometimes forum posts were sensitive. The government approached space merchants, and they contacted me to delete posts. Once I said there was no problem with this post, and the space merchant said, "Just delete it if you want.

Once I posted a Tengxun news article about wheels, which was amazing. The space merchant suspended my website and said it had "Falun Gong". When I communicated, the little girl said, "What do you think in your heart?" I said, "Do you care about my behavior, but also about my thoughts?" She immediately said no, knowing she was wrong.

At the beginning, the government was quite polite to me. I posted on my forum that the national level annual consumption was 100 million yuan. The government (a woman) called me and said it was not right and asked me to delete the post. In the future, it will develop to summoning, which is later mentioned.

During my high school classmate Da Hongwei's 30th anniversary reunion (I didn't attend), he added me to WeChat and sent me a group photo. He said he was afraid of me as the "cult leader" (also known as the cult), and soon deleted my WeChat account.

Volume 6 Ge Shenyi Hearsay: the road to becoming a God(april2001 – present)

Chapter I

1. When I was young, I dreamed that I was lying in the open space in front of my house. A UFO circled overhead for a long time. My body could not move and had no power. I could only look at the UFO. I was a little panicked and wanted to shoot the UFO with a stone. It feels like it will fall on me. There is a strong light shining on me, giving me ability.

2. When I was young, I slept on the bed in my dream. A ghost (Satan) approached me. He was a man in black. He was very scared. He got on the bed and attached himself to my body. He got up and left again. I looked at it in the nearby air.

3. In primary school, shortly after my grandfather died, I dreamed that my grandfather met me on the river near the village. He seemed to be floating on the river and told me that he was not dead. I saw him on the Bank of the river. I was very happy. It turned out that he was still alive, and I immediately felt free from death.

4. I started listening to Hong Kong's good friend evangelical channel in primary and junior high schools. The program that I felt warm, liked and impressed was desert sweet spring. That's the radio my father bought with the money he made in the sand factory. My mother often plays it to me.

5. When I was in high school, I dreamed that I had defeated the Antichrist -- the European countries, which were contacted or captured by GE Yimin, were pushed back and forth on the map like a ground puzzle, and finally all belonged to ge Yimin.

Five steps to unite the world in 1985 (Senior 2):

Peking University, going abroad, Nobel Prize in literature, mass organizations, unifying the world.

He was 16 years old.

6. 1986-90, Department of Chinese, Nanjing University, not working hard, trying to break into the society. During this period, I went to Nanjing Jinling Theological Seminary and heard the names of my brothers and sisters. I felt fascinated and heartbroken. When I graduated, I wrote in the message book that I believed in Christianity. At the class graduation party, when one person said something, I suddenly said, "God bless us!".

7. 1990-2000, assigned to Jiangsu agricultural means of production company and settled in Zhenjiang. We recognize the existence of God from the fact that there must be a craftsman for the implement, the cause for the fruit (the first cause), the first push of Newton's divine arm, and the existence of non-material "vitality". After reading two biblical stories, I was immediately attracted to the Bible on New Year's Day 2000. I thought it was God's word, so I believed in God.

At the beginning of 1992, the trial shouted, "the kingdom of heaven is near, you should repent."

In the autumn of 1998, the Bible story.

In the summer of 1999, a detailed version of the Bible story.

In early 2000, the Bible.

8. 2001, online evangelization (making websites and forums).

In april2001, I dreamed that the Apostle Paul was sailing to the city of San Paolo in Brazil in the Southeast Asian waters, preaching back and forth. God made me like him. (GE Yimin was called to be a prophet)

9. In the autumn of 2001, Ge Yimin took a nap in his big bed at his home in Zhenjiang. In a dream, God said, "I am God. You should listen to him." He immediately woke up and felt magical about "pointing to ge Yimin", when his wife and children were at home. Ge Yimin was anointed as God.

Chapter II

Nerve 10 152. Ge Yimin was born a communist, or he was born for communism.

Ge Yimin said that when I was a boy, I could see that I was born a communist, even if I was not an outstanding communist soldier (thief).

I want to build communism. Make it simple. All the poor people can live a better life. I don't want to enjoy it personally. I just want to keep my personal material life basic.

(1) , boy

1. When I was 3 years old, I wanted to find the elixir of immortality from the cactus or some herb. When I saw the cactus in the house, I wondered whether it would be immortality after eating it. In the back of the house or in the vegetable field, I wondered if there was any herb or vegetable that I ate to be immortality.

This is the origin of nerves.

2. When I was in kindergarten, I stole a knife from a primary school student with Zhu Dehong. Twice, I said I picked it up. My grandfather didn't believe it.

(2) , Dingcun primary school

1. Jurong County mathematics competition, to the county seat to participate, take the bus, feel very comfortable, the pleasure of speed, steal the same house compass.

2. I don't understand that I have to repay money borrowed from relatives.

3. Join the red soldier and put on the red scarf.

4. I took a nap at the same table. Tai Juan's brother Tai Changjiang had a bunch of waste keys. I touched them for a long time. He was asleep. I wanted to steal his waste keys.

(3) , Dazhuo junior high school

1. He joined the Communist Youth League at the end of the period.

2. When I was in junior high school, I gave myself a pseudonym: yuwenxiu (show of cosmic Literature) and Mr. Zhongtu, who had the desire to create literature. I don't know where many couplets come from. I have created many couplets.

(4) , Jurong high school

1. Passing by a small Christian Church, I felt very sacred.

2. He created a couplet for Fu: "at sunrise, all things in Shandong are warm and warm, and the grass and hair moon has been shining around the world since heaven." it was posted on the blackboard newspaper of the class. Zhangqinghe, an English teacher, said it was strong.

(5) , Nanjing University

1. I once rode a bicycle back to Jurong's hometown from Nanjing. I didn't know how to be brave. In order to save energy, I held a tractor in one hand and suddenly crossed a big slope. I even turned the car and people over to the other side of the road. When I woke up, a truck stopped in front of me. I got up and rode again. Nothing happened. It was just the opposite direction. When I found that the scene was familiar, I asked passers-by again and said that the direction was the opposite. I reversed my direction and rode back. Now I think this is definitely the care of God.

(6) Agricultural materials of Jiangsu Province

1. He worked for a short time. On December 14th, 1990, for the sake of the world, the society and the society, Ge Yimin entered the great trial, half prison and crucified. (electroacupuncture, later the God cult Good Friday)

In order to save the world, Ge Yimin died on December 21 and was resurrected with the blessing of God. He defeated the poison hook of death and brought hope to the world. (electroconvulsive, later sacred Easter)

2. Let Dongyan call me Christ, so I bought her chocolates or newspapers. She called me many times. He promised to buy guohongmei a mobile phone when he became a Christ. She called many times: "buy me something." I have not yet refused as Christ.

(7) Nerve diaries 24. (high school) last night, we blew communism. I used to say I didn't believe it. I felt sad that I had done something wrong. But now I think it is also a science and a religion. Like Christianity, capital is also the Bible. A person should be aboveboard and aboveboard when he is not born to do big things. Why should he be bound by others? Marx hasn't met yet. Why do you believe in him? I can say: not believing in communism is just like not believing in Christianity, but it's just a matter of justice. However, some people say that the horse is swollen when they see the camel. Their mouth and heart are different. They should believe it if they believe it. If they don't believe it, they should not force it.

I think we should believe in ourselves, and I think people should: 1. Pursue the true meaning of heaven and earth; 2. Be innocent. We should have a foothold in the present, do what we do now, and talk about what kind of society we can live in. We can talk about the realization of communism one day, but one day the earth will explode. What else can we live in? Sad husband!

(8) I was born a communist, and I have always been fond of Christianity. I bought the Bible on New Year's day in 2000. I just read the beginning. It fits my mind, so I believe in God. After surfing the Internet, I have been on Christian websites. Later, my disciple, the son of light, told me that communism originated from Christianity. I found that there was "Christian communism", and I became contemporary Christian communism.

Chapter III

I have been a communist since I was a child (everyone is equal and material is equal), and I am still a communist thinker today.

In 2004, my disciple, the son of light, told me that communism originated from Christianity. Due to well-known reasons, I had a conflict with communism, and the sophomore claimed in his diary that he did not believe in communism, just as he did not believe in Christianity. Paradoxically, my sophomore year in high school compared communism to Christianity and claimed that I didn't believe it. Many years later, I became a contemporary Christian communism.

When I was in college, I only sent Christmas cards to Christianity, but I have been moved many times, and there is no external influence. No one preached the gospel to me (no one has preached the gospel to me so far). Let's be moved by the Holy Spirit.

Before surfing the Internet, he claimed to be the Christ, and insisted on letting the hair salon sisters guohongmei and Dongyan call me the Christ, even if he spent many times.

In March2001, after surfing the Internet, I got the online name "St. Jeme", which means holy, the Lord, Jesus, the last letter of Greece, Omega, and the meaning of God's last Messenger. I posted on Christian related forums and learned that Christ is the special name of Jesus, but I have my own thoughts, not only Jesus, but also the Bible. This is the biggest difference between me and Christians. They are limited to the Bible and Jesus, and dare not break through the Bible and Jesus.

At that time, my official website was also called "St. Jeme's Gospel website", and Han Mei and lengxue made a flash for me and hung it on the top of the home page: "moved by the Holy Spirit, St. Jeme was able to preach the gospel to all the people in the world, so that all the people would return to the Lord!" because he publicized his own ideas, he was regarded as a heresy by Christianity, criticized me, and deleted the title. However, I have read the Old Testament 9 times and the New Testament 18 times, more than most Christians.

On may25,2002, Satan was driven out of my body by God in my dream.

On June 29th, 2002, just falling asleep, half dreaming and half waking, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit: "it's going to be fast.".

On August 27th, 2002, I was ascending to heaven on my alma mater Campus (Nanjing University) in my dream. The God said: "I am God, you should listen to him", "this is my beloved son, I am happy, you should listen to him", and a cloud came down, pointing to ge Yimin.

On november14,2004, still in my dream, I climbed a high platform and opened a road to heaven on a broad platform. When Luton was shining, the road was horizontal, but a voice told me that it was to heaven, and a little girl witnessed it. A few days later, in a strange dream, the zenith opened a well like opening, with purple light shooting down like a waterfall. A few days later, in a strange dream, the sky was full of lights. No one could turn them on. Ge Yimin turned them on.

On february15,2005, I had a class in my dream on the upper floor of Jiangsu provincial agricultural means of production office. Walking out of the sky from the third floor, there was a vast heaven. When I walked to the throne, the God pointed to ge Yimin and said, "this is my beloved son, I am happy, you should listen to him." then I fell down to the street, and everyone watched, saying: "this is a young man who has sinned against beauty.".

On november20,2006, my dream was lifted for days in dashikou square, Zhenjiang. My body rose vertically in the air. Three days later, it was resurrected and lowered. Many people witnessed that the whole process was silent.

On the one hand, I still post and interact in Christian forums, and I also post and publicize in major portal forums. On the other hand, I have made God's website and God's community. My official website is all my articles, which are dedicated to promoting my God's communist ideology.

In 2012, I officially established the God Religion (geyimin God Religion), which has been registered for many years Com (abandoned by the wall and now used as, which is a combination of Christianity and communism. In essence, it is contemporary Christian communism.

At this point, Shenwang neurotheology is abbreviated as wangjingjiao.

Five steps to unite the world in 1985 (Senior 2):

Peking University, going abroad, Nobel Prize in literature, mass organizations, unifying the world.

He was 16 years old.

Now there are five steps to unify the world: Nanjing University, Shenwang, nerve, Shenjiao, and unify the world.

Chapter IV

About 2019

1、 2019, in fact, I just went online to predict 2021. According to the Bible, 3 is the beginning (soul) of mankind, and finally 7. 3*7=21, predicting the end of 2021 (i.e. the 21st century).

Later, I saw the prediction of the sabbath day meeting 1844 on the Internet. Of course, this prediction was not true, but his formula was used by me.

》Nerve 2:10 "remove the regular burnt offerings and set up the abominations of destruction", that is, the end of the theocratic regime. There is no tangible Kingdom on the earth to represent the theocratic rule, and all are ruled by Gentiles, that is, the subjugation of Judah.

11. At the beginning of October 607 BC, the sovereignty of Judah had disappeared. Gedaliah, the governor of Judah appointed by the Babylonians, was assassinated, and all the remaining Jews fled to Egypt. (Jer. 40-43) reliable biblical chronological data show that this event occurred in early October of 607 BC, 70 years before 537 BC (the year the Jews were released to return home). (Jer 29:10, Dan 9:2)

So I checked the Scriptures and found:

》8. Daniel 12:11-13: "from the time when you take away the regular burnt offering and set up the abomination of destruction, there will be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. Blessed will be the man who waits for a thousand three hundred and thirty-five days. Go and wait for the end, for you will rest. At the end, you will rise and enjoy your blessing."

9. The two dates have 2625 days in total. According to the law of "one day for one year" (God likes to punish people with one day for one year. Ezek 4:6: one day for one year; num 14:34: one year for one day.), This period is equivalent to 2625 years.

13. So in 2019, the end of the world is coming. Ge Yimin is the king of God, ending the rule of foreigners and establishing the kingdom of God (Communist society).

I am looking forward to the end of the world. In fact, I am looking forward to the early arrival of the new heaven and earth, that is, the Communist society, that is, the world of great harmony.

2、 Nerve XXI 55, 20191001

A large number of Americans tweeted that they had won the new crown long ago

More than 1000 users on twitter said that they or their family members and friends had been infected with novel coronavirus in December 2019 or even earlier.

"Both my wife and the doctor are convinced that I got COVID-19 on October 1st, 2019." A Washington resident named jamiekatenhofen wrote in a tweet on December 22, 2020.

In November, 2020, researchers of the National Institute of oncology in Milan, Italy, published a paper in the National Journal of oncology, pointing out that they tested the blood samples of 959 volunteers who participated in the lung cancer screening test from September, 2019 to March, 2020. The results showed that there were specific antibodies to the receptor binding domain (RBD) of novel coronavirus in the blood samples of 111 volunteers. The earliest samples were collected in the first week of October, 2019, This indicates that they may have been infected with novel coronavirus in September 2019.

Nerve II 15. From 2019 to 2033, human beings will become happier and happier, and the world will gradually become one.

At the beginning of October 2019, Ge Yimin became a God.

On November 26, 2033, the world will be in harmony. (visions 29)

Annex: (III). The source of the 2019 doomsday prediction: Ge Yimin was first published on the Internet Forum in august2001.

3、 According to the book of visions, he has become a God as scheduled.

Neurology I 71. 20190907: Ge Yimin becomes a God and marries a bride.

The bride was arranged in a room. A voice said: God has given everything to people, and people must not struggle with each other.

72. 2013 / 09 / 2013: it's Ge Yimin's turn to speak.

In a strange dream, sitting in a room near the wall, a young woman came in and gave me a hot handkerchief to wipe my face. Then she told me that it was my turn to speak. Sitting in the middle of the room, looking at me who had been suffering for a long time, she tacitly agreed that it was my turn to speak.

I said, "what am I talking about? I want to say that communism can be realized today."

73. 2014 dream: Ge Shen and God.

God said, God stood in this position, God stood in this position, God stood in God's position, God had to stand in the secondary position.

74. 20191005 vision: President of the world alliance.

In a strange dream, I tried for the first half of my life. As the fake monk sings, "I want to go from south to north, and I want to go from white to black. I want everyone to see me, but I don't know that I am water." Today, I finally became the president of the world alliance. "I don't believe that there are real demons in this world, and I don't want to oppose anyone. I am a dream and a soul, and I am God's last agreement." A new heaven and a new earth have arrived.

In 2004, the first draft of the nerve (Yemei and Ge Yimin) was published on the network, and then it was updated and published continuously.

11. In 2012, the establishment of the god religion and God party was made clear as a value rather than an organization.

12. 2012-19: peacefully export the harmonious values of Ge Yimin, the content of which is nerve.

13. 20191001, Ge Yimin became a God.

14. From 2019 to 2033, Ge Yimin's gospel was spread all over the world and accepted by the world.

15. 20331126, Great Harmony in the world.

Nerve I 29, 2013, 126: 20 years later (2033), the political party will perish. A harmonious Communist society, in which mankind manages peacefully and cooperatively, no longer needs a dictatorship.

Chapter V

Nerve 1 13. 20070606. I dreamed that I would eventually become the son of heaven and had played many roles. My brother called me brother. 0607, I dreamed that I had created a hairless duck and said, "you should have hair", and then there was hair. H said I would not do it, and Ge Yimin said yes.

14. In a strange dream, I came to the hell to inspect. It turned out that the hell was a long pipe room. When several new people came to the hell, they entered the long pipe room together and immediately closed in front of and behind them. That is to say, these people will always be in a space of about 10 square meters. The pipe room is rectangular with a small turn. This design must be afraid that they are too boring. Hell is terrible, because it is always confined to this narrow space. It is really happy to think of heaven. There is a vague message that the gods and disciples will stay in heaven.

15. 20071227, in a strange dream, Ge Yimin's body slowly rose into the sky and became the sun, shining on the earth.

16. 20080323 (Easter), in a strange dream in the early morning, I was first tempted and suffered. He has predicted that he will soon be honored, and God will help conquer the world. Later, people all over the world saw Ge Yimin ascend to heaven next to them, become the sun, shine on the earth, then renew the heaven and earth, and return to the earth. He was welcomed like a star. At this time, the earth has become a paradise.

17. 20080523 strange dream: the Bible and nerves were eaten in the dream. It was a small Hong Kong version. Several pieces were torn and eaten. There was no taste. I finished a roll. I felt there were three rolls in total, so I continued to eat the second roll.

18. 20110519 strange dream: I am an alien. Several companions take a UFO to pick me up and say goodbye to my parents and uncle. They are working. Neighbors watch me and my companions operate on the UFO.

19. 20110906 strange dream: many scientists have calculated that the center of the universe is Ge Yimin (singularity), and the United States has invited him.

20. Strange dream in the autumn of 2011: a voice said: your length of service has been counted since 1982. (GE Yi was tested at the beginning of the Republic of China when he was 13 years old).

21. 19 / 11 / 2012: the sun is getting redder and redder, like blood. The next day there will be a disaster. God asked me to organize the Communist society in the apostolic era. We will concentrate our wealth and distribute it according to population to cope with disease and famine.

God interprets 13. He says, "let there be hair", and then there is hair---- God said, "if there is light, there will be light."

14. There was a vague message that the gods were in heaven---- In a strange dream, he is a Christian, because the divine religion inherits Christianity, and the believers are newer Christians and eschatological Christians---- Become a god disciple.

16. 20080323 (Easter) -- I got a strange dream several times at Easter.

17. There are three volumes: Old Testament, New Testament and nerve.

18. UFO corresponds to nerve 1. When I was young, I dreamed that I was lying in the open space in front of my house, and a UFO was hovering near my head---- The young dream is an airplane, because there was no UFO concept at that time, but according to the dream, the airplane has no meaning and should be a UFO, so it is changed.

19. Nerves 17 (1) 964. Wheat crying: most of the followers of Ge Yimin are American scientists.

Nerve 25:19 my name is wonderful: -- if this dream is given by God, may God fulfill it with his own hands!

——May the Trinity god be gracious to God and able to return to the temple and to the saints!

——Song Yimin, if it is a singularity, is it a wonder of odd and even, or a wonder of wonder? (match 9:6)

20. Nerve XXV 19, - 2011 [autumn of Xinmao year] (the year mentioned in the Holy Spirit of Beijing Taoist temple)

——1982 [renxugou], new China, 33 years since the founding of the people's Republic of China

——1982--1992--2002--2012--2015, 33 years of magic work

——2015 [the year of the second half] (the Holy Spirit of Beijing Taoist temple mentioned that they should be married within five years)

According to the book of neuroscience, Ge Yimin is Jesus + Marx, which is contemporary Christian communism.

Chapter VI

Nerve 1 22 / 12 / 2012: a strange dream: God has given me the gift of healing. Whoever presses his hand will be cured.

23. Easter 08 / 04 / 2012: a voice said, "you are not earth" (not a dusty body, but a spiritual body). Comrades are expecting me to appear as a God.

24. 2011 / 06 / 2012: I am a superhuman, omnipotent, and have done many superhuman things. Many of them are related to my previous work and life, but humans think God is not enough, and expect me to do new things. They and I don't know what to do. Han Qinfen, the person I love most in my life, is still waiting for me. She sits quietly at the table. I meet her parents and call her, "is that Han Qinfen?" She said yes, and I told her mother it was her just by listening to her voice.

25 / 10 / 2012: Obama was participating in the presidential debate. I was sitting next to him in a red shirt. Because it was more dazzling than him, the staff asked me to leave him.

26. 20130105 dream: I am Jesus. Like Jesus, I accept disciples. My disciples are even weaker than Jesus' disciples, but they have made great achievements and become the king of entrepreneur shoes.

27. Strange dream 23 / 04 / 2013: all schools around the world are having the same class. The teacher wrote the name of the class on the blackboard - "Ge Yimin, our God".

28. In the autumn of 2013, my father died of illness and entrusted me with a dream. He was not dead. He was still alive. Human beings really have souls.

29. 26 / 11 / 2013: political parties will perish 20 years later (2033). A harmonious Communist society, in which mankind manages peacefully and cooperatively, no longer needs a dictatorship.

30 / 11 / 2014: a strange dream: explain the gospel to a group of nurses. The gospel means love, that is, not to fight against anyone. There is no war, or even fighting. Everyone is brothers and sisters, and they love each other equally. In particular, I explained to a former nurse that God is my name: geyimin, gods are people. God is also human, God is you, and God is me.

31 / 01 / 2014 strange dream: all things are used by me, but I do not control all things, including God. God is small and I am big.

32. 2011 / 02 / 2014: I ate a bowl of porridge. After eating, the porridge was spread all over the bowl, showing: "shout the Lord's name (GE Yimin)".

Divine interpretation:

22. Nerve 21 21. I have wanted to show great miracles for countless times. Everyone in the world got the message: "I am Ge Yimin, you are healthy", and then everyone in the world is completely healthy!

23. Nerve 11 4. Everyone is busy for the belly, and Ge Yimin is busy for the soul. What's the use of just trying to make money? What is the use of making you a hundred million? Eating, drinking, whoring, gambling and drugs? Is it really useful to you? Everything external, that is, material, is really unimportant. Once it passes, it will abandon itself. It is all vanity. Only peace and contentment of the mind is true. Our hearts, if you do not have peace in the arms of God, you will never have peace.

24. Nerve 12. 17. Nietzsche's vision of Superman appeared. He said that this Superman would despise all human beings. This is a kind of "great contempt, contempt of love. In fact, he loves those who despise the most." Ge Yimin feels this way now.

Nerve 11 101. Ge Yimin is two levels higher than God and three levels higher than human beings.

》》God: Ge Yimin created the creator, the creator created God, and God created mankind.

26. Nerves 25. 19. May the dream of the king of shoes come true soon

——May the place where the sole of your foot treads put on the shoes of the gospel of peace for everyone and become a people of song

——May t